Natural heartburn and indigestion remedies


Heartburn and acid indigestion are very common. They affect more than half of all Americans at least once a month. Most people choose to ease their suffering with various over-the-counter antacids, the worst treatment for heartburn or acid indigestion.

If the body is producing too much stomach acid, the body is having trouble digesting food. Neutralizing or decreasing the stomach acid will cause the body to pass partially digested food through the digestive system where it will rot and feed parasites and yeast, causing long-term, serious health repercussions.

Common Causes of Heartburn 

Chronic heartburn is a sign of poor health, which is a result of poor diet. When coffee, soda, dairy, fried foods, or refined foods like cereal or bread cause heartburn, your body is telling you to stop eating these foods.

Obesity can cause heartburn by causing the stomach and/or the esophagus to be squeezed out of its proper position, a condition called hiatal hernia. Pregnancy can also cause displacement. Smoking and overeating are also causal factors. Symptoms increase if you lie down immediately after a meal.

If you have chronic heartburn or acid indigestion, you need to change your lifestyle. Start with a healthy diet. Lose weight. Avoid trigger foods. Stop overeating. Stop smoking. Don’t lie down right after you eat. And don’t practice yoga handstands on a full tummy either!

The Fast and Easy Natural Cure for Acid Reflux 

Apple cider vinegar is a healthy, fast and easy natural remedy for heartburn. Take half a shot, about one ounce. If need be, you can dilute it 50/50 with water, but it works best straight. It will burn a bit going down, but within seconds it will relieve your symptoms. And unlike antacids, apple cider vinegar is good for you. Why Does Apple Cider Vinegar Cure Heartburn?

Though vinegar is acidic, apple cider vinegar is alkaline-forming. It is an alkaline-ash food, which means if burned it would leave ash with an alkaline Ph. Though food is not “burned” within the body, alkaline-ash foods are generally alkaline forming.

The acid in apple cider vinegar is acetic acid, a weak acid. When it meets stomach acid (which is hydrochloric acid, a strong acid), the overall acidity of the stomach is reduced but not rendered too alkaline to digest most foods. And since the apple cider vinegar is alkaline forming, it has an overall alkalizing effect on the body, which most people need due to our modern, acid forming diets.

Other Natural Acid Reflux Treatments 

While apple cider vinegar is the fastest and best natural treatment for heartburn, there are other choices as well. Aloe Vera and Coconut Water

Aloe Vera and coconut water are both natural acid neutralizers. Depending on the severity of the heartburn, coconut water or aloe vera can bring immediate, soothing relief. Drink as much as you need.

Acupressure Heartburn Treatment 

Relief from heartburn may also be found by pressing on the acupressure point CV 12, which is found in the front, center of your body, halfway between the breast bone and the navel. If this does not work, try a higher point right below the sternum and then move lower as the pain subsides. While this usually does provide immediate relief, the effects are temporary.

Ginger – Herbal Heartburn Treatment 

Ginger tea can immediately relieve heartburn or acid indigestion. Put one teaspoon of shredded fresh ginger into one cup of boiling water. Let the ginger steep for ten minutes, strain, allow it to cool, and then drink. This works very well, but obviously, when heartburn is burning a hole in your esophagus, time is of the essence and ten minutes can feel like ten hours. For that reason, planning ahead with ginger tea while preparing a meal likely to cause heartburn is a good idea.

Fenugreek seeds can relieve heartburn and acid indigestion by coating the lining of the stomach. One to two teaspoons in your food or eaten separately is enough to provide relief for many acid reflux sufferers.

Chronic heartburn and any kind of indigestion is a serious health issue that should not be ignored. Suppressing the stomach’s ability to produce acid or neutralizing the stomach acid with over-the-counter antacids on a regular basis will also cause very serious health issues. As easy as antacids work (for some), chronic heartburn is not a small thing. Please do not ignore it. Take care of yourself.

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  1. Summer Apple cider vinegar is a healthy, fast and easy natural remedy for heartburn. Take half a shot, about one ounce. If need be, you can dilute it 50/50 with water, but it works best straight. It will burn a bit going down, but within seconds it will relieve your symptoms. And unlike antacids, apple cider vinegar is good for you.

  2. Melanie Derrick Blalock, I have tried going that to no avail. When my problem started though, it was as if my food just wouldn’t go down. When I started taking acid blockers, starting with tagament and currently prilosec, I have little or no digestive issues but have been taking it for years now.

