The 8 Biggest Food Companies In The World Who Use GMO


All the biggest names in the food business use GMO. All of them! Together these eight companies make up more than 90% of food product inside grocery retailers! This is an absolutely staggering number and the worst part is that most of the organic food brands are owned by the same companies.

Is it not time to ban the brands which lobby against GMO labeling and consistently use these ingredients in their foods?

ban_gmocompaniesSource: Prevent Disease


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  1. And don’t be fooled. Dagoba organic chocolate is owned by Coca Cola. All these companies are owned Monsanto. Ben and Jerry’s is a Monsanto company, the Jerry has openly defied the super parent by coming out for GMO labeling. – Choose carefully!

  2. There is not much I buy in a “regular” grocery store these days. Seems, in the entire store, not much to consume that is healthy. My food is organic and now I am going green with detergents, paper products, toothpaste, etc. Control your health. These bastards don’t care.

  3. I dropped every food containing GMO’s as soon as the word started being made public. They’ll NEVER get a penny from me, ever again. I know better. All organic, pure,natural diet now, drinking only the purest water. This is war. I’m aiming to win. May every GMO food manufacturer go bankrupt, and very, very quickly. And let’s send Monsanto back to hell where they belong.

  4. I have been avoiding them. I went shopping yesterday and scanned all the bread makers. All of them came up to avoid. I told my husband I was going to have to start making our bread. He told me to get a bread maker. I think he’s trying to tell me something.

  5. Rich people are often infected by consumes them.the values they were raised on are now self justifications…10 co.’s provide America it”s goods&have global markets,they pay 0 or little taxeswith offshore addresses&loopholes&I pay 22,5%

  6. Even Whole foods you got to watch out, not always the Healthiest things but at least they are making more efforts than most….. If you want all low glycemic and Non GMO products food and supplements that are the safest and the best look here: love the company for so many reasons but all based on Science not just about the Dollar! 😉

  7. All new labeling on boxes, announcing how they are using reused materials for packaging. Food pantry stuff is coming from the stores that can’t sell it. So, the poor people are stuck using General Mill, Kellogg’s, and many other GMO packaged products. I recently got Kashi for something different, got home and read what ‘wasn’t on the ingredients listing’ [hidden in other wording], and fed it to the many Dove’s around here. Hope they survive.

  8. I am trying to get my children to stop eating some of the dairy products from these companies…. apart from those products and its really only one…nothing is bought from the above companies.

  9. I doubt that making a phone call to any of these companies will result in an admittance of using G.M.O.’s and there’s probably laws that protect them from doing so (maybe something to the affect of “that’s private industry knowledge, what they use in their ingredients….so someone else doesn’t steal their recipe and ideas” or something to the affect of “you can’t infringe on another companies patent and what they use to make their products.” I”m pretty sure they’ve come up with ways to get around people wanting to know the truth. When it comes to money and big PROFITS which is their number one goal they will stop at nothing. I wouldn’t trust what they say. And when push comes to shove (as it might eventually happen) they can back out of whatever they say saying they didn’t say it. Buyer Beware is right.

  10. we should definitely boycott these companies and especially unilever, who uses toxic carcinogens in their health and beauty care products, as well as their children’s shampoos,conditioners, and lotions.

  11. i’d say we declare war on them and the big shots that take the bribes and declare hunting season open. Shoot the bastards that want to get and stay big over everybody else’s back. I would call it self-defence, because they are trying to kill us.

  12. I’m sure that if everybody in the world had enough money to be able to eat and avoid all of these things they would, but they don’t. Keeping people fed is just something that GMO’s are all about. Not a perfect world, and really not going to happen any time soon.

  13. ONLY buy ORGANIC produce from LOCAL Farms or Farmers Markets! PERIOD! Problem solved. Make your own cerials, milk (almonds), dressings, and do not eat anything “already made” just to have conveinance.

  14. Sabrina Janice Emily Chuni I wish we could kick Monsanto out as more intelligent nations have. And Whole Foods has in place jobs for people who check ingredients for any GMO ingredients – but don’t start until bleeping 2018?!
    It is taking US so long!

