FDA Approved Prescription Drugs Kill Hundreds of Thousands of People Annually

FDA prescription drugs

By Matt Hall — Staff Writer

What if I told you hundreds of thousands of people died every single year from drugs? You wouldn’t be surprised. You’d probably think, “Well, they overdosed, or they abused them to get high, or they experimented  in a dangerous way and got what was coming to them.”

(Yep, we’ve all been conditioned pretty well to assume it’s the user’s fault when “safe” drugs go wrong.)

Well, the above statement about drug deaths is unfortunately true, and it’s been confirmed in a study published by Dr. Barbara Starfield  in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Over 100,000 people die every year from FDA-approved prescription drugs. This number isn’t from drugs that are prescribed by quacks, either. This figure sadly comes from the number of people who die every year from FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs prescribed properly by a licensed medical professional.

Worried yet? You should be.

Even though so many Americans are dying every single year from these drugs, the FDA will do little to step in and make the changes necessary to stop Big Pharma and protect American lives. The wholesale massacre of Americans through prescriptions will continue just so some Big Pharma executive can keep his pockets lined and add another wing to his mansion. Is there anything we can do about it? Fortunately, there is.

How the Big Pharmaceuticals Stay Legally Immune

To know how we can fight gainst the influence of Big Pharmaceutical companies, it’s important to understand how they stay immune from legal recourse for peddling dangerous drugs.

Of course, the harm these pharmaceuticals is causing Americans is 100% legal. How does it stay this way? And how do they keep more honest medical treatments from being approved by the FDA?

The devil is in the details, or rather in the scheme that keeps big companies on top while preventing any other pharmaceutical companies from rising up. Here’s how they stay on top.

Clinical Trials: Perverting a Good Thing

The idea behind clinical trials is a good one: it’s that a new drug has to be tested out in controlled environments to prove they work and prove they aren’t dangerous to humans. However, thanks to the influence of Big Pharma, these trials are next to useless for people like you and me. The tests — which often involve long-term animal cruelty and human testing — are all funded by the pharmaceutical companies. If you were a researcher and your paycheck depended on making sure a new medicine passing a trial, what do you think you’d do?

Unfortunately, many researchers give into the pressure from their bosses and make clinical recommendations they shouldn’t, allowing dangerous drugs to make it to market.

(In fact, many researchers don’t actually write their own recommendation reports, simply signing reports written by pharmaceutical company ghostwriters and passing them off as the work of the researchers.)

These trials have also become incredibly expensive, keeping private individuals and small companies from being able to perform their own trials according to FDA standards. It’s a system governed by money that keeps the big people at the top and the little guys out of the picture.

So If This Monopoly is So Powerful, Is There Anything I Can Do?

The good news is we don’t have to feel powerless. It’s going to be a long time before the Big Pharma monopoly is broken, but in the meantime, there’s plenty you can do to protect yourself and your family.

First, be careful when you take any prescription drugs. Carefully research any side effects,and spend a lot of time making sure you know what’s going into your body and how it works.

Next, if possible avoid prescriptions altogether. This means turning to natural and homeopathic remedies for illnesses and ailments. It’s shocking to find out just how many problems are actually caused by the drugs that are supposed to keep a person healthy! Learn more about holistic medicine and alternative medical treatments. Learn how to naturally address illness, sickness and other problems in a natural way.

Finally, start questioning what big companies and pharmaceutical companies tell us. Don’t simply accept their shiny new medicine is the answer we’ve all been waiting for to save us from all of our problems. (Of course, if you’re reading Underground Health, you’re on the right track!) Share this article to alert more people of this danger that’s right in your own medicine cabinet.

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  1. Maureane is absolutely right, all drugs have side effects, they need to be used with caution and appropriately under the guidnace of a licensed physician, who after all spent many years in school studying those side effects.

