Harvard scientist urges people to stop drinking “low-fat” milk

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by Mike Barett – NaturalSociety.com

Vegans may have had it right all along; while raw, organic milk offers numerous health benefits, a Harvard researcher and pediatrician argues that conventional milk and dairy products alike are a detriment to your health – thanks to added health-compromising sweeteners.

As David Ludwig mentioned in his research, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics, there have been countless pieces of research concluding the ill effects of sugar-sweetened beverages. The over-consumption of sugar has been tied to obesity, diabetes, inflammatory-related pain, and much more. And because of sugar’s negative effects on our health, even the United States Department of Agriculture, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and other organizations are recommending against consuming calories from sugary drinks.


The one calorie-containing beverage they still heavily promote, however, is reduced-fat milk, where the organization recommends drinking 3 cups daily. This is where Ludwig questions the scientific rationale for such recommendations.

“This recommendation to drink three cups a day of milk – it’s perhaps the most prevailing advice given to the American public about diet in the last half century. As a result, Americans are consuming billions of gallons of milk a year, presumably under the assumption that their bones would crumble without them,” says David Ludwig.

As far as Ludwig is concerned, if the USDA is recommending to drink reduced-fat milk, it is also inadvertently encouraging the consumption of added sugars – a piece of advice that goes against all the research saying not to consume sugar and sugar-sweetened beverages. The idea of consuming low-fat milk or chocolate milk cancels out the whole reasoning for the recommendation in the first place since the fats are simply being replaced with dangerous sugars.

“The worst possible situation is reduced-fat chocolate milk: you take out the fat, it’s less tasty. So to get kids to drink 3 cups a day, you get this sugar-sweetened beverage,” Ludwig says. ”…we can get plenty of calcium from a whole range of foods. On a gram for gram basis, cooked kale has more calcium than milk. Sardines, nuts seeds beans, green leafy vegetables are all sources of calcium.”

The Case Against Low-Fat Dairy, and Other Dangers of Milk

Harvard researcher David Ludwig certainly has a point in analyzing and ultimately criticizing the USDA’s recommendations, but there is much more to the full-fat vs reduced-fat argument for milk and dairy products.

There are plenty of reasons to avoid certain fats such as trans-fats and refined polyunsaturated fats in vegetable oils (like corn, soy, sunflower, and canola), but the evidence for moderate consumption of saturated fat, which is found in milk, coconut oil, and grass-fed land animals, is coming to the surface.

While saturated fat was villainized for decades, a 2010 analysis published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that:

“there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of [coronary heart disease or cardiovascular disease].”

Further, there are numerous benefits to drinking full-fat dairy products. In it’s most pure state (raw, organic, and coming from grass-fed cows), full-fat dairy has been found in research to potentially promote heart health, control diabetes, aid in vitamin absorption, lower bowel cancer risk, and even aid in weight loss. But while pure dairy could promote your health, conventional dairy may prove damaging.

Before you consume more conventional dairy, please educate yourself as to what’s in your dairy. You’d be surprised that there could be 20+ painkillers, antibiotics, and much more lurking in your milk.

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  1. Thank you for writing about the dangers of dairy. I try to talk to my parent's about it, but they are in their 60s and they have been indoctrinated into the "drink milk" program. There seems to be no way to change their minds. Btw, the first sentence in your article makes it sounds like vegans drink raw milk. We don't, as I am sure you know.

  2. Lisa McCooeye

    In Canada & in the US, the government has made it illegal for people to buy milk from farm. We as consumers have no choice in th matter & drink processed milk.

  3. William Lim Jr

    I like most of the this article except the first sentence. It is loaded with non sequiturs? Why glorify veganism when the entire article is actually about how conventional milk turns out to be bad, and how organic raw milk turns out to be good?

  4. William Lim Jr

    I read it again to make sure I understood the article correctly and ugghhhhh it just infuriates me why one would taint the reputation of something good (organic raw milk) while the evidences presented is for something else (conventional milk).

