TED aligns with Monsanto, halting any talks about GMOs, ‘food as medicine’ or natural healing

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by Mike Adams – Natural News

Allow me to be the first to announce that TED is dead. Why? Because the group that organizes so-called “TED talks” has been thoroughly hijacked by corporate junk science and now openly rejects any talks about GMOs, food as medicine, or even the subject of how food can help prevent behavioral disorders in children. All these areas of discussion are now red-flagged from being presented on any TED stage.

This is openly admitted by TEDx itself in a little-known letter publicly published on December 7, 2012. Click here to view the letter.


In that letter, TED says that people who talk about GMOs are engaged in “pseudoscience.” Those who discuss the healing potential of foods are spreading “health hoaxes.”

The letter also advises TEDx organizers to, “reject bad science, pseudoscience and health hoaxes,” meaning anyone who talks about GMOs, “food as medicine” or similar topics.

The TED organization, incredibly, believes that food cannot be medicine and does not contain medicine. Perhaps someone should educate TED about resveratrol, curcumin, phycocyanins, polyphenols and ten thousand other chemicals created by plants that have medicinal functions in the human body. To deny this is to nearly admit you believe the Earth is flat and that the sun and stars revolve around our planet. It is a sure sign of a feeble mind that cannot grasp the very simple and readily evident idea that the human body evolved in an environment full of plants with beneficial physiological effects, including many medicinal effects.

Maybe someone should remind TED that nearly 25% of all prescription medicines are in some way derived from plants, including statin drugs. Drug companies expend enormous resources searching the world’s botanical treasures for amazing molecules that they can pirate from nature and alter in some way to make them patentable as a drug. Even the World Resources Institute readily admits this, while also reminding us that 80 percent of the world population still relies largely on plant-based medicine.

TED apparently thinks 80 percent of the world population is purely delusional, because obviously, as TED insists, real medicine can only come from pharmacological factories spewing out deadly chemicals, right?

TED falls in line with Monsanto: no talks that question GMOs will be allowed

It’s a sure sign that you’ve jumped into a circle of dogma when the very act of asking intelligent questions is no longer allowed. Any speakers who might ask questions about genetically engineered foods are strictly forbidden by TED. This makes TED a source of pseudoscience because it censors and silences any dissenting views that don’t align with Monsanto and the Frankenfoods biotech industry.

The TEDx letter mentioned above actually claims that anyone who questions the wisdom of genetically engineering food crops grown in open fields is a quack or a hoaxer.

Read the letter yourself. It reads as if it were written by someone with the intellectual capacity of an 8th grader — someone who is so naive that they still haven’t caught on to the fact that corporations routinely lie to the world by hijacking science to push their agenda of profit and domination. And it makes you wonder just how stupid TED thinks the public really is on the subject of GMOs. Even though 90% of the public believes GMOs should be labeled on foods, TED thinks anyone who dares talk about GMOs is spewing “pseudoscience.”

Does TED also think that spraying the world with glyphosate is a boon to mankind? Does TED even know what glyphosate is and how glyphosate causes cancer at concentrations of parts per billion?

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  1. Courtney Yule

    Sounds like they're trying to weed out people like the guy that wrote this article; people that don't actually objectively study what they're ranting about.

  2. I'm afraid you didn't read this article closely enough. They specifically said that the topics of GMO and food as medicine were NOT BANNED. They just warned to look at these speakers carefully. I certainly don't blame them.

  3. I have always believed, the powers that control money guns,alcohol, and yes even drugs. could care less on what we think or say. they have the power to bury us with b.s. ,lying and buying people off. all they care about is the bottom line, as long as they have the power, to control the news t. v. and radio, they will continue to keep us in the dark. these people are just as bad as the gangs in this country , they kill , but they do it quietly, just like when they allowed AGENT-ORANGE to be used on us Vietnam vets. I love my country, but I will never trust these money-grubbing bastards ever. VIVA LIBERTY……

  4. This site is getting more and more biased. I read the letter, and it says that topics like these ARE NOT banned, but rather require scrutiny if someone wishes to present on that topic. Which is a fair call from either side…

  5. Steve Rapaport

    But that's TED's point. They're not there to challenge the status quo. They're not there to substitute for peer-review and they're not a bully platform for your pet issue. Just because you have something valuable to say does not mean it's TED's obligation to promote it.
    And disgusting as Monsanto is, I see nothing in the letter that suggests they are aligned with them.
    If you claim that Monsanto's lobbying distorts science and makes it hard for anti-Monsanto science to be published, well, you're right. You'll have to work harder, and for many years, maybe decades, to get your data accepted in mainstream journals. (Look how long it took to get Dr. Gupta to admit that Marijuana is mostly harmless. About 90 years). But you'll succeed eventually, as all proven science does. And then you can use TED to talk about it.

