Health Benefits Of Drinking Warm Lemon Water

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Lemons are vitamin C rich citrus fruits that enhance your beauty, by rejuvenating skin from within bringing a glow to your face. One of the major health benefits of drinking lemon water is that it paves way for losing weight faster, thus acting as a great weight loss remedy. Lemon water flushes out body toxins and is extremely beneficial for the body. Warm lemon water serves as the perfect ‘good morning drink’, as it aids the digestive system and makes the process of eliminating the waste products from the body easier. It prevents the problem of constipation and diarrhea, by ensuring smooth bowel functions.

Lemon, a fruit popular for its therapeutic properties, helps maintain your immune system and thus, protects you from the clutches of most types of infections. It also plays the role of a blood purifier. Lemon is a fabulous antiseptic and limewater juice also works wonders for people having heart problems, owing to its high potassium content. So, make it a part of your daily routine to drink a glass of warm lemon water in the morning and enjoy its health benefits. Read on for more interesting information on the benefits lemon water.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water

  • Lemon is an excellent and rich source of vitamin C, an essential nutrient that protects the body against immune system deficiencies.
  • Lemons contain pectin fiber which is very beneficial for colon health and also serves as a powerful antibacterial.
  • It balances maintain the pH levels in the body.
  • Having warm lemon juice early in the morning helps flush out toxins.
  • It has a synergizing effect on the body as it helps soothe the digestive system.
  • It aids digestion and encourages the production of bile.
  • It conditions and clenches the liver.
  • It is also a great source citric acid, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.
  • It helps prevent the growth and multiplication of pathogenic bacteria that cause infections and diseases.
  • It helps reducing pain and inflammation in joints and knees as it dissolves uric acid.
  • It helps cure the common cold.
  • The potassium content in lemon helps nourish brain and nerve cells.
  • It liquefies the bile and also helps regulate the excess flow of bile.
  • It strengthens the liver by providing energy to the liver enzymes when they are too dilute.
  • It helps balance the calcium and oxygen levels in the liver.
  • It can help relieve the problem of indigestion and excess gas.
  • In case of a heart burn, taking a glass of concentrated lemon juice can give relief.
  • In case of pregnant and lactating women, lemon juice will help build strong bones in a child, due to its calcium content.
  • It helps dissolve gall bladder stones and other calcium build ups that are dangerous to the body.
  • It is of immense benefit to the skin and it prevents the formation of wrinkles and acne.
  • It helps maintain the health of the eyes and helps fight against eye problems.
  • It aids in the reduction of phlegm (mucus) produced by the body.
  • It has an alkalizing effect on the body.
  • It helps control the speeding of unhealthy bacteria in the gut.
  • Aids in the production of digestive juices.
  • It helps purify the blood.
  • Lemon juice helps replenish body salts especially after a strenuous workout session.
  • It can treat a sore throat. Gargle with warm lemon water to help ease a sore throat.

Nutrition Value Of Lemons

A glass of lemon juice contains less than 25 calories. It is a rich source of nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamin C and pectin fiber. It also has medicinal values and antibacterial properties. It also contains traces of iron and vitamin A. Since it contains an elevated percentage of carbohydrates and sugars, avoid adding sugar to lemon juice.

Packed with all the goodness, make it a point to begin your day with a glass of warm lemon juice. Its cleansing and medical effects will have positive effects on your health in the long run. However it is very important to note that lemon juice when comes directly in contact with the teeth, can ruin the enamel on the teeth. Hence, it is advised to consume it diluted and also rinse your mouth thoroughly after drinking lemon juice.

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  1. I did this for years since 70s. My son reminded me, now grown, "mom why don't you go back to your warm lemon water?" I had forgotten. Nor do I even know why I began that morning ritual. I have probs with my esophagus and I was concerned I would feel burning. None. As a matter of fact my stomach felt better than it had for a while.

  2. The body will be able to use it faster if it's room temperature/warm. Your body uses more energy when you drink it cold to try and get it to the heat of your body. Not a big deal really, just takes a bit longer for the effects of the lemon water to kick in.

  3. Tye Block

    I use a whole lemon that I hand juice. Been a daily regimen for me for a few years now.Using a manual juicer allows you to also incorporate e the beneficial pulp.Use de-ionized water.

  4. Maria Lety Licata

    I have been doing the lemon thing for four weeks and it is miraculous
    it has helped various health issues I have had!! I'm hooked. It works!

  5. Kris Kemp

    I have a one quart sized glass and fill it up with squeezed lemons and lukewarm tap water, and I drink it in the morning and throughout the day. Also, I eat a teaspoon of coconut oil (extra virgin, unrefined) a day. I get compliments on how young I look, especially when people ask my age and I tell them I'm 44, they don't believe me, they say I look 30 or early 30's. Drinking lukewarm lemon water and eat coconut oil. Also, drink more water, a quart or two a day. You'll stay slim, have more energy, and get clear skin. It works. :)

  6. Haven't seen anyone say it, so I will – drink it until you get a very bitter aftertaste, which means your liver had enough lemon juice for a little while, cut it down a notch and see how your body reacts… as per my amazing Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor!

  7. Danette Mason

    Yea I just started and I like to use fresh lemons over concentrated lemon I used the left over lemon as natural fragrance for my home…smells wonderful!!

  8. Danette Mason

    Yea I try not to do it every day but every other day, and like with anything I do, I listen to my body for signals on when to stop or slow down. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Danette Mason

    Yes I use my lemon rinds to fragrance my home and now that u mention it as being a mood enhancer, I do feel good when smelling it. Thanks for the tip!

