Harvard scientist urges people to stop drinking “low-fat” milk

low fat milk

by Mike Barett – NaturalSociety.com

Vegans may have had it right all along; while raw, organic milk offers numerous health benefits, a Harvard researcher and pediatrician argues that conventional milk and dairy products alike are a detriment to your health – thanks to added health-compromising sweeteners.

As David Ludwig mentioned in his research, which was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics, there have been countless pieces of research concluding the ill effects of sugar-sweetened beverages. The over-consumption of sugar has been tied to obesity, diabetes, inflammatory-related pain, and much more. And because of sugar’s negative effects on our health, even the United States Department of Agriculture, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and other organizations are recommending against consuming calories from sugary drinks.

The one calorie-containing beverage they still heavily promote, however, is reduced-fat milk, where the organization recommends drinking 3 cups daily. This is where Ludwig questions the scientific rationale for such recommendations.

“This recommendation to drink three cups a day of milk – it’s perhaps the most prevailing advice given to the American public about diet in the last half century. As a result, Americans are consuming billions of gallons of milk a year, presumably under the assumption that their bones would crumble without them,” says David Ludwig.

As far as Ludwig is concerned, if the USDA is recommending to drink reduced-fat milk, it is also inadvertently encouraging the consumption of added sugars – a piece of advice that goes against all the research saying not to consume sugar and sugar-sweetened beverages. The idea of consuming low-fat milk or chocolate milk cancels out the whole reasoning for the recommendation in the first place since the fats are simply being replaced with dangerous sugars.

“The worst possible situation is reduced-fat chocolate milk: you take out the fat, it’s less tasty. So to get kids to drink 3 cups a day, you get this sugar-sweetened beverage,” Ludwig says. ”…we can get plenty of calcium from a whole range of foods. On a gram for gram basis, cooked kale has more calcium than milk. Sardines, nuts seeds beans, green leafy vegetables are all sources of calcium.”

The Case Against Low-Fat Dairy, and Other Dangers of Milk

Harvard researcher David Ludwig certainly has a point in analyzing and ultimately criticizing the USDA’s recommendations, but there is much more to the full-fat vs reduced-fat argument for milk and dairy products.

There are plenty of reasons to avoid certain fats such as trans-fats and refined polyunsaturated fats in vegetable oils (like corn, soy, sunflower, and canola), but the evidence for moderate consumption of saturated fat, which is found in milk, coconut oil, and grass-fed land animals, is coming to the surface.

While saturated fat was villainized for decades, a 2010 analysis published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that:

“there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of [coronary heart disease or cardiovascular disease].”

Further, there are numerous benefits to drinking full-fat dairy products. In it’s most pure state (raw, organic, and coming from grass-fed cows), full-fat dairy has been found in research to potentially promote heart health, control diabetes, aid in vitamin absorption, lower bowel cancer risk, and even aid in weight loss. But while pure dairy could promote your health, conventional dairy may prove damaging.

Before you consume more conventional dairy, please educate yourself as to what’s in your dairy. You’d be surprised that there could be 20+ painkillers, antibiotics, and much more lurking in your milk.

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  1. I was worried when our daughter would never drink reg. milk. I asked her Dr. about it. And he said, As long as she’s eating cheese, or yogurts, and stuff like that she’s better off . I didn’t question him, but that told me all I need to know.

  2. Why don’t gov’t regulations protect people from harmful substances? What is their job if it isn’t to see to that most important responsibility?Let’s turn this ship around.Consumers need to wake up.

  3. We should NOT drink milk. Our bodies do not use the protein properly. We are not meant to drink milk after infancy. We nurse and receive these proteins for our brains to develop. When we continue to drink milk. Cows milk at that. We are receiving proteins that our bodies can’t use. And it is damaging.

    • Obviously since it is run by the government they are not really interested in what is healthy for your children! They are only interested in what is best for the dairy industry!

  4. I had access to fresh milk and unpasteurized honey on the farm growing up. I have no allergies, an excellent immune system and overall good health. In contrast I look around me ………..

