Nine pharmaceutical drugs that can cause chronic fatigue

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by Jonathan Benson – Natural News

There are many different factors and underlying health conditions that can affect energy levels from day to day, as well as trigger the condition that is now commonly known as chronic fatigue. In addition to poor diet, irregular sleeping patterns, and preexisting health conditions, a common but unexpected cause of chronic fatigue is pharmaceutical drugs, which many people are likely unaware could be draining them of their energy and life.

Here are nine types of pharmaceutical drugs that are linked to causing chronic fatigue:

1) Blood pressure medications. Millions of people now take blood pressure medications like lisinopril (Prinivil, Zestril) and furosemide (Lasix) to ease the overall burden on their cardiovascular systems in the hopes of preventing future health problems like heart attack and stroke. But blood pressure drugs also tend to depress the entire nervous system, as well as deplete the body of the vitamins and nutrients it needs to produce energy, which can be a major trigger of chronic fatigue.

2) Statin drugs. Many people suffering from systemic inflammation take statin drugs to artificially lower their cholesterol levels, in accordance with their doctors’ orders. Besides all the other extreme negative side-effects of taking statins (, one major side-effect that is often overlooked involves the drugs’ tendency to inhibit muscle growth and the production of energy at the cellular level. As a result, many people who take statins experience a steady decline in energy levels over time, which can develop into chronic fatigue.

3) Benzodiazepines. Commonly prescribed to treat anxiety disorders, benzodiazepines tend to sedate or hypnotize patients in order to treat conditions like depression, insomnia, and severe muscle spasms. But it is this induced sedative effect that tends to elicit drowsiness, which often worsens as patients develop a tolerance to benzodiazepines and begin taking higher doses of these drugs. The end result for many taking benzodiazepines is a chronic lack of energy and drive, also known as chronic fatigue.

4) Proton pump inhibitors. Poor diet and a lack of vital nutrients tends to cause acid reflux and various other digestive disorders in many people. And while proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) like lansoprazole (Prevacid) and omeprazole (Prilosec) can offer immediate relief from such symptoms, these drugs also tend to deplete magnesium stores from the body. And magnesium deficiency can lead to a host of severe illnesses, including extreme weakness and fatigue.

5) Antihistamines. Allergies are on the rise in modern society, and many people are obeying the television commercials they see that advise them to take drugs like loratadine (Claritin) and cetirizine (Zyrtec) to manage their allergy symptoms. But these histamine blockers often induce tiredness and drowsiness in patients as well, which over time can worsen and develop into chronic fatigue.

6) Antipsychotics. In mainstream Western medicine, serious behavioral disorders such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder often call for harsh anti-psychotic medications. But because drugs like aripiprazole (Abilify) and risperidone (Risperdal) are powerful depressants, they tend to induce extreme fatigue, lethargy, and overall weakness in many patients. Anti-psychotics also tend to artificially lower dopamine levels in the body, which can also lead to chronic fatigue.

7) Antidepressants. At least 30 million Americans now take some type of antidepressant drug to manage anxiety disorders such as depression, as well as to treat chronic pain and other related conditions. And while common antidepressants like fluoxetine (Prozac) and sertraline (Zoloft) mask undesired symptoms in some patients, they also tend to trigger fatigue, especially during the first few weeks of treatment. By inhibiting the normal function of brain neurotransmitters like serotonin and norepinephrine, antidepressants also obstruct natural hormone levels, which in turn can lead to chronic fatigue.

8) Antibiotics. There are many reasons why taking antibiotic drugs is a bad idea, particularly because they destroy good intestinal bacteria and also trigger the emergence of antibiotic-resistant “superbugs” ( But another common, yet unsuspected, side-effect of taking antibiotics is that they often cause extreme fatigue and tiredness. Taking natural antibiotic alternatives like colloidal silver, oil of oregano, and garlic is much safer and more effective than taking antibiotic drugs, and these options will not cause chronic fatigue.

9) Diuretics. Many people who have trouble urinating or who have high blood pressure take diuretic drugs to help boost the elimination of water from their bodies. But diuretics also tend to draw out necessary electrolytes like sodium, potassium and chloride from the body as well, which can lead to severe mineral deficiencies. And it is these deficiencies that can bring about chronic fatigue, as the body struggles to produce enough energy due to a lack of proper nutrients.

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  1. I would like to know where they got these so called 'facts'! I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and between my doctors and the CDC, I was told it is a blood disorder! I think this is a bunch of B.S. and would like to challenge the writer on this.

  2. Kathy Mays Milam

    They didn't say Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, they said chronic (persistent) fatigue. If you read the patient handouts for any of the above mentioned drugs chronic fatigue is listed as a possible side effect.

  3. Sarah Hanisko

    It's amazing what prescribed drugs can do in addition to helping us. I ended up with drug induced lupus from years of minocycline to treat acne. Glad it helped the acne but the side effects were horrible.

  4. Heather Pickett

    That sucks, Sarah Hanisko I tried going without the Lisinopril for a while because my blood pressure isn't really too high, and my ankles swelled up so bad it was scary. Turns out I need it for my kidneys, so I started taking it again and now I have to nap twice a day.

