New USDA rule allows hidden feces, pus, bacteria and bleach in conventional poultry

usda poultry

by Jonathan Benson – Natural News

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is currently in the process of trying to ram through passage of a new “modernization” rule for conventional poultry production that would eliminate a large percentage of USDA inspectors and speed up the factory production process. And existing safeguards, as minimally effective as they currently are, would also be eroded, allowing for more hidden feces, pus, bacteria and chemical contaminants to persist in conventional chicken and turkey meat.

Even though salmonella rates as detected in meat and poultry have been steadily dropping year after year in the U.S., roughly the same numbers of people seem to be getting infected with the pathogen annually. The primary reason for this statistical anomaly appears to be that the current testing methods authorized by the USDA for meat and poultry are wholly inadequate and outdated and actually cover up the presence of contaminants borne on factory farms and in processing plants.

But a whole new set of guidelines being proposed by the USDA will make things even worse by allowing companies to self-inspect themselves, as well as use an even more aggressive barrage of chemicals to treat their tainted meat before selling it to consumers. This is good news for the factory poultry industry, of course, which is expected to cut its costs by about $250 million a year, thanks to its buddies at the USDA, but it’s bad news for consumers who will be subjected to all the toxic consequences.

If you have ever seen any of the shocking, undercover footage showing how chickens, turkeys and other animals are treated at factory farms, then you already know the type of filth and abuse to which these poor animals are routinely subjected. Because of their horrific living conditions, factory farm animals are often teeming with harmful pathogens, which is why their meat has to undergo chemical treatments in the first place before being packaged and served on dinner tables — it is a truly disgusting process, to say the least.

According to documented reports, after the animals are slaughtered, conventional poultry is essentially hung on long conveyor lines and sprayed, bathed and injected with all sorts of chemical solutions, including chlorine bleach, before ultimately being hauled off to the supermarket. These chemical solutions are, of course, carefully designed to kill any bacteria and render the meat “safe” for human consumption, the ultimate “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for the factory food industry, if you will.

USDA intends to throw more chemicals, less regulation at poultry industry dilemma

But like all other chemical-based solutions that compliment industrial food production, this process is ultimately failing to subdue and kill pathogens the same way that it used to back in the old days. A cohort of new scientific research recently submitted to the USDA reveals that the routine processes by which the factory food industry covers its frightful tracks are no match to a whole new generation of “superbugs” that resist these chemicals — and the USDA’s proposed solutions only further add to the problem by covering it up with even more chemicals.

“If the new rule is implemented, all chicken will be presumed to be contaminated with feces, pus, scabs, and bile and washed in a chlorine solution,” explains “Consumers will eat chicken with more chemical residue and contaminants. With faster production rates, workers’ injuries will increase. They will also face breathing and skin problems from constant exposure to chlorine wash. OSHA will take the next 3 years to study the impact of the faster processing lines on workers, but USDA wants to implement the rule immediately.”

To take direct action against this heinous USDA agenda for factory chicken, you can contact the White House by visiting the “Take Action Now!” page:

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  1. Janet Rodriguez that’s true not only is it more expensive but is harder to get a hold of :/ still we do what we can cx and yeah I’ve seen the movie lol but there’s just to much demand for fast food so they don’t make healthy food restaurants anymore xc.

  2. Edwin have you seem the movie food inc.? My health teacher showed it to us in class’s three months ago n I don’t eat fast food any more n try to get as much organic stuff as I can but it’s hard cuz it’s expensive :/

  3. this is wrong>what happened 2 pride,honesty,quality,caring 4 yr fellow man?? lye 2 remove tomatoe &peach skins,chlorox bleach,pesticides,feces,PLEASE WE should B able 2 trust Grown Or MaDE IN USA !!

