Apple cider vinegar for skin tag removal

skin tag removal Natural Remedies

Skin tag removal using Apple Cider Vinegar? Apple cider vinegar works miracles on the unsightly skin lesions like skin tags, moles and warts. You may have a doubt about the results of using this common household product as a natural remedy for skin tag removal.

Apple cider vinegar is a common food product used as preservatives, dressings and marinades, but it is also used for its health benefits and its properties to heal several ailments. The good news is you can buy it cheaply at a grocery store.


How Does The ACV Skin Tag Removal Method Work?

The method is quite popular, because it removes the tag safely and without causing any pain. Other methods of skin tag removal can be quite painful. The acid in the vinegar destroys the tissue that forms the blemish; however the surrounding skin is not damaged during this treatment.

Some people caution you to use organic apple cider vinegar, but many people claim that a cheap quality vinegar is as effective in removing blemishes as any other costly varieties.

You may find the tag to be discolored after the first use. When you repeat its usage for a few more days, the skin tag falls off without any pain. The acid in the vinegar may cause a mild stinging sensation the first time, but this is normal. You can consult a doctor if there is any inflammation or continuous irritation.

People who have used apple cider vinegar for skin tag removal claim that it works without leaving any scars and it also works quickly. The upside of using vinegar for skin tag removal is, it is less invasive and the downside is it takes a little time and consistency for it to work. If you have a skin tag that needs removal, be sure to consider apple cider vinegar instead of the painful alternatives.


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  1. Yes, 9/11 was an inside job and the most unbelievable conspiracy theory story has benn the government's own version. But I'm at a loss to know what's that got to do with skin tag removal with vinegar?

  2. The buildings were held together not with steel, but with skin tags. The terrorists used apple cider vinegar to knock the buildings down. Remember WTC 7!!! Google Andy Warstar!!!

  3. it has worked on my cat. I was actually using it because it is supposed to help with eye infections and I thought what the hey it is supposed to be good for everything else so I put some on her warts. And in a couple of days I noticed they were smaller and a few days later when I was brushing her I noticed they were almost completely gone. Only problem is it stinks.

  4. Shoo Hoo

    Christina Atwood NEVER use it FULL STRENGTH for ANIMALS. Apple Cider Vinegar, MUST ALWAYS be DILUTED with much HIGHER AMOUNTS of (filtered) WATER, when used on Animals. ——-Even 50/50 or weaker amount can BURN , HURT or DAMAGE their throat, tooth enamel, mouth, stomach etc…!!! And they may also IMMEDIATELY FOAM UP at the mouth, throw up or get sick because of it.

    NEVER use FULL strength DIRECTLY IN THEIR MOUTH, OR any where NEAR THE EYES….not even on their skin.

    DEFINITELY AVOID the general HEAD area, ESPECIALLY if the ACV strength is anywhere near or over 50/50.

    Even, if using DILUTED ACV via SKIN application, ALWAYS CHECK for any OPEN SORES…before applying ACV in any strength.

    Also, before skin application, WIPE & CLEAN the SKIN/Fur area of application (with cotton towel & filtered H20 ) to free their fur of any harmful debris & CHEMICALS picked up by exposure to household or outdoor chemicals & dirt.

    Keep in mind that animal skin (Especially Cat's skin) is HIGHLY ABSORBENT! —-
    So, if (for example) the animal is consuming a specific amount of diluted Apple Cider Vinegar combined with H20…. AND then you're also applying it on their skin….Ur basically double or OVER DOSING on the amount.

    So,… PLEASE DO NOT START using ANY remedies (NOT even NATURAL remedies) on animals, UNTIL u LEARN the exact directions for each SPECIFIC health issue, based on THEIR particular BREED, WEIGHT etc….

    And even then, make sure to KEEP a CLOSE EYE on them DURING TREATMENT (Especially the 1st few days) & after, to make sure there are NO adverse reactions, (diarrhea, constipation,..), etc…

    Most Natural Remedies WILL WORK 100% of the time, IF u FOLLOW specific directions. ——-THEY ARE NOT harmful (definitely NOT as much as Vet Prescribed Drugs). But this is NO EXCUSE to be CARELESS with the directions or to NOT keep close eye on the animal during treatment.

  5. Shoo Hoo

    In some cases, with SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS & PRECAUTIONS taken, it can be used on & near the eyes & ears.

  6. Patty Veloz

    Im gonna try this ive had them under my eye for years have had then froze off cut off and they came back this is less expensive and i hope less painful will give an update if it works

  7. Dee Dehnel

    I was having trouble with that also……matter of fact, a few of these comments have nothing to do with this topic!

  8. Tim McGuire

    They're an indication of pre – diabetes/metabolic syndrome/insulin resistance resulting from the glycation skin growth factors

  9. Renée Powers

    Tim McGuire Please share links substantiating your statement about pre-diabetes, etc. Thank you.

  10. Tim McGuire

    Renée Powers if it interests you that much, read more about advanced glycation endproducts and cross-linking of proteins on or get any basic biochemistry text. If you are interested in seeing why you might get them, get an hbA1C test and see if it is over 5.5

  11. Andrea Van de Kleut

    just dab some on the tag and thats it? repeat daily? or twice daily? untill it falls off?

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