  5. I grew up on a farm. I’m against cruelty to animals of any kind, but these animal rights activists must all be city folk. If they ran the country we’d all have starved to death by now!! God put animals on the earth to help us in all ways, to feed us, to entertain us and be companions. Not the other way around.

  6. I do not think the USDA or the FDA or the EPA operate to the benefit of human beings. I made my first raw organic almond milk. It is time consuming but I will continue to make it. I will not buy it, unless absolutely necessary. Commercial almond milk has additives!

  7. I don’t drink milk at all full of crap and creates an acidic ph balance in my body which in turn leeches calcium from bones to restore balance. Yes I am claiming milk can be a contributing factor to osteoporosis.

  8. How does this make vegans right? The body needs healthy fats, vegans stay completely away from animal products, if anything some vegans eat more processed, fake foods which of course is the wrong direction to go with your diet. They also eat more carbs and grains which is also not the best way to eat for health.

    • For humans to have cows milk on their tables, they first torture and kill their calfs or “simply” separate them from their mothers at birth and cage them for a life time of pain and suffering. All in orden to fullfil the needs of “humans”.

  9. Cows, sheep & goats have the capability of grazing land people can’t grow crops on and turn grass & scrub into food people can get nourishment from. We drank raw milk in Switzerland and lucky there is still a dairy producing it here in California – even though Whole Foods refuses to carry it, no problem, I can shop at Follow Your Heart.

  10. Isn’t that what they serve in our schools, reduced fat and chocolate milk? We use homeade almond and coconut milk, or raw milk, but none of us actually drink it on a daily basis mostly we just add it to recipes or smoothies for creaminess. Any thoughts on yogurts?

  11. Thanks Lani. So many variables to watch out for when choosing a healthy whole food…I left out, when opting for raw milk or lower temp pasteurized cream-top milk, one would want to inquire as to whether the cows providing the milk are almost entirely grass-fed (pastuered) and that any grain fed to them should be Organic/non-GMO, corn-free and soy-free. Can’t find out what the cows are fed that produced the dairy or meat products u buy in the grocery store? This is just one reason to buy direct from a small farmer.

  12. None of the “pasteurized” and “homogenized” milk options are beneficial for us and they actually do more harm than good, to our gut health. Silk, soy, almond…all highly processed. Not sure why these are at all considered “healthy” unless u r making your own Almond milk. Guess it’s by people who try to be “healthy” on the “Standard American Diet”. Those following a whole food diet opt for raw. Raw (whole) milk is a whole food. If one can tolerate it, it has many nutritional benefits, first and foremost animal fats. (Yes, animal fats…we are hearing more and more about how it’s a mistake to take this out of our diets.) In no way is Organic milk of any kind the same food or as nearly as good for u as raw milk (from a clean source and trusted farmer) Pasteurization and homogenization kill off not only the enzymes allowing one to digest milk in the first place but all the beneficial bacteria, vitamins (A, D, K), probiotics, etc. if no access to raw, buy from a local dairy which pasteurizes at a lower temp and does not homogenize it (“cream-top” milk).

  13. Raw milk is wonderful! I recently started drinking it and was surprised at how delicious it tastes. If you do start drinking raw milk do your research and introduce it into your diet slowly. It contains lots of beneficial enzymes and bacteria.

  14. Cow’s milk is toxic. They want to add aspartame to it. How bizarre is that! And they don’t want to label it. Grrrrrrrr! So many people are unaware of what is happening. I drink almond, coconut, and hazelnut milk. It’s very nutritious. Hemp milk is at the top for it’s quality and nutrition. Just wish they would lower the price some. 😉

  15. we always have drank it and always will in a few years they will come back and say t is sooooo good for you if we didnt eat or drink all of the things they tell us not to eat we would all starve…we areall fine quit whning ABOUT STUPID THINGS AND FEED THE HOMMELESS AND STARVING PEOPLE DAMN !!!!!!

  16. omg for 20 yrs. I PROMISE i have told EVERYONE to NOT Give this to their children or drink it at all!! and they all said i was nuts and then WIC decided it was the ONLY milk they would provide for help to children!!!! THEN i KNEW FOR SURE I WAS CORRECT when this government endorses most things thins they are really FN bad!!!