  6. Stephanie Cohen

    There is no mystery here. This is simply another attempt at hiding facts and information. The greedy powers that be are panicking because they realize that they are losing control. Controlling the media is no longer enough. People are waking up and thanks to the internet people are getting their hands on more information than the greedy powers would like. This is nothing more than an attempt to stop information from getting to the PUBLIC. Unfortunate for them the time has come for things to really change and change is scary. Luckily for them there are thousands of people out there who live their lives based in fear. Fear of admitting that you have been lied to and duped, fear of change and fear of the unknown. Wake up people and realize that you are being controlled.

  7. Science: the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. Monsanto science: trashy supermarket paperback romance. Spreading seed recklessly, sleeping with the farmers, getting into the underpants of politicians, and adulteration of the public.

  8. Denise Lee Coppens

    They are actually referring to Dr Caldwell Esselstyne and his partner and Doctors like him . Dr Caldwell Esselstyne is a heart cardiologist who has made amazing videos with the proof that food is medicine and yes he has done TED talks. these are the people who prove Monsanto WRONG!!! They are the enemy. guess what FORKS OVER KNIVES and SICK FAT N NEARLY DEAD " with Joe Movies and documentaries are what's changing America and educating to learn how wrong the All American Diet not right.. This is making a dent in their lies and income form those lies. this is where its coming from. for those who care to reverse your disease and listen to these two movies. Peace to all <3 below lease find one of the TED talks by Dr Caldwell Esselstyne. please watch.. in Peace Denise Lee Author

  9. It says explicitly in the TEDx document: "These are not “banned” topics by any means — but they are topics that tend to attract pseudo-scientists." All they are insisting upon is that speakers present real science.

  10. Ginger Sandberg Ratsep

    Although TED is not banning the discussions, it concerns me that they are taking a stance that makes it difficult to get topics like alternative health discussions onto the stage. Casting a net of global suspicion across this area of alternative healthcare is irresponsible. Referring to some people in the neuroscience field of (fill in the blank) as goofballs is just down right disrespectful. Research money goes to big pharm and big universities that perpetuate allopathic medicine. There is little or no money available for research and ensuing documentation in peer review journals for the alternative healthcare field. And speaking of peer review journals and accepted scientific research and documentation; wasn't there a noted scientist that just got brought up on charges for publishing false research for a pharmaceutical company? Where do you draw the line on valid research? Published books and articles documenting unofficial studies or published "scientific" studies of false and misleading findings? I agree that care needs to be taken when selecting speakers but instituting this seemingly one-sided approach to determining validation that leans heavily on only accepted scientific processes, based on 'someone's" opinion of such, indicates a bit of bias and makes me wonder who or what has instigated this policy.

  11. So how soon before Monsanto lobbies to try to ban discussion of alternative medicine outright? Construct a new public television station backed only by public money. It is time all these fake lawyers and scientists be made to face their pseudo science.

  12. They are a joke and seem to enjoy Monsanto's lies more than real discussion.
    Perhaps that signals it's time for a publicly funded television station…One backed only by public money, that airs out all the science and exposes these corporate floozies.

  13. Luiz De Mello

    Yes, they're not banned, just way more scrutinized, warned against, automatically looked upon as suspicious and so on. It is like the father that says "i am not forbidding my daughter to date, but whoever she dates has to be able to run for one hour non stop, lift 100kg, speak fluently 7 languages, have maximum grades in most subjects and no C grades, and like apples with fries". Yeah, sounds not banned to me too….

  14. Sheri Bergen

    By the way, where does mike Adams get the idea that TEDx is "aligning with" Monsanto? Is he seeing a conspiracy here? It's not in the letter; it's an unfounded assumption, a leap of belief on his part, I think.

