How to detox your body from GMOs and Pesticides

Detoxing can be hard on your body and cause a wide variety of alarming side effects. After all, the substances being removed are usually pretty horrible, consisting of toxic chemicals from pesticide residues, by-products of GMO foods, pharmaceutical drugs, chemotherapy residue, free-radicals, heavy metals, aluminum, radiation.

There are numerous detoxing agents and methods available — some more costly than others — and some producing very intense experiences with potentially dangerous side effects. We advise choosing a more natural method.

However, there are several ways to remove these noxious substances gently, with kindness to your system. These techniques may take a bit longer to achieve completion that some the harsher detox programs; however, if you take your time one or more of these natural methods should work for you.


Fruit pectin is probably the most gentle method of detoxing contaminants. Pectin comes from the fibrous portion of the fruit and is most commonly found in the pith of limes, lemons and other citrus fruit as well as in apples. Other sources of pectin are bananas, grapes, carrots, and cabbage. Pectin helps to release heavy metals, chemicals and other substances into the blood stream, where it binds to them and flushes them from the body. Simply eating fruit high in pectin will help to cleanse your system, or you can add a pectin product to a glass of water, organic grape juice or fresh veggie juice to speed the detox process. Beware of pectin sold in grocery stores, as some brands may contain MSG. Check health food stores for the best products.


The delicious culinary herb cilantro, happens to be one of the most effective and gentle detoxifiers of mercury, heavy metals and other toxic contaminants. You can buy cilantro juice at health food stores or simply include the fresh herb in your diet as pesto or seasoning to control the amount consumed and limit unwanted side effects. It’s inexpensive and works without the addition of man-made chemicals. Cilantro also possesses antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, quickly reducing infection and inflammation as it works to clear your system.


Chlorella is a single cell algae sea vegetable that grows in fresh water. Some of the best cholrella reserves have come from Japan; however, use caution when buying Japanese chlorella due to possible exposure to radiation from Fukushima. Chlorella is an easy-to-digest superfood best known for being able to remove mercury and other heavy metals from the cells. Too much chlorella can produce side effects — mostly in the digestive tract — where it works best to bind to mercury, eliminating it. Start with the lowest quantity and work up slowly for a gentle detox.


Juicing fresh produce and grasses such as wheat or barley grass provides an excellent way to remove toxins from the system. Wheatgrass is high in nutritional content, and provides vitamins, minerals and all nine essential amino acids. Wheatgrass can be a powerful detox, so start slowly with only a small amount of juice to keep it gentle — 1/2 ounce a day — and work up to avoid symptoms.

Using gentle detoxing products requires that you repeat treatments over a period of time until all symptoms have cleared. Side effects may include nausea, vomiting, muscle aches and pains, dizziness and fatigue. Additionally, detoxing can cause a flare-up in your condition temporarily. It’s just the toxins leaving your system and should pass shortly. If side effects are severe, reduce the quantity of whatever you’re using to detox. If the symptoms continue, stop and consult your natural health practitioner for further instructions.

Source: Natural News

3 Comments to “How to detox your body from GMOs and Pesticides”

  1. Mike Man says:

    When the chemical companies, the pharmaceutical companies and government have control over the food supply you are insane to believe they are there for your benefit lmfao. they are going to take your money from every direction until the second you die. Fack, you can't even die in peace. They force you on lifesupport in a carehome, doped and out of it, so A few more people can make a buck. The whole system is disgusting, and anyone that thinks vaccines are going to save you from sickness you better quickly pull your head out of your ass

  2. Mike Man says:

    There are many great groups on FB, that go into great deatil about getting away from processed and eating raw

  3. Harry Whitworth says:

    You are so right Charlotte, there is so much that we should not be eating. Recently I switched to all GMO free foods, and cheeses and beef that come from farms where they are fed organic feed, with no hormones, and no antibiotics. My gastroentestinal complaints went away in a very short time. Don't depend on the FDA to do their jobs, they are part of the problem. You must do your own research on all the toxins/poisons which most of our country eats. You can't depend on anyone. Thank you for your post on the AZODICARBONAMIDE. I don't if any one reads labels or not, but even if you did not know what this was, you know it is not natural. People have to watch out for themselves, no one else will.

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