  2. EVERY drug has side effects. Every drug is potentially dangerous. Anyone who thinks otherwise is clueless. It is up to all of us to be careful about what drugs we use – with or without the advice of our physicians. Wake up everyone. It’s just like saying that cars kill hundreds of thousands of people annually.

  3. Thus saving the government billions in medicaid, medicare and social security. Work them to death till they reach 50-60 years old, then kill them off before they can retire. Ok it’s just a theory I have… But?…

  4. Yes, and the men that don’t die are chemically castrated calling it Erectile Dysfunction. Over 20 million men have it. Because many were told that they were borderline diabetics. Go figure. I will be doing a blog post in the next few days with a list of the pharma drugs that are causing the ED and yes I will also give the natural herbs that can restore your sexual health too. Oxidative Stress is right in the middle of it all. I did a blog post called “Oxidative Stress silent killer”
    http://wp.me/p1Crrw-px – help us get the word out.

  5. War IS ON “DRUGS” And DRUGS is on US. WE make Drugs to Use on THE PRETEXTS of PRE-JUGDICIES ( of man against man and woman against women) It is the chemical Prejudice that KILLS all so- called diseases in Human Life but unfortunately it to can liberate the death of WE as individuals aswell.

  6. Drink filtered water. Eat a plant-based diet. Walk more, sit less. Eat meals at regular times. Go to bed and rise in a consistent pattern. No alcohol or tobacco. Prevention is the key. Get outdoors at least half an hour every day. Perform random acts of kindness. Seriously.

  7. We were able to throw out all of our OTC medicines as well as discontinue prescription drugs thanks to discovering the health benefits of 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Check out The Right Oil For The Right Thyme to learn more about how essential oils can help you get your health and life back! They have totally transformed my family’s health and I’d love to share with others how they can do the same for you.

  8. I was allergic to a medicine once and when i informed my doctor of the welts and that i couldn’t breath I was told and i quote “you can’t be allergic, take it anyway” and then he tried to prescribe more medicine to stop the reaction. I said no…changed doctors…and yes I was allergic. If i had of listened to the first doctor I would have died. How many people have died because of this. And if i had of taken the other medication, my other doctor said I would have died sooner from the mixture of pharmaceuticas. Pharmaceuticals are depopulating the planet just like the rich want. Go research depopulation plan on you tube.

  9. And yet when 1 person dies from over prescribing comfrey for themself all hell breaks loose, and the dinosaurs jump in and use it as the lever they needed for the drug companies to try for a take-over of natural prescriptions. Upsidedown world. Lets flip it the right way around in the next few years. There are comparatively few of THEM and masses of US.

  10. let’s not forget, many people also die from alternative treatments (whatstheharm.net) because this often means “no treatment at all”. big herba is making millions and does’t have to invest one cent into research/studies (and tried to fake their way through more than once). if everyone’s so concerned about people earning money, why does the article recommend homeopathic remedies? big homeo is making millions with sugarpills and the last time i checked there wasn’t one study that shows it’s effective (at least not more than a placebo). how is this okay?
    not saying double-blind peer-reviewed studies are always 100% safe, but imho they’re much more reliable than anecdotes. btw, the data is over 10 years old, not sure if those statistic are accurate anyway.

    • Homeopathy is a refined and vibrational medicine, Bee Wax. The fact that our science is unable to understand it’s efficacy is because the tools we have are not developed enough as we are still at quite a primative stage where vibrational frequency is concerned. The lack is not in homeopathy, it is in science.

    • i don’t, but obviously many people buy herbs, vitamins, supplements, sugarpills and so on. did i say millions, i meant billions. and yes, but many people do stupid things because they’re too paranoid when it comes to pharma. i don’t run the website, the FAQ explains a bit.

    • yeah all that vitamins and supplements crap is unnecessary, just eat plenty of fruits and veggies/grains/nuts.not like you cant collect thousands of pounds of berries/nuts in the wild for free

    • i am so very sure because it is sugarpills and water. feel free to show me one study that shows it has a bigger benefit for patients than a “normal” placebo.
      of course science doesn’t know everything (otherwise it would stop), but even if there was something in the sugar/water that has an effect science doesn’t know about yet: it still doesn’t work.

