State Threatens To Seize Infant Who was Fed Goat’s Milk Instead of Approved GMO Soy Formula

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A young mother in Maine is being threatened by the Department of Health and Human Services to have her infant child taken away and put into foster care. Her crime? Feeding him goat’s milk instead of commercial infant formula.

Alorah Gellerson was not able to breast feed her child, so she developed a formula of goat’s milk that included celery juice, and reports that the child loved it, and “grew like a weed.”

The young mother made a huge mistake, however. She told her pediatrician about the formula. The doctor turned her in to the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), which resulted in home visits, an overnight stay in the hospital, a directive to buy “approved” commercial infant formula (most of which contain GMOs and soy) and threats to remove the baby and place him into foster care.

The local mainstream media apparently is confused by this action, and has covered the story. WABI even interviewed another family doctor in the area who said: “I’ve got plenty of kids in my practice that have been given goat’s milk, for example, and they’re growing and developing fine.”

Indeed, goat’s milk is generally considered healthier, more easily digested, and less allergenic than cow’s milk. It has been fed to infants in traditional cultures for probably many thousands of years. So why the uproar and threats? The local media tried to interview the DHHS, but they refused, and instead referred them to government websites that stated goat’s milk was not suitable for infants.

Source: Health Impact News

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  1. The state has no right to continue harassing this young mother; she did what she was told to do…leave her alone! And, I admire her for being food conscious, and aware of the GMOs in baby formula; if I could, I would encourage her to go on the Non-GMO Project's website; she'll find a huge list of baby foods, and infant formulas, that are non-GMO.

  2. Diana Smiley Bartkowiak

    ~Prayers for this mother who is doing what's best for her child. to see the reporting Dr and the media are funded by the GMO giants…

  3. Christine Shaun Kitson

    I hope she dropped that pediatrician and tells EVERYONE who he/she is so people know to STAY AWAY!

  4. Susan Peterson

    That is what I was fed when I was a baby. Aunt Paula's goat milk from her farm. What is this world coming to?

  5. Amanda McMahon

    Oh my. This kid apparently doesn't have any issues yet the state wants to make decisions for families or take the kids away and then make the decisions for them… ugh

  6. Iridescence Storm

    If we all know GMO's are so dangerous, why are we not doing more about it? Does big money scare you? What exactly are all you concerned citizens doing other than saying "stay away" form GMO? Do you realize that GMO products are cheaper, and in a country where we allow the rich to get richer, and the poor to get poorer, people have no choice at times? Why do we allow this? Why do we let our leaders allow the FDA to permit such atrocities to our population? What is this other than a threat to our very existence. Comparable to attempted murder in my opinion. Diseases always lead to early and unnecessary deaths.

  7. CharTres Cook

    All of my 3 children were given goat's milk…..most like mother's milk. Best thing for them. :) Go away government!

  8. Karen Lakamsani

    Ugh – why can't people just mind their own business?! It's hard enough to raise your own child without nosy people butting in and telling you what to do. What is this world coming to? at least the baby is loved and fed…sheesh!

  9. I was a goat milk baby, it was the only thing I COULD drink as an infant. When my god-daughter threw up EVERYTHING she ate as an infant(formula AND cows milk) and not thriving we had to make our own formula of goat milk, a little baby rice and liquid vitamins. She gained a pound in a week! She also NEVER threw it up or cried after eating(which she did with everything else we tried). This mother is doing AWESOME, and the doctor needs to get out of it. If the baby is doing fine then leave the mother alone!

  10. Holly Tarnaski-Justice

    Wait… Seriously… There has to be more to this than what the article is suggesting… Right?

  11. Michelle Frumento

    How are anyone they tell her what to feed her child! As long as she is healthy. The government is way too up in our business. What is this, communist Russia?

  12. Csh Threenorns

    yyyyeah, look at that baby…. withering away…. fragile….. listless….

    that doctor needs their license stripped. i hope the mother lodges a complaint with the board of paediatrics and the medical licensing board.

