Coconut oil halts tooth decay by attacking the bacteria that cause it

coconut oil
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by Jonathan Benson – Natural News

If health authorities are going to remain insistent upon lacing the water supply with additives to thwart tooth decay, then they really should be using all-natural coconut oil rather than fluoride chemicals, based on the findings of a new study. Researchers from the Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT) in Ireland have found that coconut oil effectively inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause cavities and mouth infections, without causing any harmful side-effects.

For their study, a team of researchers from the school added enzymes to coconut and several other oils to mimic how these oils would normally be processed during digestion. The team then applied the digested form of each of the oils to several strains of bacteria, including Streptococcus mutans, a common acid-producing bacteria often found inside the mouth, and Candida albicans, a highly problematic yeast strain that can cause oral thrush infection.

What they discovered was that only the coconut oil exhibited clear antibacterial and yeast-fighting properties when exposed to the different bacterial strains. In fact, enzyme-modified coconut oil was found to fight all sorts of bacterial strains without triggering any negative side-effects, or promoting the development of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” like antibiotic drugs do.

“Incorporating enzyme-modified coconut oil into dental hygiene products would be an attractive alternative to chemical additives (like fluoride), particularly as it works at relatively low concentrations,” said Dr. Damien Brady, lead researcher from AIT, about coconut oil’s amazing antibacterial power. “Also, with increasing antibiotic resistance, it is important that we turn our attention to new ways to combat microbial infection.”

Adding to this sentiment, Dr. Brady also noted that the human digestive system naturally exhibits antimicrobial activity, at least when it is given the proper foods and nutrients. Consuming more coconut oil, in this case, can effectively boost immunity and thwart the onset of harmful, disease-causing pathogens in the mouth and elsewhere throughout the body.

Coconut oil is far more effective at fighting, preventing tooth decay than toxic fluoride

What is particularly interesting about these dramatic findings is that coconut oil was demonstrably shown in a credible study to fight harmful bacteria and prevent tooth decay. Fluoride, on the other hand, which is pumped into water supplies nationwide that hydrate millions of people, has never been legitimately shown to fight or prevent tooth decay when ingested.

What this new study on coconut oil actually helps unearth is the fact that water fluoridation is a complete scientific fraud. Not only has fluoride never been proven to prevent tooth decay when ingested, but recent studies have actually shown that fluoride harms teeth. Ingesting fluoride, it turns out, can cause dental fluorosis, as well as some other very serious health problems in the long term.

“Once ingested, fluoride compounds attack the structural integrity of our insides,” says Shane Ellison, author, chemist, and founder of “Collagen, a web-like network connecting our skeletal system to muscles, is torn apart by fluoride. We feel it as joint stiffness, ligament damage, and aching bones. This same mechanism leads to browning of teeth, an outcome known as fluorosis.”

Coconut oil, on the other hand, will not only help protect your teeth against bacterial rot, but it will also help improve digestion and metabolism, promote heart health, boost energy levels, and strengthen immunity. Since ingesting coconut oil converts it into a powerful bacteria-fighter, as illustrated by the study, “swishing” coconut oil can also promote improved oral health via the enzymatic activity of its mixing with saliva.

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  1. Umm, the reason fluoride is in the water supply in the first place is to pacify and lower the IQ of the populace, as well as lower the birth rate, the tooth decay thing was always just a loose cover… Its time to quit pretending there is any sort of legitimacy to their insane claims… This conflict need to be phrased openly as an attack on the people… not a ‘mistake’

  2. I’ve been doing the “Oil Pulling” with coconut oil for a few months now and I have avoided a root canal that I was meant to have and have no pain any more. So I am a fan of this for teeth for sure.

  3. Mix in enough baking soda to make a paste. If you get it too thick just add more oil. Also, I added EO in mine, as well as some peppermint extract for flavor. I swish with homemade mouthwash made with water, baking soda and tea tree oil. Every morning I feel like I just came from the dentist and my teeth are whiter!!!

  4. I rinse with my mouth with coconut oil to soften any hard stuff, rinse with peroxide to loosen it, then brush to get rid of it. Do not swallow the coconut oil our peroxide. Spit them in the trash.

  5. I had a nasty tooth ache and I had read that coconut oil was good for cavities. So i decided to give it a try, i put a tsp in my mouth and let it pool around the sore tooth. And Instantly the tooth stopped aching 🙂 Hard to sleep with a mouthful of oil mind you. But I was greatful. Also Hydrogen Peroxide works too. I’ve been swishing with it for weeks and have avoided having a root canal 🙂 yaaay. And as a bonus, my teeth are whiter 🙂

  6. Had really bad periodontal disease and have been learning how hard it is to reverse. Have had to go through excrutiating tooth ache pain and would not have made it through everything w/o Terramin mineral powder (On Amazon). Takes away pain and kills bacteria. Use the minerals and then the coconut oil, and then the minerals. Brush with minerals, apply coconut oil and try and swish around as much as possible. If you can drink some liquid coconut oil from a glass and not swallow of course, swish for 15 minutes, spit out and rinse with warm water, put minerals thick on toothbrush and coat all teeth as much as you can including up in near sinus cavity and below in gum pockets. Can take Terramin internally so if swallow no problem. Leave on for at least 20 minutes, but an hour is better. Sleep with some in you mouth if you can. Do this two times a day for bad cases. Bacteria form in layers so will just come right back unless aggressive. Minerals are iconic and bind with bacteria, cut off nutrient supply and smother to death. TAKES AWAY PAIN. Find on Amazon.

  7. No,or yes ,you can swish it in your mouth for 15 minutes,(I do) and gets rid of bacteria.Also eat 1 tablespoon a day .And I use it in place of all cooking oils tastes great too! No cholestrol either!!!yeah! Buy the certified organic kind its in the solid form when you buy it . Cost co handles it,or on line ,Cost co. is cheaper.We found it to help in your digestion,helps to eliminate better too!

  8. We could replace fluoride with cinnamon as cinnamon kills off 99.9% of bacteria. We can also add megahydrate to water which may help too. The goal would be to find cheap replacements for substances to clean water that isn’t bad for us like the stuff they’re currently putting in tap water. Even when you shower with tap water it puts a lot of toxins on your body. We should find those replacements to put into the country’s tap water that runs through the pipes.

  9. i used it on my Scalp. after repeated visits to my Dr. & then Dermatologist & costly Meds. Creams. this worked much better..!!! also 100% Times Much Better than Butter in Brownies.. and Much Much healthier..!!!

  10. I make my own tooth paste with equal parts baking soda and coconut oil! Then I give it an extra punch with teatree oil and sweet orange oil to deal with the taste! 😀 My teeth literally shock my dentist, especially because I don’t do any fluoride! And no, it can do everything!! 😉

  11. I believe it! I have been oil pulling! Google it! I also brush my teeth with neem toothpaste on brush, dip it in diatamaceous earth and then brush teeth! No tarter anymore and I had a ton of tarter all the time. Had to have teeth cleaned every 6 months. My teeth are getting whiter, I used to smoke. Stain is About all gone!

  12. We are being poisoned left and right. I drink coconut water often.. the real thing not the canned stuff. my instinct is to get as close to nature as we can.. consume natural products. use it at home as much as possible.

  13. Hard substance taste like the middle if an almond joy bar…I eat it to help my immune system…I was diagnosed w/ stage 4 cancer. I give it also to my dig who had allergies, no more since being on it

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