    • You are quite simply wrong, Bee Wax. You may not like anecdotal evidence but having had personal experience of the healing impact of a well chosen remedy on more than one occassion I am very grateful to Dr Hanneman for stumbling over this form of medicine. It worked at healing mastitis in me far better and more quickly than anti-biotics did the 1st time I had it. Don’t knock it just because you don’t understand it. Tesla, Einstien and modern quantum physicists may just know a little more about the vibrational nature of the universe than you do.

    • i’m glad you’re better now. but it doesn’t matter if i ‘like’ anecdotes or not, they’re worthless when it comes to evidence. it simply doesn’t mean that the drop of water “cured” you, it could have just as well been the placebo effect, coincidence or a special dustspeck you accidentally swallowed at that time. i can tell you about cases where homeopathy did not work, but conventional medicine did – does that mean anything to you? it’s simple psychology that people link their cure to the homeopathic pill – and just tend to forget about the cases when it didn’t work.

      to link something “mysterious” to quantum physics is usually the last attempt to make it somehow sound scientific and credible. it’s kinda cute. but yeah, maybe someday scientists will find out that homeopathy does have a real effect. maybe homeopaths will discover new laws of physics. that might be the day they’ll also discover the teapot between earth and mars 😉


    • Yes it means something to me when the homeopathic remedy has no affect. It means the practitioner didn’t prescribe the right similium. Did my belief in homeopathy also cure my small children and keep them well throughout their childhood? Clever, clever me with my big fat magic belief.

    • yes, when it comes to the placebo effect your belief most likely also helped your children. children and animals (not exactly placebo, but conditioning) also respond to the effect. sometimes the effect is even greater on children than on adults. the magic’s in the care 🙂

  11. Exactly, most deaths result from overdose/abuse and people looking for a high who stole them from the people the drugs are supposed to help. Lets not get too crazy on this one.

    • This is why apricot seeds, bitter almonds, B17 will never be sold in stores. B17 is known to cure cancer. This is why marijuana is illegal. How many people has it killed??? We need to get back to nature…we need to eat nature and take natures medicines. At the turn of the 1900’s 1 in 20 people had cancer. Now it’s 1 in 3 people. 1 in 2 men….half will get cancer. HALF!!!!! As of today our superior for profit medical profession is making trillions of dollars off of our being sick. What incentive do they have to keep us healthy??? You can’t patent nature so that is why all our medication is NOT NATURAL BUT FAKE!!! How is that helping us???? do your research, stop listening to those that just want you to return so they can make a profit and listen…listen closely to your body. And DO RESEARCH!!! Unfortunately you will have to read through a whole lot of crap but the information is there and we must fight back by just saying NO!!! Our drug war should be against pharmaceuticals…aka The OIL INDUSTRY. How many of you know that pharmaceuticals are the left over waste from OIL!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbyY3jqvVBQ

    • @ robin, dont forget the average lifespan myth that people died at the age of 45 because no big pharma.average lifespan was 45 in 1900 because baby death rates were above 10% due to no hospitals and being in rural areas just about everywhere.it was actually commonly practiced up to the 1900s to not name your baby until it turned 2 because of the amount that died.that, and war and famine etc are the main reasons the average lifespan was so low.look through your family tree and tell me how many died at 45 compared to how many lived to a ripe old age, it might just suprise you

  12. I have no choice. I have searched everywhere there is NOTHING that will stop my mood swings. And yes I have tried L tyrosine which is way more expensive than my perscription. sometimes ppl just don’t have a choice.