  15. This is a tragedy when censorship enters, then the ideas become agendas. So what is TED's agenda to silence discussion on the topic? Maybe GMO is good maybe it is bad….the point is it should be discussed….anyone who doesn't see that is nuts. Something as critical as what we put inside our bodies should be thoroughly examined and consumers should be informed of such from more than one source. I personally do not like the idea of GMO at all…but that is my choice…if someone wants to eat lab made fruits and vegetables with infused flu vaccines etc…go ahead. As for me I think nature/God has it right from the start and I will stick to that. I don't doubt science can make a better apple…the question is do I really need it?

  16. If u read the letter it says that GMOs are not a banned topic. It tells the organizers of TedX events to be vigil about those who are anti GMOs bc it is an issue that tends to attract pseudo scientists. Something I happen to completely agree with. The letter is about not having pseudo scientific talks as a whole–not just GMO talks. The letter actually has a link to a really good article in Forbes that gives lay people tips on identifying real from pseudo science.

  17. Sandra Stansberry maybe but "science" is a loose term often….at one point science thought the world was flat….or lets not forget the ever increasing number on evolution 100 million years then 300 the billion it just goes on and on….now if that ain't psuedo I dont know what is….GMO is just not useful to me…I don't need forcing me to eat a certain thing….if they label products appropriately then let the consumer decide….

  18. Daniel Gonzalez

    I recently saw a few ted talks where the speakers were talking precisely about finding the right foods to help as medicine as with androgenisis (don't know if that's spelled right), in the body which can help prevent things like cancer and a slew of other illnesses and even reverse the effects of many of them.

    I don't blame TED there are other organizations and mediums to protest certain topics but TED has not had ANY negatively based presenters in my experience. I mean they all tell of advancements, ideas for a better future through food science etc. but I have not seen any presenters trying to protest anything through their speeches.

    I believe GMO related topics are extremely important but we can't verbally stone every organization that is not interested in being a part of it. They have a right to choose their theme. Find another outlet to speak too but don't try to slander TED. You going to attack everyone that says, that's not the path we take for the information we want to deliver? *smh*

  19. Cor Bo

    I recently saw a talk by a naturopath who has reversed the signs and symptoms of ADHD and autism in thousands of children through a specific nutritional protocol she developed based on scientific literature she reviewed and through trial and error. Because she is a naturopathic doctor instead of an MD or scientist, she struggles to get the grants and support needed to spread the word and help tens of thousands more. It's tragic. I think TED would be the perfect platform to share what her patients have experienced so other parents can try it out and possibly improve or reverse their child's diagnosis. Attempting to use a nutritional protocol before or in addition to a drug-based protocol seems like a logical and safe thing to do and is definitely an "idea worth spreading". I totally agree with vetting speakers and their information, but I don't think it needs to be published in a journal before its worth paying attention to. As we all know, much of the science in journals is funded by big corporations who have vested interest in the results for their bottom line, not necessarily the end users.

  20. Michael Hiles

    I'm active with TEDxCincinnati and very aware of this discussion. This rumor was started by a for-profit, alternative health website, which published a blog article embellishing upon an internal TEDx memo. This internal TED memo discouraged TEDx organizers and committees from promoting bad science or pseudo-science speakers, as well as highlighting "red flag" topics – particularly those around pseudo-science of food health.

    Of course, being in the specific business selling products in this category, the natural health website took issue with this memo, and used it as an opportunity to engage in a negative publicity campaign. Their embellished message jumped from the actual "don't promote pseudo-science" to "TED is aligning with Monsanto" – a rational person will clearly see through this negative campaign and obvious attempt to use propaganda tactics to sway an irrational reader.

    Here's the link to the internal TED memo http://blog.tedx.com/post/37405280671/a-letter-to-the-tedx-community-on-tedx-and-bad-science

  21. Rochelle Dunmore

    Did the author of this article actual read the TED memo? The memo clearly states "[T]hese are not “banned” topics by any means — but they are topics that tend to attract pseudo-scientists." Are you suggesting that your readers should not check the veracity of the information they read or hear? This article needs to be rescinded, it is absolutely false!

  22. Louis le Hutin

    On the contrary, advocating alternative health remedies is not only irresponsible, it's outright criminal and may lead to deaths. No alternative medicine has ever had any better results than a placebo. It's time to shut the quackery down.

  23. Louis le Hutin

    Melanie Crisp Science done by scientists with an approved methodology, peer review, statistical analysis, double-blind experiments…

  24. Klad InVermont

    Luis Fernándida Do you have verifiable links backing up your "claim" that "No alternative medicine has ever had any better results than a placebo". We're waiting….

