Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism


The MMR vaccine… After decades of passionate debate, parents probably missed the repeated admissions by drug companies and governments alike that mmr vaccine does in fact cause autism. For concerned parents seeking the truth, it’s worth remembering that the exact same people who own the world’s drug companies also own America’s news outlets. Finding propaganda-free information has been difficult, until now.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield and The MMR Vaccine

At the center of the fifteen-year controversy is Dr. Andrew Wakefield of Austin, Texas. It was Dr. Wakefield that first publicized the link between stomach disorders and autism, and taking the findings one step further, the link between stomach disorders, autism and the Measles Mumps Rubella MMR vaccine.

For that discovery way back in 1996, and a subsequent research paper published by the doctor in 1998, Andrew Wakefield has found himself the victim of a world-wide smear campaign by drug corporations, governments and media companies. And while Dr. Wakefield has been persecuted and prosecuted to the extent of being unable to legally practice medicine because of his discovery, he has instead become a best-selling author, the founder of the Strategic Autism Initiative, and the Director of the Autism Media Channel.

But in recent months, courts, governments and vaccine manufacturers have quietly conceded the fact that the Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR vaccine) most likely does cause autism and stomach diseases. Pharmaceutical companies have even gone so far as to pay out massive monetary awards, totaling in the millions, to the victims in an attempt to compensate them for damages and to buy their silence.

Grassroots outcry against MMR Vaccine

It was a regular reader named Kathleen that brought this ongoing story to our attention here at Whiteout Press. When asked what her connection to the vaccine-autism battle was, the young reader replied, “I just researched it for a school project a while back and then I stayed on top of it, until I couldn’t stand it anymore. I’m not a parent, nor do I belong to any organization – a mere outside observer.”

This reader isn’t alone. The news that vaccines cause autism has spread across the US despite a coordinated media black-out. She takes her concerns one step further explaining, “All I want is to see this information where the public can access it. I’ve looked everywhere, and no one gives this dire Wakefield situation even ONE small mention.” She goes on to give us another motivation for her activism, “In Washington State, where I’m from, vaccines have become mandatory for school children, which is very frightening!”

Landmark rulings

In December 2012, two landmark decisions were announced that confirmed Dr. Wakefield’s original concern that there is a link between the MMR vaccine, autism and stomach disorders. The news went mostly unreported, but independent outlets like The Liberty Beacon finally began publishing the groundbreaking news.

The website wrote last month, ‘In a recently published December 13, 2012 vaccine court ruling, hundreds of thousands of dollars were awarded to Ryan Mojabi, whose parents described how “MMR vaccines” caused a “severe and debilitating injury to his brain, diagnosed as Autism Spectrum Disorder (‘ASD’).”’

The Liberty Beacon went on to describe the second court ruling that month, as well as similar previous verdicts writing, ‘Later the same month, the government suffered a second major defeat when young Emily Moller from Houston won compensation following vaccine-related brain injury that, once again, involved MMR vaccine and resulted in autism. The cases follow similar successful petitions in the Italian and US courts (including Hannah Poling, Bailey Banks, Misty Hyatt, Kienan Freeman, Valentino Bocca, and Julia Grimes) in which the governments conceded or the court ruled that MMR vaccine had caused brain injury. In turn, this injury led to an ASD diagnosis. MMR vaccine was the common denominator in these cases.’

The report echoes the exact same sentiment that our reader conveyed – Dr. Wakefield has had his career and reputation destroyed over the past 15 years, but has just been vindicated. The account reports, ‘While repeated studies from around the world confirmed Wakefield’s bowel disease in autistic children and his position that safety studies of the MMR vaccine are inadequate, Dr. Wakefield ’s career has been destroyed by false allegations. Despite this he continues to work tirelessly to help solve the autism catastrophe.’

The article from The Liberty Beacon closes with a direct quote from Dr. Wakefield himself to the independent grassroots outlet, “There can be very little doubt that vaccines can and do cause autism. In these children, the evidence for an adverse reaction involving brain injury following the MMR vaccine that progresses to an autism diagnosis is compelling. It’s now a question of the body count. The parents’ story was right all along. Governments must stop playing with words while children continue to be damaged. My hope is that recognition of the intestinal disease in these children will lead to the relief of their suffering. This is long, long overdue.”