  3. Jody Jody Freeland, that sounds like me. I’ve been suffering with GERD for about 5 years and treating it with Prilosec. I was so bad that I would get unbearable heart burn from crackers and cheese.

    • you might pick up some probiotics and digestive enzymes at your local health food store or online. It is a good idea to also take Mastic Gum – it is beneficial in destroying H. Pylori (often present in those who take antacid type drugs and/or people that have digestive issues)

  4. Actually the new train of thought is that the stomach isn’t producing enough acid and the heartburn is from food sitting in the stomach to long. The pyloric sphincter will not open until a certain Ph level is reached.

  5. I have been drinking the flavored organic apple cider vinegar for a month and my 10yrs worth of reflux is almost completely gone. The doctor wanted me to take meds with side effects so long it’s frightening. One of which is death. Sigh.

  6. citric acid!!!!! seriously THE worst thing for anyone who has acid reflux/gerd/esophagitis, etc etc….. look out for this! it is now made from gmo foods like corn and is has far worse effects than coffee, alcohol, spicy or citrus foods. And its in things you might be taking to help sooth your inflamed insides such as aloe vera. Also do not forget that you can also have silent symptoms or unusual symptoms such as not being able to breath/ shortness of breath (or what seems like asthma) all as a result of reflux/gerd/esophagitis/weak esophageal sphincter.

  7. Any one have any diet tips for people who suffer from acid reflux? I get heartburn almost every day and its killing me. Its seriously affecting my day to day. I’m kinda skeptic about some of these remedies as well but its time I take care of this. I’m going to the gym often now but I don’t have the diet part down. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  8. I suffered from severe reflux for over 30 years until I changed my diet to strictly Organic, lots of juicing with an emphasis on raising alkaline levels in my body & low n behold Apple Cider vinegar has worked a treat. We are what we eat. These simple changes have made an amzing difference & I now do not suffer acid reflux at all & have actually lost a little bit of weight too.

  9. Common now, uncommon 20 years ago. Why common now? Because people commonly eat GMO corn products, soybean products and other GMO foods – GMOs designed to explode an insect’s stomach when it eats any part of the plant. The GMO cannot be washed off like sprayed on pesticides – it is built into the plant’s genes and cells.

    • says mine got better.. but by that time the reflux had virtually destroyed the valve at the top and part of my esophagus… I had to have surgery to repair that valve..then I was fine.. ONCE in a while if I eat something fatty it bothers me…but other than that.. fine!

  10. I would not recommend using apple cider vinegar for everyone struggling with heartburn. A lot of them are caused by stomach acid that’s not strong enough or even lack of stomach acid. And in that case, apple cider vinegar will only make it worse. I know from experience.
    I had acid reflux for many years, every single day. I still have to be careful with all kinds of acids, even citrus. A little oranges is alright, but not that often. But what helped me was to eat more alkalinebased food. Stress down. And use baking soda as an antacid. From the nature point of view, bicarbonate (baking soda) is the most alkalizing product. Our bodies make it in the pancreas and secrete it into the small intestine for neutralizing the food broken down by the somach acid. But for doing this, the stomach acid have to be strong enough. If it’s not, the pancreas will not get the signal about producing baking soda. And the burning sensation begins. If you drink one glass with a tsp with baking soda every morning while you strive to change your eating habits to a more alkalinebased food. Your acid reflux will show it’s face seldom and eventually disappear 🙂

  11. Try a swig or two of apple cider vinegar before bed. It is amazing how much hit helps, contrary to all instincts. It may take a while to adjust, but it really works for me unless I’ve had one glass of wine too many. It may help get one used to it to take it earlier in the day.

  12. If that is true then yesterday my body told me to stop eating rice. You know what I think you are full of don’t you? You are so full of it you should flush yourself down the toilet. The oder that envelops you is more than the rest of us can stand.

  13. You have to be very careful with this, I was eating atacids like candy, I was in a pre-ulcer condition for about a year because of medication for arthritis. You have to be very careful, often signs that things are out of wack is stomach buring and you’ll very often get complaints from people about bad breath. One of the other signs of serious stomach problems is yes, ‘ bad breath ‘

  14. your argument is invalid. Yes some of these things will help, but over all mental health also helps or hinders some of these symptoms. I have been working on going vegan and other then my waist line it isn’t helping, since my symptoms are worse then ever! Many people with GERD don’t have scopes to find out if that is the only thing wrong. I started with a hiatal hernia and then the GERD started. I also ended up wtih a stomach ulcer. Healed it, but it is back again.