  17. i say everyone should stop drinking cow milk in general, its unnatural for adult mammals to drink milk. Also its a substance cows produce to turn their babies into 2 ton adults in a matter of months

  18. If you drink whole milk that is raw it is rather sweet naturally. I’m all for doing away with overprocessed milk but not everyone is. I like mine raw … pour off the cream for my coffee/cooking and what is left is pure delight. And prefer Jersey milk.

  19. We need SATURATED fat in our diets. Trans fat is bad! Not all fats are bad. So many Americans have an EFA (essential fatty acid) deficiency because they believe all fats are bad. I buy the highest saturated fat foods possible, like avacados, coconut anything, macadamium nuts, Brazil nuts, olive oil and natural raw butter on everything. Not easy to find high saturated fats and that is why all the non fat dieters will have issues later. Do your studies on nutrition, don’t wait for the gov’t to approve it. By then we will all be sick or dead.

  20. “there is no significant evidence for concluding that dietary saturated fat is associated with an increased risk of [coronary heart disease or cardiovascular disease].”

    this is ridiculous! there is more evidence then we need to actually know about. the fat clogs ones arteries which causes heart disease. what a atetic article that spreads health amaging lies.

  21. I just bought a 1/2 gallon of 1% milk yesterday. Interestingly enough – there is no ingredients list on it saying sugars have been added. Only that it comes from hormone free cows. WTH!!! No more conventional milk for me!! 🙁

    • Yes, because there were some places selling it that were not trustworthy ~ without clean, sterile equipment and such. We have a farm near us that is immaculate and has never had any issues from selling raw milk. We only get it from them.

    • Yes, I have heard that people can have there children taken away for this in California. Stating that they feel it is dangerous to feed raw milk to children because of the possibility of tuberculosis or other diseases. I know someone that was told this that had a milk cow. I don’t happen to agree. When my children were young I did give them goats milk but did pasteurize it before.

    • The raw milk we drink (and we don’t have it all that often) is wonderful. It tastes GREAT and I never worry about any kind of contamination. I really think it all depends on where you get it from. You have to trust the place you are dealing with.

    • Any form of pasteurised milk is useless… most of if not all the vitamins and minerals are removed in the process. Unless your drinking organic raw milk your wasting your time…. the milk in the shops is poison and should be avoided. This has all been intentional on the governments part as they are implementing UN Agenda 21 and the food part of that is Codex Alimentrius. If you are really concerned for your own health and that of your children.. you need to make yourself aware of what the Codex is doing to your food.

  22. With all the information out there regarding the good, the bad and not necessarily the ugly, I have tried to cut out a lot of the bad. Not always successful as evidenced by the recipes I post. One step at a time. I have read extensively about the chemicals in our food. I also organic garden and trade out fresh eggs, rabbit meat and garden produce with my neighbor. Now if I could just let go of that Coke Zero, have cut back, ya gotta have some vices. My neighbor and I are toying with the idea of buying a milk goat. I have not quite convinced myself about milking a goat. The milk actually tastes good, both my children were raised on it because of allergies.

  23. after being off low fat milk for over a year, exchanged it for almond milk; well last couple of days i cudn’t get hold of any almond and tried regular low fat milk…been suffering ever since, bloated, low evergy…hate it…it’s poison

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  25. Not to mention, metabolic acidosis, which robs calcium. So no matter how much calcium it has, it robs it right back which is why people who drink milk still have bone & joint disorders in their life probably worse than non-milk drinkers.

  26. Sweeteners, what about all the other toxins and what is in the plastic that the milk is stored in. Before the product is even bottled, what are the cows consuming GMO laced food? Really, it’s more than sweeteners to be concerned about. 🙁

  27. To all the “Non Milkers” out there, Raw milk IS good for you. When its pasteurised all the natural fatty goodness is destroyed, in Raw Milk it is still intact, therefore beneficial to you.