  13. She obviously has the WRONG pediatrician! Who is he to make a judgment on the formula? The child is healthy and growing….the two most important criteria to go by. As is stated, goat's milk is easier to digest and contains cause fewer allergic reactions than cow's milk. And commercial infant formulas have a variety of ingredients that can cause problems. Next time mind your own business doc! And the DHHS should be better informed as to the benefits of goat's milk before they interfere with a mother's care. Idiots!

  14. Jennifer Jones

    My grandparents were foster parents to a child that could not drink cows milk. They bought a goat, milked it themselves, and fed it to him. This country is so up-side-down.

  15. Karen Gross

    It doesn't mention if the doctor found the baby to have any symptoms of malnutrition…how convenient media folks, my guess is there are zero signs or they'd mentioned it.

  16. Mandi Smiley-Ismail

    Are you kidding me??? Land of the free my ass!!! Sad, that corporations are robbing our freedom and the courts are going along with it. Soon we will be The Communist States of America.

  17. Susann Kropp

    I have read many books with recipes for goats milk for infants. It's much safer on the kidneys than the "approved" garbage out there! I am appalled!

  18. Gilbert Davis

    they better quickly stomp on this government encroachment on our liberties. How dare they prevent this mom from giving her child what is best!

  19. CM Budnack

    that doctor needs a kick in the pants and so does the state since when is it the states job to tell people what to eat or drink anyhow? we have let the govt in our lives too much. I will not eat GMO crap and I would not expect anyone with 1/2 of a brain to as well. People are becoming programmed idiotic nutbags and I'm betting instead of 1 or 2 out of every 4 people according to stats, more like 3 to 3.5 out of every 4 people are drugged up (prescription or otherwise), mental, stupid nutbags. I have never in my life heard of goats milk being bad for anyone, if you are lactose intolerant this is what you use! The doctor was an idiot and the state more idiotic then the doctor!

  20. Candace M Jackman

    DHHS needs to review their policies! This is an outrage….and who is the doctor! The name should be provided so that unsuspecting parents can avoid this one!

  21. Guy Faulkes

    Mandi Smiley-Ismail I think you should educate yourself on the definition of communism. It's the opposite of Big Business.

  22. I was raised on goat milk because upon weaning from my mother's breast milk it was discovered I was allergic to cow milk. I saw the goats every day at our organic ranch in the '50s in northern L.A. and their names were Yvonne and Isabella. We didn't grow soybeans, and in any case pure soymilk doesn't work as baby formula.

  23. Cathy Smith

    Agreed, I'd certainly want to see his creds. Evidently he certainly didn't graduate with honors, nor did take the Hippocratic Oath apparently. What an idiot!

  24. Diana Smiley Bartkowiak

    I believe she means how all our rights are being take away by our government and corporations- So relax at Alaric & Guy- stick with what is being said here.. gesh.. can you now comment something related to the post or do you just comment on correcting other comments? I wonder sometimes! God help us! ;) LOL

  25. Jolene Deputy

    there are MANY cases where the child is severely lactose intolerant and goat's milk is the recommended route.

  26. When I stopped breast feeding I gave my daughter fresh goats milk from a clean farm. She is now 5 years old and gifted. The government is going way to far pushing toxic food on us. If the child was not thriving I could understand.

  27. Karin Witnauer

    its not that we are letting "the FDA to permit such atrocities" its that lobbyists and money in Washington has more voice than people. Hard truth of capitalism. If you don't like GMOs, support bills in your state for GMO labeling and make a good effort to not purchase anything made from corn or soy without a non-GMO label. Sign petitions, but what has the most voice is money. You simply don't buy those products. If you are getting nutritious food, you won't see a need for those products anyway. Just like there is no need for sugar, or for slaves centuries ago to be put to work to make sugar. You simply make a personal choice and choose to spend your money somewhere else. It worked centuries ago, it can work today. Once many people vow to never buy GMO products, companies will start to respond. I just hope by then, it is not too late.

