Non-GMO Food Companies With Printable List Of Brands

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By: Caryn Talty, B.S.Ed., M.A.

Need a list of non-GMO companies? We’ve put together one and include tips on where you can go to buy non-GMO products. In many cases these non-GMO companies sell products in your local box store. Some of these products are naturally gluten free, and some are not.

List of Non-GMO companies:

1. Amy’s Organics:

Amy’s sells both gluten free and products that contain gluten. You can find Amy’s frozen entrees and canned goods at places like Jewel Foods, Dominicks, Walmart, Peapod, and Whole Foods. This is a widely distributed brand of vegetarian foods. There are no meat, eggs, fish, or poultry are in any of their products. They do use dairy, however.

2. Applegate Farms:

*update 5-29-13* recieved an email clarifying a few things regarding Applegate Farms’ products being 100% GMO free. Their line of “organic” products is 100% non-GMO as expected. However, a few of their “natural” line of products we’re found to have GMO ingredients which they are working “agressively” to remove as quickly as possible. For this list email the company from their website. They have assured us they will have all of their products 100% non-GMO asap. They are a stand up company who is on the forefront of becoming 100% GMO free as a whole, not just their “organic” product offerings. Please note – Applegate is also listed on the “Printable list of brands below”.

Applegate Farms Organics sells mainly frozen and fresh meat products and cheeses. They have both gluten free and products that contain gluten. You can easily find Applegate Farms Organics products at places like Kroger’s, Jewel Foods, Trader Joe’s, Peapod, and Whole Foods. They have a product locator page which makes shopping very convenient, too. Visit the link to check off what you want to buy and enter your zip code. You’ll get a list of local stores that carry it. They also have an online store. Applegate Farms does not guarantee their Naturals line is non-GMO.

3. Ciao Bella Gelato:

Need a dessert brand that is healthy, free from high fructose corn syrup and non-GMO? You need to try a dairy free sorbet from Ciao Bella Gelato. Local Chicago area readers can buy Ciao Bella at Super Target, Whole Foods, and Peapod. They are at Safeway stores and you can even buy them online.

4. Earthbound Farm:

This is one of the most popular non-GMO companies. Earthbound sells fresh grown vegetables, fruit, granola, cookies, etc. Not all of their products are gluten free. You can get their lettuce greens and spinach in plastic containers at Jewel Foods, Dominicks, Super Target, Walmart, Super Kmart, Whole Foods, Peapod, and Costco. There’s a complete list of stores on their website. They also have frozen fruit, dried fruit, and snack products as well. Their Dipping Doubles are perfect for lunchboxes.

5. Earth Balance:

If you are looking for non-GMO soy products, Earth Balance is a great brand. Not all their products are non-GMO verified, but they are working on additional products. You can find many Earth Balance products at Whole Foods and other area health food stores. The soy free buttery spreads are sold at most local grocery stores including Dominicks, and they are available at Peapod. Are you an shopper? They have select varieties of peanut butter for sale.

6. Eden Foods Organics:

This is one of our favorite non-GMO companies. At one time Eden Foods was not visible in the local grocery store. Today Eden Foods can be found at local Jewel Foods, Pete’s Fresh Market, as well as local health food stores. The biggest selection of their products is at Whole Foods. If you are not in the Chicago area, visit their store locator page to find a store near you. They sell a wide variety of canned products in BPA free containers, dried goods, snacks, tomato sauce products, condiments, fruit products, and whole grains. You can also order online and have their food delivered. With Eden Foods promo code ECO13 you’ll get 20% off your online purchases until May 31, 2013.

7. Lundberg Family Farms:

Lundberg sells a wide variety of rice products. Allergic to MSG? None of their products contain hydrolyzed vegetable protein. They carry vegan, kosher, and gluten free labels on various products. You can get organic rice cakes, organic brown rice syrup, organic rice couscous, organic MSG free risottos, organic rice chips, and organic rice. Where to buy? Get it at Meijer, Jewel Foods, Ultra Foods, Walmart, Whole Foods, Peapod, and Super Target. It’s also sold at many smaller food markets and health food stores nationwide. See their store locator page.

8. Mary’s Gone Crackers:

This gluten free non-GMO company sells cookies, crackers, pretzels, and crumbs. Local Chicago area consumers can find this brand at Jewel Foods, Peapod, Ultra Foods, County Fair, and various health food stores. If you’d like to find Mary’s Gone Crackers Products in your area, visit their store locator page.

9. Nature’s Path:

This non-GMO company has a wide range of cereal products, toaster pastries, granola bars, oatmeal products, and even high protein chia products. They have a special section for gluten free products on their site as well. Find them at Peapod, Jewel Foods, Walmart, and various health food stores. You can also buy them at

10. Organic Valley:

Organic Valley products can be found at most local retailers in the Chicago area. Local readers can find this brand at places like Trader Joe’s, Walmart, Dominicks, Peapod, and Jewel Foods. The widest variety of their products can be found at Whole Foods. This non-GMO company sells milk, cream, yogurt, cream cheese, cottage cheese, sour cream, and butter. They’ve also got various cheese products, organic non-GMO soy products, juices, eggs, and produce. They also carry beef, chicken, pork, and turkey products. Gluten free shoppers need to check out their gluten free products listing.

