Rachel Parent: The 14-Year-Old GMO Labeling Activist

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In August 2013, Rachel Parent, a 14-year-old anti-GMO-foods activist, was interviewed by CBC News commentator, Kevin O’Leary. In the interview, O’Leary expressed concern that Rachel had become a shill or lobbyist for environmentalists. The video, below, went viral on social media, with many viewers regarding O’Leary as having embarrassed himself.

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  1. If GMO is so scientifically great and would harm so many people if we didn't have it, why do you have to hide it? If it was properly tested and accurately performed the job scientist are "wanting" (the govt is corrupt and poisons us everyday) there would be no reason to not have it labeled.

  2. Sarah Prasad

    Actually, we produce enough food for about 16billion people. The fact is that we don't need GMO, we need people willing to relocate the food we have to the people that actually need it.

  3. Sarah Prasad

    The aditional thing ther eis that he keeps trying to redirect the conversation, to keep from saying he doesn't know what to say. There never has been any need to create genetically modified foods but to experiment.

  4. Sara Fishel

    So lets kill people with GMOs….Humm cancer..questions the the issue with so many people being gluten intoleranant..is it from gmo products? Seems it has appear since the gmos have appeared….

  5. Mish Quadri

    He is also an idiot. There are 100's of thousands of Indian farmers that have committed suicide because of going in to debt from buying Monsanto seeds that did not and will not yield. Monsanto is a detriment to our health and planet.

  6. Rachel Mizell

    Very intelligent young lady who was well informed and whom handled herself amazingly during this interview, thank you for having the integrity to inform others of this atrocious attack against nature and humanity and keep on pushing we are all with you, well kevin oleary isnt but his opinion doesnt go far any more.

  7. Poor Kevin O'Leary, wrong and totally outclassed by a brilliant well educated 14 year old who is better informed and obviously not corrupted by the support of Monsanto. One has to question O'Leary's sponsors.

  8. Malgorzata Cialon

    1st, it looks like he is a lobbyist for Monsanto. Money, money, money…
    2nd, I do not know one person who doesn't want GMO label on modified food. Monsanto is afraid because many people including me won't buy anything with GMO label on it.
    3rd, I would ask him to be honest and say the truth, if he, with all his money that he has, is buying/eating organic non-GMO food or modified food from a regular store? I would be surprised if he's eating the worst while he can afford easily the best food.

  9. Stephen Lebovits

    hmm, i didn't agree to be in a genetic experiment either. labeling has to be the start, but long term studies must be conducted. better to error on the side of caution, no?

  10. He is using death to guilt trip her. What would I say to that dying child? I WOULD TELL THEM THE TRUTH. What do they have to fear at this point, now that they are at death's door? If there is really nothing more that can be done, why lie? "I'm sorry, but the rice they promised you didn't work, and death is an inevitable part of life, and far too many people are taught to fear it and use it to make others feel bad so they can get what they want." Also, that child's death occurring thousands of miles away from this girl has nothing to do with her actual argument that AMERICA HAS THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE WHAT WE WANT TO PUT INTO OUR BODIES. Money really is the root of all evil, isnt it?

  11. Stephanie Anne Gransch Christy

    The guy is a fking moron, many years ago we ate normal food, and NO one got ILL,OBESE . We have so many young girls who are already maturing before their time, some are having early menopaus due to eating these so called GM foods, even animals are fed chemicals and steroids, best to eat organic and don't listen to idiot men like him who probably owns a field of GM grains.

  12. If I remember …Monsanto went on the "Shark Tank" in the 1st season and although all the other "sharks" immediately stated they "were out" with some commenting to the lack of merit in their product, and other reasons that they had no interest in being part of GMOs…Leary immediately jumped up and said that none of the other sharks understood that the bottom line is: this is business and although they all made valid points…he needed to be part of this and begged them to let him invest…because all that matters is money which brings power and he sees that as validation to "Mr. Wonderful'

  13. Cam Leibrand

    I don't eat any modified foods that I know of. i am 100% gluten free and grain free. I do not eat corn. I eat homegrown veggies and grassfed beef and milk products. It meant a complete change in my diet. Stop eating processed foods it will go a long way to shutting down companies like Monsanto. Step away from the cookies, cereals etc. I am sure I get a few GMO's in my diet but way less than the average person. Never ever shop in the middle isles of a store. Make your won sauces or rubs…etc etc.

  14. When Kevin was going over If Rachel was against science, I was surprised that her focus did not shift to being for science that works to preserve nature so that it is allowed to produce what we need naturally, and they way it should, rather than continuing the pursuit of modifying nature into something we do not fully understand.

  15. Sean Demeyere

    Kevin is an idiot! Ever hear of local organically grown food? To make the assumption or implication that you can't get food that isn't GMO is ridiculous. It comes down to exactly what she is talking about… informing people so they can make an educated decision.

  16. Elba Cabrera

    Money hungry folks don't care the dangers in their product…This young lady is intelligent and stood her ground…

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