The World According to Monsanto (FULL LENGTH VIDEO)

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Thanks to these intimate links between Monsanto and government agencies, the US adopted GE foods and crops without proper testing, without consumer labeling and in spite of serious questions hanging over their safety. Not coincidentally, Monsanto supplies 90 percent of the GE seeds used by the US market.

Monsanto’s long arm stretched so far that, in the early nineties, the US Food and Drugs Agency even ignored warnings of their own scientists, who were cautioning that GE crops could cause negative health effects.

Other tactics the company uses to stifle concerns about their products include misleading advertising, bribery and concealing scientific evidence.

The World According To Monsanto

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  1. Christopher Byrd

    well it is grim if we the people let Monsanto take/keep control, we aALL need to do our part. We could start with everybody everywhere growing something ANYTHING.

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