  5. Wesley De Sena

    Raw milk does offer several health benefits. Industrialized milk is bad for you, but not raw milk. Fanatic vegans don't understand how because it goes against what they have been taught, but several researches on JSTOr have proved cow's raw milk is extremely beneficial to health. Of course, I'm not talking about the milk coming from cows that are mistreated and abused in today's industries.

  6. Martin Camilleri

    I find it strange how people just follow the crap that is so ripe in today's advertising industries and there is just too much of it.

  7. Vicki L. Wall

    I can buy raw cheese in the market. Raw milk in my state has to bought directly from the farmer, and you have to claim it is for your pets to drink.

  8. Joanne Anand

    As just an idea, why not try hazelnut/organic soy/oat/almond milk? Everyone in my household prefers these nutrient rich, creamy plant and nut based milks and let's face it – the milk from industrialised dairy farms are bad for us and horrible for the cows. You don't have to be a preachy vegan to know that to produce the milk, the forcibly impregnated cows have to be pregnant perpetually – only to have her babies routinely removed from her care for veal or to become another dairy cow which is devastating to her (they bellow in grief for up to five days every time) and then when she is prematurely 'spent' from all the milk she is forced to give, she ends up being scooped up by a tractor and dumped on a kill truck and slaughtered. Sure if we all had a cow in our back garden it would be ok to take her milk sometimes as long as she was very well cared for, but I still wouldn't choose to when I can buy or make my on plant/nut based milks. There is no denying that cow's milk is designed for calves and contains things that are put in there to promote rapid growth in the calf – when we drink it in large quantities it may make our bodies malfunction in some ways because it wasn't designed for us. Think about it – plant and nut milks are full of essential fats, vitamins and calcium. It is now understood that we can get all we need from plants, nuts, seeds and pulses. Don't you think it's time we gave these gentle, unassuming creatures a break and get healthier by eating what we were naturally designed to eat/drink? We stop taking breast milk from our mothers while young so why begin drinking other species' breast milk from then on? Please do your research, and think about it. Even the ice-cream you can get these days made with almond milk etc taste as good as the cow's milk products – there are alternatives and more will be coming on the market as time goes on.

  9. low fat milk is a waste product – where do you think they get cream from?
    Weve been sold this tasteless product as healthy because otherwise it would have to be dumped – rely on your taste buds, not advertising.

  10. Joseph Bowers

    Many co-ops will let you cover the cost of a calf and get the milk. There are always ways around retarded legislation.

  11. I just looked at the ingredients on my low-fat milk, which is a store brand and not organic, and the only ingredients are milk and vitamins. It also reads that it is not made from cows injected with bovine growth hormone. The title of this article is misleading. Not all low-fat milk is made with added sugars and other dangerous substances.

  12. Janice Tacconelli Napolitano

    This information is awesome except for the fact that you can't purchase Raw, organic, grassfed milk!

  13. Joanne Anand

    Joseph and Jon – yes, if it isn't organic it is processed but organic soy milk isn't bad for you. Also, some taste awful but I have found one so nice I can't get enough of it, and my son and husband love it too so it can't be too bad. If you don't like soy, try one of the many other nut and plant milks as there are many to choose from.

  14. Luis G. Figueroa

    the dangerous substances come from, the food the cows eat, any medicine or hormones the cows are given, the stress the cow is put through, and all the abnormal chemical and hormonal responses the cows caused by the above. the sugar is coming from all the lactose in the milk, and since factory milk is required to go through heat treatment to kill off and remove some of the abnormalities caused by the cows living style, the enzyme lactace, is killed of. lactase breaks down the sugar lactose, without it we cannot correctly break down lactose which is why many people are lactose intolerant. this is true for all milk produced by factory cows not just the low fat milk. I'm not a vegan or a vegan fanatic so im not taking any particular side nor do i care about what anybody drinks and puts in their body. i just wanted to inform. bovine growth hormone is only one chemical they inject cows with. there are countless other hormones and chemicals they inject and feed them with, which transfers to the milk and thats one of the reasons why milk is required to be pasturized and raw milk is technically illegal. but none of those hormones or chemicals will be shown on the ingredients for milk. the ingredients will only list whats added to the final substance. i dont want you to think im targeting you or anything, i just wanted to be informative so you could have a better understanding. if you agree or disagree with anything i said thats fine, you can drink whatever you want to drink. the article didnt really clarify about the chemicals and extra sugar so i wanted to clarify it for you a bit :D

