Is Monsanto Ready to Enter The Medical Marijuana War?

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As legally allowed medical marijuana becomes more widespread, it is no surprise that many are realizing there is legal money to be made off of this traditionally illegal cash crop. Even Illinois has adapted medical marijuana laws, and soon it will be legal to buy weed in Chicago as long as you have a prescription. With so many dollar signs hanging in the air, ready to be snatched, it is no surprise to see agriculture giant Monsanto getting poised to jump into selling genetically modified marijuana as well.


Monsanto and the Medical Marijuana War

As the largest producer of GMO plants, moving into medical marijuana may seem a logical next step for the agriculture giant. US labs already use strains of genetically modified cannabis for testing and research, and the growing demand for legally obtained medical marijuana is sure to spike in the near future. It looks like Monsanto is already ahead of the game due to their research into RNA interference.

The company is investing millions of dollars into this new technology dubbed “RNAi.” With RNAi, it is possible to manipulate everything from the color of the plant to making the plant indigestible to insects. With medical marijuana, RNAi could be used to create larger, more potent plants effectively cornering the market and exceeding the legal demand for the plant. In Canada, this scenario is one step closer to becoming reality due to new laws that will allow large-scale growers to distribute their plants via mail order. The genetically manipulated marijuana may reach consumers sooner than thought possible due to these changes.

While the company maintains that its products are safe for human consumption, it has been widely debated that this isn’t truly the case. While moving into medical marijuana may be a winning move for Monsanto stockholders, it may also be a strong case of “buyer beware” for the end consumers of the product.

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  1. Diana Emily Whatsthematter

    Robin Sime it's a good idea if you have cuttings from a known non gmo plant. wild craft your food from the woods

  2. Diana Emily Whatsthematter

    I dont not sanction the killing of any human, I would however like to kill the giant corp

  3. I smoke everyday but I need to smoke cause if I didn't I would hurt someone so I cant wait to go to the store and get so I don't have to wait on a dealer to bring it have to wait to long.

  4. Shaun Becker

    Yeah, what's "his" plan? To let Monsanto control everything and kill us all slowly. Some "God" you have there. I will have no part of a god who allows all the bad shit that is happening right now continue to happen. This is why I am athiest.

  5. Stephen E. Piela

    Emily Dickau But aren't Corporations people now? And Tony, please be careful what you post. People have been arrested for making threats on social networks… even obviously sarcastic ones.

  6. Chances are, your weed is already soaked in chemicals because whoever grew it, will give several chemical showers before letting the plant die, and still sell it. Chances are, they are using a fertilizer or pesticide with Monsanto products.

  7. Mary Lorraine Buchanan

    Excuse me whoever wrote this is SOOO stupid. Monsanto has OWNED and patented the POT you smoke since 1968.

  8. Mary Lorraine Buchanan

    Monsanto was the Biotech co behind the first experiments in University of Mississippi in 1968 that then distributed to a huge pharm in Canada and a university in Holland (Amsterdam). GOOGLE IT>The pot you smoked in the 70's is NOT what you are smoking now and the REASON for that is that Monsanto patented it and distributed it ALL OVER THE WORLD. NO seed has been spared. It's been a HUGE organized plan before most of you were even friggen born. The problem is that POT smokers are so fucking stoopId they would never and have never done their own research and even if they did, they wouldn't remember it the next day. I have been a lone voice speaking for years on this subject and it wont' spread because normal people aren't interested in informing themselves or anyone else of the plot of the pot smoker and pot smokers are too dumb, stoned and apathetic to do the research themselves…. SO there is just ME. Someone who doesn't smoke pot but who is concerned for the idiots because I have a lot of friends who smoke the shit.

  9. Mary Lorraine Buchanan

    Read my post above It's all GMO and if you allow them to mutate DNA you lose the covenant to God. DNA is the covenant

  10. Wrong Ted, I know exactly where my weed is grown and by who, that'd b me! And I can assure u it is properly flushed! Just worried they'll fuck with the seed banks genetics

  11. Mary, thanks for the info, but you can keep your ignorant insults. Contrary to the way stoners are portrayed in film and television, and through the government-controlled news media, we are very intelligent people. We can read, write, and even remember the stuff we researched the day before. Heck, I even remember stuff I researched years ago!

    Besides, you're not doing a very effective job in reaching out to those you wish to educate by labeling them as idiots. Just a thought.

  12. Todd Keeports

    Mary Lorraine Buchanan is smokin' hot. I don't care about all this senseless banter about weed. I quit that shit and prefer being sober and healthy myself. Now if Mary would like to get it on some night, I would be interested in that. I mean my gawd, look at her….Mmmm baby, I'd love to tap that for a night or three.

  13. Rol Dan

    Boycott in front of Bill Gates Home! Why you ask? BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW: Bill Gates owns most of Monsanto's stocks!

  14. Pam Gari

    Mary Lorraine Buchanan The word covenant means to strike a deal. I don't see how DNA is a deal. You sound a bit sheepish and churchy with your comments.

  15. Pam Gari

    Really? Even the land races? Wow! You sure do know a heap of stuff for someone that doesn't grow or even smoke Ms Mary! How did you get so smart! It wasn't that growers started with bag seed from the Mexican schwag that they had, and bred the plants over generations culling out the weak, and the males…. no… Monsanto got in to the seed banks and turned all the weed into GM because… they knew it would eventually become a medicine! Pshaaaaaa

  16. Gerald Raikes

    Pam Gari I agree, I suppose Mary seems to forget that when Monsanto genetically engineers seeds they make them so that they are sterile thus you have to continue to purchase seeds from them. I also notice that she is not familiar with the 7 earth strains that for the most part have been cross bread, the desired phenotypes have been chosen to gear us toward the 100s of hybrids that now exist.

  17. Matthews John

    Douglas Christie your an idiot obama did not make it illegal for you to sue monsanto. that suggest that if one were to file a lawsuit they would be commiting a crime and thus be brought up on charges. lol obama just made monsanto exempt from lawsuits.

  18. Chris Riley

    no reason for them too. Hemp has been proven to have the most anti bug repellent properties on earth. Why it can grow anywhere at any time. If MONSANTO does try to pollute Hemp with its products. Burn down the fields. Waiting for the FDA to give MONSANTO more rights to land. Shoot to kill if found on property. Sure its coming. MONSANTO does not create seeds, MONSANTO pollutes seeds. Only thing MONSANTO knows how to do. Encroach, violate and pollute.

  19. Anna Silvani-Morrison

    Wow Mary Lorraine Buchanan. How could you have done so much research yet consider people who use MJ to be 'stoopid'?

  20. Stephen Mason

    They won't last in that world. There are too many Well established seed banks Who have been around for decades for it too happen. Especially in the world of Marijuana

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