Naked Juice class action settlement announced: Here’s how to claim $45 from PepsiCo even without proof of purchase

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The Naked Juice company was sued in 2011, accused of using GMO ingredients and deceptively labeling its products, “all natural.” As the Organic Consumers Association explains:

According to plaintiffs, Naked Juice used soy ingredients that are genetically engineered “by design or by contamination.” (Naked Juice doesn’t use certified organic or verified non-GMO soy.) Naked Juice intentionally used misleading language to give consumers “the false impression that the beverage’s vitamin content is due to the nutritious fruits and juices, rather than added synthetic compounds.” And the PepsiCo subsidiary contained a laundry list of synthetic chemicals, including calcium pantothenate (synthetically produced from formaldehyde).

PepsiCo, of course, is the owner of Naked Juice and also the same company that bankrolled the defeat of Prop 37 in California, the “Right to Know” GMO labeling campaign.

Starting today, you may now be eligible to receive up to $45 directly from PepsiCo. Any person who claims to have purchased Naked Juice — even if they have NO PROOF of such a purchase — can now participate in the class action claims and receive up to a $45 check as part of the settlement.

IMPORTANT : Share this story with others to spread this news so that as many people as possible legitimately claim their portion of this settlement!

We realize $45 isn’t a lot of money, especially if you’ve probably spent far more than that on Naked Juice since 2007, the time window covered by this class action settlement. Nevertheless, if enough people participate in this class action claim, it will not only cost PepsiCo $9 million in payouts, it will also send a powerful message that consumers are fed up with being deceived about the products they purchase.

We are officially requesting that all readers who purchased Naked Juice in the last six years file a settlement claim and get your check for up to $45 from PepsiCo.

You can file your claim at this website:

The direct link to the claim form is here:

77 Comments on Naked Juice class action settlement announced: Here’s how to claim $45 from PepsiCo even without proof of purchase

  1. thanks for sharing Anna Andre Esparza, but I think I will pass, my identity is worth more that $45 & I'm not too sure this isn't a info trap! LOL (yes I am paranoid, but I take my meds! ) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. The site won't take the claim information when it gets to the amount. It just remains blank.
    It is also unclear if they mean a dollar amount or number of bottles purchased. I'm assuming dollars.

  3. Carolan Ross

    Good call! Glad to hear that at least one of the companies cheating consumers with synthetic crap got caught with proverbial pants down. :-) WHY believe that Pepsi Cola would know anything about nutrition anyway? Synthetic vitamins are not just crappy products. They can ruin your health!

  4. Amazing how they come up with those numbers! Reading the article says that 9 Million dollars would be if everyone claims. Their Second Quater profits were 2.1 Billion… Wonder if they will even blink? LOL

  5. Did Will Beard REALLY use "HuffPost" and "legit" in the same sentence?

    (Seriously, HuffPost has some good stories, but I ALWAYS look for another source — their rep is poisonous.)

  6. Christopher Robledo

    No, it isn't misleading because it says the following: … (synthetically produced from formaldehyde).

  7. Jen Jen

    They think 45bucks going to make up for what they had done, by tricking people into drinking a GMO product? No, I did not drink this stuff or any other process drink! Just saying… :)

  8. Steve Drury

    Bob Vincent Unfortunately, Huffpo has become a joke. It's been taken over by celebrity obsessed 15 yr old hipster wannabes.

  9. Janice Elgort Dubroff

    So disgusted! Who do you trust? Certainly NOT Pepsico. I used to drink that garbage. I think I will start to research who makes what.

  10. Barbara Abramowitz

    I claimed mine! I would say just get juice in places that make fresh juice, but I don't know how clean they all are.

  11. Jean-Philippe Peretti

    Fede Villegas And anive is not a strong enough word, IMHO. Indeed, solving the problem of world hunger is the last thing on the minds of Monsanto's stockholders. Maybe Ms Hessler is an agent for the company?

  12. Janice Elgort Dubroff

    We have one near us and of course we make our own with our Vitamix. It would be nice to know that all convenience products are not bogus

  13. Amanda Erin Kelley

    It's $45. That's what the big deal is. I have drank a ton of those and always thought the natural label was neato even though I consume way too much fast food. I think the slight bit of sad I felt when reading this worth $45… maybe even $56.22.

