Drug companies bought their way onto FDA advisory panels


by Ethan A. Huff – Natural News

It is now an undeniable fact that the pharmaceutical industry weaseled its way onto key U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory panels, which were instrumental in shaping the way drugs are safety tested and approved. According to The Washington Post (WP), a recent public records request has revealed that drug companies purchased special access onto these panels, where they were given the keys to the kingdom in swaying decision-makers about official drug policy.

Based on critical information gathered from hundreds of leaked emails, pharmaceutical companies have doled out hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to attend private meetings with the FDA, many of which were geared towards the regulation and approval of painkiller drugs. Drug companies would reportedly shell out upwards of $25,000 or more per meeting to have their voices heard, a small price to pay for direct access to the $9 billion American painkiller market.

According to the WP, officials from both the FDA and the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) would regularly meet with pharmaceutical representatives in private to discuss regulatory protocols, co-write scientific papers and collaborate on various ways to help streamline the drug approval process. And the only parties who actually paid to attend such meetings were the drug companies, a fact that one official from the NIH expressed serious concerns about in an email, referring to the whole scheme as a “pay to play process.”

Others who have since reviewed the emails agree, noting that, while the FDA did not necessarily benefit financially from these private meetings, many FDA officials went on to work as pharmaceutical consultants. In other words, FDA staff who agreed to grease the palms of the drug industry during these private meetings were later rewarded with high-paying positions in the drug industry. This is just one glaring example of how the line between the regulator (FDA) and the regulated (pharmaceutical companies) has been blurred beyond recognition.

“These e-mails help explain the disastrous decisions the FDA’s analgesic division has made over the last 10 years,” said Craig Mayton, the Columbus, Ohio, attorney who made the public records request to the University of Washington, to the WP. “Instead of protecting the public health, the FDA has been allowing the drug companies to pay for a seat at a small table where all the rules were written.”

Big Pharma, FDA corruption runs deep

It is no longer a conspiracy theory, then, that the drug industry owns the FDA. In this particular case, it was two academics by the names of Robert Dworkin, from the University of Rochester, and Dennis Turk, from the University of Washington, who allegedly orchestrated the painkiller plot. But there have been many other plots with the same ultimate end, a fact that NaturalNews and many others in the so-called “alternative” media have been shouting from the rooftops for years, but that the mainstream media has ignored, until now.

“Shame on the FDA and NIH for sending representatives to this panel, cooked up by two unethical professors and their drug company cronies,” wrote one WP commenter about the scandal. It should be noted that FDA officials actively participated in the painkiller scheme, all the while knowing full well that the private meetings they attended were hatched by Big Pharma. “Congress should come down hard on both agencies for participating in what was clearly pay-to-play, with awful consequences for the health of many suffering Americans.”

Such consequences include a flood of dangerous analgesic drugs to the market that were approved based on questionable or flawed safety studies. According to MedpageToday.com, the drug industry was successful during these meetings in convincing the FDA to adopt an “enriched enrollment” guidance for safety trials that eliminated patients who experienced adverse reactions. These and other modifications made it much easier for drugs to be

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  1. It’s so disgusting. We can’t trust anyone or anything from our government anymore. Since when are Big Pharma and Monsanto out for our good? Nope, never- it’s only about their bottom line.

  2. If the FDA can be so easily fooled, how can we, the American public, trust them to make the right decisions on such important decisions? We, the people are being taken for a ride, period. Either they are incapable, idiots or just cannot be trusted. They need to be investigated and replaced, President Obama, take notice here!

  3. I’d say it was a long intended plan. The FDA is sub-agency of the corporate machine. The security system we were told to be invented to protect our well being are there to cover the trail of misdeed by the corporate machine.

    • Really, that’s funny. Cuz organics isn’t a scam to people I’ve helped heal from Cancer, heart disease, Autism, Arthritis, Emphysema, seizures, Alzheimers, etc.

      Simply because you haven’t thoroughly educated yourself on truth doesn’t make a thing “untrue,” it just makes you ignorant of facts.

  4. I think it has been clear for a long time that the Pharmaceutical Industry, and a lot (not all) of the health care industry, Dr’s (not all) etc, are no more than legal drug pushers. Where there is a lot of money or power involved, there is greed and corruption. Always has been always will be. If I knew what to do to improve the situation I would out there fighting like hell.

    • Saying “always has been always will be” is similar to saying “I can’t.” If you say you “can’t” you definitely won’t. The Age of Truth is here to stay…and the Gov’t evil is very VERY SCARED. And why they keep implementing laws to control. Too late–it will not work. The Truth has arrived and all people from every walk of life is waking up to it. When complete the earth will be changed for good!