  15. The only way to be sure is to grow your own, even then you have to trust someone that they are selling non gmo seeds. best places are heirlooms seeds online, do research and make sure they are reputable. the seeds in store are gmo seeds.

  16. FDA> NO MORE GMO FOOD they R killing us in sooo many ways!! WE depend on U 2 Defend R HEALTH THROUGHPROTECTING R FOOD SUPPLY! THIS is SERIOUS too many BAD foods & treatments(GMO,known pesticides poisons,) This is so importantto r lives PLEASE TAKE ACTION AGAINST THESE LARGE CO>

  17. wonder if these companies know Underground Health is bashing them on facebook…..who can afford organic? and organic just means no chemicals..they spread the cow dung on our fields of grain and potatoes….that’s crap for sure..not sure that’s healthy……

  18. and it is absolutely disgusting how much money they have poured into confusing and lying to keep people from knowing what is and what is not food and what is really just a bunch of chemicals…that do NOTHING to nourish and a whole lot to keep you dependent on their products…and a whole lot of you are falling for it…wow

  19. I only go to the local supermarket to check out their organic food section for any sales… I mostly shop at the local health food store, my local organic farmer and I also grow my own…

  20. That is extremely scary! That is why they do not want us consumers to have the right to know what we are eating!!! Hopefully consumers stand up and fight for our right. To be informed

  21. Easier said than done if you make min. wage and feed a family of 4 or more. Not making a sarcastic comment just know about the families in my hometown, some can barely pay their bill and still have to go to a food pantry to just get by.

  22. So glad I do not live in the US anymore. And I do not eat any imported stuff from the US. I want to live without cancer and intestinal diseases. Americans are too sedated to understand what is really going on.

  23. Karen Muccio Yengle
    Yup…”sad reality.”
    I get annoyed when people say,”eating healthy cost about the same as eating junk” or “organic is not that much more expensive than conventional.” That’s simply not true. I’m on a fixed income, try going to, say , whole foods with less than $50.00 a week for groceries, and see what you come out of the store with. Not very much, I’ll tell you that. And I don’t own a home, so I can’t grow my own produce.
    The best i can do is go vegan (and I’m not even a vegetarian) and hit the bulk foods bins.You know, lentils, rice, etc, etc.
    One trick i learned is to buy 1/2 conventional and 1/2 organic produce, and even then whatever i buy organic has to be on sale.
    There defiantly needs to be a major shift in the food industry.

  24. I find I spend 10-20% more for Organic groceries. It is much less however when I buy in bulk and make most everything from scratch! Taste better also, trying to live like my Great Grandparents did 🙂

  25. Most people are too selfish and want instant gratification. They don’t realize our bodies are sick from the choices. Eating Organic is not only best for the body, but best for the earth too.

  26. So just don’t buy them. Don’t buy them. There are alternatives! Buy Nature’s Path Organic Foods cereals for starters! They are tons better than anything the big names put out.

  27. what bothers me is they KNOW we don’t want GMO’s in our food supply but none of these corporations have volunteered to fix this issue. RATher they watch us march, protest, and grow a movement. What the hell. I say never buy their products again!

  28. Nestlé: world’s largest food and beverage company.
    PepsiCo: largest U.S.-based food and beverage company.
    C&S Wholesale Grocers: Lead supply chain company in the food industry today and largest wholesale grocery supply company in the U.S.
    Unilever: Anglo-Dutch company that owns many of the world’s consumer product brands in foods and beverages.
    Kraft: apparently the world’s second largest food company, following its acquisition of Cadbury in 2010.
    DuPont and Monsanto Company: leading producers of pesticide, seeds, and other farming products.
    Both Archer Daniels Midland and Cargill process grain into animal feed and a diverse group of products. ADM also provides agricultural storage and transportation services, while Cargill operates a finance wing.
    Bunge Limited: global soybean exporter and is also involved in food processing, grain trading, and fertilizer.
    BRF: global meat company, produces frozen foods, dairy products and others.
    Dole Food Company: world’s largest fruit company. Chiquita Brands International, another U.S.-based fruit company, is the leading distributor of bananas in the United States.
    Sunkist Growers, Incorporated is a U.S.-based grower’s cooperative.
    JBS S.A.: world’s largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef, and pork. Smithfield Foods is the world’s largest pork processor and producer.
    Sysco Corporation: mainly catering to North America, one of the world’s largest food distributors.
    General Mills: world’s sixth biggest food manufacturing company.
    Grupo Bimbo: one of the most important baking companies in brand and trademark positioning, sales and production volume around the world.