  14. Brittani Gore

    My God if GMOs bother you that much then do your research before you buy something. Sure, you can sue them for false advertising, something EVERY corporation is guilty of, but "all natural" is not like certified organic. There are no legal guidelines or commissions to report to so they didn't really break any rules. (And certified organic is easy to fake past regulations too, as I saw working on an "organic" fruit farm so half of that stuff doesn't even meet standards) Idk, why any health conscious person would drink that crap anyway with the amount of sugar it has in it.

  15. Barbara Abramowitz

    I wasn't going to say make your own, but of course that's even better! Or just eating the whole fruit/veg! I think you should be safe with USDA organic or at least non-GMO certified, but I don't think much of bottled juices anyway. They're better than soda or kool aid.

  16. Andrew Bares

    The article is false. Pepsi pays 9 million no matter what.

    It'd actually be better if people didn't claim… the extra money is then donated to non-profits like Mayo Clinic. And let's face it, they could probably use the money more than us.

  17. Andrew Bares

    Yeah I'm trying to find something actually bad about calcium pantothenate. I haven't found anything yet.

  18. whether it comes from a lab or from nature, the effects it will have on your body are identical…if you were drinking it for any supposed health benefit, that effect will still be there…it's not like that suddenly changes. and if $45 is a big deal to you, then…well, I guess you'll be getting it back, so?

  19. Before I was aware of this I was buying 1 or 2 a week for about 4 or 5 months. I bought it ONLY because it said non gmo and no preservatives. I'm pissed. here I am trying to avoid our 85% percent GMO food everwhere and I get fucked cause you decided to lie? You made more than 9 million of those drinks…I just want my health fuck.

  20. Please people vote with your dollars. These greedy bastards want the quick dollars from us. Do NOT buy Nestle, Naked anything. The people who run that are looking for a way to have a name on the PUBLIC water of the people.

  21. Maria Rum

    I used to be obsessed with the mango juice they had. Its so delicious yet so harmful….C'mon Naked! Cant believe you've been giving us GMO crap this whole time!

  22. Melissa Emmons

    Oh, come on, if you're worried about your identity and you're on Facebook, your identity has ALREADY been compromised. The government's spy program includes ANY social media, Google…you name it. You might as well be paid for it!

  23. Dusteen J. Barber

    Vanilla Sloth Isn't it fun to find out what stuff costs from one region of the US to the next? I pay around 3.98 for mine…they've been as low as 1.99 where my mom lives….

  24. Fede Villegas I bet you don't even know why you hate GMO. People are opposed to GMO because they are afraid that the gene we alter can possibly affect us. But everything you eat already has DNA. The only bad thing about GMO is possibly creating a super virus, but that is equivalent to using antibiotics and i dont see activists that hold up signs everywhere against antibiotics. Non corporate farmers dont like it because GMO is contagious, if GMO seeds land in non GMO area, the non GMO crops will become GMO.

    Are you against antibiotics or a Farmer?

    GMO provides cheaper mass produced crops making better crop yield all around, even if not in the interest of the company, simple economics can tell you price goes down when products go up. Unless i have to explain this simple concept too. Indirectly, this provides more food for the world.

  25. I actually just started drinking this juice about a year ago.. love the green machine, mighty mango and berry blast…..bought it in bulk…..$45 will do considering that I don't have any POP… since hearing of this..ive been making my own smoothies!

  26. The effects are not the same! GMO vs. non GMO, total difference. Some people choose to eat in a way that best protects their bodies and the planet. Some people would like to stop eating foods produced by the same people who are taking over our food supply, so there will be no choices or freedoms left. And then there are people who don't care that whoever controls the food supply controls the people!

  27. Don't proceed to speak for all of us, please. I have very different reasons for opposing GMO's. Frankly, I will set the science aside, for now! I am using common sense and common sense tells me that I don't want one company in charge of the food supply, with all it's patents. I also don't want to eat corn or anything else that grew from a seed already packed with pesticides, genetically. Those are only two of my reasons.

  28. and I am against antibiotics and other chemicals in our food supply. Fighting GMOs just needs top priority, right now. It's time we stand up and say no to being slowly poisoned by food that has been certified safe by our government.

  29. Pam Southwood-Airey

    its better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, take it if your entitled to it and say thank you! Its not often companies give you anything!!