    • Yes, I see where you are coming from. But I am not sure that greed will ever disappear unless “human Nature” is changed. I hope that as you said the truth will spread and spread and spread and spread and of course then the whole earth can be changed. We just have to keep being the example and hope it “rubs off” on everyone that comes in contact with us.

  5. All the agencies which are supposed to be there for the people and have the people’s best interest in mind are riddled with corruption. People have to educate themselves about GMO’s, natural medicine, the benefit of eating only organic and growing and making your own food especially fermented foods. But so many people can’t be bothered but I think it’s especially important if you are a mother.

  6. So who was prosecuted and how much time did they serve or are they serving? And has their damage been undone…anything corrected…new rules, regs, laws passed to prevent/ensure it does not happen again?? Or are we asking for too much to have common sense used for our protection…???


  8. all of the NEW drugs for heart- kidney- cholesterol- blood pressure women’s health -hormones-mental health depression and anxiety are the drugs killing us!!!!! a GOOD UN Corruped doctor will tell you to stick with drugs that have been around for at least 20 yrs’ or longer!!!!! we know their effects!!! these are the Honest doctors that have not been sucked into the BIG PHARMA all the hype on pain meds is BS yes there are some doctors that over prescribe and others that won’t let you have any pain relief!! I am here to say NOT everyone is an ADDICT yes some drugs your body can become dependent on but not all people ABUSE Meds!!!! OPIATES are the cleanest drug to take sounds weird but true!! they are the oldest and they will not hurt you or your body IF YOU DO NOT ABUSE THEM!!! Obama crap is starting and no one will be able to have pain relief because people believe all this BS all of the 1st meds kill and hurt bodies more than an opiate!!! every school shooting the people have been on an SSRI Paxil Prozac Lexapro and on and on!!! PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE YOU TAKE ALL THESE supposedly SAFE drugs lol cuz IT IS A LIE AND WE ARE BEING FED THE WRONG INFO!!! i’m sorry for people that abuse drugs weather they be street or legal!!! this is why we NEED REHAB centers!! A real life story.. I was in a store last week and a women was arguing with her doctors office…. she had a lot of pain and physical issues and she started flipping out and telling her doctors office ” so you are going to force me to go to the street so I can get pain relief” I was shocked that she was blasting her business in a store but I asked her if she was ok and she started crying 🙁 FDA and Obama will no longer let anyone have pain control!!! anyway my story is I WAS SO AGAINST PAIN MEDS!!!! I am a cancer survivor!!! 4 SURGURIES NO Morphine shots or IV I refused well my Doctor messed me up insisting i not to take pain meds and not controlling the pain now i’m in something that no matter what nothing will ever get me out of pain!!! my odds are 30% pain relief lol how insane!!! so I have to suffer forever now!! Just use your head!! ANYTHING NEW ……RUN DO NOT USE ANY NEW DRUGS!!!!TAKE & STICK TO OLD MEDS!!!!As a cancer survivor and now many other illnesses due to this crap…instead of giving me anxiety meds… they insisted on a anti-depressant and it has opposite effect on me it made me more anxiety ridden I wanted to run everyone over lol so I told the doc… THEY RAISED the dose and told me to be patient I tried for 6 weeks and said FCK off!!! I am not DEPRESSED I HAVE ANXIETY and for 10 yrs. wouldn’t try any meds again!!! DO research don’t believe all the hype

  9. All you have to do is listen to the mile-long advisories of side effects, etc. on the TV during commercials to know that the FDA is in cahoots with Big Pharma. So many drugs that should not even be on the market. disgusting.

  10. ALWAYS Remember This when you “Ask your Doctor about Lavitra” like The T.V. told you to do…

    90% of Pharmaceutical Drugs WILL Kill you…READ THE LABEL !
    The other 10% will help you…
    Now you need to figure out which is which…

    Then you need to research the NATURAL ORGANIC solution so you do not have to take POISON Drugs…

    Almost EVERY single health Ailment has a Natural Organic “CURE”!
    Notice I said Cure…
    Big PHARHA Drugs Cure NOTHING…
    They are designed to HIDE and MASK the symptoms That is all…Never to “CURE”… Earth Patriot

  11. Of course they did is their even one man made drug that actually has less harmful effects then good i dont think so i true study would more then likely show about 97percent of perscriptions shoudnt be consumed

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