  5. Scott Owen Johnson

    Anna Gregory ~ Glad to see the apology. Most people refuse to acknowledge when they make a mistake. We all need to follow your example…

  6. I experienced extreme fatigue for A YEAR after taking Cipro. I wasn't sleepy. I was exhausted. It felt like I had a cold – like I just wanted to collapse. This was just one of my horrifying symptoms. Please stay away from Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox and other fluoroquinolones. They're dangerous drugs and there are safe alternatives. for more info on fluoroquinolones.

  7. Debbie Foster

    There was a long period of time about 18 yrs ago I had to take antipychotics , antidepressants and some others , I did'nt have any health conditions before,, now 8 years after stopping all the drugs I'm left with chronic fatigue & arthritis( neither of which is any where in my family history) I have been convinced for 6 yrs the antipychotics and all the other medication they had me take combined for a decade have left me with these health problems and an under active thyroid , and I have said as much to more than one GP. Now I'm 110% sure , iIF ONLY I knew then what I know now! Life was hard then but life is unbearable now , if I could prove beyond a doubt it was all those drugs that have left me with no quality of life I would take the NHS to court and sue.

  8. Debbie Foster

    Anna I'm so pleased you seem to have drs who believe there's something wrong with you , my doctors give me the impression there's no such illness as chronic fatigue syndrome and it being a blood disorder has certainly never been mentioned , I'm not even on any treatment of any kind.. as its not possible to treat something that does'nt even exsist!

  9. Audra Hughes

    well, we have a huge population of Diabetic Individuals in the United States, and I'm very surprised Metformin didn't make the list. It will make your Pancreas process sugar, but line your arteries with plaque, only adding to complications of atherosclerosis or BP issues – Yeah?

  10. I see some comments on Lisinopril. I was on it and it built up in my system sending me to the e.r. The doctor told me it's made from snake venom, so it seems very plausible that it made my body toxic…

  11. Lisa Stikes

    I have CF (2 yrs now) and I've never taken any of these. I eat all organic veggies & fruits (I'm Vegan of 10 yrs) and take Multi vitamins and extra Iron. I exercise regularly and am very fit, but am ALWAYS tired and completely drained. WHO KNOWS where mine came from. ;/

  12. Lisa Stikes

    Kari C. Fung nope, they have checked that too! ;) Had a FULL blood panel done and "nothing is wrong" yet I can barely stay awake some days. It's actually gotten better with pregnancy, maybe the pre-natals have helped..still I slept all day today.

  13. Terry Nixon

    One has to make the decision whether they want to continue to live and take the prescribed medications, or gamble their fate on the sometimes exaggerated claims made by "Natural healing" purveyors who always have another product to sell you.

    Would I prefer to use natural products? Yes if there were clinical trials and if they were proven to work. The "Natural Remedies" people point to the countless billions of dollars made by prescription companies, giving them lots of clout in politics and medicine, however they also share in these profits as well.

    The "Natural Health" industry has always freely dispensed misinformation about the side effects of prescription medicines, causing this or that. One has to weigh the seriousness of the medical problem and how much faith they place in either natural junk, or prescription medications. It boils down to trust and exaggerated claims on all medicines. Look at the long disclaimers now being given on TV commercials for prescription medications. Kind of makes you think the cure is worse than the illness.


  14. Holly Keefer

    Did it ever occur to you that all of this could just be the work of simple genetics coupled with your body getting a little older?

  15. You say you would use natural remedies it there were clinical trials…do you really think those trials wouldn't be biased? Big Pharm and the government surely do not want you to use something like nature to cure your illness when you can spend thousands of dollars using "their" cures. Personally, I will take my chance with nature not Science.

  16. Britta Jeffries-Blanchard

    People with an ounce of understanding about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome know that sufferers also most often experience cognitive dysfunctions because of the debilitating fatigue. Not to sound snippy, I'm not "glad" to see Anna Gregory's apology, but rather I commend her for stepping forward and owning it. It's even harder sometimes to admit one's misjudgment when you're sick with a devastating chronic illness that robs you of your life.

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  18. I so believe this after being on so many supposedly helpful drugs for this and that-genuinely-and have been left so depleted and sicker than I ever was to begin with..just utterly spent and shut down.Now I am on Chinese herbs and acupuncture and we shall see, but I sure as hell feel like western meds have poisoned me (with little relief from pain etc).Was I toxic to begin with? Most likely, as a sugar-addicted,gluten saturated being! I feel optimistic for the first time in ever!

  19. Maritza Corliss

    This article isn't selling any snake oil. It's listing a few prescription drugs that treat things that are generally non life threatening and there is no question that they can be solved and prevented with good diet and lifestyle choices. And yes, the long disclaimers should be enough to deter anyone. The possible side effects of these unnatural chemicals are always much worse than the problem they are advertising for. Ever seen a commercial for Kale? Don't trust anything that has a tv commercial.

  20. Colleen Geary

    Cheryl Prince, I'd recommend you befriend DrAnn Blake-Tracy on facebook. She has much information on how to carefully get off your antideppresants. You need to go off very slowly. The amount of time you've been on them, it takes half that time to get off. I've done it by filing my pills. She's amazing…hope this helps

  21. Could be your adrenals. I had all the same symptoms, eat right, was exercising until I got adrenal burnout. Started eating more protein, fish and chicken, I am starting to feel better. I was vegan and personally feel for me that's what did it. Maybe try imcluding some salmon in your diet.

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