Wakefield attacked again

Since the world has slowly become aware of the dangers of the MMR vaccine, parents around the globe have refused to get their children vaccinated. Earlier this year, the UK government singled out Dr. Wakefield and blamed him for the rising number of measles outbreaks in the country. In an April 2013 interview, he responded publicly.

The website published both the video, as well as the written transcript, of Dr. Wakefield’s public response. Below are some excerpts of the doctor’s remarks:

“The important thing to say is that back in 1996-1997 I was made aware of children developing autism, regressive autism, following exposure in many cases to the measles mumps rubella vaccine. Such was my concern about the safety of that vaccine that I went back and reviewed every safety study, every pre-licensing study of the MMR vaccine and other measles-containing vaccines before they were put into children and after. And I was appalled with the quality of that science. It really was totally below par and that has been reiterated by other authoritative sources since.

All I could do as a parent was to say, ‘what would I do for my child?’ That was the only honest answer I could give. My position on that has not changed. So, what happened subsequently? At that time the single measles vaccines were available freely on the National Health Service. Otherwise, I would not have suggested that option. So parents, if they were legitimately concerned about the safety of MMR could go and get the single vaccines. Six months later, the British government unilaterally withdrew the importation license for the single vaccines, therefore depriving parents of having these on the NHS; depriving parents who had legitimate concerns about the safety of MMR from a choice; denying them the opportunity to protect their children in the way that they saw fit.

And I was astonished by this and I said to Dr Elizabeth Miller of the Health Protection Agency, ‘why would you do this, if your principal concern is to protect children from serious infectious disease? Why would you remove an option from parents who are legitimately concerned about the safety of MMR?’ And her answer was extraordinary. She said to me, ‘if we allow parents the option of single vaccines, it would destroy our MMR program.’ In other words, her principal concern seemed to be full protection of the MMR program and not protection of children.”

Dr. Wakefield himself reiterates the final conclusion of the courts in various countries, but censored by the world’s media outlets saying:

“Now this question has been answered not by me, but by the courts, by the vaccine courts in Italy and in the United States of America where it appears that many children over the last thirty years have been awarded millions of dollars for the fact that they have been brain-damaged by MMR vaccine and other vaccines and that brain damage has led to autism. That is a fact.”

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  1. Angela, I agree. My daughter was diagnosed at 2yrs old. Before her 18th vaccines, she said ‘mommy” and ‘daddy’, ‘hi’, ‘bye’, etc… She had great eye contact and was a happy baby. After the vaccine, she developed a fever, started running and jumping in place, and was later diagnosed with autism. We refused to vaccinate her little brother, and he’s nuerotypical (but funny how they say the siblings have a higher percentage of developing autism, AND boys have a higher percentage as well). Yet here’s a male sibling that is 4yrs old, and ready to run for president, while his 6yr old sister is in therapy and IEP’s in school. Money and lawsuits won’t cure my daughter, but it will punish those that injured her.

  2. Can we sue these assholes? My son is now 11 and has high functioning autism and not a day goes by that he doesn’t struggle in some way because of it. Isn’t there something we can do for those families already affected?

  3. I wouldn’t let my kids have this, as the revelation and subsequent denials caused me concern, in as much as a genuine, open and honest pharmaceutical/medical industry would have researched deeper into the initial discovery of the risk, instead of immediatey attacking the Doctor and his research that revealed the risks in the first place. We were critiscised by nurses, GP’s and even teachers for not allowing my kids to have it (as they know best of course, because they believe the corporate bullshit they are fed). The fact that it has now been proven to cause autism in many cases is being kept out of our media.

  4. Keep in mind too….that a lot of those who expose the truth are then ruined or made to look like frauds to the general public…as well as found guilty in trials or crazy etc…you get the point. In my research that I find backed up…I always listen to the supposed “frauds” because slot of them got that name for a very specific reason…Truth! 😉

  5. Yes, but didn’t dr Wakefield also state that he was paid to make these claims and was indeed found guilty and convicted of fraud? I do not believe in vaccines, but I do believe this dr has published a lot of fraudulent findings.

  6. My sons friend acqired a brain infection from an mmr vaccine. They had to comatose him to save him. He was 18. They kept him in a coma over a year. He had to learn to walk and talk again. At 25 he barely functions now

  7. It’s sad driving by my local health department to see the “stop in for your flu shots today!” & “Walk ins welcome!”
    I will never get why most kids believe what they are taught to believe, but never do any research on their own.