  28. non-organic/raw milk is detrimental to your health for a LOT of reasons, the LEAST of which is the sweeteners added. The biggest reason is that it’s FULL of infection (pus) from the infected udders of the cows who are fed TONS of hormones to make them over-produce milk, which also causes their udders to become inflamed and infected. Then to combat that infection in the milk, TONS of antibiotics are dumped into it, which is the leading cause of antibiotic resistance. DON’T DRINK (most) MILK!

    • Cow milk is for fattening baby cows! However, we have occasionally drank raw milk. But I would never just go to the store and buy any ol’ raw milk. In our area, we have a lot of farms and can get the raw milk right from the farmer. So we know the cows, the farmer and that it’s not coming from some factory pus laden cow. Personally tho, we do goat milk that we get from some friends.

  29. We stopped ingesting ALL meat and dairy products 4 months ago
    and boy we can sure feel a big difference!
    Milk is just liquid flesh
    Cows milk is not meant for human consumption, it is meant for a calf so that calf can gain 1000 lbs in it’s first year of life….
    Think about that for a moment….

  30. stop with this bullshit propaganda. it says stop drinking low fat chocolate milk..i mean duuuuh. chocolate milk shouldnt be a staple for breakfast duuuuuh. i wish this website wouldn’t produce so much opinionated propaganda. JUST TELL IT LIKE IT IS.

  31. Was pretty much raised on milk from a dairy farm. Have good teeth, bones, heart, and everything else. Still drink 2-3 gallons a week, and not the reduced fat kind. Also not from chemically induced cows. I believe this, along with other eating habits, have made it so my health, and immune system are strong and not prone to todays “health issues”. Simple solution, don’t eat or buy the crap. Take the time to prepare and cook your own food instead of getting it out of the box. Let’s face it, with todays schedules we all eat some kind of manufactured/processed food. But try to do your best to cut back. Look in your frig/freezer……. Are there more pre packaged foods(meaning that you throw it in the oven or microwave and it’s ready.) than food you actually have to thaw/ prepare, and cook?

  32. Whole, raw milk is the healthiest for you. Research and history bear this out. Don’t buy into the big-Ag lie. Fight for your right to eat what you want!!! Food freedom is part of overall freedom! Get out of our business you Big Brother Bullies!!!

  33. All the fake foods such as the I can’t believe it’s not butter, margarine, is not food!! Hell anything. That’s all processed, chemical laden garbage. This absolutely does not work. Drink Almond milk, maybe soy but soy is hugely screwed up by GMO’s= Monsanto, so once again you must watch. This fat free, or 2% forget it.. it’s got antibiotics, growth hormones all in milk in general. Any dairy products you have to wonder. I drink organic rice milk. It tastes exactly like milk, it’s pretty good and almond no sugar.

  34. Haven’t read the article but lemme tell you what I do know. The more milk you drink it causes metabolic acidosis which actually robs more calcium even though you get some calcium. If you can find a non-GMO soy or almond milk, you’re taste buds will light up. So much tastier and better for you. Stop the animal abuse, stop the nonsense with these corporate liars that just want you to buy their stuff regardless of how detrimental it is to your health.

  35. I have never drank low-fat milk….and I drink a gallon to 2 gallons of whole milk a week….it is just too bad that I cannot find a local family owned dairy to purchase from.

  36. I have never bought low fat or diet anything, my kids would try for a diet soda every once in while, and I always tell them if your going to enjoy a soda today, then have a regular one that won’t kill you. You can have anything, in moderation, just never over do it.