  29. so what is a safe cereal to feed our children? I stopped buying all of the above except for general mills because I thought they were reputable. Guess that’s one more company to cross of the grocery list. 🙁

    • Alicia, can you afford to be sick?…paying or growing more of your own food is a small price to pay..versus .a heftier price at the doctor or hospital….and cheap food is not always cheaper. just sayin..

    • Susan, sadly, so many have become unemployed or underemployed these days and have to make do with much less $$ there is only a limited amount they can spend…you can’t buy a few higher priced foods now that won’t last out the week or whatever for your family, then go hungry until you get more $$ so I understand why many have to even when they don’t want to — hopefully just until they get that decent job that pays so they can eat decently so they won’t be at risk for so many diseases I believe we’re are risk for with this crap in the food. And so many lost their homes and now have not even a tiny plot of dirt to plant anything.

  30. coca cola picked up the sponsorship of the Tennessee walking horses. After pepsi pulled out due to the cruel and unacceptable practices of horse soring. I thought Pepsi did well to stand their ground and stand up against animal cruelty. Coke however are despicable, taking on a sponsorship of a cruel and unacceptable globally known act of animal abuse.

  31. Dearest Cuz, NO body will believe that it will put ANY of these companies DOWN, What it WILL do, as they see loss of revenue in an area…. Switch to healthier choices that are NOT poisoning their customer. REAL FOOD, for thought !!!

  32. Doe anyone know of an almond milk that doesn’t contain carrageenan? I used to use Blue Diamond, but they refuse to remove the carrageenan and keep defending its use, so I had to go back to Silk, which I didn’t want to do.

  33. So many things can be homemade with the simplest ingredients, that’s eliminate a lot of “boxed” stuff bought at the grocery. And for those who say that it’s too expensive to buy organic think again, the grocery stores are starting to “get” that people want better and they will adjust before loosing their precious profit. Just watch out for the “all natural flavor” deceitful labeling from the Monsanto and friends.

  34. It’s not always easy to find alternatives to the cereals, biscuits and drinks sold by the big corporations, but it can be done, with just a little thought. Some say “my shopping would take forever if i checked the labels on everything” – when you’ve checked a label once, next time you already know! If we don’t make some effort, we will have “forever” to regret not bothering

  35. the sly bastards have had us paying for our own poison, I sucpect that the poorer you are the more likely it is that you will consume more of the nastier products and end up dying from a nasty cancer

  36. Most people think since these are big brands that it is the best when really it is the complete opposite! I would much rather pay extra for better products from smaller companies! or just eat more organic fruits and veggies!! 🙂

  37. Yes we in Canada have been feed this junk ever since we were babies, we have growned on this and have also unknowingly feed our babies with the same improved better junk. Check and remember the names of the above mentioned companies when you go grocery shopping. We did not know any better but we can educate our children about those brand names. Also, be generous, share with your friends. 🙂 : )

  38. I need to study more on Unilever. I don’t use any of their personal hygiene products since they are packed with synthetic ingredients, and their food products are fairly limited to sauces which are likely full of preservatives. They claim to have social responsibility as a value at their Ben and Jerry’s in Vermont. The rest of those companies do not pass the test, and so I already boycott those, but now time to follow the money trail on Unilever, Best to be educated about what you put into your body !!