  10. Quentin Bunch

    Kat Ermant are you sure? I read that people with kidney problems should NOT drink large amounts of cranberry juice because of the high salt content, which could actually crystallize and ADD to kidney stones, etc.

  11. Jo Diniz

    Kat Ermant, the purpose of lemons in the diet for Kidney stones isn't for "flushing". Lemons will actually prevent the stone from forming and/or dissolve/soften the stones that are there.

  12. Don't throw those skins away. I dry them in my dehydrator and put them in a coffee grinder and make a powder. This is pure vitamin C, it is great in hot and cold teas, skin lotions, salt scrubs, shampoos and household cleaners. I also love using it with cinnamon in the litter boxes keeps fleas and bugs out of the litter boxes. My cats seem to like it too.


  13. Sally Baucus Boydstun

    Kylie Sizemore Most things can be dried in a low oven, but VitC is sensitive to heat. It starts degrading at 70C or 158F. If your oven goes that low (like a bread proofing drawer) you can grate the yellow off the lemon or lime and dry it there on a cookie sheet there. Start with organic lemons only (you don't want to be concentrating and swallowing pesticides!) You can also put in a warm, dry place for a few days to a week. Make sure it's a dry place or the rind will mildew… Good luck!

  14. Sally Baucus Boydstun

    Vitamin C degrades at 70C or 158F… but you will still get the calcium and some of the other benefits

  15. Coconut oil contains the most saturated fats out of all the 'oils' It is the only 'saturated fat' that is not solid at room temperature. I would watch your coconut oil intake, and your waistline.

  16. Vera Flame

    I'm sure you approve your posts so this won't show up on the page. Great article! One typo made one of the points confusing…"It balances maintain…" maybe you meant " It balances and maintains?" You can still edit it so when new people come look it will be corrected. Thanks for posting! :)

  17. Gloria Helen Hardeen Kanhai

    I would squeeze the lemon juice and drink first thing in the morning and lots of water during the day (1.5L of water)

  18. Marcus DeBusk Coconut oil has a saturated fat called lauric acid, a type of MCT. It has been shown that lauric acid increases the good HDL cholesterol in the blood to help improve cholesterol ratio levels. Coconut oil lowers cholesterol by promoting its conversion to pregnenolone, a molecule that is a precursor to many of the hormones our bodies need. Coconut can help restore normal thyroid function. When the thyroid does not function optimally, it can contribute to higher levels of bad cholesterol. You're right, it is something of a miracle oil.

  19. Kayle Rice

    One teaspoon of coconut oil a day is not going to hurt. I brought my cholesterol down with coconut oil.

  20. Kayle Rice

    Drinking lemon water first this in the morning upsets my sensitive stomach. Can I drink it other times of the day, say afternoon before supper?

  21. Kayle Rice Yeah, I mean the only reason it says to drink it early in the morning is to flush out toxins and energize your body for the day, but it would still be beneficial in the afternoon. It's just optimal to drink it in the morning

  22. Karen Tressler

    Jenny Sue Fat doesn't make you fat. Read "The Protein Power Lifeplan" for a great explaination of how each type of food is broken down and utilized by the body. Fat takes more effort and energy than protein or carbs to process. It's the least likely thing to add to a person's waistline. Coconut oil is a heart healthy saturated fat which means we need it. The brain is 60+% fat. The reason we have such a health epidemic in this country is the whole low fat high carb craze that really taught several generations bad eating habits. Carbs are not our friend. Veggies, meats, seeds, nuts, healthy fats, eggs, limit fruits…… real foods that you prepare from scratch. Kris Kemp is on the right track. He is eating healthy fats, and the lemon is helping expedite detoxing which slows the aging process.

  23. Marcia Hawkins

    You need magnesium and B12, also check your toothpaste, me too, switched paste and added magnesium and B12, haven't had one since.

  24. Hey I was pass through your comments. And i was been operated two weeks ago with gallbladder stones.should I drink lemon juice and warm water to help me?

  25. Bianca Krall

    Been drinking this for a year now and just had my dentist check up, she was not happy (well neither am I). I have 3 cavities and had my first root canal treatment this week… she asked me what I drink (brushing is fine, no sweets) and I told her a glass of lemon water a day as well as water during the rest, and she almost freaked out. The acid breaks down teeth enamel – everything in moderation!

  26. Bianca Krall

    Yep, my dentist just freaked out on me, I just posted about my lovely check up results after drinking lemon water for a year :(

  27. Earl Young

    What is the recipe? There are lots of claims in the article which are unsupported and/or not cited – such as pH balance. Wouldn't too much lemon water move that in another direction? What's enough? Was this article paid for by lemon growers? "Helps cure the common cold?" – really? Do you have ANY evidence that's true – or is it just another vitamin C scam? Where can I find something an adult has written that supports the assertions in this article?

  28. Kim Powers

    I think this is a good idea, but the dental issue concerns me. I wonder if brushing the teeth right after drinking this would help prevent the acidic erosion to the teeth?

  29. Romayne O'Hara

    Thanks, that's exactly what I was worried about as I have problems with my teeth without making it worse. I'll knock it on the head unless …. drinking the lemon water with a straw? Wonder if that would help bypass the teeth?

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  32. i was drinking this for 3 days, started to smell burning dust like when you start up your furnace in the winter. From a person who lost her smell 14 yrs ago… not sure what that means? I quit the drink or 2 days and the smell stopped… Why?

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