Rachel Parent: The 14-Year-Old GMO Labeling Activist

rachel parent GMO

In August 2013, Rachel Parent, a 14-year-old anti-GMO-foods activist, was interviewed by CBC News commentator, Kevin O’Leary. In the interview, O’Leary expressed concern that Rachel had become a shill or lobbyist for environmentalists. The video, below, went viral on social media, with many viewers regarding O’Leary as having embarrassed himself.

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  1. And the way he tries to give words into her mouth. Gosh. Are you agains science? No asshole, she is against “raping” nature and poisoning the food and the earth. You cannot modify gens. That’s it. And labelling is essential to make us able to chose. Tests for 90 days??? 90 years would be the basic. It took billions of years for evolution to create natural things, how dares Monsanto wants to change that? Outrageous!

  2. Cheyenne Lacy, I wish I could agree however, everyone is jumping on the organic bandwagon and labelling
    their products as such. A product with 95% organic material can be classified as organic and yet still have 5% GMO’s in it. Little do many people know that some of these companies are owned by popular brands like kraft, Campbell’s etc which support non labelling of GMO’s and have put forth hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to the make it work in their favor. Unless we continue to read the ingredients or grow our own food this will continue to be a problem. I’m beyond against GMO’s and I hope that some day soon Canada will say no to Monsanto!

  3. Full on assault on a 14 year old girl and still gets shut down. This is very unsettling and crazy, especially after the part where he says we are currently in the middle of a long term experiment Referring to us. He is just a creepy fuck too. If he ever spoke to my child that way I think I would punch him out.

  4. Betting he doesn’t eat gmo foods either. What a DB, his examples are stupid. If we grew Organic foods, there would be more then enough foods for everyone. Just greedy companies feeding us their poison.

  5. Every day another country or state says no to Monsanto and GMO’s. Bhutan, Nepal, Hawaii, and a couple of fast food chain restaurants. No way are they going to win, no way in hell. Never underestimate how stupid people can be but never think for a moment that they can’t be enlightened and turned around.

  6. Every time I see this I laugh at how for so many years and years O’Leary has made such an in your face point, overrr and overrr about how what’s important to him is money, how the bottom line is always money. At least he’s honest about that. To me it’s so obvious that he’s lining his pockets with his arguement, which he acts very very poorly in. Congrats to you sir, you have stuck with the bottom line, but you can’t fool me pretending you all of a sudden grew a heart.

  7. This is why Ive been turning my home into a homestead. I grow everything that my children and I eat and all of our eggs (not zoned for chickens 🙁 ) poultry, beef and pork come from a Local Farm where we can see our meat and KNOW what they are fed. All our Fish comes from a Local Fish Market and our Grains come from Trader Joes who stand by being a NON-GMO brand 🙂

  8. She’s smarter than those interviewing her…. Why is it that when a “kid” steps forward with her passion for change and activism … some think she’s being used…SHE has a passion for the future… SHE is our future like all children are…. I honor her for being a voice for her generation and future generations…. NOT close minded… Kids actually are way more open to all possibilities than adults. … if you don’t understand do your own research like she did… and be open minded…. To the fact that we are not lab rats…playing with our food in an unnatural wayis dangerous just for ten years down the road.. for FDA to say yes THIS IS CAUSING DEATH AND CANCER……. and then the majority sees the truth… wont that be too late.. Thank God for people like her who do stand up for something they believe in ……. before its to late….. or its a popular idea……

  9. Look at the look on O’Leary’s face….what a creep. He’s so sick looking, like a true psychopath that just can’t stand the idea of anyone standing up to him and challenging him. He doesn’t even listen to what she has to say, he just jumps in there and cuts her off and twists and contorts everything she is saying. Loser!

  10. I’m most impressed Rachel you go GIRL!!! You handled all that in the most professional way I loved that you did not let them get to you but you sure got to him lmao! I felt he was insulting your intelligence the whole way but you kept it together I’m so proud keep up the good work you blew their socks off !!!!

  11. I wonder if he feels like more of a man for showing us he can put a 14 year old in her place! This upsets me the most….”but we’ve been eating gmos for 10 years without even knowing it” Let’s statistically go and take a look at things like adhd, autism, breast cancer, auto-immune diseases….it’s getting worse and worse. When will some connect the dots??