  39. I don’t support not one of these companies for almost 3 years. some like number 4 and 7, longer upwards of 10 years. I prefer not to become part of or contribute to problems that cause pain and disease to others when possible. But hey, people need to shop cheap, fast, salty, sugary, hoping they enjoy the pharmacy as much. When companies like 7 use community potable water to produce and leave a community with toxic manufacturing leftovers, I’m out. I know what it is like to be without food or water for a long time, I won’t do that to others to be able to consume crap.

  40. when u go to these sites u expect to view info that will inform u but no that is not what happens. U get to listen to a voice that drones on and on but gives very little info. I am so tired of this type of advertizing. you spend tme learning nothing GO BACK TO THE WRITTEN WORD AND GIVE THE ARTICLE FACTS THAT WE CAN USE!

    • Excellent articles exist on Dr. Mercola, Institute For Responsible Technology, Food Democracy Now, Organic Consumers Association and Cornucopia to name a few. I’ve been invested for the past two + years in this fight and these organizations are top notch. They are all big in helping the fight against GMOs, so any donations are welcome too.

  41. I contacted Kellogg’s here in Australia and asked them if they use GMO ingredients and they said that they do not in Australia, I still would not eat their products, we jokingly say here that the cardboard box probably has more nutrition than the contents.

  42. I read an article a few days ago that said that when GMO’s are banned in other countries, those companies make a non-GMO product to take it’s place in that country and it’s LABELED!! So, if they are already doing it for those countries then why can’t we do it here? GGrrrrrr!!

    • That’s absolutely true, the reason it’s not happening here is that years ago Monsanto was kicked to the curb in Europe, Monsanto was so afraid that would happen here, so to assure that wouldn’t happen, they were able to infiltrate their people into our Federal Government and Supreme Court. Michael Taylor was formerly vice president of MONSANTO, he is now in charge of the FDA. Tom Vilsack a supporter and confidante of MONSANTO, is currently the U. S. Dept of Agriculture Secretary. Roger Beachy former director of the MONSANTO funded Danforth Plant in St. Louis is now director of USDA. Not to forget Clarence Thomas used to be be general counsel for MONSANTO, he’s now Chief Justice in the Supreme Court. There are at least 4 others that are affiliated with MONSANTO, DOW AND BIG AG. Monsanto also gives $$$$ to members of Congress to sway their vote, it’s an open door for MONSANTO, they can put another GMO plant on the market without any prior testing to it safety. In fact they are the only ones allowed to do any testing for safety of their GMOs. Putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop. Testing was done years ago in Europe and the results are scary!! The only way to get it turned around is for the people to boycott products by MONSANTO, DOW; any of the big AGs. The food manufactures will make the same food without GMOs that they have in Europe if people will stand up and refuse to eat GMOs by not purchasing them. Which sadly is about 90% of what is in your grocery store. GO ORGANIC!!!!

  43. You can use the app BUYCOTT to scan any label and it will tell you if the product is made with GMO’s or whether the company has contributed money to fight labeling. It is free and you will be surprised when you start using it.

  44. The Tree of Life is Guarded by Winged Furies, an ever flashing sword of light I hold. The Love is the life, the life everlasting of mice and men, of the salt of the earth. I have a dream, Imagine. – David + The Morning Star

  45. I’m so tired of you manipulating me through ads and pop ups, yet still not able to find the most basic info. The number one company is not shown. I am forced to go through your hoops and still don’t know. On iPhone. Is it easier for those of you on something bigger?
    Ready to “UNlike”. Happens EVERY TIME.

  46. The question is …why do any of our foods contain anything to endanger our population…because of profits….bottom line is that the govt and FDA…work hand in hand…changes do not happen..unless we fight for those changes…and many people just do not want to take the time to educate themselves on items that need to change our govt….or the way we elect our officials..