  13. I was taking medications prescribed by pain doctors and psychiatric doctors (back pain, stress, horrible migraines & inability to sleep).
    They kept giving me stronger & stronger meds until I was home and bed bound for years.
    I had a seizure and ended up in the ER. At that point I asked to be put in a place to get off the meds. After staying in a hospital for a month, I have been clean for 2 1/2 years and credit those in the ER for saving my life !!

  14. I believe it. My high blood pressure medicine made my pulse so slow I ended up being rushed from one hospital to another at midnight and stayed in the hospital for a week till they figured out the prescription did it! A foreseeable known side effect……

  15. I know a man who lost his wife and decided to join her in the afterlife he stopped taking all of his meds. His daughter found out he hasn’t taken anything in over 6months and rushed him to see his doctor. They discovered that he was the picture of health. Normal blood pressure and everything.

  16. Maria Rocha. – This is why people should stop being dependent on any drug. Too much of anything is bad for the body. This includes foods, dietary supplements, herbal supplements, vitamins, and over the counter drugs. If people would depend on their immune system and less on drugs, junk food, supplements, etc., then they wouldn’t need prescribed drugs, or get sick, as much. Smokers will have a longer recovery grin any illness. Drugs are only good for short term healing, and should be discontinued as soon as possible. The problem with many people out there (for example) is that they have low pain tolerances – so they become “pill poppers”. “Pill poppers” constantly use meds, bcuz of their fear of pain and illness. So while they believe they are resolving one set of problems, they are generating other sets of problems.
    Also what people over look, or ignore, is that the combination of drugs with herbal supplements, certain foods, vitamins, other drugs, etc., can be fatal or at least cause harm.
    People microwaving their foods/liquids are damaging their immune system as well.

  17. The irony is that most people don’t need them at all. They push them hard onto people. How many people are on cholesterol medications? It is ridiculous. High cholesterol comes from high carb diets – specifically high fructose diets. There are many, many things like that.

    • It is a fact that too much cholesterol can be bad for you. The question is, what is too much? When my mother was about 40 she had a physical and her cholesterol level was 600. I think it is safe to say that is too high. We all chocked it up to heredity but it was all the high fructose corn syrup and other sugar crap she was eating along with the smoking, etc. Lifestyle changes are important. Statins just kill you faster.

    • I think it is safe to say a level of 600 it is too high because she has had two heart attacks and several angioplasties in the years following. After I learned what I was doing to myself with processed foods, hormone injected meats, GMO foods, etc. I taught her and she is doing much better. I got her to take some natural supplements that are supposed to help clear clogged arteries. I’m looking forward to her next stress test to see how her arteries are doing. Nature is wonderful. Big Pharma is death.

  18. You need to look at the benefits versus the risks. Not all drugs are the devil at all times. I agree that everything is overprescribed and there are some dangerous things out there that are not treated as such. But again, if you can find out the true risk and the true benefit, sometimes the benefit wins out. Clotbusters after a stroke, for instance. Inducing labor when both the mother and child may perish. There may be some all-natural remedy for these things, but if you find yourself at the hospital in a pinch – accepting treatment may be less harmful than refusing it.

    • Yes, those immediate life saving uses of drugs are quite wonderful when used appropriately. However, the greedy pharm. companies are interested in those so much. It is the stuff you can get people to take daily for years that makes them a fortune. They have a pill for everything. I spent a fortune on asthma medications to get by. I cleaned up my system – healed my gut, killed off the systemic candida in my lungs and other organs and now I can exercise and breath very hard and not a wheeze. Treat the problem, not the symptom! And traditional medicine often can’t tell you what the problem is. You have to see a functional medicine doctor!

    • From what I’ve read in my natural remedy self education (the internet is awesome), it is quite healing as long as you don’t smoke it! Smoking gives you all kinds of harmful substances. While the studies showed that people who smoked “mary jane” regularly had a slightly lower risk of cancer, they had other issues associated. The oil actually cures cancer and all kinds of other things. It is an amazing herb. You can even take the oil under your tongue without getting the “high” feeling.

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