  12. Did she even get to really talk about the subject at hand or did the interviewers just sit there & attack her about what ‘group’ shes with or why she just won’t say ok to gmo’s? I applaud her for keeping her cool with these idiots. They heard nothing she said. At. All.

  13. There is plenty of evidence of problems from GMO foods and everyone had alternatives. How ridiculous to say you don’t have a choice in buying corn. Come on there is organic food everywhere

  14. Awesome video. The only reason gmos exist is because of monoculture. People in Peru have a potato farm with thousands of different species of potatoes so therefore they don’t need pesticides!

  15. Mr. O Leary tried to tell Rachel that it was lack of vitamins in Rice that is causing blindness in children in developing countries. He should rather inform himself and know that lack of medical intervention after the child has been born, is the due cause of blindness, since no Silver nitrate has been administered to the babies eyes and the blindness is caused by bacteria in the birth canal. It is an ophthalmic antibiotic and the lack of it. He certainly has misguided facts.

  16. Even through I am Deaf, and did not hear what she said, for years I have told people about all the things that could be damaging to our bodies, health, food and environments nobody wanted to listen. One brother did also one sister after the others were gone, now I found a group of people who have Biblical Health and it will actually change your LIFE!!

  17. the planet has enough resources for everyone. clearly u like modified food, cause its all gone to your brain kevin. very simple earth grows natural food, why change it. people like u who steal millions from others has caused people to starve which is why we modify food in the fist place. now shhhh cause u got told by a 14 year old.

  18. He didn’t listen to what she was saying at all. He kept interrupting her and putting words in her mouth and accusing her of saying things she never said. He’s just so arrogant and so full of himself I don’t think he would even allow someone to think their own thoughts if there was a way to control that as well. She stood her ground and came out the winner. He’s just another white dude that is overly impressed with himself like so many men and don’t even listen to what others say. What a creep.

  19. Yes I am against built in Pesticides in all foods so that they are toxic to control insects and poison people. Do you want nicotine in your grains or is nicotine in Tobacco bad enough. and the nicotine doesn’t protect the tobacco the insects have evolved. it is only killing the bees and the butterfies

  20. Yes I am against all GMO that uses a virus and leaves the virus in the food that later causes Cancer. If the Food causes Cancer the FDA is required to Ban that food but they don’t. Why do we still have Trans-Fats ?

  21. Way to go Rachel. All the science manipulators and thier backers can line up and eat all the cyanide laced quickly grown vitamin free filler they say is good for us. When you alter something. You take the main attribute of that something away. The producers of this garbage have to inject color, flavor, and who knows what all chemically into these products. People have the right to know that. I don’t want to eat it. Go natural products. Let the garbage makers eat thier own garbage. That goes for Mr. O’Leary in the video.

  22. My 10 and 11 year olds (soon to be 11 and 12) are both equally passionate about this, and long to get more actively involved. I’m so proud of the growing interest that the youth is showing and the courage they have to DO something.

  23. I could see Kevin seeing the light. He would open his own green houses, with fully organic plants, becoming the major distributor to majority of chains such as Subway and Wendies. In the process making another obscene fortune. That is because the public is leaning in this direction anyway, despite a massive media blitz against organic. The people want what the people want.

  24. Why isnt the health scares and dangers mentioned in her argument? She should also add that not enough food in the world for less fortunate ISNT a problem. We have WAY more then enough food being wasted every single year, garbage site piles worth of just food. Its the system that wont share it and thats broken

  25. o’leary is getting owned by a 14 great job young woman this guy sounds like a robot or a clown at the least I hope one day we can put these delirious people to shame and cram Gmo’s so far down their throats they realize how bad it is for them

  26. It’s also ironic that the head if the US FDA was high up in Monsanto… It’s ironic that a lot of ex Monsanto higher ups hold positions in our Government!!! COME ON THATS A TOTAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST!!! O’Leary is a part of media puppets!!!! Consumers have a right to know to decide I don’t buy ANYTHING with corn or Soy in it!!! My family does not eat corn or even popcorn anymore!!!

  27. I don’t get it, if it’s in such demand for countries outside of ours that are less fortunate, why is it not “given” by Monsanto and the like to these countries and instead supplied almost solely to our country and our ignorant consumer group? Oh, because other countries are skeptical and don’t let a corporation use them as guinea pigs.