  25. Klad InVermont

    Luis Fernándida Until I came across this posting of yours, I hadn't realized you are a TROLL. That explains a lot then.

  26. Curtis Probert

    Luis Fernándida You know that eatting fruits and veggies is considered an alternative medicine? This is irresponsible? You sir, know not of what you speak.

  27. Polly Pierce

    For two exposes of industry-promoted junk science, I think TED needs to read "It Wasn't Alzheimer's, It Was MSG" by Adrienne Samuels, PhD and watch "The Oiling of America" by Mary Enig, PdD and Sally Fallon. One looks at MSG-related research used by the FDA to declare MSG safe and the other digs in to the research "proving" the lipid theory which is the foundation of our heart disease preventive health system.

  28. Mike Wood

    Luis, you know your first 2 methods are good ol' boy techniques for excluding anything that affects the pocketbook of the peer group. The 3rd method is used as a manipulation tool – because the average American's ignorance of statistical techniques. The 4th method is neglected by the mainstream researchers of the food industry unless it suits their business needs.

  29. Mike Wood

    That said, it is good to vet speakers. Would also be good to require disclosure speaker affiliations, so we understand their motivations.

  30. Phillip Meyers

    This is hyped paranoia. The open letter very directly states that no topics are banned, yet your article seems to lead the people to think they are. They are simply informing the organizers that they need to very solid checks on references when it comes to booking speakers in these specific topics (as they should in all topics), and the importance of why THESE TOPICS is also stated…

    "Because of the sad history of hoaxes with deadly consequences in the field of autism research, really look into the background of any autism-related talk."

    Ted is not DEAD sir, you are sadly mistaken. Articles like this might get people talking, but at the same time scare the people that need to hear Tedx away. Ultimately, I don't think you have proven a thing with this and I don't think you are posting something that pushes for a positive change.

  31. Etrik Patricella

    This article is sensationalist garbage. If one actually reads the inspiration for this article they will find that monsanto is never once mentioned, nor does it have anything to do with aligning with them. http://blog.tedx.com/post/37405280671/a-letter-to-the-tedx-community-on-tedx-and-bad-science They are simply outlining guidelines to prevent pseudo science. Moreover they are TEDx guidelines (note the x) TEDx is completely independent of TED.

    Don't get me wrong I do not support Monsanto or their twisted agenda, but this article is just worthless and an attempt at using the monsanto buzz to wrongly throw someone under the bus, no press is bad press though eh?

  32. Luis Fernándida, but the thousands of deaths every year related to or directly caused by "approved" medications are perfectly acceptable to you? And how, exactly, is the idea of "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" an "alternative medicine"? For THOUSANDS of years we only ate REAL food. We've only been eating this processed garbage for less than 100 years, and somehow you've accepted that it's just fine, when there is ample mounting evidence to the contrary? Please, pull your head out of the sand.

  33. Alejandro Sanchez Bastida 20 years ago chiropractics was 'alternative medicine" a 100 years ago psychoanalysis was "quackery". 200 years ago doctors didn't believe in germs, wash their hands or sterilize instruments. Today's "alternative medicine" is tomorrows standard practice.

  34. Agreed Courtney – This rant is far more alarmist than the letter actually warrants. To me the letter reads responsibly. There ARE a lot of people out there who rant on and on without actually having done a good job researching. TED wants a high standard and the more (uneducated) ranters that are out there about a topic that harder it is to get credible speakers.

  35. As the Doctor of Modern Medicine – Hippocrates would say. Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food. We were born organically, therefore our bodies know how to heal itself. Feeding your body with water, organic fruits, vegetables and herbs, and raw seeds is all the body needs. Lets get back to basics folks. Life is not about fast foods. We need to eat REAL whole foods.

  36. Mike Adams is clearly uninformed, irrational and does a disservice to any legitimate supporters of alternatives with a badly written, extremely bias and unjustly defamatory article.
    Rational, intelligent & thoughtful people should distance themselves from this & and not disseminate such tripe.

  37. Sarah Wilkens

    Luis Fernándida totally agree. No scientific data out there that proves that alternative medicine really works, and of course you have people saying "well, that's because bigpharma doesn't want people to know, blah blah blah". Total BS. Drinking apple cider vinegar and eating a clove of garlic every day will not cure your breast cancer – I can assure you.

