Boycott Kellogg’s! Kellogg’s Loves GMO Contamination of Organic

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Organic Consumers Association and allies warned Kellogg’s, if they used sugar from genetically engineered sugar beets in their foods, they would face a consumer boycott.

Kellogg’s responded, claiming that, even though they don’t use genetically engineered ingredients in Europe, in the U.S., “consumer concerns about the usage of biotech ingredients in food production are low.” Does that sound true to you?

Now, Kellogg’s is telling consumers that they might as well eat their GMO-laced products because, “Even organic ingredients can contain biotech ingredients due to cross-pollination.”

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This is an outrageous lie!

– For one, Kellogg’s admits it doesn’t use GMOs in the products it sells in Europe (which doesn’t tolerate GMO contamination of imported foods).

– More importantly, while it is true that GMOs threaten the organic seed supply with contamination, the USDA National Organic Program rules include residue testing requirements that would prevent contaminated products from being sold as organic.

Tell Kellogg’s you’ll be boycotting their products until they stop lying about GMO contamination of organic, start labeling their genetically engineered foods, and quit using GMOs in the products they sell in the U.S. Make sure you tell them that this includes a boycott of their so-called “natural” brands, Morningstar Farms, Kashi, Bear Naked, and Gardenburger! You can be sure that any products under these brands which aren’t certified organic do contain GMOs.

Source: Organic Consumers Association

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  1. Allen Howells

    why arent organic farmers filing lawsuits against Monsanto responsible for GMO crops that blow onto their organic farm land and contaminate their organic crops? I would love to read about organic farmers winning suits for Monsanto contaminating organic crops in the field.

  2. unfortunately there's already president on the other side. Monsanto has already been successful in litigating against farmers whose organic seeds cross pollinated their bio seeds.

  3. not only have they litigated against Farmers but not they have genetically altered the blooms to kill bee's that would cross pollinate there genetically altered crops. Not only are they killing us slowly but now there killing the Bee's.

  4. Farmers don't have deep enough pockets to go up against Monsanto, and Congress is already in the giant bully's pockets. There you have it. It's up to the grassroots consumer to stand up for the farmers.

  5. Brigette Cutchins Engstrom

    NK603 Genetically Modified Corn. Bad for humans, bad for animals, bad for our food system… but wait… oh yes… good for Monsanto profits. of course

  6. Supreme Court Clarence Thomas; who was narrowly approved for the Supreme Court many years ago amid controversy of his treatment of Anita Hill, did the 'ol switcheroo; get some people on your side to decry against other people against you for reactionary, knee jerk issues. No one cared to mention he was a Monsato Lawyer! Well played, Monsato, well played.

  7. Dave Fergusson

    In Australia where we grow just 7% of the worlds maize, Kelloggs cornflakes packets stipulate MADE IN AUSTRALIA From LOCAL & IMPORTED PRODUCTS! Not GROWN IN AUSTRALIA so we can only assume that the Maize is GMO contaminated & imported from USA whille sugar, oil & thiamine is local!

  8. Please add Dilmah Teas to your GMO lists as they aren't on any I've read at all. I have contacted them 3 times asking if they use GMO ingredients in their products and they totally ignore me every time. I informed them I would no longer be buying their products as they obviously are too afraid to answer the questions therefore have something to hide. Thank you

  9. what the heck. seriously stop trying to put this nasty shit in our foods that is going to make people sick. Is people dying really worth saving alittle money. this is ridiculous…. what the heck can we eat ne more.

  10. Tristan Punter

    Just eat whole foods. "Everything begins with scratch" <–Well it used to and it still can.
    -Start there.

  11. Sarah Virginia

    Not to mention the history of male circumcision is tied to Kellogg – he encouraged it as a way to cut down on the masturbation by boys. Today it lives on as an unethical, unnecessary and extremely painful surgery that kills over 117 boys a year in our country. Sad stuff.

  12. John S Baxter

    @Sarah V… WRONG Kellogg, That was his brother, Dr. John H. Kellogg MD, who ran the famous Battle Creek Sanitarium Hospital. HE had a sorts of ideas. Married, but never had any kids of his own, either.

  13. Tracy Eastman Lang

    Organic farmers, or any farmers for that matter, can't sue Monsanto because our federal government, in their ultimate wisdom & under the thumb of Monsanto, passed legislation saying that Monsanto can't be sued for anything that happens as a result of their products.

  14. Greg Vinovich

    I like the boycott of Monsanto products, but the linked email complaint form reads like a commercial for Nature's Path,,, not that I have a problem with their product, but it's a pretty low way to advertise.

  15. Bill Newman

    "male circumcision is tied to Kellogg – he encouraged it as a way to cut down on the masturbation by boys." LOL!! Well, THAT didn't work! ;)

  16. Star Shake

    Rick Sims – Wow. I believe it. Do you know of a credible source that proves this is happening, so I can inform the skeptical?

  17. Rebecca Steindler O'Brien

    A little surprised people are making such a fuss about sugar from genetically modified beets in a product called Corn Flakes. Not exactly the big problem. Why doesn't OCA and allies threaten to boycott Kellogg's if they don't label the corn as GE, or did they already?

  18. Linda Shepherd Morse

    Because our government signed a protection act where they cannot be sued! And no one really even knew about it!

  19. actually, opposing precedent has now been created by farmers in Maine. court ruling now has order Monsanto to stop counter suing farmers who wish to sue Monsanto for contaminated crops! I read this only a few days ago.

  20. Ray Ar

    This is just a part of Monsatans scheme, to concur and have control of the food and the people in the world. But we, the people, have woken up and are now fighting back against these corporate giants.

  21. There is an ever growing movement to repeal that sneaky little bit of legislation pulled off by the teapugs, contact your representative and tell them you want this bill reversed.

  22. Linda Epstein

    Just what Margaret said, money. Also our illustrious government legislated that the farmers were in violation of patent law if their seed supply was contaminated from monsanto's GMO. Unless we have a revo_____tion for change. The deck is stacked against the holistic farmers, small farmers, raw food farmers. Anyone who raises anything healthy. ;>{

  23. Zajac Wendy

    Monsanto doesn't care about making people sick. They care about dollars, and only dollars. What blows my mind is that their own children and grandchildren eat their crap and they STILL DON"T CARE!!!!

  24. Zajac Wendy no they don't. – the Elite (including Monsanto employees, Congress, the Pres, etc) eat healthy organic food. They don't eat GMO. Seriously… even McDonalds had a short lived website they gave advice to McDonalds Employees, among that advice was to STOP EATING FAST FOOD lol.

  25. they tried…. monsanto bought out all the people in high seats in all nations that they are targeting… this is human depopulation program and we are the losers, in australia many farmers have comited suicide from all the pressure that is put on them by big corporations

  26. Diane Sproule-Carroll i bought one today, but i am going to take it back, i just found this out that kellogs is using GMO's in their foods… and i am australia

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