    • They did “give” it to Haiti, in a form not to be touched by bare hands. Some Haitians who knew about it burned it. Others let their chickens eat it, which was not supposed to happen even with the company’s own label.

  28. Great interview!! Great Kid!! However, I personally do not feel that labeling GMO foods will help. There needs to be a more stats with real true life examples of what this can and has done to the people.
    Ex: a pack of cigarettes clearly states that using this product may cause health issues such as Emphysema and Lung Cancer, yet a large majority of the population still smoke!! So, in short, Simply
    ” labeling” the food is just the beginning 🙂

  29. Sad & pathetic that these two reporters resort to interrupting Rachel & rudely treating this young lady to try to discredit her, when she schooled them!!
    Organic & non- gmo is the only way to go to keep your family healthy, long term!!!!!! He’s the lobbiest for Monsanto!!!

  30. Everyone has the right to know what’s in their food, we are working and paying for it. I applaud this young lady. People have fought to have calories/fat content labeling of most products but we have an issue when it comes to labeling GMOs? Seriously? It affects our health just the same. The topic was GMO food labeling… nothing else. BRAVO RACHEL!

  31. She’s very passionate, I’ll give her that … but I must have missed the point where she “won” the debate, or whatever you want to call this discussion. If her whole position is “We should label our food with GMO warnings and information” … what exactly are they debating? It’s the reason WHY she feels that way that O’Leary is getting at. She’s missing the point. She doesn’t know why she feels this way, she’s just sure of it. Scary. Sounds like a typical Obama supporter … “I have a very strong view, but I have no idea why.”

    • To Samuel Chlebowski, aka Dr. Dingus, this girl isn’t “DUMB AS FUHHHH”. Like is that even English? Like do you even care about GMO’s? Are you secretly Satan in disguise? The evidence says yes.

  32. She isn’t THAT smart, shes 14 and looked up on the internet that GMO’s aren’t good for you and theres no labeling. She did basic research that anyone can do. I agree and am pro-labeling, but O’Leary is talking about the science behind GMO’s and it being used towards worldwide hunger. You think a starving African child cares if his food is grown with GMO’s?

    • Meanwhile down in Africa, WE care that their seeds are infesting our earth and our bodies, what with shyte like MON810. Guess who offered to compensation to farmers for pesticides when their ‘pest resistant’ seeds turned out to be NOT so resistant? I’m wondering just how they’re getting governments to change environmental laws to accommodate them? Oh Yes, enter Bill Gates. HUGE FAIL. Answer to Worldwide hunger? My arse. Sooner or later more fellow Africans will wake up and start burning those donated seeds like the Haitians did. We’re teaching each other about open pollenated seeds and starting seed banks. Rather hungry than being test lab rats… Or indebted by failed crops… Ps. Come visit. You’ll see that they’re not as visible in the countries where food is real a problem.

    • Oh dear let me rephrase…I think that when I say “starving children”, I’m not referring to every African person, or someone named Ann Jacobs who has a Facebook account and is probably doing okay. Mind me, I don’t know everyone’s financial situation and I’m not a mind reader. I’m talking about a kid who is getting bread made from GMO seed that he uses to feed his three brothers. I also don’t give a shit, I’m not here to say that the world isn’t a fucked up place, but this girl couldn’t even understand a counterpoint really to O’Leary just asking what about the science of GMO’s, shes just “Ahhh, I want the labeling”. Stop idolizing a girl that isn’t that intelligent.

  33. She’s just one voice and not the only. What’s the big deal about labeling? Why won’t they do that for the consumer as our right to know whats in our food? 90 days of testing is that all. I’m only just learning about GMO’s and from what I’ve just seen I want to know more! That guy was more fixated on his reputation so it seemed.

  34. See, when you eat a truck load of GMO’s it effects your brain like his. She is smart as a whim cuz she don’t eat any, therefore has clear thinking and can communicate well and understand reality well. LOL

  35. I like how he kept mentioning what about the less fortunate who benefit, because Monsanto is giving food away? To my understanding they have every little seed in lock down they don’t make money helping ppl, they make more money destroying our economy, heritage, and health.