  38. By science you mean the pursuit of understanding, the quest for knowledge of how and why things work in a certain manner? The gold standard of a double-blind placebo controlled experiment is so far from reality. It's not how medicine operates and those things (ie medications) that FDA wants cleared rapidly are exempt from such fantastical requirements and further exempted from prosecution if found to be problematic. A scientist named, Darwin, if you've heard of him (?) may be able to poke some holes in the idea that GMO's receive blanket status as non-problematic. Furthermore Hippocrates once said, Let food by thy medicine, and thy medicine be food. But what did he know.

  39. Addison Babcock

    Klad InVermont You know what they call alternative medicine that has been proven to work? Medicine. Alternative is the word that's used for stuff that hasn't been proven to work or has been proven not to work.

  40. Allison Aday Qhiropractics is quackery. First of all, subluxations are subjetive, which is stupid in scientific method.
    What you're saying is a fallacy because there was no way to prove the germ theory at that time. Now we have tested it and it's true. Chiropractics has been tested and it does not work. Same applies to acupuncture, homeopathy… I'm not saying that alternative medicine does not work. What I'm saying is that there are some therapies that have been deeply tested, and the result was quackery.

  41. Gregg Sheehan

    TED would reject Hippocrates then. Clearly he was a quack when he said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. You must let the people decide what they want to hear and what they don't, what they want to believe and what they don't. Who has a right to censor the information that I want to see? Mainstream science is responsible for the gigantic cock up that is currently causing obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer to rocket out of control. All of these things are caused by the food we eat. The food we eat is what the "authorities", combined with the corporates have determined is good for us over the last 30 years. Pah!

  42. Sara Bakker

    I read the letter in full to see what this was all about. I think the title of your article, although attention grabbing, is very misleading. TED has not partnered with Monsanto, nor has TED claimed to be pro-GMO, and TED definitely is not halting talks surrounding GMO or food as medicine. The letter states that GMO talks (both ANTI-GMO as well as PRO-GMO) are "red flag topics," not “banned” topics "by any means — but they are topics that tend to attract pseudo-scientists." I do feel think that they seem a bit heavy handed towards alternative medicine and what might go against "proven science," but it basically says to be extra scrutinous about talks that don't have any sources to back them up, or talks that throw out a bunch of sources without explaining them – which can happen on BOTH sides of the GMO and food medicine debate!

  43. Luis Fernándida You clearly have NO idea what you're talking about! By the way, what is a placebo and what is the placebo effect? In other words, what role does faith and positive emotions play in the healing process? Why is this so scarcely researched, since it is so vital and important in many diseases, both acute and cronic, physical and mental?!

  44. Debra Lyn

    Here's an idea for a scientific paper – how about you get a group of people (preferably those who support GMO/vaccinations/pharmaceuticals) and start off by giving them all the vaccinations that babies get in one go along with flu/gardasil/hepatitis vaccines. Then they eat only processed GMO/sprayed food and consume sugar laden drinks and hydrogenated trans fats, say for a month. Also allowed as much medication as is "safe" to take. At no time are they allowed whole foods (such as fruit and vegetables/organically grown meat/eggs/nuts) and lets see how healthy they are at the end of the month….. In fact I challenge anyone to do this and not have their health compromised at any point.

  45. Tim Harper

    Mike Adams, this whole article is inflammatory garbage, and many points demonstrably false. I can't say I expect any more from you. Sadly, many of your readers will not thoughtfully consider the TEDx letter.

    Everyone else, please read the original letter (credits Mike for linking to it). http://blog.tedx.com/post/37405280671/a-letter-to-the-tedx-community-on-tedx-and-bad-science

    To put in other words:

    Banks flag individuals who transport more than $10k in or out of the US as potentially fraudulent. That's not the same thing as saying that transporting $10k in or out of the US IS fraudulent; just that statistically, it's more likely to be. Since an outspoken and shady hedge fund manager is impacted by these rules, making it even more difficult for him to conceal his fraud, he resorts to condemn the banks for implementing these rules by accusing them of saying all >$10k international transactions are fraudulent.

  46. Tim Harper

    Curtis Probert eating fruits and veggies is not alternative medicine, it's recognized medicine. Lots of mainstream doctors emphasize dietary treatments for a variety of conditions, including diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure to heart problems.