  15. Miriam Behar

    Yes, almond milk is safe for lactose-intolerant individuals. It does not contain dairy, and therefore no lactose.

  16. Don't eat anything you can't grow yourself. Stay away from 'stuff' in plastic. Milk is for cows. Drink human breast milk if you must drink milk. Appealing, right? Cows' milk is fo calves.

  17. Leone Webster

    Nothing in the article suggests the milk not being safe, but rather highlighting that people are misguided when judging fat/sugar content of drinks in addition to their normal meals? X

  18. Carla Jane

    Soy milk is too bad for you! EVEN organic! It has as much estrogen in one glass as a birth control pill.

  19. Carla Jane

    oh yeah Maria, they are going to tell you what kind of GMO feed the cows ate on the milk carton. Lactose is a type of sugar also. Also, there are other hormones they get besides the BGH.

  20. Andreas Moraitis

    Ok so someone explain something to me. I drink Almond milk mostly. If I ever drink cows milk it's from Organic Valley. I always bought the low-fat version which actually has 1 less gram of sugar than the whole version. Is this just a better company or is there something I am missing? A little extra sugar wont do much to me if that is all it is in the long run. Just curious. I'm an active triathlete and train nearly 20 hours a week so a few grams here and there are minimal. Just curious, thanks!

  21. David Kaye

    Hmmm, humans are the only mammals that (a) drink milk after the weaning period, and (b) drink the milk of other animals. Nature intended each form of milk to be the ideal introductory food for the young of each species — until its digestive tract is fully developed. After each animal has no more need for its mother’s milk, it loses its ability to digest milk. Nature is economical. It stops producing enzymes that are no longer needed. Whether cow’s milk is a good food for humans depends on two considerations: (a) how appropriate is cow’s milk to human nutrition, and (b) how long do humans maintain their ability to digest milk? As for sugar, a little wont hurt and your body turns most intake into some form of sugar anyways.

  22. AJ Seelund

    Its the pasteurization that destroys the fat molecules in the milk. Reduced fat milk has ALL of the fat removed via processing and then 1% or 2% is mixed back in. This processed fat is the problem, ohr bodies just directly store it rather than process, since its already processed. Whole milk is healthier than reduced fat. Also, i dont believe you would run into this problem with almond or soy milk, but you never know.. Even organic reduced fat is processed in the same manner.

  23. AJ Seelund

    Its not the sugar you need to worry about, its the processing. Foods today have made out bodies lazy and that makes us fat and unhealthy. We truly are what we eat..

  24. Andreas Moraitis

    That's what I was wondering specifically. Wasnt sure if everyone was yapping about the sugar or the process. Like I said I dont drink much. Mostly Almond. Thanks appreciate that!

  25. Andreas Moraitis

    David Kaye thanks! I agree totally. Dont drink much. The idea of a post workout shake is quick and conveiniet. That's about it. If im going to buy any more milk it will be regular, grass fed and as close to raw as possible but it's really not needed :)

  26. I've tried drinking all these other kinds of milk. Unfortunately, none of them taste like regular old milk, which is why I won't drink them.

    And as mentioned above, males of all ages should avoid soy, as it reduces testosterone.

  27. Added sugar (even in white milk) is not required to be labeled and the milk industry is trying to be able to add artificial sweeteners without labeling it. My kids used to drink skim milk with chocolate and want it all day long. I switched to whole organic milk and now both are satisfied with the 8-10 ounces I allow them and are drinking more water. I don't weigh my kids but my 6 yo was getting a bit of a tummy and now it's flat – and the milk has been the biggest change in her diet.

