City of Arlington SWAT Raid on Peaceful Organic Farmers is a Big Budget Bust

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“No Weed, Just Weeds” 

The Garden of Eden is a conscious community located on a 3.5 acre space in Kennedale, Texas (DFW metroplex). They are dedicated to living sustainably by raising fresh food, utilizing earthen materials for building projects, and facilitating inspired events that bring out humans highest potential.

Since 2009, they have been providing food, shelter and sustainability education classes and workshops to the public for free. Their 3.5 acre land contains chickens, bees, composting stations, a large vegetable garden and many wildcrafted trees and plants that are used for foods, medicines, and household and beauty products. Their vision is to be a fully self-sustaining center for education on sustainable living.
At around seven thirty last Friday morning, inhabitants of The Garden of Eden, a small Intentional Community based on Sustainability, were awakened by a SWAT raid conducted by the City of Arlington for suspicion of being a full fledged marijuana growth and trafficking operation. Ultimately only a single arrest was made based on unrelated outstanding traffic violations, a handful of citations were given for city code violations, and zero drug related violations were found.

The entire operation lasted about 10 hours and involved many dozens of city officials, SWAT team, police officers and code compliance employees, and numerous official vehicles including dozens of police cars and several specialized vehicular equipment that was involved in the “abatement” operation. Witnesses say that there were helicopters and unmanned flying drones circling the property in the days prior to the raid that are presumed to have been a part of the intelligence gathering. The combined expenses for the raid itself and the collection of information leading up to the fruitless raid are estimated in the tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars.

All 8 adults present in the house were initially handcuffed at the gunpoint of heavily armed SWAT officers, including the mother of a 22 month old and a two week old baby who was separated from her children during the raid. The police enforced activity on the day of the raid included mowing the grass, the forcible destruction of both wild and cultivated plants like blackberries, lamb’s quarters and okra, and the removal of other varied materials from around the premises such as pallets, tires and cardboard that the Community members say they had collected for use in sustainability projects. No marijuana or other drugs were found on site and the inhabitants of the premises were all unarmed.

After several hours and many requests from the community members, the City Police Officers finally produced two warrants. The first was a Search Warrant for a suspected marijuana growth and distribution operation purportedly being concealed on the premises. There was also an Inspection & Abatement Warrant for code compliance violations such as tall grass and storage in the yard, an issue that the City of Arlington and The Garden of Eden have been disputing since February of this year. The marijuana warrant was issued based on an unsubstantiated claim by an Arlington City Police Officer of possession of marijuana by one of the community members for which there is no police record. Garden of Eden community members also say they have a series of documents showing that their dispute with the City of Arlington over the code compliance violations had already been addressed and settled.

Landowner Shellie Smith states that she has been requesting a peaceful and honorable resolution since the onset of the dispute in February, requesting the aid of the City Manager Trey Yelverton, Sheriff Dee Anderson and Mayor Robert Cluck, but has received no response in the matter. Ms. Smith says “the City codes are in violation of our natural and Constitutional rights to live freely while causing damage to no one, and since there is no damaged party, there has been no crime committed on our part. Rather, the City of Arlington has trespassed and committed robbery against us, amongst other crimes, and will be held accountable in a court of law in due time. We have been targeted by the system because we are showing people how to live without it. We are growing more than just tomatoes here, we are growing the consciousness that will allow people to live freely and sustainably, and the system doesn’t want that to be known.”

Source: The Garden of Eden

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  1. The equitable thing to do would be for the SWAT team to pay for damages and go and repair the gardens on their free time. See if they could learn something besides destruction and hostile behavior…

  2. They had better accept the fact that we will grow our own herbs and food. It is a quiet, growing revolt. Containers, gardens, co-ops.. We’re not going to buy and eat the junk anymore. The rest if the world is refusing, we are too..

  3. it IS time to expel the state of texas from the USA>. barricade the perimeter and make EVERY person in the state provide proper docs to prove they are human.. and actually have a brain.. no one in or out on to any USA land without a special passport.. PERIOD>> oh and of course charge them rent for the land.. and no gov $$ for anything… 😛

  4. This is really scary and very similar to what happened to me a year ago!! The American an police are out of hand, bunch of adrenaline junkies ruining people’s lives without real evidence. This shoot first, ask questions later attitude is really getting old and is total bullsh**t

  5. Some folks just missed the point!
    They wanted to come destroy your place and property, but, the “legal” excuse that used on them was, ‘you are doing something illegal’! This job, is from an inside pressure gruop, dont you get it?

