Sugar Deadly? Refined White Sugars Double Mortality Rate in Experiment

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By Matt Hall — Staff Writer

Researchers at the University of Utah have made a frightening discovery. In a recent study, they found that lab mice who consumed 25% of their daily calorie counts in refined white sugars had double the mortality rate of those that ate a standard diet. Furthermore, the male mice that were fed the sugars were less aggressive in defending their territory, exhibiting sluggishness and disinterest.

While conclusions about how these tests apply to human sugar consumption can only be hypothetical, the dangers of refined white sugars are clear. This is further evidence of the potentially deadly substance millions of people consume every day.

Parameters of the Study

In this study, lab mice were made to compete for territory and reproductive partners as they would in real world situations. One group of mice was fed 25% of their daily Calorie allotment in refined white sugars – equivalent to the amount of about three cans of soda per day – and the other group received normal food.

Even though the refined white sugar group in this study did not exhibit noticeable signs of diabetes or obesity, they reproduced less frequently and died more frequently. The study also indicated that the toxic effects from the refined white sugars was very similar to the effects of inbreeding on mice. It was as if the mice’s parents were cousins, leading to genetic abnormalities.

Why Refined Sugar is so Deadly

The process of how refined white sugar is produced reveals why this substance is so deadly to animals and humans alike. Sugar normally comes from cane, a species of grass, and is extracted from a sweet liquid. Natural sugar is actually rich in vitamins, nutrients and phytonutrients. In a way, dehydrated white crystals – natural sugar – can actually be good for you!

This is not true with refined sugar. The refined sugar has been stripped from any nutrients, minerals, phytonutrients or positive health benefits. In a sense, refined sugars are empty calories. Since it takes a body more nutrients to digest the sugars then the sugars provide, this creates a net deficit of nutrients, leading to many different health problems. These can include:

  • Immune system depression

  • Significant increase in triglycerides

  • Hyperactivity, depression, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, and other problems in children

  • Reduces good high density cholesterol while increasing harmful cholesterol

  • Causes low blood sugar

  • Contributes to weight gain, obesity, and diabetes

  • Increases the aging process

  • Raises adrenaline levels in children

  • Causes Heart Disease

  • Causes food allergies

  • Causes depression and other mental problems in adults

  • Increases fluid retention

  • Causes hormonal imbalance

  • Causes high blood pressure

  • Causes headaches and migraines

  • Increases risk of blood clots and strokes

In addition to the problems above, refined sugars have long been recognized to fuel cancer cells. Dr. Otto Warburg (a 1931 Nobel Laureate in medicine) noted in his Nobel thesis, “Malignant tumors frequently exhibit an increase in ‘anaerobic glycolysis’ compared to normal tissues. . . . This conversion of glucose to lactate creates a lower, more acidic pH in cancerous tissues as well as overall physical fatigue from lactic acid build-up. Larger tumors tend to exhibit a more acidic pH.” Basically, cancer cells use glucose for food, meaning refined sugars can actually grow tumors!

Avoid These Refined Sugars to Increase Your Life Expectancy

The dangers of refined white sugars are clear and supported by scientific research. To stay safe, avoid foods with these ingredients:

  • Maltodextrin

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup

  • Sucrose

  • Sugar

  • Fructose

  • Dextrose

The average American consumes 130 pounds of sugar per year. When converted to Calories, that’s about 617 Calories per day — over 25% of the daily recommended Calorie intake of 2,000 Calories for adults. We’re consuming the same proportional equivalent of Calories as the lab mice! Become sugar smart and begin avoiding refined white sugars — they’re deadly.

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