  36. Yet she doesn’t care about it killing monarchy butterflies? What about the bees? If they die off around here we are dead. It’s an easy argument, we just need a bigger voice than a 14 year old because this is inhumane. Revolt!

  37. OLeary was condescending as he talked to her, like he usually is on Shark Tank and Dragon’s Den. He has a heart of stone, I think, and the reason why he is rich is because greed is his creed. If something can make him money, that is all that matters. I saw a show once where all the other investors on the panel thought the product was morally wrong and did not want to invest but Kevin was truly interested. It was an ap for cell phones that helped you hide it from your wife if you were cheating on her, or vice versa. Ha!

  38. Either GMOs are a saving grace of humankind or they are the water in the toilet bowl we are drowning on. Neither is completely true. GMOs can alter the nutrition in given crops and help reduce the impact of nutrient deficiency in a given area but that impact can be so minute that it reveals a marketing ploy on the side of a profit seeking company. Should GMO’s be completely done away with? And since democracy and our use of it is failing this country should we get rid of it too? Maybe what would be best is we stop wasting half of our time, or in the case of my comment most of the time, stating the obvious and overselling our arguments while belittling opposing arguments and realize that the middle ground is the only ground to work from.

  39. Wow. How many more times could smug O’Leary ask the same question? Does he not understand English? She is NOT anti-science, she wants independent, thorough testing and labeling, so that an informed public can make a choice…Smart girl.

  40. This my third time trying to post this thought. Liked the young women’s knowing her business and not letting Kevin distract her. Kevin’s persona is the same on the show “The Dragons Den”. He is a prick by nature…

  41. He was being a total jerk and she definitely stood up to him. He called her names and bullied her and she was freaking awesome in making her points. He is obviously in denial or a corporate hack himself. Love her !

  42. I saw this real and thought this young lady was very strong. She is on tract to be a major player in politics. I appreciated Kevin in the fact he gave her no slack and was not condescending. Fact is his persona is the same as when he does his program. That is “The Dragons Den”. The remarkable thing is she did not waiver having a conversation with a prick like him…

  43. O’Leary you have shown exactly what a condescending bought and paid for imbecile that you are! all she wanted was to give all a choice and more testing and you tried to manipulate her to saying GMO was safe! we dont know that yet, surely EXTERNAL testing by INDEPENDANT bodies would be a sensible and responsible outcome for all? But Monsanto wouldn’t ever agree to that now would they? Liars and cheats is what they come across as!

  44. talking louder and over a person doesnt make you right…. just makes you insecure and afraid of listening because you may just find out you arent right. Congrats Rachel 🙂 You are the real winner for knowing the truth

  45. He is smug. He also is part of the panel for a TV program called “The Dragon’s Den”, and he behaves the same way there . I did appreciate the fact he treated her with respect, and not with a condescending manner. God bless this young women for having the spirit of her convictions and being able to stand up to such a prick…

  46. It would be crazy ironic if Kevin Leory gets a vary rare disease from GMO’s, and dies in the name of “science”. Maybe then this Multi-billion dollar company will help all the starving kids around the world, because we all know how much big business cares about there “lab rats”.

  47. This ia Monsanto/ Agent Orange recently award ‘World Food Prize’ Geez people really need to get their facts straight. How can we call them heros! Our nation looks like a bunch of idiots. Condoning this behavior is unacceptable!

  48. This young lady is an articulate advocate for labeling GMO products! Good for her! Kevin Oleary is clearly behind The production of GMO foods. He must have a huge stock portfolio that includes Monsanto! They will use third world countries as a scape goat whenever it comes to GMOs. Theres not a plant on this earth that will grow in a year after year drought. Thats the reason we have hunger in these areas not because of diseases that effect plants. There were hunger problems before GMOs and there are hunger problems after GMO! We already know how to use plant selection to create natural pesticides with out chemicals! Europe has been against GMOs since its inception! Dont stop Rachel!

  49. shes too young to realize (or have the confidence to point out) that the entire debate boils down to the almighty dollar. of course hes going to argue that shes the closed minded child who doesnt support science or human lives. the truth is, money rules everything and his hands are so far inside the pot that he doesnt even realize that because of her age shes innocent still- money hasnt blindfolded her and her intentions are pure and of absolute caring. its so sad.