    • The advertising for a flu shot each year is getting worse. My partner aged 65 was repeatedly asked at his surgery about getting his flu shot. He said he didn’t want one and had to sign a slip of paper to show this and bring it in!! When he kept saying no thankyou the clinic nurse said to him’ it is a business you know’

  8. My nephew was born perfectly healthy until he had his first DPT shot was the pertussis they said they did every test possible and could never determine why he reacted to the vaccine,after that shot a once healthy happy 6 wk old couldn’t keep any food down or liquids for 5 months, and eventually had only certain foods he could keep down down in his 4 yrs he never crawled walked or talked and was dead by four anything is possible ….the live MMR (liquid) can cause measles or rubella my daughter in the 90’s refused the live vaccine for her daughter only would let her get shot that doesn’t have the possibility of causing the disease. No not everyone one has one thing from most meds but people react differently to meds and vaccines. Wasn’t a coincidence my arm swelled so bad after getting a slight cut by a scalpel at work and had to have a DPT shot and my doctor told me never to have a pertussis vaccine again. After all it only killed my nephew I refuse all vaccines now as does most of my family. Since they don’t know the cause of Autism of which my half brother has Auspergers and in the 70’s when he was born no one ever heard of Autism in the general population, We knew there was something wrong his behavior was very unusual to say the least then he went to college and had a total breakdown by then he had no treatment or DX and got violent with his other and lives in a group home. So no matter what you’ve read or getting a degree in the bottom line anything is possible because do they know the cause NO!

  9. Havn’t heard of VAERS as I’m in AUstralia however I had a quick look……When evaluating data from VAERS, it is important to note that for any reported event, no cause-and-effect relationship has been established. Reports of all possible associations between vaccines and adverse events (possible side effects) are filed in VAERS. Therefore, VAERS collects data on any adverse event following vaccination, be it coincidental or truly caused by a vaccine. The report of an adverse event to VAERS is not documentation that a vaccine caused the event.

  10. As a male in my seventies my second language English, I’ve not had vaccines in my life at all and I have had no cause to visit a doctor apart from small accidents like getting something in an eye, and our youngest children who are twins [Their mum is potty on natural remedies and organic food] haven’t either, apart from the dentist at 21. Regarding autism there are no incidences of it in both our extended family, although I cannot say its on account of our life style which extends back on both sides [Their is mum of Scottish descent], several generations. But here in NZ we attend to issues of health with good food much of it grown at home, natural therapies, herbs. sufficient exercise and positive spirit. I can’t recall when I last had a cold, but when I did, it was doused before it found its feet anyway. For young mothers it is ever a difficult one and I have no right to say no to vaccines on your behalf or to comment on the causation of autism stated with this post, some say it is wrong or lies, un nerving for young mothers. However should you chose, there is ample information and good advice available on f/b, elsewhere and at home to support the alternative of good health care in the meantime, commencing with breast milk, natures essence of nurture, resistance bearing and mother care, along with attention to your own health and intake of good food and clean water necessary in these times, to support the child in its earliest development within the womb as well. And surely in the end you will have done your best as the mother and bearer of your child. Natural prevention is better than cure I say and off course the Scots say its cheaper.

  11. Parents are just looking for something to blame their childs autism on. What about the majority of children who dont develop autism after their shots…and the children who do develop autism who don’t have their shots. People are so gullible with what they read on google. Anyone can write these things so why not research the issue properly with peer reviewed journals and then make ur decision. Im a nurse and give children vaccines every day and have not once seen a bad reaction. If uve seen a child with whooping cough, epiglotitis, measles ect you would never want to put your baby under that kind of risk. Putting your child in the back seat of a car is far more risky than getting vaccines. Life is full of risks but when the benifits outweigh the risks its should be a simple decision.

  12. Not all kids had it got autism my other daughter did she didnt no allergic reaction my younger daughter did and had allergic reaction so u tell me if your kids fine talking and potty trained and after just pointing and making noises and stop potty train and not even looking at u and is now 11 and was diagnose with autism at 4 after the shot had to go through so much therapy she didnt potty trained till she was 6 what would u think

  13. While I do not know the validity of the statement that vaccines cause autism. I do know that Dr. Wakefield list his license due to his unethical behavior which included taking blood from children who attended his daughters birthday party.

