The Secret Dangers of Tampons and Pads


If you are a woman who still uses tampons or menstrual pads during your cycle, you need to read this! There is a serious health danger you may not ever have heard of, and it could be putting you at risk. Keep reading to learn about the potential harm your pads and tampons could be causing your body.

The Problems with Pads

Due to the chemical processes used to create sanitary napkins, there’s a risk that women who use menstrual pads can experience irritation and infection. If a woman does experience a vaginal infection from using a pad, she may experience the following symptoms during her menstrual cycle:

  • Slight fever and headache

  • Itchy skin

  • Cervical inflammation

  • External inflammation of the vagina

  • White discharge

  • Searing heat or pain

  • Endometrial inflammation

These symptoms could be further aggravated by the chemicals used to make your pads white and appealing for mass audiences. Chemicals like bleach and toxins are frequently used in the manufacturing of menstrual pads, and there’s some risk that a chemical residue could linger even through the production process, putting your health at risk.

Tampons Are Dangerous?

Using tampons instead of pads isn’t a free pass from health problems, either. In fact, tampons are actually more dangerous to a woman’s health. Consider some of the common problems associated with tampons:

  • Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS): The biggest problem with using tampons, TSS affects women under 30 (especially teenagers) most. However, any woman using tampons can get TSS. Over 60% of TSS fatalities happen in women ages 15 to 24, and nearly 98% of these victims are white. Once you suffer TSS, you’re more likely to suffer miscarriages, loss of limbs and hair, severe organ damage, miscarriages, and many other severe health complications.

  • Synthetic fibers: Like pads, the synthetic fibers that make up tampons have been bleached with harsh chemicals. There is a risk that the processes used to treat tampons could be dangerous to the user.

  • Environmental effects: In addition to risking the health of the women who use tampons, the manufacturing process of these menstrual aids causes damage to the environment. The toxic byproducts of producing tampons include poisons like dioxin and furan.

What’s the Solution?

Since the Tampon and Pad industry is a $718 million dollar market, it’s unlikely legislation will pass anytime soon that will make these products safer. In the meantime, you may want to consider the following alternatives:

  • Menstrual cup: These flexible silicone cups are reusable and safe. Essentially, they are inserted into the vagina and catch all of the menstrual fluid. The cup is then emptied every 12 hours or so. While this may seem a little gross at first, it’s a much safer solution than inserted chemically treated synthetic cloth into your vagina. Plus, since a single cup can be reused again and again, it’s very cost effective, too.

  • Reusable pads: Another option is to purchase reusable pads. Like washable diapers, you simply wash these pads and use them every time you have your cycle. They’re also cost-effective and safe for the environment.

It’s important to keep your most sensitive parts safe. If you use tampons or pads, consider making the change now.

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