  4. They are making us sick so they can experiment on us. Why else do you think it’s become mandatory for all to get “health care”? Because they know people WILL need it. More money too. Money being put into the healthcare system, people getting sick from the fake and unclean food. People needing medical attention because of it. Sadly people being obese used to be very rare now it is so common. Know why because of the GMO’s they are putting in your food, the steroids. Those things are causing people to get fat and sick. Wake up people! They are intentionally killing you. We have been in a famine for awhile and in order to keep the masses from freaking out they have modified our food to “make” more. But it is not real and our bodies are rejecting it that is why people are getting sick all the time. If you get sick then you will die and it’s less people to worry about and get to experiment on. Our bodies are made to know when something abnormal is being put in it, whether it be food, drugs or even fake body parts, and it reacts by rejecting it and fighting it, then you become sick. Your body having these reactions of sick are signs of rejecting something abnormal inside of you. How can you people not know your own bodies? That you have to go to someone else that doesn’t have a clue either that is why they run tests and experiment on you. If you were tuned in to the spiritual gift of the Lord you’d know yourself. But instead you are in-tuned to this world and are lost with your own self. Wake up!!!!!!!!11

  5. My cousin was a US inspector and this has already happened. Before she retired 2 yrs. ago they took the power away from inspectors and gave it to the plants that process our poultry. She said beef , pork all the same. Justin Thyme you are ahead of times with that.

  6. Ryan I have a chicken coop with 3 chickens but they are pets and worth so much more alive then chicken. I’ve found that my chickens lay around 2-4 eggs a day so far which produces about 70 calories per egg and over their lifetime produces more food and protein than if I killed them. If you want food chickens they do have some that naturally grow faster and are ready to eat in 3 months. Mine took around 5 months before I got eggs. It’s a hobby.

  7. -What are these anti human mad scientists trying to achieve really. Drs, the pharmaceutical industry and these mad scientist,to mention a few, are benefiting big time from the business of diseases as they increase toxins on food plates..

  8. So nothing has really changed… mass produced meats are chlorine washed three times as it is, before reaching market, and are still thirty times as contaminated as meat from your local farm… trust me its worth the extra buck a pound.

  9. Its up to the consumer to know what they’re getting themselves into. Take responsibility for your actions. If you get sick from eating garbage that’s your own fault and no one elses.

  10. They need more sick people to buy their pills, dam this is a good scam for the demons. Be careful what you put in your body people bcause its legal to poison the whole fuckn country

  11. This is the run up to the push for passage of the Trans Pacific Partnership. These new standards are the same as less strict countries in the partnership. Watch out they are trying to errode our regulations that have kept our food safe for years. The profits go up and our safety goes down.

  12. I dated a gentleman many, many years ago in the 70’s who was a consultant for the chicken industry. He said he could never eat a chicken after he visited one of the farm/production plants. Get to know your farmer and buy local.

  13. Living in the Midwest we can get fresh meat cows out- number people 2-1 in SD & their are places to buy fresh raised cow, even a whole cow ! Chicken is another storywhich sux cause I do like chicken

  14. This is what is coming through globalization and the one world government. Don’t think your government is going to take care of you…it might look like but only until they have the power to take over. Then your out and their in. Beware of a government that has more power than you do. Don’t fall for their lies.

  15. Gross. How did it happen that the agency given the duty to ensure our safety and health in our food has come to this??? Oh yeah, Monsanto and the Revolving Door in govt… Despicable. Eat organic fruits & veggies, and free-range, grass fed animals.

  16. the foods that are being provided for us ( anything in a box, anything processed, sugar etc.) is what is giving everyone cancer among other diseases!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at the young girls these days compared to olden days…they are so much more developed now……..comes from the crap they put in our food! They are killing people and don’t care.

  17. I worked at the nations’s oldest independent food testing laboratory as Director of Marketing and Business Development for a year. The things I learned there and the food I observed being tested, changed my whole outlook on processed food.

  18. I guess you haven’t seen this yet. If the people of this country would stand up and stand together this crap would stop!!! But people just accept everything these days and just lay down and die!!! Wake up – Stand Up and accept only what is good and wholesome for your family, NO LESS!!!