  14. See, I had the MMR vaccine, and so had many of the kids in my family, and most of my friends. Only two people in my family has Autism. I’m sure most people age 25 and younger has had this vaccine, and not all of us have Autism. I’m sure that there are things that could biologically make the vaccine cause Autism, but this feels almost like the whole “boy who cried wolf” ordeal. But hey, what do I know? I’m just an ex-phlebotomist who reads tons of health magazines and medical/health journals and is going for my psychology degree, and has spend the last semester learning mental disorders.

  15. My daughter went and had her shots before she was talking and potty trained then at 4 stop talking stop potty trained she is now 11 with autism diagone at 4 took years of working with her these vacines did this to my daughter rigut after she had her shot she had a rash and high fever and a seizure she was sent to the hospital her neurologist said the seizure was from the allergic reaction to vacine not her epilepsy makes me angry that they wont say this is what happened and help our families because they dont want millions of dollors law suit bring tears to eyes my daughter is my love and i will never change het but they should be accountable for what they did to our kids

  16. I actually did see that…no surprise, just sad that it took so long to own up to it. What a travesty for so many! Wonder how many centuries it’ll take for an admission that perhaps GMOs weren’t such a great idea after all…

  17. I was dumb enough to give my kids these vaccines and now I am paying for it. My 4 year old may not be autistic but he does have a speech developmental delay. They will never get anymore shots! I will home school my kids before they get any moer shots!

  18. Well isn’t that news a kick in the ass. For years now they have denying the truth about this vaccine, putting countless babies at risk. This government and the gov. agencies have to be held responsible for the lies they have kept going. The maker of these vaccines have to be held accountable, this is outrageous! If I was young and thinking of having a child I believe I would have to be childless. The world today is a horrible place and if things keep moving in this direction, I will ask my only child to think about not having a child to be raised in this cesspool of a world we live in. I believe when the majority of the population stopped believing in GOD, the world has become filled with hate and destruction, the government can’t be trusted at all because of things like this. Sorry for the rant, but we as a society are so screwed, unless people learn to work together for the greater good. The future looks bleak when you here stuff like this article.

  19. Good information & I know many parents are convinced of it who have autistic children 🙁 The amazing & sick part of this whole story is that they are allowed to keep it on the market & continue to deny and continue scaring parents into having their children vaccinated. SICK, IT MUST STOP BECAUSE IT’S EVIL TO CONTINUE THIS WITH PROFIT AS THE ONLY MOTIVE WHEN THEY ARE AWARE OF THE DAMAGE BEING DONE 🙁

  20. Thanks, Stacy Guidry! It makes sense to me, and I know what I’ve seen in my own kids, but almost no one without a kid or 2 on the spectrum will even consider this possibility… and even many among that population are skeptical. Glad you are among the few who dares to consider this. <3

  21. I wish people would start using the word “correlation” instead of causal… Yay media for causing panic and worry for moms everywhere! There are so many things linked to the onset of Autism. I’ve recently brushed up on the latest diagnostic material for Autism Spectrum Disorder, am studying to be a therapist, and would be very interested to see Ryan Mojabi’s observed behaviors both before and after the shot was administered. Also, how old was he? Usually social and language deficits are observable in the first two years.
    I couldn’t find any information…
    Vaccines appear to be only one of these links. They may not seem necessary because they have kept epidemic at bay for so long, and I am SO big on natural medicine/ would rather we didn’t have to vaccinate, but I’d hate to see the day…
    Has anyone seen first hand how Polio affected people’s lives?
    Do YOU want your child to have to go through that?

    • I worked with a woman who had chronic pain and no use of her legs. She was resilient, and it took a lot to get her to step down… but I still wouldn’t wish that on anyone.
      NOT vaccinating can cause things that are worse than Autism in my opinion, including widespread death. Maybe that’s because of my exposure to the population…
      I’d rather have an Auststic child than one with a physical disability that causes severe detriment to their quality of life.

  22. Measles, mumps, and rubella, by contrast, cause death or in milder cases, lifetime disability. This article reads like a self-serving defense by a doctor who has been dismissed as a fraud.

