How GMO foods alter Human DNA

gmo foods dna

The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, explains how studies in cell research have demonstrated the mechanism by which micro RNA from genetically engineered foods may alter organ function in humans.

What do you get when your cell doesn’t remember what identity it’s supposed to express? You can get a DNA mutation that results in the formation of a cancer cell that goes on to become a cancer tumor. Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs) do just that for ya! Not only does your physical body suffer, but your DNA actually changes over time because of them.

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  1. Someday doctors and other professionals will notice that people aren’t necessarily listening to them because of who they represent….Big Pharmaceutical Giants that make $440 BILLION dollars a year on cancer drugs alone. Does anyone seriously think that just because this guy speaks the truth we won’t listen to him because he doesn’t have the same credentials as a doctor and we will listen to doctors instead? Credentials don’t mean shit if you’re selling and promoting more shit that will make you sick and rearrange your DNA so they can make even more money off of you by selling you more shit to fix the first shit they sold you. If this weren’t so serious an issue I’d be pissing myself laughing right now. I will not stand by and be a willing victim or guinea pig for doctors or Big Pharmaceutical Companies (they’re in the same bed together and their number one goal is PROFIT at your expense). I hope they’re reading all these messages and taking notice just how savy people are.

  2. G.M.O.’s are seriously fucked up and I’m not going to buy any food that has them. And I don’t care if this guy has only a grade 8 education, he’s right. Look at all them “educated” people who become doctors and pharmacists and sell you legalized poison that slowly degrade your immune system and make you sicker. Do these more educated people care about your health or their wealth? Come on, see through the crap already.

  3. That’s right. Who cares if he’s not certified. Look at all the certified supposed professionals who make millions prescribing and promoting and allowing us to be legally poisoned. Certifications are only as good as the people have them or not.

    • The world is slowly turning towards more holistic approaches to health and foods we ingest and there is a lot of awareness out there to help people make informed decisions and it’s not always from people who have the most education (because all they care about is their jobs, as one person pointed out if they speak out they stand to lose their precious job). From what I can tell so far, there have been many rallies, marches and efforts to tell the government “No G.M.O.’s”

    • slowly is the word miss, slowly everyone changes wither they choose to or not.. What comes to mind is a few chemicals to allow people to see reality again for what it is slowly is fine if everyones on track. I got my first taste of phil 4 years ago i was a fat 260lbs, dumb, stupid zombie. now 165lbs im working on spreading the love where i can and yes its slow.. think positive, love all, as all is one

  4. is this person a researcher? I am not saying that GMO are good NOT AT ALL, but Mr Adams has no authority to make claims of any kinds, he does not have any formal education in main stream medicine NOR alternative medicine, no board certification, etc… However he made MILLIONS of people that listen to him…. Be careful to validate this type of snake oil distributors.
    (I actually attended one of his “lectures”, he is no more than a sales person making as much as he can from people)

    • Not at all, however I do not take medical or health advice from Mr. Adams. and I think that this blog should research their contributors before they add someone like Mr Adams.

      • Why are you even questionning his credentials or stating he has none, he doesn’t need any credential to read a Scientific paper… He is not the one making the claims, he’s just reading them and explaining their implications in laymen terms.

    • I eat therefore I have the authority to decide that I eat! Well, unfortunately I’m having some difficulty with this as large, for profit, companies have managed to control the vast majority of the food chain and are contaminating our food. People are too frightened to speak out either through fear or profit. Afraid to be the one voice above the crowd. Don’t let us be controlled with herd mentality.

  5. I am a Direct affect if this, 8 years ago I was diagnosed with 2 MYH gene mutations and had stage 3 colon cancer by inheriting a mutated gene from my mom and one from my dad. Direct affect from my ancestors eating Monsanto’s poison! Please wake up people, we need to stand together and bring Monsanto down! I’m doing all I can now to make sure my family and myself get 100% organic pesticide free food I always knew this was the way I got my Cancer!

  6. this i thought was a crazy down right up front explanation of that old saying ”you are what you eat” deep down always knew this was true but hard to believe your own people around you would purposely poison you.

  7. Now the USDA has done away with exempting food with the organic label,meaning not have ingredients that is bad food for you like GMOs. Their is now no purpose to have the organic label. We have to fight this defeating the whole purpose of having an organic label!

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