  28. I disagree, Marc. I don't see it as being a nasty concept. And about taste being trained, I've never been able to "train" myself to like mushrooms or sausage or kumquats, no matter how many times I've tried them.

  29. AJ Seelund

    I think Its a fed crime to sell unpasteurized milk, the fed wants us sick. Dairy conglomerates enforce this.

  30. This is just another slam on the dairy industry. I'm a dairy farmer's wife and I was also raised on a dairy farm. Raw milk is all I drink! Some day there may not be any dairy farmers or other farmers around and then people will really have something to talk about. All our food will be imported and the regulations in other countries are no where near as strict as they are here. Then will see what type of things are added to our food and what type of illnesses people get!

  31. Michael Ruth

    I like milk and eating meat why must your ideas about whats healthy be force on me.Its my life if i want too die eating milk and meat so be it.Whose trying too live too hundred anyway.People so scared of death. I know people that never drank or smoke and developed cancer and other diseases .I agree people shouldn't eat meat so much and stay healthy more .But are you so sure about soy and almond milk in a few years where it could be worse then milk from a cow.

  32. Kellie Ferguson

    Raw milk is wonderful for you! But it seems like I remember reading that it was illegal?? Please correct me if I'm wrong about that, but collecting rainwater is illegal some places too…

  33. Lisa Edmonds

    Unsweetened organic nut milk – Best option make your own Nut milk – You'll go nuts : ).

  34. Lisa Edmonds

    NO, not with chocolate or any added sugars- reduced milks are worse for you because they have added sugars = free radicals = inflammation = ill health

  35. AJ Seelund

    Btw, this is basically proven in the nordic countries where dairy is prevalent, but processing is not. Those swedish swimsuit models are drinking whole milk and they dont have the problems we have. Theres also a small genetic group in norway i believe that has actually become lactose tolerant, something humans have microevolved there

  36. E Brooks Linville

    Since sugar was replaced by High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugar is not the problem! High Fructose Corn Syrup is.

  37. Brenda Williams

    Even Soy has GMO's in it! Read the ingredients! If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it! Monsanto has ruined a lot of our food supply!!
    Organic, Pesticide free, GMO free, Antibiotic free foods are better!!
    Even Hybrid plants are okay! Hybrid is just 2 plants blended together to make one! GMO plants have their DNA altered!!

  38. Joanne Anand

    Jevgenija, I buy my nut milk with no sugar added you can buy that! Also, we don't drink enough organic soy to do us any harm, my husband takes a shot of it in his coffee of a morning it's me that drinks it the most. My son drinks hazelnut, oat and almond milk and that's the great thing – we have such a choice! I didn't recommend hemp milk simply because I haven't tried it but I have tried all the rest and they're all so yummy. Oh I also forgot – macadamia nut milk is divine… these are all easy to make so don't have to be store bought.

  39. Jessie Gaska

    I think you should visit a real dairy farm because the one you described above is nothing like the MANY I have been exposed to and worked on… Never have I heard a cow "bellow in grief for up to five days every time." Nor are cows "scooped up by a tractor and dumped on a kill truck." Please read your slaughter regulations and get some real life experience. Thank you!

  40. Milk and beef from grass contain plant sterols which actually lower cholesterol so this is what makes the saturated fat healthy .This does not apply to industrial milk production where the majority of the milk comes from cows fed on grains and soya.

  41. wow making a scientific link between low fat milk recommendation and chocolate milk is far fetched. The recommendation is not chocolate milk. Anyone that thinks so is misguided by their own foolish ignorance. Making such a link is equivalent to say that the increase of ice cream on the beach in the summer is the cause of water ski accidents increase. I'm just saying this scientifically. The report should instead reflect that the recommendation should be about non fat milk with no added sugar. In any case 3 cups of milk is too much. The huge problem with milk is pasteurization and micro-filtration. The organisms that a person needs to digest milk is in the raw milk itself. People that never drank raw milk or milk product are bound to become allergic to milk products.

