Know The Symptoms of Aspartame Poisoning

aspartame poison

By Ashley Farley – Livestrong

The symptoms of aspartame poisoning can impact your psychological and physiological functioning and may even lead to death.

Aspartame is a sweetener that is much sweeter than sugar but has fewer calories. Aspartame can be found in diet sodas, coffee and yogurt. While aspartame products, such as NutraSweet and Equal, may appear to be a healthier alternative to sugar, there are a lot of side effects and the potential for poisoning. The symptoms of aspartame poisoning can impact your psychological and physiological functioning and may even lead to death.


Aspartame poisoning can cause symptoms that affect you psychologically. Psychological symptoms impact your mental well-being and how your moods are regulated; while these symptoms may not seem dangerous they can lead to poor decision-making and impaired judgment. According to, a website created by nutritionist Janet Hull to voice her opposition to the sweetener, aspartame poisoning can cause depression, aggression, anxiety, irritability, phobias, severe depression and personality changes. Other psychological symptoms may include memory loss and mood disturbances.


Neurological symptoms of aspartame poisoning impact the control center for your body, your brain. With aspartame poisoning impacting your brain’s normal functioning, you may experience symptoms that impair your motor skills and your most very basic level of functioning. Among these symptoms are dizziness, numbness in the limbs, severe tremors, facial pain, seizures, headaches or migraines, confusion, fatigue, slurred speech and hyperactivity.


Aspartame poisoning can impair your senses and cause physical symptoms. Physical symptoms can interfere with every portion of your body and cause a great deal of pain if left untreated. According to author Karen Hanrahan, a wellness educator and nutrition consultant, aspartame poisoning may cause nausea, vertigo, skin lesions, ringing in the ears, loss of taste, muscular and joint pain, irregular menstrual cycle, heart attack symptoms and menstrual cramps. Physically you may also experience diarrhea, abdominal pain, painful swallowing, asthma-like symptoms, thinning hair, hair loss, burning during urination, excessive thirst, fluid retention, high blood pressure, allergic reactions in the mouth, weight gain or loss, leg swelling and bloating.


If you experience any of the critical symptoms you should seek immediate medical attention. While all of the symptoms of aspartame poisoning can feel critical and should be treated in a timely manner, the critical symptoms can lead to permanent and extremely painful medical problems. According to Hull, aspartame poisoning can cause dangerous symptoms and may even cause death. Among the most critical of all the symptoms are peptic ulcers, brain damage, suicidal thoughts, aspartame addiction and birth defects, which can lead to mental retardation.

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  1. i don’t eat any aspartame… only eat organic food very interesting though I just couldn’t think of what food I eat would have aspartame in it…. appreciate it very much though will look out for it

  2. Ten years ago, I was trying to lose weight- and completely ignorant about aspartame. Light yogurt, diet soda, light/diet everything, gum… I ended up having chronic migraines and chest pains. I thought I was having a heart attack one day. Another time I just turned sheet white and passed out while bartending. After completely cutting it out of my diet for 2 weeks, the symptoms lessened until they went away. I still have no idea how aspartame is legal.

  3. This is so frustrating. I would like to see the entire photo and each time I click it goes to the article which often dies not have the photo in it. Is this due to a “you are not optimized for mobile” fixable issue? Tempted to unlike.

  4. Does anyone really believe this, really care or just day, “I really like it, heck, I gotta enjoy life, don’t give a hoot, media does not say it is bad for me?! Do you really want to feel good, be healthy or slowly commit suicide?!

    • very true Fibromyalgia, optic neuralgia peripheral neuralgia tmj slurred speach out of nowhere fibro fog anxiety i can surely attest to this !… utmost unfortunately !! The knots are beyond chronically painful !! The FDA should ban aspartame ! I have been addicted for years I do not have any other addictions i have to say this is bad !very bad worse than anything ps i am also a #nonsmokingkingadvocate

  5. I can absolutely attest to this. Up until a year ago I did not take care to exclude aspartame and I could list 9 out of the 10 symptoms. Over the last 12 months I have excluded processed food and fizzy drinks for about 95% of the time. I still suffer from mild arthritis and varying levels of tinnitus, but the rest is gone. Processed food/drink is pure poison (not only aspartame).

  6. I think I can say I never drink matter with sugar or this poison -but when I did, I never did use this shitty ones..I felt it from the start it was no good for us..just kind of knew matter how bad sugar is for us then it started out from the mother earth…but making selling many forms of coke they can sell after adding this ant poison on the market…? Think about that…

  7. I like the way you keep bringing aspartame poisoning to people’s attention even though you always get a lot of stupid comments, good for you. People check out “SWEET MISERY” an excellent movie about this. It’s on Netflix. Aspartame is one of the most dangerous additives out there and people need to educate themselves about it.