  37. what choice do we have? all we seem to have these days is the illusion of good clean food and water we are their enemy how do I know cause of what they show, they hate us and I hate them back

  38. How is it that these very highly educated people are just learning what I and millions already knew without university degrees. I think the next study should be how higher eduacation affects common sense and in your face proof of the obvious. It appears to have a negative affect. Brilliant minds running the country cant figure out the bankers need to be jailed, doctors should get paid by results only and not be forced to only provide a drug for every situation. Politicians only get paid on promises kept like any other contract. On and on. At least by supporting CACL for those wanting to stay inside the society of Corporation of Canada’s jurisdiction CACL wants to fix things i just mentioned and much more. Or at minimum spoil your ballot. Thats a great way to get your voice heard if enough people have the balls to do it

  39. If you look at it logically, a cow produces milk for her calf. Her milk is the same as a human mothers in purpose. It is to give nutrients to the calf to help it fight off cow type bacteria and to help it grow into a big fat adult cow or bull. We are not cows or bulls so we get the fat for what? On top off that, what about the growth hormones that the milk industries pump into the cows? We get those growth hormones passed to us when we drink it in the milk. Milk is not healthy in any way to us. But what taste good to is not good for us gets forgotten.

    • And as for the calcium, no we do not need that either. There are plenty of plants, nuts, and seeds that we can also get calcium from. I had so much calcium in my system that I almost died from it blocking my bile tube. Too much calcium can form stones all through our bodies.

    • Well, mainkind has been drinking raw milk from a variety of animals for many thousands of years; where do you think milk kefir came from – it is not a recent invention!? Raw milk products are nutritious – it has enzymes and gut friendly bacteria; goat milk is the best.

    • Don’t you ever wonder who was the first to stick his mouth on a cows boob and start sucking it? LOL I know I wonder. But then again that is the part of an intellectual mind. we never stop asking questions. Enjoy your cows titty, and which other animals you choose to suck on. Hahahahaha

  40. Stella : No it’s not sweetened – the article title is poorly worded and misleading. The MD was referring to low fat chocolate milk which some parents apparently resort to in order to get their children to drink bland, watered down low-fat milk. The whole article is sort of non news anyway, since pediatricians have warned parents for at least 25 years that young children need more saturated fats than adults.

    • It is raw milk if u buy from the fridge shelf..Not the box where people can buy power milk? That milk box contain chemical which the milk can be fresh for bit longer. But in US, they always use chemical for anything including vegetables and fruits which helps to keep these fresh for bit longer. That is why there is a plm about milk cos it is not raw itself. So if u want to buy milk, buy from the fridge shelf..

  41. All the animals drink milk adult. I saw adult bulls drinking milk of cows… When animals adult don’t drink milk, it’s artificial. It’s because humans stop them for sale milk.
    I drink raw milk all the days, I had an aunt who drank raw milk during 90 years and she never saw a doctor of her whole life.
    The milk itself is safe, only the excedent of medicaments present in can be nocive.

  42. stop drinking milk period or at least as little as possible .. none of it is healthy for you .. there are better ways of getting vitamin d and calcium…we are the only animals that drink another animals milk .. AND THAT IS DISGUSTING….there added health claim is just another spin

  43. OMG!!! Have been getting the 2% milk for years (& we are both diabetic). Have also drank many Diet-Pepsi, now we are told by some that they are worse than regular Pepsi!!! Don’t know what to believe anymore!!! Lol

    • the Aspertame and other fake sugar they use to sweeten soft drinks or anything anymore, is poison and has been proven to cause neurological problems and so many other health problems, you might as well just stick to the sugary drinks, or instead give them up and drink nature’s gift–water! or juice.

    • I have just always felt like water is nasty, even though all our drinking water is filtered. Pepsi puts it through an incredible cleansing process. My husband used to work for Pepsi. Also, everything, dead animals, pesticides, medications, etc. go into the water system. I know they put a lot of chemicals in the water to clean it, but are all those chemicals good for us? And with all the terrorist living here now, couldn’t one/more have a job at the water dept. & poison us all. Sounds so crazy but we didn

    • you better believe they are working for Pepsi. lol…. the other chemicals and additives and preservatives they put in soft drink products are poison as well. its best to go natural anyway…i drink purified water… thru a filter. and the terrorists are here now they have always been here.

  44. The worst thing is that the USDA requires the National School Lunch Program to include a reduced fat milk with all Federally Reimbursed Public School Lunches. How can our nation’s food watchers and or this research be so far off the mark?

