FDA Approved Prescription Drugs Kill Hundreds of Thousands of People Annually

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By Matt Hall — Staff Writer

What if I told you hundreds of thousands of people died every single year from drugs? You wouldn’t be surprised. You’d probably think, “Well, they overdosed, or they abused them to get high, or they experimented  in a dangerous way and got what was coming to them.”

(Yep, we’ve all been conditioned pretty well to assume it’s the user’s fault when “safe” drugs go wrong.)

Well, the above statement about drug deaths is unfortunately true, and it’s been confirmed in a study published by Dr. Barbara Starfield  in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Over 100,000 people die every year from FDA-approved prescription drugs. This number isn’t from drugs that are prescribed by quacks, either. This figure sadly comes from the number of people who die every year from FDA-approved pharmaceutical drugs prescribed properly by a licensed medical professional.

Worried yet? You should be.

Even though so many Americans are dying every single year from these drugs, the FDA will do little to step in and make the changes necessary to stop Big Pharma and protect American lives. The wholesale massacre of Americans through prescriptions will continue just so some Big Pharma executive can keep his pockets lined and add another wing to his mansion. Is there anything we can do about it? Fortunately, there is.

How the Big Pharmaceuticals Stay Legally Immune

To know how we can fight gainst the influence of Big Pharmaceutical companies, it’s important to understand how they stay immune from legal recourse for peddling dangerous drugs.

Of course, the harm these pharmaceuticals is causing Americans is 100% legal. How does it stay this way? And how do they keep more honest medical treatments from being approved by the FDA?

The devil is in the details, or rather in the scheme that keeps big companies on top while preventing any other pharmaceutical companies from rising up. Here’s how they stay on top.

Clinical Trials: Perverting a Good Thing

The idea behind clinical trials is a good one: it’s that a new drug has to be tested out in controlled environments to prove they work and prove they aren’t dangerous to humans. However, thanks to the influence of Big Pharma, these trials are next to useless for people like you and me. The tests — which often involve long-term animal cruelty and human testing — are all funded by the pharmaceutical companies. If you were a researcher and your paycheck depended on making sure a new medicine passing a trial, what do you think you’d do?

Unfortunately, many researchers give into the pressure from their bosses and make clinical recommendations they shouldn’t, allowing dangerous drugs to make it to market.

(In fact, many researchers don’t actually write their own recommendation reports, simply signing reports written by pharmaceutical company ghostwriters and passing them off as the work of the researchers.)

These trials have also become incredibly expensive, keeping private individuals and small companies from being able to perform their own trials according to FDA standards. It’s a system governed by money that keeps the big people at the top and the little guys out of the picture.

So If This Monopoly is So Powerful, Is There Anything I Can Do?

The good news is we don’t have to feel powerless. It’s going to be a long time before the Big Pharma monopoly is broken, but in the meantime, there’s plenty you can do to protect yourself and your family.

First, be careful when you take any prescription drugs. Carefully research any side effects,and spend a lot of time making sure you know what’s going into your body and how it works.

Next, if possible avoid prescriptions altogether. This means turning to natural and homeopathic remedies for illnesses and ailments. It’s shocking to find out just how many problems are actually caused by the drugs that are supposed to keep a person healthy! Learn more about holistic medicine and alternative medical treatments. Learn how to naturally address illness, sickness and other problems in a natural way.

Finally, start questioning what big companies and pharmaceutical companies tell us. Don’t simply accept their shiny new medicine is the answer we’ve all been waiting for to save us from all of our problems. (Of course, if you’re reading Underground Health, you’re on the right track!) Share this article to alert more people of this danger that’s right in your own medicine cabinet.


25 Comments on FDA Approved Prescription Drugs Kill Hundreds of Thousands of People Annually

  1. I stopped taking all of my prescription meds just recently after being on them for more than 12 years. (I'm 64 yrs. old.). I haven't felt this good for a long, long time. I don't know if it's all physiological or part psychological – I don't really care. It just feels right!

  2. Matt Hall – Staff writer, write:

    "Next, if possible avoid prescriptions altogether. This means turning to natural and homeopathic remedies for illnesses and ailments. It’s shocking to find out just how many problems are actually caused by the drugs that are supposed to keep a person healthy! Learn more about holistic medicine and alternative medical treatments. Learn how to naturally address illness, sickness and other problems in a natural way."

    Dreadful, dreadful advice. While it is true that Pharmaceutical companies are untrustworthy, that doesn't mean that magic beans can cure cancer. Homeopathic medicine is basically the modern day equivalent of magic beans, only without the nutritional value of an actual bean. It doesn't work. Not only does it not work, it CANNOT POSSIBLY work. The theory behind homeopathy not only runs directly counter to the most basic principles of biology, but also of chemistry and physics as well. It is a product of seventeenth century thinking, and it shows.