  42. Owen Minnis

    Lucky you, on the whole raw milk thing. There are many like myself, who would buy raw milk directly from people like you, for a fair (even premium) price, if we could but the FDA's SWAT teams keep getting in the way!

  43. Fritz Hämpel

    Hot bikini-babes with ice-cream cones on the beach in the summer would certainly distract me enough to water-ski into a pier. This link should be researched!

  44. Ginger Parker

    What were we "meant" to do? Wear clothes, live in houses, communicate on FB, use our brains, climb to the top of the food chain, manipulate things to our advantage? I'm pretty sure I wasn't "meant" to eat kale and drink soy milk that tastes like kaopectate. Not hardly….

  45. Rex Simia

    you do have to be a preachy vegan to 'know' (i think make up is more appropriate) all that because no one i know has ever heard of this, most of it sounds like bullshit, i have worked on a dairy farm and none of the cows were in perpetual pregancy, or bellowing grief, or any of the other shock statements you mention.
    I am allergic to pulses, so diary milk for me! everytime! and not i have developed horns or udders

  46. Jane Abernathy

    This tells me nothing~! What sweeteners are in Milk? how can I find out what they are? What brands have it, which don't? I need more info please.

  47. Merced Arce

    Organic Soy is GMO! Soy and corn are amongst the most genetically modified crops, over 90% of crops are genetically modified. Stick to almond milk

  48. The metabolism of peoples in some areas – mostly northern but not exclusively – have through evolution adapted to the digestion of raw cow's milk. We haven't always had the choice in our food supply that we have today, and for a long time, animal milk was a large part of diet of for example the north-west European peoples. You can simply not drink it, if you're opposed to the practice of taking baby cows away from their moms, since there's plenty of other options nowadays, but you can't really argue that it's not good for anybody just on the basis that it's not human milk. Apart from breast milk, the things we humans consume never come from other humans. That would kind of be cannibalistic.

  49. Caleb Fetter

    Kellie Ferguson in some states its illegal to sell because it isn't pasturized and you run a risk of getting ecoli. what the fda doesn't understand is that the ecoli is coming from the corn fed cows. a cows stomach is set up to eat grass, not corn. if you get raw milk from a grass fed cow there isn't much to worry about.

  50. Roberto La Vita-Ramoda

    :animal milk was once considered a healthy food due to calcium it contains, but today, In fact, several studies consider it harmful to humans and responsible for many diseases, including demineralization, softening, digestive problems, intestinal, hormonal, cysts, tumors…No counting many cases of fraud, just last days I read that in many factories of north Italy regions have found contaminated milk with harmful and carcinogens substances.

  51. I stopped drinking milk at young age after visiting a smelling milk pasteurization plant with my school; I used it with coffee until I stopped coffee too almost 30 years ago. I like cheese but one can't trust the quality of the milk; here it is full of hormones, in Italy it is old and spoiled or it turns mozzarella blue like it happened last year.

  52. Roberto La Vita-Ramoda

    :India is the world’s biggest consumer of milk, even the most rigorous vegetarians such as the jain group drink it too. Indian people considered it a drink of the gods, and the healthiest of drinks no matter if most of it today is adulterated even with detergents. However, seen what the poor cows eat there from rubbish piling up on the streets, their milk is anything else other than safe and healthy.

  53. Wesley, funny comment about fanatic vegans. I had to become a vegan because of food allergies. Milk, I am lactose intolerant and it gave me massive headaches. I have had "intelligent" doctors tell me I am going to die without meat, milk, eggs or fish. Well, it is a slow death. 11 years and counting. So I do out of necessity.

  54. Unless it comes directly from a farmer…it is just as processed as any other milk. I was paying $8/gal for what is advertised as "Organic" milk at the store, then did some research and found out that it was made and came from the same place as the regular store milk. Research the company. If it comes from the store…it's not good. PS – neither is soy!