  19. Here in the northwest we do have some choices. We have local farms, and even one of the bigger producers, Draper Valley, uses no hormones or antibiotics in even their regular chicken. It’s better than what comes from Kansas

  20. Claire it’s not just animal meats. It’s also in GMO, regular & organic fruits & veggies (of course not feces or pus) but even organic sometimes it can’t be stopped. Growing you own in a “covered” greenhouse is the safest way.

  21. Chlorine has been used for a long time not that it is the correct thing to do health wise. As for this deal of pulling inspectors off the line and trusting poultry companies to do their own inspection is by far the dumbest thing they have ever done. I’ve worked sanitation and food safety almost 20 years in poultry plants and I can tell you that this is going to be almost as big a train wreck as Obamacare!!

    • and they feed cows other cows, knowing full well cows are vegetarian, can’t digest meat and it causes mad cow disease which is as dangerous to us as it is to the cow. Yet they continue to do it. INSANITY!!!

  22. Sorry wannabe vegetarians…Monsanto poisons your veges. I’m a vege–one must be diligent in finding organic produce BUT, even organics are compromised by Monsanto’s poison:'(

  23. First sentence….
    “The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is currently (((in the process))) of trying to ram through passage of a new “modernization” rule …”

    So no….it’s not in effect. And that should be known.

  24. I’m so glad my husband and I are slowly becoming vegetarians. After reading this I think the conversion process may be a little faster and easier for us even though we buy organic and grass fed when we did buy meats. Ew, gross! What’s wrong with the people of this world. Don’t they know they are included in “they” and only hurt themselves and their own families for allowing this crap into our food system? Do they think this won’t affect them? Geesh! And now, they’re shipping our meat to China. No thanks. I’ll be in the veggie dept.

  25. It used to not be this way, but thanks to the billionaire backed seditious republicans and their fight for the very tip top wealthiest corporations they’ve worked hard to DEREGULATE things that were regulated for a reason to protect us, and that is why the GOPers are so hell bent on killing our government because it is there to protect us from the greedy.

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  27. So disgusting.. but people will go blindly and eat this crap .. your talkin about restaurants who serve y ou fast food this is where you will see most of this poultry going. because it is completely disguised in a commercial with shiny happy laughing faces. So tired of hearing the excuses of people saying I cant afford to eat better. Its a lazy cop out really. I pay very little more than i did before for food, and i eat nearly 100% organic. Shop at Costco. more for your money. there are so many alternatives, but people are lazy and are literally more addicted to fast food and soda than ANY drug like heroin. And believe me Heroin would probably be a better choice than the food your eating from Monsanto GMOs .. I digress

  28. this is why I raise my own chickens. It’s easy and the manure is great for the garden. Chickens are also composting machines, I don’t pay to haul off yard debris anymore either. And if you can butcher your own birds, there are many local butchers to handle that for you.

    • I’ve met a few people who can’t go without eating meat. They have a medical problem that causes them to become seriously ill if they don’t eat meat. It has nothing to do with Protein!
      I’d prefer to Hunt for my food! Safer, no Human Growth Hormones, no Antibiotics, no added government approved poisons!!!
      I have had Raw cows Milk, Goats Milk, fresh eggs right from the chicken’s nest, fresh chicken meat, fresh cow and pig meat, I’ve eaten Deer, Raccoon, Rabbit, Buffalo, duck and goose! I grew up with a huge garden with fruits and veggies! Most of my food was made fresh and from scratch! No artificial anything, No preservatives, no sweeteners! We had Fresh breads, canned fruits and veggies, homemade Jellies and jams, fresh pies and cakes! We had homemade cookies and candies too! We also got fresh Maple syrup and honey!! Not the crap they sell in the stores today!!
      Oh, and I was born in the early 60’s!!
      Being Vegan/Vegetarian is a Choice! But some people can’t make that choice!!

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