  45. Goodbye to milk choices in public schools (or any other food choice, for that matter)…the only thing offered to them is fat free milk and fat free chocolate milk…disgusting if you ask me! Government does not know best…and obviously could care less…parents of public school children, in my opinion, should be outraged and demand whole foods and organics for their children…simply disgusting…and frightening…SMH, in disgust, Michelle Obama…

  46. @Shea, whole milk didnt cause the gallstones. Why are you having gallbladder surgery. Totally unnecessary. All you need is a liver/gallbladder flush, will get rid of the gallstones and liver stones. Google gallstone flush.

  47. I am use to drinking Whole milk but I got diagnosed with gal stones and can’t eat any fat till my surgery. So until then I have been using fat free organic milk with my cereal. R u saying I shouldn’t use it all together?

    • Shea, whole milk didn’t cause the gallstones. Why are you having gallbladder surgery? Totally unnecessary. All you need is a liver/gallbladder flush, will get rid of the gallstones and liver stones. Google gallstone flush.

  48. I’m going to drink the cows milk and then I’m going to eat a cow. We didn’t evolve as human beings by being vegans. We ate animals and were hunters. But yes eat your fruits and veggies. # fresh is best

    • most humans bodies cannot process Cow’s milk. most people are intolerant. i wonder why? our bodies are not meant to consume things from other species. like would you feed human milk to a cow, a dog or cat? no you wouldnt. that would be absurd. LMAO

    • and it has no more benefits than actual food products that are meant for humans… we get Vit D from the Sun. go outside and enjoy nature.. you can get calcium from fruits and veggies.. enjoy those instead of stealing baby cow’s milk.

    • also this has been manipulated by machines. its not natural, its not even milk anymore.. this process is a barbaric way to market something theyve got humans hooked on…why are you torturing your bodies? if you insist on consuming something that came from a different species at least do it naturally.. stick to raw milk.

  49. I don’t care! Milk is sooo amazing and I enjoy the lil bit of protein in it my body needs. You can’t sacrifice everything and let it all scare you or you might as well be anorexic. Read how much high fructose corn syrup is in every sauce and all of your kids meals. Be scared of that #join a gym

    • When people began ” Lo FAT” strange things began to peoples health. Artificial sweetners and all the crap in our daily intake began to make the kids sick and more and more illnesses like cancer , ADHD , and a whole lot more wrongs were coming up. No Joanne we do not need to ” quit” drinking milk You need to be more properly educated on health. Just saying.

  50. Exactly! Let alone raw milk. While raw milk is healthy in theory, the risk of illness associated with its use is just too risky. I wouldn’t ever chance it. I’ll risk the increase in estrogen from the little bit of organic soy I use in my coffee each morning, but that’s it for milk for this gal.

  51. Too bad Harvard doesn’t have TV commercials because their “urges” go unnoticed by the majority of the population. All of these scientific studies in fact go unnoticed. How are people supposed to know all of this stuff other than word of mouth (and having most look at you like you’re nuts). Just sayin’

  52. Read the labels on any kind of milk you buy. Check for additives, sugars, etc. The USDA simply must be aware of the additives– it seems no government agency thinks all contents in any kind of milk needs to be listed clearly so we are aware of it.

  53. Raw milk, two people died from raw milk last year from bacteria caused by fecal residues, the CDC expects the numbers to increase with increased consumption. Enjoy….. Zero deaths from 1%,2%, whole, pasteurized. We will miss you.

  54. Why is this research and information not shared with the USDA? The National School Lunch Program supported by the Federal Government’s USDA requires all school children to consume “Low Fat’ milk. Whole Milk is not permissible.

  55. The author linked the subject of his article ‘don’t drink low fat milk because it’s dangerous to health’ to the fact that some people put chocolate in it for kids. How does that make all low fat dairy dangerous?

  56. I’ve been doing alot of reading and raw milk has many health benefits….As a child I was brain washed in school about our wonderful process…..and now the milk’s much worse! In the 70’s when I went to Europe, they were all drinking raw milk! Haven’t been there since, so can’t say about now.