  8. The 1999 investigation found that Monsanto, the largest biotech corporation in the world, often used GM bacteria to produce aspartame in their US production plants. The end result is a fusion between two of the largest health hazards to ever hit the food industry — artificial sweeteners and an array of genetically altered organisms. Both have led to large-scale debate, with aspartame being the subject of multiple congressional hearings and scientific criticism. Scientists and health advocates are not the only ones to speak out against aspartame, however. The FDA received a flurry of complaints from consumers using NutraSweet, a product containing aspartame. Since 1992, the FDA has stopped documenting reports on the subject.

    Learn more:

    • Walk into any fucking store in this country and tell me how little the impact is if everybody has those symptoms. Think about what your saying. And who the fuck are you to shit on sombody trying spread truth not fear. You equate it with fear because thats all you know how to be against it.

    • Alexander Ohm , Your Biological Chemistry Is Alive. YOU seem “DEAD” my friend. lmao you’ve been betrayed in the past and hold hate close this is why your lens is dirty. If you see fear mongering than it is true I will not contest. If you see it then it exists in reality. How ever, There is a balance between two worlds. while these things may not cause instant harm, it also does NOTHING positive to the body! Its long term effects are negative. Intelligent people can be concerned for both. Intelligent people also care about deferred gratification and don’t focus on instant but maintain living in the present. Very intelligent people can control and become omnipresent in the mind and see more truth. lol,

  9. These are all symptoms of excessive yeasts in your body too, take a look at Candida Yeast. Its bad just how much it affects our health. Message me if you would like more info, A good Probiotic will eliminate yeast. Naturally Plexus Healthy

  10. Tanya Beasley..I remember you saying you had to stop drinking coke for these tests you had and I actually thought about it maybe being the cause of some of your symptoms you are having…I have heard and read so much negative stuff about sodas causing so many ill health effects

  11. If your doctor hands you a prescription for a fluoroquinolone antibiotic (this could be not only Cipro or Levaquin but also Avelox or generics ciprofloxacin, levofloxacin, and moxifloxacin, or others), be very certain that s/ your condition warrants the risks that come along with taking these drugs.

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    • have all these symptoms, but haven’t had a soda of any kind in about 10 years. Try not to take any antibiotics unless absolutely necessary,a couple of years, no pain meds either……

    • Laurie, yes, Levaquin is the Devil’s drug. Cipro isn’t any better but for some reason people seem to think that it is. All fluoroquinolones – Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox, etc. – ARE chemo drugs. They cause cell death on a massive scale and are being investigated for their tumor killing qualities. That’s great, except that they are given to people for sinus infections. It’s ridiculous to give people chemo drugs for minor infections. Angela, I’m so sorry for your pain! I’m not a doctor so I can’t say exactly what the cause of your symptoms is, but adverse reactions to fluoroquinolones can be delayed so if you want to look into your medical history, it may give you some clues. Or, it could be something else – like the artificial sweeteners that this post is about. I wonder what it is doing to all of us to have these chemicals, both fluoroquinolones and artificial sweeteners, and everything else, in our water supplies. They’re everywhere and, surprise, people are sick. Rose, all of these symptoms may well have a lot to do with fluoridation. It’s beyond sad that the world that we live in is making us all so sick. 🙁

  12. LOL, in a FEW people. More propaganda for the uninformed. I drink it, many of my friends drink it, with NO PROBLEMS!!!!! I would worry more about the meds your doctor gives you than this.

  13. I Chou are boycotting a brand bc you known they use GMOs how do you know they are not selling their product to stores under the stores name ?for instance if you will not buy Hunts tomatoes, How do you. Know they are not sellin to sure fine which is a store brand in this area?

  14. I really would like have soft drinks banned from ALL schools in Trinidad &Tobago. We need to protect the children. Adults, well we ought to know better! I too NEVER drink soft drinks! Or even those juice drinks…… unless I juice it or see it being juiced I don’t drink it!

  15. I NEVER drink soft drinks. Or processed meats. Cancer waiting to happen. I wouldn’t mind cancer if I died in a day, but you don’t, and I do not want to go through that. Oh, and with Monsanto in the US poisoning 90% of your food, good luck.

  16. A well known neurotoxin indeed ! But then most other artificial sweeteners are have their own drawbacks, Stevia is my choice for a no cal sweetener, but can not even suggest Trueva or whatever they call it. Same crap different name !

  17. I discovered that it wasn’t so much the aspartame or caffeine I was addicted to, but just the bubbles. I got a “soda stream” and a bag of limes, and won’t touch this poison ever, ever again.

  18. I’ve had Grande Mal Seizures from the asparatame in one Diet Coke before, though I do not have Epilepsy, and was plagued with migraines, twitching eyelids, thumping ear drums, and irritability when I was allowing myself just one diet drink a day. I avoid it mostly, but on the rare occasions when I drink a diet drink today, I can expect severe Arthritic swelling, stiffness, and pain in my hands within 48 hours, to last about 3 days, at the very least. Really toxic stuff, and one of MANY reasons why Monsanto should be held responsible for their crimes against Humanity, and put out of business!!!

  19. Doesn’t it also go by another name? My toes are constantly numb and sometimes my lips, and at times felt like I was slurring my speech. I’m in constant back pain and it is only getting worse, but not the other symptoms. I wonder…

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