  30. Victoria Cottle

    Patents don't belong on nature. Those crop contaminated by GMO crops can then be taken since they're "legally" owned by Monsanto because of the patent. They could achieve a monopoly on seeds.

  31. Daniel Gilliland Jr

    Are you daft Brittani? The whole point of this is that they LIED and deceived the people. What research are you suggesting people do? Should we all put on our police hats and launch individual investigations into every piece of food put into our mouths? NO! That's why we have regulatory systems. Don't be an ass.

  32. Luke Shaolin

    Chris Ling there are plenty of reasons to be against GMOs. Here's 10:
    Genetically modified food wouldn't be something I'd be opposed to if it was thoroughly tested over an extended period of time before being used and sold to us as a safe product that is meant to keep us healthy. That is the purpose of continuing to eat isn't it? Why would someone eat something that they know would make them sick or even in time kill them? A higher yield of harmful "food" helps no one in the world except the ones selling it. A "super virus" is a slightly exaggerated possibility, but uncaring tampering with genes seems to be doing wonders for these rats. . Is it worth reconsidering your stance maybe?

  33. This just sickens me!! We got mislead and ripped off for what hundreds of dollars spent on a healthy (supposedly a healthy product). I hope we all learn a huge lesson… if you grow it organically no pestcides and blend it or juice it yourself then you will know what exactly is in the juice that you drink. Yes i know it may not be as convenient for you to do so but I rather put stuff I know that is healthy in my body. $45 dollars I am PISSED they should give us a couple of hundred plus a check up from our doctors. The links don't even work!! Can someone please direct me to a working link so I can file? Greatly appreciated!

  34. Suzanne Whisnant Cox

    Wow. Promoting world hunger and impeding scientific discovery? I'm sorry, but I want to eat REAL food, not a science lab experiment. You obviously have not done your own research. My degree is in Agriculture and I have worked in it my entire adult life. Being against GMO's has nothing to do with world hunger. We do NOT have a shortage of food in the world, didn't before GMO's. We have a distribution problem, and a global food WASTE problem. It is a logistics issue, and a vanity one. Americans throw away more food because it is blemished or not "perfect" on the grocery store shelves than the deficit in several 3rd world countries combined. And talk about red tape! Even if it were possible to load up all of the wasted food in each country of plenty and take it immediately to the area of need, often times their governments will not allow it to come into the country. Or they will sit a shipment in quarantine so long it spoils before clearing customs. So if you really want to help, stop wasting your efforts on supporting fake foods that aren't healthy and start leaning on the powers that be to actually do what is right for the PEOPLE. We have our own starving people right here in America. Start there! Encourage the grocery stores to donate blemished produce to local shelters and food banks instead of throwing it away. Have you SEEN Wal-Mart's dumpsters?! It's amazing the amount of food they throw away!
    I would appreciate it if you would not assume everyone who has a different opinion than yours is wrong and un-educated. That is certainly not the case. And as for Chris' theory of GMO's providing cheaper food, with a surplus of products… I don't really think Walmart needs MORE dumpsters full of wasted food. Better use of natural, real foods is the solution. Not adding more of a bad thing.

  35. our planet has enough food to feed the world several times over. financial greed is why people are hungry. financial greed is also why we are fed GMO food. you absolute ignoramus. YOU are a prime example of why everybody outside of America calls Americans stupid. if it was so harmless, why are these companies spending billions to not have to label their products???

  36. Steve Mays

    lmao bill gates can cure world hunger himself with his money. The gmo is a corporate cash crop stripped of nutrients and organ exploding chemicals and cancer causing agents. GMO is a fucking disease you said it yrself chris. wake up even starving Africans are burning fields of gmo corn. no one wants it

  37. Steve Mays

    Sherri hessler the op is the dumbest pos ever. Why don't u volunteer to be the lab rat so my children don't.

  38. Chris Ling -I can tell by your name you are Chinese. I know this much, China is boycotting all US produce that contains GMO. They poison the rest of the world with their products, but have a healthy respect for their own bodies. Why don't you watch the documentaries; "Death by China" and "The World According to Monsanto" and get back with me about how frickin' "SAFE" GMO's are!

  39. It's completely legit. These class action cases happen ALL THE TIME and mostly, you never hear about them. The claims administrators are VERY reputable companies that are approved by the courts to handle the settlement distribution. Your information is completely safe. And I know this because I work in a law firm that does class action cases.

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