  23. My kids are vaccinated and none have autism. I’m convinced they “can” cause it though in some kids. The key is to discover why it does things to some and not others.
    They get hep B at birth and I don’t feel it’s necessary.

  24. Very sad that people believe everything they are told. Funny how I know many families that have kids with Autism, but they never had any vacs. HMMMMMMMM wonder where they got it from then? And all the kids who have had all of their vacs, but don’t have Autism. Gotta love it

  25. If anyone here actually looked at the story, you would see that there is no source other than blogs on these “findings”. Please stop perpetuating lies and focus more on truth.

  26. I worked for a pediatrician for 8 years and gave injections. I never liked vaccines. When hep vaccine came out my sons were little. I wouldn’t allow them to get it. Now it’s mandated in schools. Never like the DT reactions. Don’t like them. I see now mom’s are allowing their babies get two shots at once. No way would I allow that for my child.

    • It’s people like you they love cuz you buy their shit. Unfortunately for you, they studied it, provided evidence, took that evidence to court, and WON. So apparently, yes they CAN. Obviously autism isn’t going to just pop up in Everyone, but clearly it can happen to some..

  27. Paula read this article!
    “Now this question has been answered not by me, but by the courts, by the vaccine courts in Italy and in the United States of America where it appears that many children over the last thirty years have been awarded millions of dollars for the fact that they have been brain-damaged by MMR vaccine and other vaccines and that brain damage has led to autism. That is a fact.”

  28. The immunization schedule in the US is excessive, if you compare it to other countries like for example in Europe. Chicken pox vax is so unnecessary! I would never get me or my kids a flu shot! But if you decide, like me, to vaccinate against real diseases like Polio, Tetanus, Diphtheria, but not Chicken pox etc than you have no chance to get your child into a (public) school. The religious exemption is an either … or chance. You need to bring the complete immunization form.

  29. I thought it was the mercury they add to it, plus they give too much at one time. Yes they say they test stuff, but pharmeceutical companies do most of the testing. Usually very short period of time, just to go through the motions, cause the goal is to find more things to sell and make big bucks on. They love the new stuff they can patent. It makes really big profits

  30. I am not surprised!!! My oldest son got all his shots and now has Autism/ADHD. My baby got like two shots but we got educated about the dangers of immunizations, so, now as he is 3 years old he has not gotten any shots. He is as healthy can be, hardly gets sick and has no Autism/ADHD linked to him. !!!

  31. Science is SOFT, that is reason for recalls. My oldest suffered from an immediate reaction to DTP. Causing her grand mal seizures, very loose continuous stools, and high fever. Pediatrician at time sat on State vaccine board. He refused to report her case. Only the administrating doc can report;we were informed at time. This makes me wonder how many cases go unreported. No more vaccines for us. My girlfriend delayed her sons until he was 6yrs old. Due to custody battle she vaccinated for fear they would find her neglectful. Her perfect reading son lost most normal age appropriate functions. Had to be potty trained all over, learn to read again and now self soothes by flapping his arms or bumping his head.

  32. you do not need vaccinations for chicken pox, i got it and it was some itchy red bumps,,, wooo big deal i got to stay home from school for a week, i dont think its worth risking pumping my body with toxic chemicals to prevent myself from a infection that was a normal childhood disease 20 years ago…

  33. “Science” is owned by big business eg pharmacy and can not be trusted. If you are allergic to penicillin it can be ttreated and avoided. As for autism by the time you realize a child has had a reaction its TOO LATE! We are giving more shots in the first 6 yrs of a childs life then most of us adults have had in a LIFETIME! Many of these shots can be avoided or given much later in life. eg mumps is the biggest risk for reproductive males, measles to pregnant women, chicken pox to adults. You also ahve a false sense of security as NO vaccine (human or animal) is 100% effective.

  34. my kids have both had thier vacinations and they arnt autistic,I am allergic to penacillin,and it can kill me ..So should they ban it altogether cause i have a reaction??I live on the mid north coast and alot of the deseases that were totaly gone have come back ,cause people dont imunise thier kids,and they are the ones spreading them.there is a huge break out of scarlet fever up here and whooping cough,why is this so..and do these parents that dont imunise thier kids give them panadol or antibiotics??