  28. Paul Poniewaz

    The real issue here is the fact that an entity exists where they can claim ownership over YOUR child, at the drop of a hat.

    The pediatrician is just a side effect of a broken society, and government that has utter authority to do what it pleases.

    The problem here is the system that has allowed actions like these to happen, not the pediatrician.

  29. Marcie Martini

    Paul Poniewaz There has to be something wrong with that Doctor too… As the women said in a previous post ..there are many recipes for goats milk for infants and the baby was healthy and liking the milk… crazy making!

  30. Manda Zarovsky

    When parents like her try to stay away from GMO CPS threatens to take our kids. It is out of fear that more parents don't speak out. We would rather take our chances and HOPE our child grows up happy an healthy with us than to be raised by some stranger and fed even worse than GMO foods.

  31. I hope we start replacing government employee's with persons who are educated with culture, class and common sense. From the bottom up to the top! We as a whole need to take responsibility for all the neck stepping that has brought us to this point. Urban, suburban and rural folks, many of us feel and been raised in a way, to be dependent and (LABLED) rendered useless. Lets find the start and grew a better way ASAP! Abuse is a life changer and it can kill our future generations!

  32. NaTacia Zaricor

    I agree the mother was doing the right thing to feeds to her child the best she knew how. The pediatrician was wrong however I feel like there is some information missing. If so many other children are doing goats milk supplement instead of formula or breastmilk why is she the only one in trouble? Not to say the state is right. They are very wrong but something somewhere doesn't add up.

  33. TOTAL FAIL and it started with the Doc who totally abused the process for abuse! That Doc, should be forced to be in a class to fix what she has done with this report! Then maybe opinion and facts will not be confused again at the cost of someone else's reputation (which is really damaging)!

  34. Catherine Dye

    I mean yeah, goat's milk is for goats, but GMO formula is POISON! and goat's milk was what they used in place of human milk BEFORE formula came out

  35. SamMi Okemaysim

    the government and the Department of Health and Human Services are a bunch of freaking idiots! I hope karma bites them in the ass real quite, god have mercy on their souls, god is watching them, sickening! they are only doing this cause they dnt want people to start eating healthy, geez I wonder why? u people need to think here, gmo food is poisoning that's why they would rather you use this and threaten you if you dnt, sickening!

  36. Csh Threenorns

    Paul Poniewaz it's not that the paediatrician is a part of the problem because he's a paediatrician – clearly it was his own personal prejudice at play, which is not supposed to be allowed. now, if he had test results showing the child was failing to thrive or was deficient on key nutrients, that's another matter but it doesn't seem like there was any of that.

  37. Csh Threenorns

    it's not just GMO that's the problem – it's soya! the stuff is *garbage* for infants. for one thing, it contains phytoestrogens which mimic human hormone and you can't tell me that's healthy for an infant.

  38. Paul Poniewaz , Yes but the Pediatrician is playing their game with them. That did not have to be reported. The child apparently was healthy and had no health issue. From what I understand, Pediatrician acted solely on the fact that the mother had told him/her about the Goat milk formula. That was uncalled for! Playing right along with the Political gamers.

  39. Sue Young

    I am 80 years old and worked in pediatrics for years and goats milk was the first alternative to try for babies that couldn't digest cows milk and wouldn't nurse. This is very scary.

  40. Kim De Leon

    Wow!! Talk about an ass backwards system!!! There are kids actually being abused, in homes where there is REAL need for intervention….and they are wasting their time spending it on something like this???!! OK….so they get a call and need to follow it up..I get it…especially since it was from a Dr. Once they saw there was no need, it should have been closed. End of story!! This woman most likely will have grounds to suit the state if they continue. Nice that it's so publicized for her!! Good luck Mom.