  55. Jessica Laine Daniel

    Joseph Bowers Yep! They use tons of pesticides and herbicides on soy. Not any better for you than regular milk.

  56. David Kaye "Hmmm, humans are the only mammals that (a) drink milk after the weaning period, and (b) drink the milk of other animals"
    Have you never seen a cat drink milk from a saucer? humans are the only ones who do alot of things because we are the only ones with the ability to. I have a dog that would milk a cow every chance it had if it had opposable thumbs. :)

  57. Debbie Hansen Brown Hudd

    I don't think we were meant to drink soy 'milk' in such concentrated quantities.

  58. well yes mayby Hazelnut milk, absolutely Almond Milk, as long as there is no added ugars of any sort or absolutely no canola & THE LIKE, JUST HONEST TO GOODNESS ORGANIC STRAIGHT ALMOND MILK!!!

  59. Daniel Kopec

    Almond milk is good as long as it's not sweetened. Don't know about hazelnut but again as long as it's not sweetened it should be fine. Soy on the other hand is absolutely awful for you and it's made even worse with all the sugar they dump into it. I'm okay with not drinking something full of phytoestrogens. We all get enough of those and other estrogenic chemicals from, well, everywhere.

  60. Jennifer Witt

    If i recall correctly, the dairy industry was pushing to allow artificial sweeteners to not have to be identified on milk labels. I'm not sure if it passed, but my point is, just because your label tells you one thing, it doesn't necessarily tell you everything. Another example of labels that conceal things is sugar. Sugar used to always come from sugar cane. Now most of it comes from genetically modified sugar beets. Your label says sugar, but is it good pure cane sugar or franken-garbage….your label shortest say…

  61. Jennifer Witt

    Sorry for the typo, the last line is supposed to read, your label doesn't say.

    They make it difficult for us to get the truth about our food

  62. Jennifer Witt

    They're not trying to slam the industry with this article in my opinion. They're just making the point that processed low-fat milk isn't as good for you as they say, and that often times it is bastardized with sugary and additives which makes it unhealthy (like dipping your apples in tons of caramel). They're making the point in this article that raw milk is actually better for you. Unfortunately, we as consumers are denied the right to make that decision. I think more people would drink milk if they had access to raw milk. I love raw milk, but do not like processed milk. The closer to natural,the better for everyone.

  63. Sophia Keenesburg

    @Kelly Milk is actually not good for most people. Only the Massai and most people from UP north western Europe can drink milk without problems. Other people will need to drink LACTOSE FREE milk.
    So milk is not actually for Adults …

  64. Sophia Keenesburg

    Wesley that also DEPENDS strongly on what the COWS (or other animals) EAT who 'make' the milk. There is a big difference between Stable fed cows and cows who can run around outside (netherlands for example) and even a bigger difference in cows who are running around in the Swiss Alps (that is really good tasting milk) because of what they eat.

  65. Nicholas Brown

    I don't think it is necessary for humans to drink cow's milk. However, the calves is probably taken from the cows due to the excessive amount of milk they are trying to get from each cow.

    They can and should stop taking so much from each cow so they can leave the calves with them, and just let them live their lives.

  66. Raine Trinity

    Kelly Ann Humans STEAL cow's milk from an often times FORCE impregnated cow. Cow's milk is meant for the calves. Would you want to give birth, watch your baby being taken from you just so you can produce milk for another species? The cows don't either. I find it hilarious , that humans (not one's who physically can't) don't breastfeed their kids, but rather put them on manufactured milk, then the milk of another species. It makes no sense! No wonder there are so many allergies these days. What about the hormones the cow gets injected with? The antibiotics? What about the food the cows are fed? Sugary corn is not what they're designed to eat. They are designed to eat grasses. Why are girls hitting puberty so early these days?