  50. Congrats for speaking on behalf of all of us concerned about GMO products. Kevin Oleary must have shares in Monsanto. He acts like ppl have no right to know what they’re eating, yet should be grateful for it. Never mind what it’s doing to our bodies. GMO labeling should be mandatory. Banning GMO is even a better solution. Thank you for speaking out on such an important topic!

  51. She did such a terrific job, he was trying to break her down but she stood her ground . I like the part where he try to talk about her daughter’s video,and Rachel said oh yeah I seen the video and I didn’t agree with everything she said and I have some pointers for her LOL at the end of all this I got the impression that Kevin O’leary it’s stupid and I believe his daughter is dumb as well!!

  52. I think she did great! I mean, let’s think about the context: National coverage, in front, a guy with more experience not only in media but in life, she never backed up, even made they guy seemed like a Monsanto employee… I repeat it, I think she did great!

  53. No wonder there so many cancer victims, and people dying of illnesses in this side of the wealthy planet. Interfere with Mother Nature s produce by genetically modifying crops Maybe cancer? Organically grown are safer.

  54. this girl is 14 years old ..let that set in.what an awesome girl! !! this is what we need a beautiful young girl with a great mind who wont back down ,for 14 she knows her shit!! she knows more than most adults.bright future for this young lady..gmo shouldn’t even be labeled they should be banned!

  55. It’s so funny that the majority of the young people do not understand that they (and any money they get their hands on) ARE being CONTROLLED by way older rich fat-cats like this who manipulate the media and investments so you buy what they want you too. Yes, Rich old farts ARE heavily involved in music and “youth-culture”. Anywhere they think they can make a buck they stick their dirty fingers in. They decide what music, art, movies, games, etc you get – it’s NOT the other way around anymore. They KNOW they have you by the short hairs (look it up if you don’t get it). THen this girl comes along and says “Enough, at least label it so I can make a choice” and folks come down on her. These SAME complainers now will complain later that “no-one did enough” when their health, their parent’s health, their children’s health are all failing because of nasty test-tube food.

  56. @Dror Wright Although YOU may find it hard to believe SOME 14-yr olds can read at a college level. I was one of them once upon a time and I find your ageist prejudice alarming. What? Young people can’t care, can’t learn enough so that when they come of age they can take on the issues that will affect their future? That’s bigotry and prejudice and I can ONLY assume it’s for the same lame-ass reason ALL bigotry and prejudice exist – money and trying to keep some segment of the population from understanding it so they can be exploited. Unfortunately in these times it’s trying to keep the children stupid in the name of “innocence” so they are easily CONTROLLED when they enter the work force.

  57. She could use the point too that GMO,s contaminate other crops, so no, it should not be ok to continue forward without long term testing. And Dror, hey man, 14 isn’t what it used to be! Get over the age discrimination.

  58. Why is a 14 ywar old an activist? Theres no way in hell a 14 year old could know enough about the world to even know what to change. Alla 14 year old can do is blindly follow a movement. I did some greatstuff at that age, but it was for the local community, not the friggin world

  59. O’Leary is a smug bastard. Greed is good he says. he also thinks he knows everything. I saw this segment and she is 100% correct. He just has too much money to lose if all GMO food had to be labelled. I wish she had called him on this.

  60. I love when she counters him with not only does the GMO not yield as much, but in order for the kid in China to get enough Vitamin A he would have to eat 27 bowls a day…and to further her point she states that they aren’t going blind from not enough Vitamin A in their rice, but in their diet as a whole. Then when he wants to show the clip from his daughter’s movie, she says , yeah I have seen it already. haha. Furthermore if more people were in touch with there food they would be more concerned. Kevin is a douche.

  61. He’s an ignorant dick. Sorry, but he is so full of himself, he didn’t even listen to what she was saying, kept accusing her of being anti science…….two adult idiots face off with a 14 year old responsible intelligent young woman……the adults should both be ashamed. Waht idiots.

  62. Did anyone notice that the new casters bullet point had her written down as 12 and yet continued to bleat on about her schooling ermm get her age right lol and good for her for not backing down , the younger generation care as it is them who will suffer as idiots like him only care about the money they make !!!