    If you eat garbage, you will have poor health. No respectable doctor will tell you otherwise.

  47. Robbie Barnabee

    Luis Fernándida you realize pharma companies have killed copious amounts of people than natural herbs or remedies. It is unfair to say natural remedies have failed so substantially that they need to be shut down. On that contrary, pharma companies should be the ones shut down or required to test their drugs more before allowing the public to take them. There are countless drugs pharma companies have put out that have killed in the 100,000's before something was done about it. Comparing natural remedy deaths to pharma company deaths is like…. comparing the size of the moon to the size of the sun. In my opinion, whether it is in favor of pharma or natural remedies, herbs or food; people should be advocating what works…. because it works – not because it will make them an extra billion.

  48. i can say for what i have been seen an reading we need to get rid of GMOs aint nothing but bad news all around but if ur happy getting steroids pumped in to yous an your children's body an the fact to maintain cattle now the are using up medicine meant for us that means we wont have it when we need it keep supporting the statuesque and remember thees words there are 3 kinds of lies, lies damn lies an statistics and all 3 are told to us by corporations and sadly our governments GMOs are Killing us.

  49. Stev Digs

    I could be wrong, but doesn't the letter ban bad science? Yea there is a bunch of bad science in the GMO debate, but it isn't banning anti-GMO talks, just the bad science ones. Bring a credible argument against GMOs wouldn't be banned. The only thing I don't like about the letter is contradicting "mainstream science." At one point this would have banned talks about mercury as a toxic substance, smoking as a health hazard and alternative laws of physics on the atomic scale. In the end: just do good science and your Ted talk should be just fine.

  50. Renske Verheul

    Addison Babcock I thought that was 'quackery', what you call the definition of alternative medicine. I always thought 'alternative' means that what is aside from mainstream. And sometimes, when the alternative proves to work, it can become mainstream, as once in a while happens.

  51. Tim Harper

    Right. Ban bad science. Put bad-science-flag-alert on GMO debate topics. Right wing health crazies go crazy under the impression some grand conspiracy is attempting to silence them.

  52. Andy Beneker

    this article is stupid. read the letter that TED wrote. these people are blowing it way out of proportion. nothing is being banned. what a bunch of noise. TED is taking steps to ensure that information is being consumed properly, what they're doing is protecting science, not defaming it. they certainly are not aligned with monsanto. relax, nutjobs, it's not what you think.

  53. Luiz De Mello actually it wouldn't be like the father saying what you say but rather: "I am not forbidding my daughter to date x-type of guy, but if she does then she should know that with x-type of guys there is a higher chance of y." That's the right parallelism of what ted is doing, using your metaphor.

  54. Shari Baratono

    Luis Fernándida Yeah, Like 50 Centuries of Chinese Herbal Medicine. And the placebo of SCD diet that healed my child's 14 months of bleeding intestines that was only made worse by 9 months Big pharma medications. TED? Follow the $$$$$$$, it's ALWAYS the $$$$$. The problem with TED is they want you "think" they're special, but they're not. OOOOH they're so smart NOT. Sheeple.

  55. Addison Babcock

    Shari Baratono Chinese Herbs (not going to dignify it with the medicine word) is a multi-billion dollar business. It's immensely profitable so maybe you should take your own advice and follow the money. That argument is so damn stupid anyways. "I don't care if it's effective I go with the one making less revenue." WTF.

  56. John Bargman

    I hate to be 'that guy', but there's a big problem with the opposition to GMO.
    It's full of total ass-hats and 'bad seeds' (pun intended), there are two kinds of people – factual and opinionated.
    Factual people present documented tested evidence that has been reviewed and re-tested several times over, they have theories that fit into hard scientific laws.
    Opinionated people say 'This is bad, and here's everything I found online to say it's bad, also, your argument is invalid'

    The fact of the matter is, there are very few legitimate factual people working against bad-GMO (and there is good GMO, it's just never heard about thanks to mon-darth-santo).
    Their work is utterly ruined by the thousands of opinionated assholes who want nothing more than publicity and their own ego-boosted.

    These are people I hate more than Monsanto, they ruin the world for everyone and manipulate real science for their own personal gain.