  67. Carrie Zaspel

    There is a HUGE difference between RAW milk and pasteurized/homogenized milk…they shouldn't even be called the same thing! This article is about the later of the two, where manufacturers basically destroy all the good things about milk through those processes and change milk from a good thing to an unhealthy thing (and by no means is it claiming that all milk is bad)! Are people aware that people with lactose intolerance can drink RAW milk? The intolerance comes from the processing! And I'm not some crazy advocate or anything…up until about a month ago, I was buying the processed milk until my husband turned me on to research about the benefits of RAW milk for our son as well as ourselves. This information is out there, and it's accessible. Take a sip of Raw milk and then the other and you'll be shocked.

  68. Mary Anne

    I will choose raw/whole foods any day over processed foods engineered to maximize profits for private corporations. Obviously there are bacterial risks associated with anything raw, but we are only beginning to realize the health risks associated with businesses tampering with whole foods in order to make money. That is way more terrifying to me than the bacterial risks of raw foods. We keep finding out that our interventions in food production, while efficient and/or good for feeding large numbers of people at bargain-basement prices, are all too often dangerous for our health.

  69. Mary Anne

    I will choose raw/whole foods any day over processed foods engineered to maximize profits for private corporations. Obviously there are bacterial risks associated with anything raw, but we are only beginning to realize the health risks associated with businesses tampering with whole foods in order to make money. That is way more terrifying to me than the bacterial risks of raw foods. We keep finding out that our interventions in food production, while efficient and/or good for feeding large numbers of people at bargain-basement prices, are all too often dangerous for our health.

  70. Winter Storm Dragon

    Soy is a problem all on it's own. Some people are allergic to it, and it's gmo problems. Can't win with soy.

    As for the "nut" milks…well…again….allergies. So those aren't an option. Also, price. For the amount some people consume, the price makes it not an option. And they don't always taste the greatest for some of us with the more discerning taste buds. For now, I'll stick with my 2%.

    My fiance (who grew up in middle east) grew up milking the cow every day and having fresh milk. Nothing wrong with that…and they love the taste and they are all perfectly healthy. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with a family having their own supply of fresh milk from their own cow that they take care of.

  71. Mary, I feel for you and the US farmers, however European Countries and most of the Middle Eastern countries have much stricter regulations in regards to plant, animal, fish and fowel foods! We will be forced to purchase food from them yes – but only because the propaganda they feed us "raw milk is bad, low-fat milk is good;" the US government and the Monsanto corporation… By the time America wakes up, our food systems, supply and our health will be so deteriorated – we will be forced to puchase anything edible from Italy, France, etc, etc….

  72. There is a possibility of cross contamination from other outlets Ahum on the cow. And sometimes the cow might be sick. Because they don't want to identify which ones and threat them in sequestered conditions they have inspectors insisting on pasteurizing all milk. That is a very safe measure. There could also be very safe raw milk being sold if there was not a law forcing milk to be sold at a very low price. The measures to ensure safe raw milk would make milk cost more then the low price law permits.

  73. There is a possibility of cross contamination from other outlets Ahum on the cow. And sometimes the cow might be sick. Because they don't want to identify which ones and threat them in sequestered conditions they have inspectors insisting on pasteurizing all milk. That is a very safe measure. There could also be very safe raw milk being sold if there was not a law forcing milk to be sold at a very low price. The measures to ensure safe raw milk would make milk cost more then the low price law permits.

  74. Kristin Collins

    I've seen a couple children fall extremely ill from raw milk consumption….a baby born with Listeria because his mother consumed it during pregnancy and a 2yo who went into renal failure from E.Coli 0157H7. Young children are at highest risk for these infections and they're no joke. I'm an advocate of organic and natural as well but I'll pass on severe, preventable infections thank you and certainly wouldn't put my kids at risk.

  75. I'm still breastfeeding my two year old son, and if I pumped some milk to give to someone else, my body would compensate by making more milk. Same with a cow.

  76. D.m. Van Brunt

    All 3 of my children were raised on RAW MILK( no formula after they left hospital) from our own cows and guess what they are still alive and are very healthy.

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