Ben & Jerry’s Is Going Non-GMO

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Ice cream man­u­fac­turer Ben & Jerry’s has com­mit­ted to switch­ing to all non-GMO ingre­di­ents in its ice cream prod­ucts by the end of this year.

Several fac­tors spurred Ben & Jerry’s to go non-GMO, says Rob Michalak, the company’s global direc­tor of social mis­sion. First is a com­mit­ment to trans­parency and con­sumers’ right to know.

“We’ve had his­tor­i­cal sup­port for a consumer’s right to know,” Michalak says. “With GMO label­ing leg­is­la­tion being con­sid­ered in many states, our home state of Vermont included, we thought this was a time to speak out.”

Ben & Jerry’s has long been known for its sup­port of envi­ron­men­tal issues, sus­tain­abil­ity, and social jus­tice since its found­ing in 1978 by counter cul­ture heroes Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield.

In 1993, the com­pany led the fight for the right to label its prod­ucts rBGH-free, and more recently has pub­licly opposed cloned and GMO ani­mals, such as salmon.

Aim to sup­port con­ven­tional non-GMO food production

Supporting non-GMO food pro­duc­tion was another decid­ing fac­tor. Michalak sees Ben & Jerry’s in a unique position—between organic and GMO production—where it can stim­u­late non-GMO demand.

“One of the roles we see our com­pany play­ing is in the con­ven­tional agri­cul­ture mar­ket­place,” he says. “We want to play a role in increas­ing demand for con­ven­tional non-GMO ingre­di­ents and non-GMO foods and to help cre­ate a robust non-GMO agri­cul­ture sector.”

Sourcing non-GMO ingre­di­ents has always been a goal of Ben & Jerry’s, says Michalak.

Then with grow­ing con­sumer aware­ness of GMOs and the demand for label­ing, par­tic­u­larly as a result of California’s Proposition 37, Ben & Jerry’s decided to make the com­plete con­ver­sion to non-GMO.

“The whole con­sumer right to know issue increased our momen­tum. We thought it was impor­tant to become non-GMO by ori­gin and let peo­ple know that,” Michalak says.

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  1. I'm glad that they'll be poisoning less people now (tho sugar itself along with coffee especially are toxic foods) but I still don't want to give them my money. Why support a corrupt company that was fine with poisoning you before?? They DON'T deserve our money. The companies that weren't poisoning people from the beginning do. and with mainstream evilass companies "suddenly growing a conscience" cuz they don't want to be exposed for how horrible they are, it's going to take more and more business away from the companies that have always cared and worked hard to bring us real, loving and conscientious food. Support them, not evil Monsanto and the companies who were all too content and glad to feed you toxic shit before and will still not have as high standards as the other smaller companies. Look around, there are local ones that care about their consumers. at least for now until enough idiots go back to the mainstream psychos! Don't do it. Show love to the companies that have always shown you love. ♥
    (Unilever parent company spent $467,000 AGAINST labeling)
    and Ben & Jerry's was Silent when the California labeling law business was going on a few months ago and its voice could've been helpful.. but now that Vermont passed the labeling law suddenly they have a voice and care when it comes to gmos! Riiiiight

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