The Monsanto tipping point has been reached: We shall overcome global food injustice (GMO)

March Against Monsanto 561 Natural Health

by Mike Adams

Monsanto is now in full retreat against a global grassroots rejection of its poisons and lies. The company is backpedaling on every front now, even admitting defeat in Europe and now trying to focus its last, desperate efforts on the United States and Brazil.

But even in the Americas, Monsanto is losing on every front: GMO labeling legislation is cropping up in over a dozen states, the global March Against Monsanto demonstrated global grassroots unity against GMOs, and even the so-called “science” behind the “safety” GMOs is revealed as utter hogwash now that GMOs have escaped Monsanto’s experimental wheat fields and contaminated commercial wheat crops in America.

Japan has halted U.S. wheat imports and South Korea joined in as well. Ben & Jerry’s ice cream company has announced it is going 100% GMO-free, and massive boycotts are under way against brands that tried to block the GMO labeling ballot measure in California (Prop 37).

We’ve reached the tipping point against Monsanto

Jeffrey Smith of has always talked about a “tipping point” being reached on GMOs, after which the flood of consumer awareness and demand would force food manufacturers and retailers to begin the process of ditching GMOs. I believe that tipping point has now been reached. In fact, I believe the March Against Monsanto was the final push over the fulcrum of the tipping point, and I am ecstatic that so many people all around the world marched in the streets to protest global food injustice while the wholly-discredited mainstream media sat back and pretended the march never even took place!

In one fell sweep, the tipping point against Monsanto was triggered and the whole world realized the mainstream media has zero credibility. I’ll call that a victory any day!

Source: Natural News

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  1. Patrick Fry

    Myrna…The government is not going to sue Monsanto. If anything, the government does Monsanto's bidding. We do not live in a real republic…we live in a corporate oligarchy disguised as a democracy, where you get to vote for 1 of 2 shills given corporate sponsorship. And when the candidate wins, they pay back their sponsors by doing exactly what they want. The only thing that Republican or Democrat change is WHICH set of companies and interest groups will get what they want. Elections are just for the super rich to decide who gets the most control for the next 4 years. Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Judge, is a former attorney for Monsanto. And there have been several commissioners of the FDA that were former Monsanto employees that get hired back to Monsanto when they are done working for the FDA.

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