  57. John Bargman

    As for spirituality, "it is not the place of science to prove or disprove god, only understand his workings".
    Before I begin, I believe in spirituality, greatly – however.
    You got a crystal to boost your healing-hands, that's fantastic. Can I pull out a tri-corder and measure the healing-magic with numerical statistics, repeatable statistics? Can I capture the magic in a bottle to read it's pressure and energetic photon-exchange?
    Then get out of my lab.
    TEDx is a scientific forum for peer-reviewed study, Orch-OR is a DISTAINED AND HATED theory in neuroscience, it basically says 'yup, spirituality is real, here is why, have some quantum physics', It looks to be correct, and could explain how we expand our consciousness, etc.
    TEDx allowed it to be shown to the world: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1d5RetvkkuQ

    Try and follow the science there, just bloody try.

  58. Please! If TED can have people giving talks on orgasms, which includes "centuries old scientific research," and Amy Cuddy's "Fake it till you make it," which is not science but just a discovery of hers, why can't there be talks about food as medicine? Ridiculous! Monsanto has its greedy claws in everything.

  59. Trina Mcclure

    There is a whole field of study on placebos. What makes them interesting is that they do work more then random chance would predict which means something is actually going on! See "Meaning, Medicine, and the Placebo Effect, lead author is an ethnobotanist! Also see Deconstructing the Placebo Effect and Finding the Meaning Response, funded by the National Science Foundation. You might also consider the thousands of years of medicinal plant use that serves as the foundation for many alternative medicines, you might also consider that our current system of care actually creates sick people! Imagine that, I don't guess you think there is any "quackery" in that.

  60. If people started realizing the true power of the combinations of vitamins within certain diets the pharmaceutical companies would slowly loose many customers. They get rich off people being sick.

  61. Benjamin Allen

    Reginald Brantley The thing is, labeling something as GMO or not tells you almost nothing about it's possible effects. Each trans gene should be labeled separately for any sort of informed decision to be made, as each may have wildly differing effects. If you simply wish to discriminate against GMOs because they are "unnatural," you should know that clearing a land of immense biodiversity and replanting with one crop is a technological innovation we humans developed some millennia ago (a very short time in the natural world). The resulting breeds are a far cry from any "natural" species, and to discover the effects of the use of this technology one must only look at the current environment of the so-called "fertile crescent," the birthplace of agriculture. This would be the middle east, and it is no longer fertile.

  62. Courtney Yule

    I don't think I'm mindless, but perhaps my attempt at snarky humor has upset some people. All I'm saying is that the letter reads as though TED is trying to cover their ass. I imagine they believe in, or have at least heard of the benefit of certain herbs and food as being beneficial to the health of all us humans. What I saw in their letter though, was a company that could potentially be liable if they let; well let's say they let someone like me go on stage: A HORRIBLY EDUCATED PRODUCT OF OUR SCHOOL SYSTEM. Suppose I had a cough and my local naturalist suggested I try chewing on some bull dong; and suppose that worked for me. TED does not want me on stage talking about how dong chewing has helped to relieve my cough. Not because it didn't work, or because it's not a possible cure for a cough, but because it hasn't been researched enough. What if all the David Bourinots out there decided to try out my cure, chewing all the bull dong they could get their hands on; and when their cough didn't subside or they got a rash on their tiny troll balls, they decided to blame TED? TED would be liable. TED would have to answer to all the David Bs and Lisa Ks out there that just blindly followed what they saw on the web about eating dong. TED would have to explain why they didn’t scrutinize the science of their speaker (me), who with little or no formal training or research to back up their findings still managed to get a few DBs out there to eat loads of dong. It’s TED being careful; not them claiming, “that anyone who questions the wisdom of genetically engineering food crops…is a quack or a hoaxer”. It appears that when the author sees anything close to “anti-GMO conversation” he freaks out, coming off very alarmist and subjective. I was just trying to point this out, not attacking the intelligence of the writer or the validity of food as medicine.
    I too avoid GMOs and eat as organic as I can…but no bull dong

  63. Louis le Hutin – and anyone can fabricate any of that, make it convincing. They are all in the same team…Buy whatever results that suits. And who do you think pays for these studies?

  64. Trish Leet

    Louis le Hutin I am a firm believer in alternative health remedies, lifelong. "Quacks" are those who sell products that do not do what they claim, and there are products on BOTH sides of this dividing line that qualify. Blanket statements hurt everyone. 7 billion different people, 7 billion different points of view.

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