More Infants Developing Cancer Due To Effects of Estrogens and Arsenic In Soy-Based Formulas

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By Matt Hall — Staff Writer

A new study from Texas Tech researchers indicates that the presence of both estrogen and arsenic at elevated levels from what the EPA has deemed “safe” can cause cancer. While in times past this wasn’t an issue for parents of newborns, changes in how infant formula is produced are now putting millions of newborns in danger. If your infant is drinking soy based formulas, he or she may be at risk. Keep reading to learn how to know whether your infant is potentially susceptible to this recently discovered way of developing cancer.

Soy-Based Formulas: A Secret Source of Arsenic

You may be wondering how arsenic has anything to do with your infant formula. Everyone knows even small doses of arsenic are fatal. Wouldn’t formula manufacturers take precautions to make sure there’s nothing as deadly as arsenic in something intended for infants?

The problem is how the formula is produced. When soy is grown, it is treated with dangerous pesticides that have high levels of arsenic. Since most soy produced is GMO soy, traditional pesticides won’t work and dangerous, arsenic-rich poisons have to be used instead. Not all of this arsenic is washed off when the soy is processed, and some of it makes it into the soy-based infant formula.

How Does the Arsenic in Formula Combine with Estrogen and Put an Infant at an Increased Risk for Cancer?

When someone is exposed to both arsenic and estrogen, they are almost twice as likely to develop cancer cells in the prostate and other parts of the body, according to the Texas Tech study. Infants are exposed to arsenic from their formula (as explained above), and they are exposed to estrogen due to their normal development. Additionally, infants fed on soy formulas are exposed to the equivalent of five times the amount of a daily dose of estrogen birth control pills.

This increased exposure to phytoestrogens (estrogen-like compounds in soy) causes serious problems for infants fed on formula. Male infants receiving so much estrogen can develop learning disabilities and sexual maturation. Females can enter puberty much earlier than normal, developing as early as age 8. This is not to mention the increased cancer risk (even in infants) due to the much higher exposure to estrogen and arsenic.

Even if your family history does not indicate a predisposition to cancer, your infant can still be at risk. According to Dr. Kamaleshwar Singh, PhD., at Texas Tech, “The majority of cancers are caused by environmental influences.” This means that it’s outside influences like chemical exposure that leads to most cancers — up to 90-95% — and not simply genetics. While many chemicals are examined in sterile, isolated lab environments and pass safety tests, in the real world we are exposed to multiple chemicals at once. That means we — and our children — could be coming in contact with multiple carcinogenic chemicals daily, highly increasing our risk for cancer.

Solutions to this Newly Discovered Danger

It may seem discouraging to think that even something as innocent as baby formula can put the ones we love at risk for such a terrible disease as cancer, but there are things we can do to protect them.

The most important thing we can do is use dairy-based formula or breast milk. While soy-based formula has far too high levels of estrogen to be safe, none of the dangerous phytoestrogen levels from soy are present in dairy-based formula or breast milk — even if the mother consumes soy products. Natural is better.

Even though GMO soy and artificial formulas can lead to cancer even in infants, keeping things natural can protect our little ones from this problem. Clearly, more research needs to be done to determine how to best keep children safe. In the meantime, avoid soy formula for its many related health problems.

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  1. RIGHT… Give them breast milk that contains all that TOXIC GMO crap you eat. I mean seriously, they are finding pesticides in breast milk and all kinds of other crap from the food we eat.That’s much better. Companies all lie to us about what we eat and hide whats in it while they poison us. Why they want you to do it from your own breasts though I don’t understand. maybe they will feel less guilty?

  2. Yeah – and people who say “I couldn’t breastfeed. I just got sores, etc.,” never thought once about how none of that is supposed to be easy….it gets easier because you push through the hard part. I breast-fed all 4 of mine for over 2 years each.

  3. I’ll be beast feeding. I go to work when my children are weaned. Simple way to protect them from processed foods at such a young age. What are these products doing near our children’s food in the first place? Makes the cocroaches in the chocolate sound desirable.

