The 8 Biggest Food Companies In The World Who Use GMO

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All the biggest names in the food business use GMO. All of them! Together these eight companies make up more than 90% of food product inside grocery retailers! This is an absolutely staggering number and the worst part is that most of the organic food brands are owned by the same companies.

Is it not time to ban the brands which lobby against GMO labeling and consistently use these ingredients in their foods?


Source: Prevent Disease

16 Comments on The 8 Biggest Food Companies In The World Who Use GMO

  1. Lila Bett

    Linda Cronenweth Larry Eat organic…things at least labeled non-GMO, grow your own. I don't eat anything by these companies…ever!

  2. Bill Woychuk

    Vincent, I'm a very pragmatic individual. Refer to what you will, I will rely on a bit of common sense and a balanced approach to what I consume. But saying millions of years….. The oldest of homo species is 2.5 million years old, the oldest of homosapeins is 200,000 years old but modern man as we know it is at this time is maybe 10,000 years old. Based on your millions of years argument….. Well it is clearly divine intervention that the average age of people has done nothing but increase considering we haven't developed past eating species that are all but extinct. Please continue to find someone else's logic to rely on. Yours is weak.

  3. Jessie, that's the point. They will control the food. When we can no longer get heritage seeds, we're pretty much screwed. Not us necessarily, but out kids and grand kids.

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