  63. Through out the whole video I kept thinking “she should have made this point or that would have been a really great time to say this” but for 14 she did well and I’m sure she was nervous! I hope we see her in five years still fighting him maybe with better points.

  64. The schooling part came in when she wouldn’t back down to him like his daughter did. Now that’s schooling. Teaching him that not every 14 year old girl is as weak minded as his daughter.

  65. “The whole culture of Pfizer is driven by sales, and if you didn’t sell drugs illegally, you were not seen as a team player,” said Mr. Kopchinski, whose personal share of the Pfizer settlement is expected to exceed $50 million. Mr. Kopchinski left Pfizer in 2003. …. “Under the agreement with the Justice Department, Pfizer will pay a $1.3 billion criminal penalty related to Bextra and $1 billion in civil fines related to other medicines.”
    How come the people in the company behind the scandal are not jailed for criminal activity?

  66. Furthermore, objectivity is the key! Don’t skirt around superficial issues. CLASSISM is the issue. Distribution of wealth, war profiteering, social injustices… but your platform is GMO’s?! BS if I ever heard it.

    In this type of setting why don’t we ever see the people that are malnourished that she is “supposedly” fighting for? Because it’s a gimmick…

  67. She’s a tool! Cretinous ideology on display by both sides. He called her exactly what she is a “shill” I was shocked by that! Never bring down someone’s illusion they’ll never see your point of view.

  68. Good on you girl… he tried to derail you, make you feel bad about kids around the world not getting enough food, state absolutes… and you withstood the challenges nobly and knowledgely. Stand by your principles always. Next time ask him to prove what foods are on his table each night.

  69. Wow O’leary, a death sentence NOT to have GMO’s? What about the death sentence that comes WITH eating GMO’s? I like how this girl held her own, She stayed on topic, despite his attempts to sway the interview with numerous fallacies. She’s obviously very informed and this one sided show only allowed her to scratch the surface on camera. I’d love to hear more of what she has to say… as for O’leary, he’s a fucking tool and embarrassed himself, he’s the one looking like a lobbyist! “we’re the lab rats” ?! Really O’leary, are you okay with that? You shouldn’t be!

    I’m glad to see children getting involved in the fight for GMO labeling and safety testing, as she said herself. It’s their future! Fight on girl! Youre doing an EXCELLENT job!

  70. O’leary is quite the arrogant p.o.s. He is one who is for out sourcing jobs to the Chinese just to make a bigger profit. He said it himself on “Shark Tank” He is in love with his money. Way to go Rachel, you are inspiration to many, young and old. Stand your ground, we have a right to know what is in the food we consume.

  71. she is a beautiful and mature girl who is very very very polite and contain herself way better than him… the supposedly ”adult’… i am embarrassed for his own daughter.. way to go Rachel… you are amazing

  72. O’Leary seemed very pro Monsanto. Just because we’ve been duped into eating this poison for years doesn’t mean we need to continue. We should be allowed to make our own informed decisions on what we consume. What a great kid!

  73. Very well put together argument to the young lady. Mr. O’leary and his counter part, first and foremost, need to let her complete a sentence as she allowed them to do. Two well spoken, educated, experienced adults against a young girl just coming into herself and thats how they treat her? Should be ashamed. Chris Rowley

  74. Our farm has been organic for decades, at one point fertilizer was applied to the fields by previous owners, but we have been tested and could register as organic IF we want to PAY the government for raising food the way it should be, they even offered to spread our 25 acre piece with BIOSOLIDS FOR FREE

  75. She’s brilliant!! A breath of fresh air! The big question O’Leary (same name as the crook who runs Ryanair) is not whether she wants to help develop food for starving and dying children but rather, who is to blame for them starving in the first place? Let’s start with the name Bilderberg! (Illuminati)

  76. kudos to Rachel for taking on some one like O’Leary. She really delivered a well put together argument_ and feel she put him in his place. I don’t think I could have said it better. Bravo!

  77. Kevin must work for Monsanto! Implying she is too young to know what she wants and believes in and that she is a shill! Shame on you, you BIG BULLY! Here’s a study for ya…you keep eating GMO’s for the next 20 years and you let us know how your prostate/pancreatic/stomach cancer, erectile dysfunction, diabetes and heart disease work out for ya, and Rachel, who will then be in her early 30’s, maybe will give you a hug and a big fat “TOLD YA SO 20 YEARS AGO”!!! During your chemo treatments(because there will NEVER be a CURE) think about how you should have listened to a 14 year old shill who didn’t know what she was talking about!

