Boycott Kellogg’s! Kellogg’s Loves GMO Contamination of Organic

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Organic Consumers Association and allies warned Kellogg’s, if they used sugar from genetically engineered sugar beets in their foods, they would face a consumer boycott.

Kellogg’s responded, claiming that, even though they don’t use genetically engineered ingredients in Europe, in the U.S., “consumer concerns about the usage of biotech ingredients in food production are low.” Does that sound true to you?

Now, Kellogg’s is telling consumers that they might as well eat their GMO-laced products because, “Even organic ingredients can contain biotech ingredients due to cross-pollination.”

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This is an outrageous lie!

– For one, Kellogg’s admits it doesn’t use GMOs in the products it sells in Europe (which doesn’t tolerate GMO contamination of imported foods).

– More importantly, while it is true that GMOs threaten the organic seed supply with contamination, the USDA National Organic Program rules include residue testing requirements that would prevent contaminated products from being sold as organic.

Tell Kellogg’s you’ll be boycotting their products until they stop lying about GMO contamination of organic, start labeling their genetically engineered foods, and quit using GMOs in the products they sell in the U.S. Make sure you tell them that this includes a boycott of their so-called “natural” brands, Morningstar Farms, Kashi, Bear Naked, and Gardenburger! You can be sure that any products under these brands which aren’t certified organic do contain GMOs.

Source: Organic Consumers Association

4 Comments on Boycott Kellogg’s! Kellogg’s Loves GMO Contamination of Organic

  1. Zajac Wendy no they don't. – the Elite (including Monsanto employees, Congress, the Pres, etc) eat healthy organic food. They don't eat GMO. Seriously… even McDonalds had a short lived website they gave advice to McDonalds Employees, among that advice was to STOP EATING FAST FOOD lol.

  2. they tried…. monsanto bought out all the people in high seats in all nations that they are targeting… this is human depopulation program and we are the losers, in australia many farmers have comited suicide from all the pressure that is put on them by big corporations

  3. Diane Sproule-Carroll i bought one today, but i am going to take it back, i just found this out that kellogs is using GMO's in their foods… and i am australia

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