    • Shouldn’t we be checking sources other than the producers of these products for more objective information? Shouldn’t we be protesting big Pharma buying approvals through paid lobbyists influencing the FDA?

    • LOL, Just blindly accept anything because its “scientific” … science is the new Vatican. anyone with any kind of critical thinking skills can see that… but i dont know for sure about vaccines, but my mom only chose to get me the most basic vaccinations back in the 80’s, not b/c of the health risks, but b/c she thought it was a scam. i guess what, im perfectly fine.

  35. I posted this and someone said it was retracted and only 12 kids were tested I do believe this is a possibility to how my son developed autism but I am not sure any more studies?

  36. I wanna say, there has to be a cause for autism, it’s been on the rise only in the last 20 years and continues to be, it’s also higher in the U.S. than anywhere else. The same time period where these vaccines were being pushed.

    Sure, it may be false correlation, however, autism always seems to lead back to this for cause, and the ones who deny it have no other answers for why autism occurs, it’s just a “That’s not the cause, but we don’t know what is, nor do we care to research it further, or do anything about it.”

    Plus, vaccines also contain dangerous amounts of mercury not fit for anyone (especially infants and toddlers), and not every little kid has the same immune system, which is why some can’t handle it and succumb to the poisoning.

  37. What they fail to tell you is that Wakefield was stripped of his medical license for falsifying his data. They also don’t tell you that Wakefield was trying to persuade people to buy his own kit to test kids for autism saying he can make $43 million a year from it.

    They also don’t tell you that In October 2012, research published in PNAS, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, identified Wakefield’s 1998 paper as the most cited retracted scientific paper, with 758 citations, and gave the “reason for retraction” as “fraud”.

    Wake up people before your ignorance hurts your own kids and many more. Read up on how vaccines work, it is common for the child to have symptoms of the disease until their immune system creates the antibodies to fight it. Many of these symptoms are normal reactions of the immune system to the disease being in the body. Educate yourselves on how the body works and on Autism and you will understand how idiotic these claims are.

  38. The polio vaccine was poison adn killed a bunch of people when it first came out. The drug company continued to give those tainted vaccines until they were used up. I have no trust in pharma, FDA nor AMA. they are all government puppets. Not worth permanently damaging your kids or killing them.

    • My daughter had a 104 fever, was screaming, her leg was four times normal size and swollen and hard – I phoned a nurse friend and put her in a cool bath to bring her fever down as I lived out of town and my husband was away with the car. Very scary! Although Wakefield falsified his report, still see where this kind of fever could cause damage to a baby.

  39. Man I put some trust in your website… this just ruined it for me. You might want to post the research on the benefits of vaccinations and the dangers in not vaccinating you children.

  40. @ leslie estes i applaude you! All accurate info from the books i have read! Parents tend to not do ANY research before vaccinating their children which i think is crazy. Maybe your comments will enlighten some parents to do research before hand.. 🙂

    • Thanks Bonnie. I was fortunate enough to be able to home school too. Hopefully the comments in this post will at least make parents “think” before they go on auto-pilot and do whatever the doctor (read: Big Pharma) tells them.

  41. Anyone see the reports and referral from the FDA about marijuana? That their tests reveal that this natural herbal plant is capable of healing many things, including cancer, etc. It gobbles it up. The DEA stated it is about to request the President make an immediate order removing it from the drug classification it is presently in. It would remove it from the FDA being able to moderate or control it. Especially since there is proof from years of following actual causes of death, that it has never killed anyone, yet the worst killer of all is Alcoholic beverages, causing more death per usage, and per 2ndary via accidents, etc. And it is declassified and allowed to be consumed by each individual in their own way.

  42. I will never vaccinate again after all the stuff I’ve read. its very obvious that drs and drug companies don’t give a crap about us its all about MONEY! Screw your “mmr program”. Ridiculous.

  43. My child will be homeschooled when she is old enough. And its not that hard to talk to other parents. Plus a strong healthy immune system will help keep them healthy when around a recently immunized child. And ps, my phone and computer might be full of toxic crap but i am not injecting it directly into my or my childs bloodstream…

  44. This isnt propaganda. Do some research. Do you know how many chemicals are put into vaccines? Including mercury, aluminum, formaldahyde and loads more.. as well as chicken embryos and some times even human embryos… as well as the fact they inject a 2 month old with the same dosage as a 10 yr old child.. there is a reason japan doesnt vaccinate until 2 yrs of age. And they have virtually eliminated SIDS.. if you wanna be sheep blindly following the masses go ahead but plz do some legitimate research..