  57. Um they are correct in the opening. If you follow the punctuation, it says “vegans might have been right all along – although raw organic milk offers many health benefits – a Harvard researcher says regular milk is dangerous. “

  58. My grandfather majored in animal husbandry at the University of Wisconsin when they were conducting trials to see if pasteurized milk had the same nutritional value as raw milk. All the baby cows they fed only pasteurized milk to died of malnourishment within a few weeks.

  59. It’s not only vegans who have known this for years and years. Quit messing with mother nature!!! And for me, personally, cow’s milk is for cows, not humans. Federal government has no business imposing dietary requirements on citizens.

  60. Does underground health realise that included in this post is an ad from mainland dairy (guilty of all the critcisms in the article, and artificial sweetener, also extremely bad for your health. It seems your sponsers are the companies you are criticising? You need to get all this crap advertising off your page.

  61. AS BUTCH CASSIDY SAYS TO SUNDANCE ……..at the CLIFFS edge and SUNDANCE begs him to go on he will hold em off for as long as he can………AND BUTCH says …..well what the hell has gotten in to you (as the POSSE closes in)………and SUNDANCE says “I can’t SWIM”……..to which Butch says “HELL THE FALL IS ENOUGH TO KILL YA”

  62. this just really upsets me. I have been suspecting it for awhile but, gheez!, you get your kids to drink milk every day, assuming that it is…milk! That is so wrong, words fail me! Do we all need to get a cow again?

  63. I say stop drinking milk full stop. I was plagued with health problems – migraines, chronic colds, lung infections, so congested I could barely breath… – until I took milk out of my diet. that was more than 20 years ago and I’ll never go back. I may sneak in a small amount of cheese now and again but I will never ever buy milk again. it’s too easy to do without. I can substitute with hemp or almond milk, no point getting the chemical-rich stuff the food industry passes off as healthy.

  64. Aren’t humans the only mammal that drink milk from another mammal once we’re weaned? Does no one find the fact that we drink cow or goat or whatever mammal’s milk weird?

  65. I own a daycare and I am on the federal food program. We are only allowed to serve 1% milk. Their reason, “child obesity” I also grew up on a ranch and we milked our own cows…In my 50 some years I’ve never met a kid that become obese on whole milk! Food program should mandate we all use organic whole milk for these little ones!

  66. I have something to say on this, at one year old I switched my son to organic milk and had No problem. We had to switch to conventional milk for financial reasons and almost immediately he began having allergy induced anafalaxis and asthma, it was terrible, we couldn’t go out side, period. Where the week before he was able to pick dandelion and play with it for an hour with out a single symptom he now had a full blown asthma attack, and then began to swell. After a month of hospital visits, doctor visits, nebulized medication, ect. It occurred to me that I had made a change. Not the change to milk, the change to non organic milk which is why I never thoughtvtwice about it, I immediately switched him to soy milk and he miraculously stopped having the attacks immediately, he did wheeze for about two or three days but then not a single symptom. Nothing, and he plays outside l oil e he used to, picks his flowers, eats his tuna and peanut butter. So from experience, it’s bad. If I hadn’t already done the research I had on the growth hormones I’d have never figured it out and my son would be tortured by acute asthma and allergic reactions for his entire childhood. It’s worth considering.

  67. Raw unpasturised and in moderation has great medicinal values, and has already got kids with auto immune out of a hospital bed when doctors didnt know what to do, ever heard of a supplement Colostrum!!?? I rest my case!

  68. Humans weren’t built to consume cows milk. While raw organic milk is far healthier, it’s still not something we’re meant to eat. A lot of people are lactose intolerant and don’t even know it because their symptoms are mild and they’re used to them. The thought of drinking cows milk now that I haven’t in years really grosses me out! I did a whole project on it years ago, among other things it’s too high in protein and can’t be relied on for calcium intake as a result. The dairy industry can be very misleading with its marketing.

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  70. Any reduced fat milk increase the protein. Cow milk protein is acidic and reduced fat milk is unbalanced. This creates a worse (than usual from drinking whole milk) situation of leaching calcium from human’s bones to neutralize the acidic environment. It actually contributes to osteoporosis.

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