  6. I live in Arlington…Last year the city bought a drone too. Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys owns our mayor too, IMO. My bet, some real estate developer wants that land. Crime is rampant here too now…they don’t even report the true crime stats. I think on purpose, so as not to scare away the tourist. The greedy elite, big money are in control. My property taxes are in the 6K range..average water bill…250 a month..insane how they are wasting our tax dollars here. We residents fought the stadium too…we are having to help pay for it, Gerry Jones making 100s of millions off of the backs of the Arlington taxpayers. I will add..I have lived in MI, VA, WI and IND…Worse in those states..I am a native Texan and will never leave my home state again! What happened at the Garden of Eden is NOT the norm in TX! We do have city codes that prohibits over grown weeds and trash on the perimeters of properties here. I understand neighbors had been complaining to the code division about those violations. To be fair…we do have laws, we have to abide by. In north TX cities and towns we have a huge problem with rodents, wild life and poisonous snakes…over grown properties in and around town that create problems as these critters find shelter there, and cause huge problems , some dangerous for the surrounding homes and families. I admire their lifestyle, but it is a lifestyle normally further away from large population grps, such as out in the country… Just saying…As far as the drug warrant, have no clue how the law got it. Remember there are 2 sides to every story. We have very strong property rights(some of the strongest in the country.) here…so invading someone’s home-place is not done often or taken lightly.

  7. they need to file criminal complaints against each and every cop… they also need to file false imprisonment charges against each and every ARMED cop there (all) then against the chief of police, and each person needs to file each complaint… go up the ladder, each person that had anything to do with it…

  8. Our government is CORRUPT!!! they will not be happy til we all are forced to eat contaminated food (GMO’S) and drink polluted water!! Their main goal is to keep the Corporations happy and killing us. These ate not conspiracy theories they are TRUTHS!! why in Tge world do the police need to be armed to the hilt to check out what a farmer is up to??

  9. That’s totally unfair Brad. It’s not just Texas. This blatant disregard happens EVERYWHERE. The fact that it DID happen is what should drive your hate…And your voice. Use your voice through buying local, organic, and doing your part to be sustainable. Hate that it happened and live for a change.

  10. what a bunch of BS. The land owner is right, they are making them an example. Too bad, I hope they get thru this ok and I hope it doesn’t scare off others to live this way.

  11. Awesome to see how many here are sharing~
    This is one simple and yet powerful way we can support the truth*
    We are all the problem unless we are the solution. Yet we ARE the power, it is ALL up to us. Only we can enforce our rights. Public SERVANTS are here to do our bidding and there is LAW to prove it.
    Most all Americans know very little about the law especially when it comes to enforcing it in court. Knowing about jurisdiction, the different between lawful and legal, statues, codes and the constitution etc. They have made it complicated on purpose to confuse the people. It has taken generations to brainwash and suppress the people~
    Once upon a time this WAS the land of the free and people from all over the world wanted to be here, we were prospering, we were Kings and Queens of our own domain and we had a free market society. Our economy was booming. Now we are the most indebted country in the history of the world and have the most laws of any country in the world.
    This is very complex but it is also simple~
    We are the problem and we are the solution~*~
    We can all do our part at least by sharing info like this but even ore so in how we ACTUALLY live.
    EVERY time we use currency at a store we feed the system, every time we pay tax we feed the system, every time we eat food not locally grown by aquaculture practices we feed the system, every time we operate a vehicle we feed the system. Pretty much EVERYTHING the conman man/woman does FEEDS the system.
    There ARE solutions. The Grden of Eden is one example of this. It needs not be the ONE and ONLY example but those there do not work jobs, they do not buy at stores, they eat and harvest sustainable high vibe foods from a thriving eco system, they use well water, they dont use the sewers, they dont pay taxes they LIVE FREE!
    This is WHY the government tried to destroy them because they share how EASY and available this actually is for ANYONE who actually cares.
    Its all up to you~*~

  12. It’s the brownshirts of Nazi Germany all over again, You’d think with all the billions Obama gives to green energy companies, people like this would be lauded and held up as examples of what they want to have happening.

  13. What are these officials afraid of? Isn’t there any real crime in Texas, like shootings, drugs or stolen property? Do they really have to intimidate people who are just living day to day not bothering or hurting anyone? That’s what I call bullying.

    • Thank you for doing your part~
      It is one small quick yet important and profound way to support the truth*
      IMAGINE if just 25% of people actually shared this? Then almost everyone would see it. SIMPLE*
      We are the problem and we ARE the solution~*~

    • I don’t think it’s that they don’t care, I believe that they are not informed. I had had 2 encounters this week, one at a farmers market and a grocery store, I was asking about the use use GMO seeds at one and the use of GMO feed for the meats, the grocery store counter person did not know what a GMO was, the framer was more than eager to tell me he would never buy those crappy seeds and the woman next to me asked what a GMO was. I am always more than happy to educate those that are not informed and their reaction is always the same.

    • Nobody hears about this type of abusive power. Why haven’t citizens of DFW stepped up and confronted this Law Enforcement agency? Scared, that’s why. They don’t want to be the next VICTIM of out of control LEOs. SCUMBAGS, every last one of them. Manufacturing crime in order to get more sophisticated equipment to spy on and kill us with.

    • These types of things are happening everywhere. They do not want us gathering together to peacefully make a difference in the world we live in. They want us to eat, sleep, bath, etc when and what they tell us to.

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