  15. no soda no milk no fried and no refined…but I do love my coffee in the morning. 90 % vegetarian and when I do eat any meat it has to be grass fed/organic or I know the farmer.

  16. Not always it’s not about what I just had surgery to fix issues that if left could have become cancer I changed my eating habits over and over and over and nothing was going to make it go away until the day I had surgery I have not had any heartburn at all !!! GO TO YOUR DOCTOR, yes it is true that watching what you eat is good there could be underlying condition 🙂

  17. I don’t eat or drink those things and have GORD sometimes stress plays a bigger part and driving all day I had pressure on a nerve that caused me to end up in hospital with a hole in my oesophagus

  18. took a whole bottle of apple cider vinager to cure and heal my acid reflux. Drank one fluid ounce 3x’s a day, morning, noon and night time, and now no more drugs, I threw nexium away, Doctor was suprised, show him your artical on line and he didn’t say anything. I made a mixture of honey, green tea, nutmeg, cinnimon and ginger root tea for my wifes up set stomach and instead of downing antiacids and maylox, she drinks the mixture I made. THIS WORKS.

  19. I experience this from time to time although only when I eat something stupid to close to bedtime. I take a few spoons of pure unsweetened apple sauce and several calcium supplement tablets. Also I drink water, although now I will use coconut water. But the smartest thing to do is stop night time eating early long before bed.

  20. I was on 3 orc4 reflux/GERD medications…had one of those balloon esophagus procedures, etc. Began a healing journey 5 years ago…overhauled my eating…gradually reduced or got off of many (many) prescriptions…kept antacids in my drawer ‘just in case’ for several years…finally ditched them. Food choice perhaps does not cause all reflux…but changing my food choices eliminated mine.

  21. Make a lemonade in your blender: water, real, peeled lemon (or juice if you must)1-2 tsp ginger (peeled), a pinch of sea salt. My naturopath gave me this recipe. Drink a glass daily. It has helped me and my husband. Ginger soothes your stomach, lemon clears your liver. Some acid reflux is actually bile reflux.

  22. My husband used to get alot of acid reflux…he was diaginosed w/GERD years ago. While his diet is admittedly not great, I recently told him to start eating his homemade pickles. I have suspected that his problem is from not enough acid, instead of too much…and figured the fermented food would help. He said it clears up his heartburn instantly

  23. Im am in my third week of drinking fermented cabbage juice and eating licorace and i am seeing amazing results. I can lie down to sleep at night and food going down doesnt hurt anymore. Yeeehaaa

  24. Um, your picture isn’t anatomically correct…liver is lower and diaphragm is ABOVE the liver. The diaphragm separates the thoracic and abdominal cavities. The abdominal cavity holds the liver.

  25. I was told I have acid reflux but it turns out that myself along with many others are misdiagmosed …treating themselves for high acid when we actually have low acid which presents with the same symptoms among many others. So be sure you have a high acid problem before taking an anti-acid natural or OTC. You could be making your symptoms worse.

  26. One of the best things I did to cure myself from acid reflux and heart burn was, I quit using a microwave. I no longer own one. And have never had to take an antacid or a prescription for acid reflux since. Wonderful relief, and can eat foods I always avoided with out any problems at all . I bet none of the popes food is microwaved!!

  27. Firstly, the term, “acid reflux”, has been wrongly termed by the pharma industry, to purposefuly, throw us all on a wrong tangent by it!
    So, let me explain.
    “Acid reflux” as termed is not caused by too much acid in the first place, but, is just a “reflux” to term it correctly, due to the lack of acid for digestion!
    So, we dont need ‘anti-acids’ at all, but instead, need more acid to properly digest our food, so that, we dont make indigestional gases causing reflux!
    This condition, in many cases, though not the only one, is caused by lack of salt intake and that of a good quality natural salt at that! So then, we most probably need to take more salt then, and if we have blood pressure, it will drive it down, NOT increase our BP, as that twisted link between high salt causing high BP is another lying propaganda too!
    Good health!

