10 other companies that use the same Subway yoga mat chemical in their buns

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The chemical, azodicarbonamide, has been approved by the FDA and the USDA, though the chemical has been linked to cancer. It is currently included in all of Subway’s most popular sandwich breads served in the United States, including its 9-grain wheat and honey oat, Italian white and Italian herbs and cheese, among others. As Vani Hari (foodbabe.com) points out, Subway does not use breads containing azodicarbonamide in restaurants in the United Kingdom, throughout the European Union, in Australia and elsewhere.

But what Natural News readers need to know is that Subway is far from the only American food chain to do so. In fact, you’re going to be surprised to find out just how widespread the use of this chemical really is.

Here is a list of 10 more food items containing azodicarbonamide (hat tip BuzzFeed):

– McDonald’s uses the chemical in its bakery-style buns, English muffins, Big Mac bun and also in its sesame seed buns.

– Chick-fil-A is also a user, putting the chemical in its chargrilled chicken sandwich, chargrilled chicken club sandwich and its chicken salad sandwich. (For the record, the Food Babe had a hand in convincing this company to transit away from antibiotics in their chicken meat within five years.)

– Not to be outdone, Burger King includes azodicarbonamide in a host of its foods: the artisan-style bun, English muffins, French toast sticks, croissants, sesame seed buns and home-style Caesar croutons.

– Dunkin Donuts puts the chemical in its croissants, Texas toast and Danishes. However, the company may have had a change of heart. A company official told CNBC recently: “We are evaluating the use of the ingredient as a dough conditioner in our products and currently discussing the matter with our suppliers.”

– The little red-haired Wendy’s girl may be cute, but the company nonetheless uses the chemical in their premium toasted buns, bagels, Panini bread and sandwich buns.

– Roast beef chain Arby’s is guilty as well, including azodicarbonamide in its sesame seed buns, onion bread, harvest wheat and honey wheat breads, French toast sticks and croissants.

– More leaps out at you at Jack in the Box than an odd-looking clown character. This chain uses the chemical in its regular buns, jumbo buns, bakery-style buns and grilled sourdough bread.

– Carl’s Jr. includes the chemical in its French Toast Dips, honey wheat bread, sourdough bread and its plain and sesame seed buns.

– Following in the footsteps of the other restaurant chains, Hardee’s buns also include the chemical. Specifically, it is an ingredient in the chain’s sourdough bread, hot dog buns, wheat buns, croissants and seeded buns.

– Last but not least, if Harold and Kumar had only realized that White Castle buns — along with the chain’s French Toast Sticks, Cloverhill Cheese Danish, Cloverhill Big Texas Cinnamon Danish and Awrey Grande Cinnamon Swirl — also contain the chemical.

One chain — McDonald’s — defended use of the chemical as an ingredient in its buns.

“Azodicarbonamide is commonly used throughout the baked goods industry, and this includes some of the bread goods on our menu,” spokeswoman Lisa McComb told CNBC. She also mentioned the fact that the chemical is government-approved, adding the platitude that McDonald’s would continue serving “the great tasting, quality food” that customers “expect” from the chain.

Source: Natural News

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  1. why take it out only on the bread companies,look to the government that allows it.could it be that cancer causing chemicals is to much big money for them.looking for a cure.

  2. the scary part of this is the quote "“Azodicarbonamide is commonly used throughout the baked goods industry," meaning that it is in essentially every baked "good" item that we eat. Not just the fast food restaurants. I can only conclude that only what I make at home is safe. I agree, we need to get the government to ban its use in food.

  3. Neta Mullins

    These chains dont build the breads, the bakeries do, need to go after them as well! Most food chains the breads come already assembled in box/bags, all they do is the bake in oven part!

  4. Julie Rittenburg Libon

    Thanks for the info……I have stopped eating Subway and thankfully don't eat at the others. The lingering question……..where else is this chemical hiding in our food?

  5. Melody Britton

    Franchise restaurants buy bread from local bakeries. (Not sure about subway though) So not all of this info is accurate for where you find it.

  6. Angella Coil

    Sue Schutte ~ You can eat fruits & vegetables . . . Why do Americans rely so heavily on fast food?! Several home cooked meals can be done in 30 mins or less . . . Why not try that?

  7. Neta Mullins

    Sue, yes, being informed helps, but definitely takes some reseach to weed out the poisins. I feel the frustration too when go to stores. It has become work!

  8. Neta Mullins

    Angela, Sue is very informed on the pitfalls of fast/processed cancer causing foods. Need to be highly selective as to the origin of your fruits/veggies as well. Grocery shopping has become labor intensive, no thanks to monsanto and dow and other for the greed of the almighty dollar! Do your research, former CEO of monsanto is one of obama's right hand men!

  9. Neta Mullins

    Angela you are lucky to be in another country, EU has banned a lot of toxic chemicals etc and i am sure it makes life easier!

  10. Neta Mullins

    Well having former CEO's etc of Monsanto working as right hand cabinet member for obama does not help either!

  11. Oh, come on Deb. Really? Do you blame everything you don't like on Republicans? Sigh…..Let's try blaming the corrupt FDA that is controlled by unsavory characters like ones from Monsanto. Please get real.

  12. Sue Balester

    Its' called. NEVER EAT FAST FOOD…It's all GMO BS anyways….none of it has any nutritional value what so ever…nothing but empty calories and tons of processed crap!!!

  13. for real people i haven’t eaten fast food in years because of the crap they put in true food and even if you buy from the “value menu” i guarantee you i could make something a million times better for you from scratch at a cheaper price.. americans wonder why their getting fat.. but when you tell them their being fed foam and meat glue and when you eat at mcdonalds you eat the entire cow minus the hoofs and snout, they go idc it taste good to me..smh

  14. Joel Dicks

    When is Subway getting rid of this chemical in its bread and who else doesn't serve it will get my business. Shame on the FDA and big business friendly politicians who screw the consumer at every turn.

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