  41. KL Anderson

    Which state did this? With the research showing GMOs can be toxic, I would sue the state for endangering the welfare of the child by forcing the change to toxic formula.

  42. Rachel Tisdale


  43. Fred Max Evans

    Yes she is such a terrible mom, Why don't they take her child and throw her in prison.That should teach her a lesson for sure.Maine should butt their face in everything you do.Pretty soon you will have to get permission to have children and probably have to buy a permit or something so they can steal more money from us.Shame on the DR. do good , you suck doc.

  44. Zajac Wendy

    I would comply and for a short time buy the formula, throw it away, and continue to do what I was doing. This government is becoming a dictatorship in way too many ways. In this particular instance, the government, and it's agencies, need to do the research and stop being so damn blind and stupid. I can't believe how controlling and horrible this nation has become just in my lifetime.

  45. Fred Max Evans

    Maybe Monsanto should brew up some good healthy milk for kids.After all they are famous for their healthy and nutritious foods.HAH.

  46. Zajac Wendy

    Big money doesn't scare the people. Big money scares and controls the government. The government thinks they can control and tell individual people how to think and live their lives. This is NO LONGER the home of the free.

  47. Cath Brink

    I don't understand this. Years ago, if babies developed allergies to formulas and soy, pediatricians would tell mothers to feed them goat's milk. How can the government tell a mother what to feed her baby? And why did I ask such a stupid question?

  48. Abel Ramirez

    i'd point a finger at the pediatrician too. Our so-called best and brightest CANNOT THINK FOR THEMSELVES. You must choose to question and be your own person.

  49. Cherise Kratsa-Hoak

    The government and Monsanto wants people to eat & drink their GMO products. They are systematically culling the herd. The more people they can kill off with their evil ways, the more food they will have to distribute to the lowly masses that follow without question! It's time for everyone to wake up to the fact that the government is NO GOOD for anyone. A revolt is in the making. We are all getting sick and tired of them sticking their noses in our lives, taking our money for foreign countries and feeding us dangerous foods and sending the good stuff to foreign countries! WAKE UP!

  50. Shelia Hill

    The thing is Holly, the government is getting to where they tell us what to think what to say and what to use. They have been shutting farmers down that sell "raw milk" and/or goats milk. It is awful how they are running our life. I thought that we were in the USA not the overseas in the communist countries.

  51. Lynnette Conroy

    This is absurd. As long as the child is thriving, there is no harm at all in providing alternates to formula. In fact, were it not for goats milk, I would have died as an infant – I was in an out of the hospital multiple times (ICU), unable to digest any dairy based formulas, 100% synthetics produced a severe reaction, even breast milk wasn't tolerated.

    A pediatrician in Bath suggested goat's milk and provided the name of a clean, local farmer. Within weeks I was thriving, and eventually through slow introduction, I was able to incorporate normal foods into my diet, until by the age of 14 there was barely a trace of the previous allergies. had the state seized ME back then, I have no doubt I'd be dead.

  52. I know families that only drink goats milk and their kids turned out to be the smartest in the class. What do you thank people used before we had formula? I didn't use any I breast feed but for others that cant like my mother in law used goats milk too. It is the safer and more natural then formula by far.

  53. The government is just mad that people can find a way around them and they are not liking it. They thank they know best and well lets focus on thing that are a little more government related.

  54. Gina Andrews

    If the baby wasn't thriving, I could see taking him away. But he doing well, so why mess with a good thing? Perhaps the government is subsidized by the baby formula people?

  55. Joe Danielek

    Jennifer Archambault parents do not have rights, there are no laws establishing parental rights. And now we have common core spying on parents.