  78. Do you want the children to die?..no Kevin we want Monsanto to stop messing with our food, and poisoning people. This young lady has more integrity than all Monsanto’s people and you Kevin O’Leary combined. Her parents must be proud, and rightfully so.

  79. What an amazing young lady. I would like to know if Mr. O’Leary has any connections with the GMO company, like he always states in his tv show..it is all about money. Mr. O’Leary is that passionate about children in other countries.. right..need some proof on that one.

  80. Eat this genetically modified food, and your risks could be mild. Eat another, and they could be fatal. This is why Knowledge is important. Whether or not you choose to acknowledge the risks is up to you. She is an advocate for having the general public be informed. And at 14 years old, how can anyone be overly critical of someone who is under the pressure of an interview for a major news network, and still manages to display more composure and conscious debate over something she has clearly done her homework on? I say bravo. She did great and demonstrated more professionalism than most adults and politicians could have. I am enamored by the power of this young woman.

  81. It’s the only company that doesn’t want to advertise there product. Stating GMO is only advertising their product. What does that tell you? Let you all the darn product label the darn product. They can continue the research just label the dog gon product. What are they afraid of…. label the dog on product!!!!

  82. is O’Leary an alien? the guy is not nice or has shares in gmo foods or something. why doesn’t his own thinking expand beyond the idea that young children dying of vit a deficiencies would be better served by introducing viable alternatives rather than the only solution he can suggest is to provide them with gmo rice? he seems to want to promote his own daughter and how he no doubt brow beat her into accepting his views. I don’t buy the idea that he is sooooo concerned about less privileged children. has he got a scientific background? would he understand the scientific research even if longer independent studies were conducted? And I don’t like the way he was brow beating Rachel with feigned concern that she way being used by lobbyists. a lobbyist is just a word afterall, Rachel is human. What a silly, silly man.

  83. I understand the gmo labeling movement, but there is a much bigger movement behind it that does want to ban GMOs. This isn’t about wether I like GMOs or not and you declaring that is shows that the anti gmo movement is based manly on emotions than hard facts. I’m not for gmo labeling because there isn’t a need for it. No study has shown that GMOs are actually harmful to humans, I don’t ill that it’s effecting the monarch butterfly but I’m sure with better study into this science we can find a way around that. But any who that’s my arguement.

  84. Derek Lee. The movement to require GMO labeling and long term safety testing only applies to this country. Not to impoverished nations. They actually are responsible for their own countries requirements. So here the movement is to have safety testing and labeling because we want the choice. You like GMO you buy it. I don’t like it I don’t buy it. Your argument is for something else entirely.

  85. He just continuously accused her of the same thing over and over and every time she said “No, they can do it just test it and label it!” Over and over. He is an idiot. He tried to make it look like she was of an opinion that she doesn’t even have. She was much more calm about it than I would have been.

  86. I love how he keeps implying she’s a shill when he keeps falling back on tired and misleading talking points. This man just failed to earn his paycheck, and I don’t mean the one CBC pays him because failing that would go without saying.

    It’s probably too strong to suggest he’s been paid off in that respect, it is far more likely he owns a whole lot of stock in biotech firms, as virtually everyone upper-middleclass would, and doesn’t like his portfolio being threatened.

  87. And no I’m not pro corporations, I do consider myself and environmentalist. But I think being an environmentalist is recognizing that humans have modified food crops animals for centuries and usually with good results.

  88. Kevin O’Leary playing a guilt trip on this very savvy, intelligent young lady, trying to break her down. Why can’t he let her have her own opinion? What does it matter to him she is against GMO? Unless he owns stock in BigPharma. Disrespectful, interrupting, lousy journalism. Shame on them. Bravo for her!!

  89. I don’t believe the news or media, whether that be conservative, liberal, or “alternative” media. I believe facts. Genetically modified food has helped many people in poor under developer nations avoid hunger and malnutrition. While the anti gmo movement has SOME real concerns, the majority of this movement is based on fear mongering and misinformation and really is a result of the over privileged. Sure here in developed countries we have the luxury of being able to choose whatever the fuck we want to eat but people in poorer nations aren’t so lucky.