  4. Also likely, GMO, most soy is GMO and I question the intelligence behind GMO’s, which splice genes. How do we know we aren’t splicing the “off switch” to cancer out? Chances of allergies are increased, why not cancer in infants? There is so much unknown about the effects, by causing mutations and moving things around. Unfortunately, I don’t think breast-feeding is going to protect babies from GMO’s much if we keep ingesting them.

  5. Don’t make matters worse by using fluoridated tap water to make up formula. HFSA a toxic chemical cocktail of silicofluorides plus trace amounts of arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury etc. is drip-fed into drinking water aka fluoridation. The fluoride level in fluoridated tap water is at least 250 times that found in breast milk, which is virtually zero. Fluoride has got nothing to do with dental health, that idea is just a massive hoax. Fluoride is a biocide and that’s precisely why it has the potential to reduce tooth decay when used topically, fluoride will kill the bacteria that feed on any sugary deposits left on teeth. Fluoride accumulates in the body causing all manner of adverse health impacts. It does not make bones and teeth stronger, it does precisely the opposite, it weakens bone strength, increasing the chance of fractures. I would never recommend fluoridated toothpaste, apart from the risk of swallowing the sodium fluoride in such toothpaste, fluoride ions are easily absorbed into the body through the mouth.

  6. breast fed is best …don’t understand moms who don’t breastfeed their precious babies..not only is it a bonding but it is the healthiest way to feed them as long as you are taking good care of yourself as well….

    • There are groups like La Leche League where you can make friends with other nursing women who are more than likely willing to share their milk. I’ve heard there are “milk banks,” too. I fed 2 babies besides my own to prevent my friends having to use formula. My body produced milk for four years. Also, the juice of white grapes is said to be very similar to breast milk, in an emergency.

  7. have your read the ingredients in those formulas. The word formula describes it perfectly – every other ingredient is sulfite or sulfeit. give me that and I go into anifalatick shock just imagine what its doing to a babies inside. my nieces and nephew couldn’t go on it so my sister went to a farmer and get goats milk.

  8. Unfortunately, my son only responds well to soy… I’ve tried to switch him off, but he’s allergice to milk-based… I do, however, feed him organic soy which is certified NOT to use GMOs or pesticides.. Crossing my fingers that the labeling is in fact honest

  9. When my daughter was an infant and we were talking to the nutritionist about what kind of formula she should be on, we were told that the estrogen in it makes girls develop too quickly. Didn’t know about the arsenic then. She’s 4 now.

  10. unknowingly, my boy SUFFERED from allergies to soy based fomula for the first 10 months of his life until an ear specialist told us to change his formula…the next DAY he was a different boy….healthy and allergy free

  11. I went out today look into investing in a couple of dairy goats. They make great pets and the products you can make from the milk is healthy as long as you feed them organic…

  12. any trickey idea posted thro this.they must clear which type food labled as free from causing days all human foods contains atleast min amt of anti health contents in it.then what kind of food we should consume.pse states about this.

  13. Perhaps the state of Maine should read this. They’re trying to take a mother’s child away from her because she’s giving her baby goats milk instead of baby formula. The baby is thriving just fine on the goats milk. Whose wrong in that scenario?!

  14. Considering the main ingredients are corn syrup which is most likely gmo im not surprised! and all formula I’ve seen in the shops have some sort of soy In them. only wish I had educated myself when my babies were young. …… would have breast fed alot longer then moved straight to organic milk rather than the follow on formulas.

  15. Formula is a choice. It isn’t the BEST choice. It’s in a can it’s on a shelf. Sometimes in powder form trying to MIMIC what you already have. When there are negative findings to something man made it amazes me the defensiveness that develops. What is there to defend. Like all the other things in a can on a shelf…..with preservatives……there is an adverse effect. Where is the shock. Self defensiveness if you decide or have decided to use formula doesn’t seem all that necessary.