  56. Evangeline Pratt

    This crap is so out of control. And the idiot caseworker is too dense to figure out what kind of mother puts that much effort into nourishing her baby. Ugghhh I'm so glad I'm not in the US. The women here in Ecuador share horror stories from their relatives who live in the states and have experienced the cps nightmare for ridiculous and illogical reasons, and they all know that if your neighbor decides they don't like your parenting or even if they don't like you – look out.

  57. Tina O'Toole Margerison

    Monsanto IS the government! Former top guy at Monsanto? Now top guy in the FDA. The Supreme Court Judge who hears most cases against – and finds in favor of – Monsanto? Thomas Clarence. Former Monsanto lawyer. They are in the Senate. They have wormed their way into key positions in The Department of Agriculture. They have inserted their "scientists" into writing positions of scientific journals. They OWN the food supply – the thing that gives you life.

    Scary ain't it?

    They have patented nature itself. The best thing we can do is to educate friends, post on the facebook pages of corporations that use it and pay millions to stop labelling. (Kraft, Safeway, Nestle grrrrr….Quaker….Kelloggs….all Pepsico products…..even those good healthy Cheerios we all fed our babies – GMO.) Anything containing vegetable oil, anything containing corn or canola or soy. Stop buying it as much as you can! There is a list floating around of politicians who accept campaign donations from Monsanto. DON'T VOTE FOR THEM! (but I caution to verify their complicity first – it may be spin) Oh….and when these companies package stuff as organic….don't believe it. The world has gone mad.

  58. Jasmine EternalButterfly Marie

    Not actually.. Silk soy products are 100% gmo free and approved by the along with many others… PROBLEM WITH SOY IS THAT ITS TOXIC TO HUMANS… read that one. Most soy is used to make car parts

  59. Easy solution. There are organic, non-GMO, non-crap formulas out there. They're a little spendy, but they'll solve the problem. They can't force her to feed her baby GMOs. All they can do is demand she feed the baby infant formula, of which there are several organic brands.

    As for the pediatrician, she needs to get one that lives in the 21st century and has knowledge that isn't straight out of the 1950's.

  60. Wow, my twins have a cows milk protein allergy, and could not tolerate soy, I BF until they were six months and then we had to go to an expensive formula at $30 a day it was getting pricey, it was suggested we try goats milk for them, we tried is but it wasn't tolerated by our girls, but this was suggested by our pediatrician, what's wrong with DHHS? Go after the people who really harm their children

  61. Charlene Rogers

    Wow! Me and my brother were both raised on goats milk….Next thing you know they will be telling us that we can only use their approved diapers! If the child is allergic to baby formula, goats milk is the next best thing. Especially if that baby is lactose intolerant! DHS needs to be investigated throughly, they think they own our children and need to be taken down a notch or two. Time we take a stand!

  62. Lori Zofchak-Linscott

    You can't get better than goat's milk. It's the next best thing to mom. I know lots of babies being raised on goat's milk.

  63. Weatalo Hayes

    I also grew up on goat's milk. I was allergic to dairy so my parents got a goat. There are studies done by Harvard professors warning people from dairy unless it's organic…that commercial crap is so bad! I'll post an article next time I see one. That kid is way better off with goat's milk!

  64. KL Taylor

    Paul Poniewaz but the pediatrician subscribes to the system so he/she is still t o blame and still part of the problem.

  65. Tina O'Toole Margerison

    It is despicable – I read that they forced Africa – who did not want it – to accept GMO food before the U.S would agree to provide medicines for AIDS.

  66. Teri Sykes

    Cassandra Shaw I would like to know Brandan's idea of a solution too. We need some really big names to start a campaign… like Oprah!

  67. Tina O'Toole Margerison

    They can't demand she feed the baby formula ! Well, I realise they will try…but that in itself is abhorant. They ought to stop interfering in folks lives! Period!!!!

  68. Tina O'Toole Margerison

    Oh yeah…in addition…. Baby formula in North America contains Melamine; stuff used to make plastics, counter-tops, paints etc. Cus it makes the formula more 'pretty'.

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