  28. My self now i can eat and drink anything !! AMEN Just to support what this site is saying I do not know them, but they are correct.. Apple cider vinegar does work Truly, I been taking the pill form you can buy in your local drug store with the vitamins section, although( Mother ) Apple cider vinegar that is liquid form is truly good right away, works as you can take 2 tea spoons before or after each meal like 3 times a day when starting off, now its been 8 year and i do not take the pills as much but now take them ones a day now that is two pills! so with the pills its 2 pills 3 times a day to start you would take. so I have to say AMEN to them, I used to get sick in my mouth acid in my sleep and it would burn my thought I used to pay 100$ for a prescription but now I only pay 12$ for a large bottle of pills last about 3 months for me now. you might ask your dr but because your Dr is not trained for natural cures so don’t expect them to agree with you its not their fault they do not know, its not their place only what you can take or you might have a bad reaction to any items that all they can help you with. at least with my exuberance and friends.

  29. Slippery elm really helps me…and lying on your left side while sleeping as the stomach shape keeps the stomach acid from entering up the esophagus that way. Drinkingenough water during the day and before bed helps me as well.

  30. I dont know why but everytime i click on your links, a huge block saying “other pages you might like” with other recent articles pops up, completely covering the article. It will not go away.

  31. Cider vinegar has been a wonderful all round health benefit for so long.. my grandfather used to have a few tablespoons each day and although vinegar may not have been the reason…he lived to 105!

  32. Ive covered up heartburn for years and i now know it was a signal my body was using to tell me im Allergic to Gluten and many other foods and i didnt have sufficient digestive enzymes in my stomach. which then can lead to many other health related problems. Making heartburn go away with remedies can work but you also have to address the underlying issue as to why your body is not digesting the food properly and address the poor diet.

  33. The main thing is to not eat crap. Don’t eat anything fried, from a box, and no white flour, sugar etc. But if you do get heartburn or indigestion the best cure is actually vinegar. Balsamic is the best and you only need one teaspoon, either mix with a small amount of water or do a water “chaser” works every time.

  34. Citric acid and other foreign acids/spices will do it. U have to figure if your genes evolved eating lamb and potatoes, your body isn’t used to dealing with habañeros.
    Also, why does no one ever mention milk as a relief? I’ve had chronic heartburn (3-4times per week) for almost 20 years and milk has always been my saving grace. Think about it: it’s a base.

  35. It its heartburn caused by gas, I drink something bubbily, like mineral water, and it eases it immediately. If that doesn’t work for you, you may be having a heart attack, who knows, call 911.

  36. Im sorry.. but your article is seriously flawed – this idea that is popularized by the antacid industry should not be repeated by proponents of natural health. How can ‘too much acid in the stomach make digestion difficult’. The stomach is meant to be acidic- because the acidic PH effectively breaks down and digests proteins. When the stomach becomes HYPO (under) hypochlorhydric (because of alcohol, pharmaceuticals and stress) food is not broken down properly and so the pyloric sphincter does not open to allow it into the small intestine. This half digested chyme swirls around in the stomach for too long and in some people pops back through the cardiac sphincter burning the esophagus which is not equiped to deal with any kind of chyme which will always be somewhat acidic when coming from the stomach’s environment. Raw apple cider vinnegar works because it INCREASES the PH of the stomach- helping to the digest the food – the pyloric sphincter is then stimulated to open (it is opened when it senses that the PH is high enough and that the food is totally converted into chyme). Raw apple cider vinnegar does make the BLOOD alkaline.. but not the stomach!!! We WANT an acidic stomach – 1.8-3 ph as is biologically proven. It is the blood that needs to be in balance. Pls dont confuse people.. that is what the ANTACID companies want

  37. Braggs apple cider vinegar is wonderful for heartburn gerd, but you must dilute it. It can be abrasive to the esophogas. Also watching your diet and not lying down immediatly after a meal( like wait 4-5 hours helps too.

  38. Chronic heartburn is a sign of poor health, which is a result of poor diet. When coffee, soda, dairy, fried foods, or refined foods like cereal or bread cause heartburn, your body is telling you to stop eating these foods….. Symptoms increase if you lie down immediately after a meal.
    If you have chronic heartburn or acid indigestion, you need to change your lifestyle. Start with a healthy diet. Lose weight. Avoid trigger foods. Stop overeating. Stop smoking. Don’t lie down right after you eat.

  39. I used to eat unsweetened, organic applesauce instead of the vinegar. I completely cured my reflux or gerd or whatever you want to call it with my diet. Eating a whole food diet is an amazing cure for literally everything.

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