    If you doubt me, simply watch this video:


    In it, noted skeptic James Randi proves that homepathic medicine isn't worth the price of a cup of tea by swallowing an entire bottle of homeopathic sleeping pills. Not only does he not overdose, he doesn't experience a single effect whatsoever, not even the sleepiness the medicine is supposed to cause. Randi has been performing this demonstration for years. You could perform it yourself if you wanted.

    Here is another video of 200 volunteers from Britain's Merseyside skeptics society conducting a synchronised, televised overdose of homeopathic "medicine".


    Suffice it to say, none of them experienced anything close to a medical effect.

    The only POSSIBLE explanation for this is that homeopathy doesn't work. It's quackery. It's a con. It's a sham. It's snake oil. If you're ill, take real medicine. That, at least, has a shot at working.

  3. Christine Johnson Hanses

    I'm working on getting rid of mine but there are only 2 to eliminate.. and working on both 1 for allergies and 1 for thyroid. so still working on it! also eliminating the products with gmo's in them so that's got to be helping! If this is correct…. then who really killed Micheal Jackson? interesting thought!

  4. Camille Johnson

    I was on 5 different prescription medications, changed my diet to a more vegan style, eliminated processed foods, sugars… & lost 40 lbs. I am now on only one medication for the control of my seizures! Living healthy! Changed my lifestyle by my orders not my doc's, who only recommended more prescription drugs!

  5. Deborah Dunkerton

    when my mother developed dementia I took over her care and one of the first things I did was take her off most of her medications, some were actually contradicting each other. then I worked out the main reason she had developed dementia (quite suddenly) was the fact she was on three statin medications.
    Don't take statins folks, they rot your brain.

  6. Geralyn Reed

    seizures can be controlled naturally by the CBD's in marijuana. if you saw the special a week ago of Dr Sanjay Gupta it featured a child that suffered from 300 to 400 seizures a month , she is taking medical cannabis and is down to 1 or 2 seizures a month.

  7. Geralyn Reed

    straight herbs are much better than homeopathic. Big Pharma spreads poison, one only needs to listen to the advertisements and all the side effects to realize that they are the ones spewing the poison and useless drugs. Most just cause more side effects that need more big pharma it is a vicious cycle and most end up taking way too many drugs. Neil you stated that most who die from prescription drugs are already very ill, (hmm you don't suppose they are very ill due to the drugs they are taking? ) and most drug deaths don't occur in hospitals, duh! the occur in the home. Medical Cannabis, goldenseal, and a few other carefully chosen medicinal herbs can cure much more than any prescription drug ever will and without all the side effects.

  8. Sherry Cook Youngs

    we've been labeled as "non-compliant" also. Out of 8 prescriptions on my shelf, I take 3. I'd rather be a little achy than have bleeding stomach

  9. Neil Murrell

    Terrie Smith – Apologies for this late reply. I forgot to check the thread. I'm sorry to hear you've had so many problems, but I'm glad to hear the neuro-stimulator seems to be working for you. I had a 2 week trial with a similar device for a different condition and it didn't work at all, so I'm well aware that what may work for one person may not for another. You certainly seem like a very prudent consumer, and, of course, everyone should aspire to take as much care with their medication as you do. And it's also true that there are a great many people who find natural therapies very helpful. For instance, my condition means I used to get a lot of water infections, but since I started drinking cranberry juice every day I've been (almost) completely free of them. Sorry if my other post came off as a bit short-tempered. I think the tone of the article got under my skin a bit (phrases like "medical massacre" didn't help) and I might have wrongly given the impression that I don't have time for ANY alternative therapies. That's not what I meant to say. I do, admittedly, have a rather dim view of homeopathy but by and large I do agree that in quite a lot of cases there is indeed a midde ground between different therapies. All the best.

  10. If a drug has 1 in 10,000 chance of killing you, it is oftentimes very reasonable to take it.

    Over millions and millions of people taking reasonable risks, hundreds of thousands will die.

  11. 33,000 people die in car accidents, and 5.5 million injured.

    The exact same article cites 80,000 nosocomial infections in hospitals.

    Nobody seriously takes implications that are analogous to what this article makes. Infections in hospitals are not caused by the legal immunity of greedy doctors. The more realistic view is that these things are difficult to prevent and the benefits by and large are worth it. And I certainly don't avoid unnecessary driving because cars kill so many people.

    It seems to me that this article is just trying to take my liberal sensibilities and exploit them to move me into a fit of moral outrage. I try to be more careful than that. There are many conditions under which hundreds of thousands of deaths are reasonable.

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