Boycott Kellogg’s! Kellogg’s Loves GMO Contamination of Organic

kellogg's cancer flakes

Organic Consumers Association and allies warned Kellogg’s, if they used sugar from genetically engineered sugar beets in their foods, they would face a consumer boycott.

Kellogg’s responded, claiming that, even though they don’t use genetically engineered ingredients in Europe, in the U.S., “consumer concerns about the usage of biotech ingredients in food production are low.”Does that sound true to you?

Now, Kellogg’s is telling consumers that they might as well eat their GMO-laced products because, “Even organic ingredients can contain biotech ingredients due to cross-pollination.”

This is an outrageous lie!

– For one, Kellogg’s admits it doesn’t use GMOs in the products it sells in Europe (which doesn’t tolerate GMO contamination of imported foods).

– More importantly, while it is true that GMOs threaten the organic seed supply with contamination, the USDA National Organic Program rules include residue testing requirements that would prevent contaminated products from being sold as organic.

Tell Kellogg’s you’ll be boycotting their products until they stop lying about GMO contamination of organic, start labeling their genetically engineered foods, and quit using GMOs in the products they sell in the U.S. Make sure you tell them that this includes a boycott of their so-called “natural” brands, Morningstar Farms, Kashi, Bear Naked, and Gardenburger! You can be sure that any products under these brands which aren’t certified organic do contain GMOs.

Source: Organic Consumers Association

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  1. Kelloggs should be ASHAMED of themselves as the originator of this product was a Seventh Day Adventist and they believe in eating HEALTHY. Kellogg went way off track with this crap. However, I’ve NEVER LIKED corn flakes anyway. They are NASTY! YUK! I’ll take a biscuit and gravy any day over that crap.

  2. Oh you gotta enter the isles! The strangest little organic non-gmos are tucked away amongst all the crap. I’m constantly surprised at new products I find made by AWESOME companies I’ve not yet heard of struggling to compete with its their rich corporate gmo counterpart. Usually a small family company starting up with a product they knew I’d just love. So many people are aware now. So many demanding options! The market IS responding!

  3. Bulk organic grains are cheaper and soooo much better and tastier free of poisonons…safe for your kids…..just boil mix with some cinnamon, shredded coconut, blend and a great shake.

  4. Any company can lie about their ingredients… That’s including companies who claim to have organic based products… We are all doomed… Drink lots of water and eat plenty of veggies…

  5. Christina clark, if you would read it completely it says to be sure to boycott the so called ‘natural’ kashi ect. Bc unless labeled organic they also contain gmos. Maybe you should read it again?

  6. i boycotted them a long time ago. i buy my cornflakes from a seventh day food outlet, they don’t use any gmo’s in their products. plus their cornflakes taste amazingly good.

  7. I noticed you included Kashi in the list of “natural” cereals. I believe you posted an article about that company a few weeks ago indicating that they were actually owned by Kellogs and that their ingredients were far from “natural”. Maybe you should update this article?

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