  47. spreading information is not spreading hate, we have been duped for years and the only reason we know about these things now is that people are waking up and talking to each other about them. We are all connected and if nothing else we we share the same condition of 3D existence with our bodies which is the ONLY thing we really own

  48. GMO has been around for some 50-60 years. It started out with the so called good idea. Then the greed began and the failing health of the masses and the hospitals began to fill up and stay filled. Then the big Corp’s said this is great we can control the mass population and make great monies. So the revolving door has been going ever since. We want labeling we want pure wholesome food. We want our crops to be organic. We all would go for the less attractive fruits and veggies for natural not altered in any way shape or form. Pretty straight forward to me.

  49. Washington state has an inititive on the balot #522 I believe to decide if they should have to put labels on the products that are using GMO’s. So the against position is saying it is going to cost them so much money to do it. Yea right it is going to cost them not so much in the actuall labeling but in the fact that people will not be buying their products

  50. If these GMO where outlawed like they are in many other countries we wouldnt have to worry about it. But US politicians are influenced by the lobbyist with the big pockets so nothing is going to changed unless the American people stand up. In the mean time buying organic and cooking your own foods is a start.

    • I don’t know the answer to that, but I can certainly tell you the names of great companies that have wonderful foods and are fighting along side all of us against GMOs. Natures Path, Amy’s, Organic Valley, Field Day, Julie’s ice cream (best ever) the list is endless, I don’t have any GMO food in my home. I wish you all had better access to organic foods. In Minnesota we have 17 food co-ops, which I believe is the most in the nation. Not to mention a lot of Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s all of these carry mostly organic food. I haven’t set foot in a traditional grocery store in 20 years because the food is cardboard crap. There is a company on line that deals in organic products and with a $50 order the shipping is free (at least that’s what I read when I checked it out last year) It’s call THE GREEN POLKA DOT BOX. I would be espically interested in baby food and children’s lunch box type foods if nothing else for those of you who have little choices where you live.

  51. I wonder what Canada’s stand is on GMO’s….it looks as if some of those company’s are already here, and have been for a while…..hmmmmm….. I would hate to think that I’ve been consuming products made from GMO’s…. I wouldn’t be impressed…. have to check this out…..

    • Phillip is right! All of us have been consuming them for 15 or 20 years Sara… that’s the issue… labeling our food to show their presence. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT WE ARE EATING, yet Monsanto and these giant corporations (listed above) spend millions of dollars to prevent that! WHY? Why are they hiding it? We must have GMO listed in the product ingredient list if they are in there so WE can choose.

    • …..wether the corporations are honest on their labels or not, it doesn’t take a genius to see which foods are the ones to avoid. some simple web research on any product you are unsure about will soon ease your decision. Half of these listed above aim there marketing at kids. 9 times out of ten, if its a big bright box with lots of colours & fun designs, its full of crap.

    • You have and you are. Canadian politicians treat GMO/GE foods like the elephant in the closet. We have to make labeling/banning of GMO products an issue in the next election. Talk to your friends and write to your MP. MPP or MLA.

  52. Unilever is horrible. I feel bad for all the people buying the “Ragu Organic Pasta Sauce,” it is not organic at all but filled with GMO products. The company will even tell you so. I hope more people file complaints against such misleading labeling!

  53. The simple remedy to better health is to stop using these products! Be aware of what you and your family are eating…
    See the difference when you do! In overall health, weight, behavior and productivity, good luck!

    • It’s tough because the crap sellers use science to concoct artificial flavors they know will tingle the tastebuds. Try to get the kids to pinpoint what they didn’t like about it. You may be able to just add a little something-something yourself. People say, “Oh, just make your own” but kids often don’t even like that as much because it’s missing those designer chemicals.

  54. So I don’t buy anything these companies make or sell. The last item was Poland Springs water. Then I found out Nestles owns them and about plastic water bottle waste so I’m over that too.

  55. it seems the only way to get the ill-formed public to eat non-GMO foods is to give them non-GMO foods for free with cool names like Mr. Cool-o’s or Breakfast of Lovers or Jesus Pops or God Bless Amaranth or Give me a Break…Fast…..or Movie Stars Delight…something that will grab their attention:)

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