  45. Tiffany – Raise your kids on a natural, organic diet to promote a strong immune system; find an all natural, biological doc; educate yourself ; do not let them come in close contact with any kids who have been recently immunized… In short, it’s not that hard. And NOT immunizing them is the first step to a healthy immune system.

    • How do you keep your children away from kids who have recently been immunized? Do you keep track of every child’s immunization record at school/camp/sports teams, etc? PS, the computer or smart phone you are using is FULL of toxic garbage.

    • Don’t really stress it. Most kids are immunized as babies so it’s pretty easy to avoid them if they have been recently immunized… the mother will usually be complaining their child “has a fever and is feeling sick from her/his shots today”. (Think maybe this is another sign it’s not good for our kids? Lol!) But don’t worry too much about who has been recently immunized, this is almost impossible to do if your child is in daycare and it really isn’t as important as keeping your children’s immune systems healthy. Also do not put your kids, groceries or grocery bags in an unprotected grocery cart’s child seat… diapers leak, and immunizations are excreted in their stools. No one EVER cleans these seats. Heck, immunizations or not, this is the grossest place ever to put groceries in, much less your children. (Yuck! Ill bet if anyone ever checked it would be chock full of e-coli.) Just use common sense when it comes to avoiding direct contact with the virus within the immunizations such as avoiding the shopping cart seats (for your own health too). If you absolutely MUST immunize your child then at least request the DEAD virus immunizations. But be forewarned you are still putting them at risk by the same preservatives, toxins and mercury in these shots too, so seriously consider this before you immunize.

    • Only indicators of oral vaccines would be excreted in feces, not injected vaccinations. Thiomersal, an organic compound containing mercury, has been phased out of childhood vaccines in the U.S. Make sure to research the conspiracy theories of both sides of the issue and consider the risks to your child on either end.

    • Sarah Cierpich: I am a nutritionist of over 30 years and I have been researching the subject of immunizations since the late 70’s. Sadly, not much has changed. This is an industry rife with disinformation because Big Pharma has a lot at stake.

      It sounds like you might have a background in health so I would like to clarify what I stated above in terms you are probably more familiar with – and also for any parents who would like some talking points when disusing this with other parents or their physicians.

      It does not matter how the vaccine is administered. The shedding (of the live virus) often occurs through live attenuated virus vaccinations. This happens when the live virus that is injected via vaccine, moves through the body and comes out in the feces, droplets from the nose, or saliva from the mouth. Also, excretion of small amounts of live attenuated rubella virus from the nose and throat has occurred in the majority of susceptible individuals 7-28 days after vaccination. Transmission of the vaccine virus via breast milk has been documented as well. In addition, Vaccine-strain chickenpox has been found replicating in the lung and documented as transmitting via zoster (shingles sores) as well as a chickenpox rash post-vaccination. But I want to say again that parents should not stress about secondary transmission of disease. In fact, children who have BEEN immunized are at greater risk of contracting the disease than their non-immunized counterparts. I’m just saying it is a known possibility.

      According to the FDA website Due to “increasing awareness of the theoretical potential for neurotoxicity” posed by the presence of thimerosal in vaccines, ‘Thimerosal has been removed from or reduced to trace amounts in most vaccines routinely recommended for children 6 years of age and younger, with the exception of inactivated influenza vaccine.’ Babies as young as 6 months old are administered a flu shot, so parents need to be aware of this.

      Parents who chose to immunize their child (usually a poor decision in my opinion) can ask for the list of ingredients and request the more expensive “thirmersol free” flu vaccine but of course most insurance companies will not cover the added cost.

      Common substances added to or used in the manufacture of vaccines include:

      • 2-Phenoxyethanol
      • Aluminum
      • Antibiotics
      • Egg protein
      • Formaldehyde
      • gluteraldehyde
      • Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
      • polysorbate 80
      • Thimerosal

  46. I was disappointed they stopped making the vaccines separate. I have had to take the vaccine several times because I don’t maintain a rubella titer so you get all 3 over and over again. Why take that option away? That was the only reasonable alternative

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