  16. Well, sometimes that just is not possible. So we still should have baby formula that is safe for humans. There just is no way around it, we need stronger food safety regulation, enforced to the letter. High fines and mandatory prison for corporate heads is the only way.

  17. There is no better option than BF….of you aren’t producing enough u need to build your blood with nutrition –dark leafy greens, avocados, barley grass juice, hemp seeds—and lots of purified water!!! Very important —if the body doesn’t have the available nutrients to make milk it won’t—-you must eat healthy living foods in order for your body to nourish your baby…..remember breast milk is a blood infusion for your baby—-breast milk is blood with the red corpuscles removed ….it is loaded with leukocytes—-so if your diet is weak so will your blood be and this your milk—DARK LEAFYS !!!

  18. Seriously how is this legal?!? How come no one is being held accountable? If I gave my baby arsenic I would be arrested. . So fet up with this country! I’m protesting. I’m boycotting. I’m getting educated and the more I am learning the more I am disgusted!! For shame America FOR SHAME!!!

  19. Laura vancleaf, what do u mean breast milk is not best? It most certianly is. Unless the mother is drinking or doing drugs. If you eat a healthy diet and drink lots of water it is definately the best thing for a baby… my baby will not be drinking the chemicals they put in any type of formula…ever.

  20. Look at the first two ingredients in any formula…usually corn syrup solids and sugar in some form. I agree soy is bad but I am disgusted at most all the ingredients in the baby formulas. When I weaned my babies, I gave them raw goat milk. They are all healthy adults today.

  21. I fed my 2.5 year old soy based formula, I didn’t know there was an organic brand. Now we are having a ton of problems with her bowels. It doesn’t help that she is allergic to milk and is fructose sensitive. But I was just reading about how soy based formulas could lead to Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I’m so incredibly pissed at the moment.

  22. Belinda McKenny it just made me think of baby boy. There’s coconut milk, almond milk & hemp milk that are delicious. You could always mix if you want to not waste what you have but get him off of soy.

  23. I believe it has found that giving a feed of soy milk to babies has the equivalent estrogenic side effects of giving them five birth pills!
    Soy is trash even if organic, full stop!

  24. Jen Majka looks like Earth’s Best is the only safe vegan baby formula unless you go with homemade from what I’ve read. Thought you might find the discussion in the comment stream interesting.

  25. Cow milk based formula also contains estrogen
    So does human milk. Your best bet, when it comes to your child, don’t rely on the agenda of any company that stands to make money off you nurturing your baby. Do your own research and look at both sides. And remember breast milk is not “best”, it is what is normal, what is intended by nature. Anything else is not normal.

  26. Human lactose does not affect babies, but something in your diet was probably the culprit. I really wish there was more support and encouragement for breastfeeding but hospitals constantly just push formula. I breastfed all of my children, and my youngest for three years. There are always bumps in the beginning but if you stick with it, it will work out well. When nursing, drink lots of WATER or you won’t produce enough milk.

  27. My son was lactose intolerant and threw up everything with lactose in it. Including my milk.. I had no choice but to give him soy formula for a year till he could tolerate small quantities of lactose…..28 years ago that’s all the options there were. He ended up skipping a grade due to his intelligence level and is healthy.. What gives? Did they not use GMOs back then? I’m thinking not.

  28. I had really difficult time breastfeeding my son, I used Similac. I was bummed that I couldn’t breast feed. Why are they telling us its safe, but they put all the chemicals in food, especially baby food?!

  29. I breast fed for three weeks then had problems making enough milk…initially I switched to similac organic but due to gas had to switch to similac sensitive which is not organic- how do we find out which formulas are safe? It breaks my heart that I could not keep breastfeeding…I want to give him the safest alternative possible

  30. Is this from GMO based Soy products or is this a paid study to push mothers into buying milk based formula(which is GMO’ed laced) I know many families and babies who are cancer-free and healthy who have had a soy based diet.

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