11. Pacific Foods:

There aren’t many non-GMO companies that sell broths. Pacific Foods is one of them, and they can be found online through Peapod. Pacific Foods does not use MSG in their products. They sell vegetable broths, chicken broths, and beef broths. They have a wide variety of cream soups, carton soups, and condensed soups. This is the brand you want for non-GMO cream of mushroom soup. Pacific Foods also has non-GMO nut and grain drinks. During the holidays you can get cranberry sauce and pumpkin puree from Pacific Foods. Gluten free and food allergy shoppers need to see their page on special diets to find safe products. Don’t shop Peapod? Try Whole Foods or

12. Spectrum Organics:

Looking for non-GMO companies that make healthy oils? Spectrum Organics is a great non GMO brand. Healthy dieters are often told to use Canola oil when cooking. Unfortunately, canola oil is commonly made with GMO canola. Spectrum Organics carries non-GMO organic canola oil, organic flax oil, organic olive oil, and organic mayonnaise made with olive oil. Spectrum is one of our favorite non-GMO companies. They sell products at Meijer, Dominicks, Super Target, Kroger’s, Peapod, and Whole Foods. Locally, we buy ours from Lil’s Dietary Shop in Beverly. Visit their store locator page to find out where to buy. They also sell palm oil, which is a great substitute for butter in baked goods. Do you use Crisco oil or margarine? Start using Spectrum Palm Oil or Coconut Oil instead.

13. Stonyfield Organic:

This company is one of the pioneers in non-GMO labeling and sustainable farming. They sell yogurt, milk and cream, frozen yogurt, ice cream, and non dairy cultured soy yogurt products. Stonyfield can be found at nearly every large national chain store in the U.S. Stonyfield is found at Meijer, Dominicks, Super Target, Kroger’s, Peapod, and Whole Foods.

14. Simple Truth and Wild Harvest:

In addition to these major organic and non-GMO companies, both the Super Valu and the Kroger grocery stores have private label organic brands. Super Valu has several chain stores that carry their Wild Harvest organic foods label. These chains are: Acme, Albertson’s, Bigg’s, Cub Foods, Farm Fresh, Hornbacher’s, Jewel-Osco, Lucky, Shaw’s/Star Market, Shop ‘n Save and Shoppers Food & Pharmacy. Kroger also has several chain stores that carry their Simple Truth organic label brand.

If you are shopping for Simple Truth and Wild Harvest be sure you are buying food with organic written on the label. There is a MAJOR difference between the two labels. Foods marked as natural are not regulated. This means that they can contain pesticides and GMO ingredients in them. This can be quite tricky when you are shopping, so always look for the label.

Download and print the full list Here


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  1. Had the Vanco pumped into my veins for a week two IV bags a day was hospitalized and almost lost my left foot and now complications and have to go to a infectious disease DR.I will say that crap burnt like hell and blew out 8 veins after reading this I am more concerned

  2. Something else people might be interested in is an app for smart phones called Buycott. Go to and choose campaigns you want (including avoiding GMOs). Then you can use your phone’s camera to scan bar codes on food items. Scan personal care items and household cleaning products if you want to avoid animal-tested products. There are dozens of these campaigns on the site, or you can start one of your own. Nifty little app!

  3. Even Walmarts carries some of these brands and some grocery stores do also. Whole Foods carries some of these brands and their own brand which is much less expensive. It’s called 365.

  4. did you know that the advertisements on your website are to vote NO on 522….isn’t this against your belief? It sure is mine. I am voting yes because I want GMO labeling and hope the state of Washington does, because it is important to know what we are making a choice about spending our own money on in the store to feed ourselves.

  5. *please note* i read somewhere the other day that organic valley has caved into Monsanto. i need to research this myself, but please use research and use discernment with that one. ALSO apparently, even though Silk brand soymilk is ‘nongmo verified’ their parent company is a giant pro-gmo corporation that has paid $254k to fight GMO labeling in CA on prop37. aside from the fact that Silk nondairy creamer has “palm oil” in it, which hundreds of thousands of rainforests are being demolished for and orangatangs are being brutally bulldozed over and killed because there are no human laws for destroying the rainforest for so many companies globally for palm oil. say NO to palm oil! Also, even though hain-celestial on their ‘garden of eaten’ corn chips says on the package that they do not use GMOs, and even says ‘gmo verified” apparently …also they recently started using non organic canola oil (which is totally sketchy- there is nothing natural about canola- it isn’t even a plant! and if it isn’t organic it is GMO obviously, duh!) ….and also when you call them there is a carefully scripted answer they give about how they cannot guarantee their products to be GMO free. as far as i am concerned, if an organic company is owned by a pro-gmo giant, lets NOT give them our dollars, because they are still making gmo products and who knows if gmos are sneaking into these so-called “organic” products? zero integrity companies cannot be trusted.

  6. Your article says Applegate is planning to go 100% Non-GMO, however, when you look at Applegate’s website, it looks like they have no intention of going to non-gmo feed for their animals any time soon, so you may want to make that distinction. To be non-gmo project verified, their feed for the animals would also need to be Non-GMO.

  7. Thanks for the list. But please note that Lundberg’s products for the most part may say Organic, but do no necessarily say nonGMO. Read the labels carefully.

  8. not sure if anyone else has this problem, but thought i’d make you aware of it…..if trying to “like” & “share” an article directly from your web page to FB, it does NOT post to FB!!!!

  9. Oh and do you know when Applegate farms will stop using gmos? We buy their natural line so I’m a tad disappointed I’m spending more and getting the same. Hope it’s soon!

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