    • are you auditioning for Oleary’s job or what? there is no fear mongering or misinformation. People want to know what is in their food and we have that right because although you don’t mind being a lab rat, some of us mind and would prefer to buy the food that does not have GMO’s in it as it has not been tested thoroughly – and the only thing I see is since we have started adding gmo’s, our nation has become fatter and more diseased with cancers and everything else.

    • I am full force for this girl! If they labeled our foods and told us what was in them…NO BODY WOULD EAT GMOS!!! If they want to do something good for our earth and for our people then they would extend the research for years instead of using THE USA FOR TESTING!!!!! YOU CAN GO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE!

  90. i don’t know that he embarrassed himself, he was smug and condescending to her, tried to distract her by forever changing topics and challenging her. Embarrassing to watch, but he’s too smug to be embarrassed.

  91. I’m with Rachel 100%….I wish she would have point blank said– Kevin I think the people would like to be able to choose to be a lab rat or not, instead of having someone else do that for them.
    As she said properly label our food.
    If I could avoid feeding GMO’s to my family, you bet I would!!

  92. He’s an idiot! I truly commend this young ladys position! I want gmo labeling. And yes you csn avoid it by using other products that dont contain corn! Like coconut flour for instance. Gee people are stupid!

  93. I watched it…. Mr. Wonderful attacked her from every low down angle he could come up with. This young woman was prepared beyond his slithering insults. Rachel your smarter than Kevin O’learly, clearly!

  94. hah shes trying 2 stress that she wants to see it labeled it…. and hes not acknowledging that. he just keeps saying “so you want to completely stop it?” nooo I want to see labeling…… “should we stop ALL testing on food?”… no we just want to see whats inside our food…… “so we should just completely stop modyfing food?” NO JUST LABELS!!!! dumbass!!!!

  95. I am against GMOs, looking at this objectively. Kevin does not embarrass himself at all. Rachel dose not answer his questions. She simple repeats the same answers over and over.

    • Here’s a wonderful opportunity for local agribusiness growth: label GMO corn and corn products; those that do not wish to eat it can buy from their local producer.

      Kevin seemed to side step the issue of adequate testing all together. Him and Lang’s best attempt at a response was, “We are the lab rats.” He did not confirm, deny, or speak to Rachel’s statement on there not being any other research out there on GMOs.

      In this respect, I do believe that he embarrasses himself (slightly.) An overarching theme to his perspective is that scientists tinkering with food genes is “pro-science,” to put it in a word. But what he misses altogether is that science is a constant process; hypotheses are tested, results come up, other scientists challenge the hypotheses, and more results come up. Bottom line: science is a discussion and the more perspectives there are at the table, the more likely the overall research will resemble the truth.

      Kevin advocates for the meddling of “Mother Nature” via the design and ultimately consumption of GMOs, but he does NOT say anything to Rachel’s point that there ought to be other studies out there.

      … As a result, Kevin appears (again, slightly) as a bit of charlatan, masquerading his pro-business with the banner of “pro-science.”

      To me, true science would resemble something of the following: pick a position to begin with (in Kevin’s case, pro-GMO), fund the testing, results are produced. When the opposition’s cavalry arrives, meet them head on. That would sound something like this: “Okay, you disagree, let’s work together to find the solution. I could certainly learn more about this, so let’s do some more research and hear from a different side of the argument.”

      Whether you ultimately disagree with your challenger or find some truth in their results, the bottom line is there should be more than one side to the science than that of the company’s advocates.

      Practical solution? Well… not sure :/ but I will state my hypothesis (if you could call it that):

      Businesses, governments and universities alike should all do their own research and all published reports should be valued equally.

      This sounds tough (i.e. where do we even begin?) but I think that if we begin to value the results of every side of the table instead of just those with the most money in their pocket, we can get closer to the truth and ultimately do our species the favor of advancing ourselves (in more than one way! By way of ethics, education, and health)

  96. GMO is a lazy way for big companies to make money at the earth and peoples’ cost!! Get some manure and invest in people to farm their lands.Important things even grow in the desert like cactus and aloe!

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