This is Why GMOs Were Created By Monsanto

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Jeffrey Smith is an expert in genetically modified foods. In this video he explains how and why the practice started and what some of the potential dangers are of GMOs. This short video explains exactly why GMOs were created by Monsanto. He explains that the Roundup Ready patent was about expire so Monsanto had to do something to keep a stranglehold on the world’s food market and protect their profits.

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  1. I saw this and hoaned in on the words: "the Bt molecule is evidentally causing large tumors in rats (in the laboratory/research center and these rats are given the GMO products to eat)…I would not buy the GMO vegetables… there are others.If this does begin to be correlated or associated with people having cancer, it will have to go to court. (Liquid Smoke product is known to have caused cancer in test animals and it can be found at the grocery store..the ' Nitrates' in cold cuts and lunch meat have been reduced because they caused cancerous tumors have been taken to court..but the Nitrate amounts.
    only" reduced" because they ALREADY WERE "OUT THERE"). The info I have just put on here is from one of the Med/Nursing school professors.)

  2. It's already out there. Chinese have found a link between GMOs and H9N7 virus. The GMO foods weaken us against this virus. All other countries are banning GMOs and even catching their fields on fire because it has become a war with them. Course, guess the ONLY country not doing anything about it? Yes, us. There is proof of pesticides killing all the bees. Why? Because of stupid things like GMOs. They can corner the market simply cause they have the patent on the GMO, no one else can successfully grow fields of food without them or having a GMO version which if they did, they are sued and put out of business in litigation fees cause they are using a patented product. Why does a GMO like Monsanto have soooo many ex and current members in all branches of government? It goes on and on. How can you not see that this "conspiracy theory" is NO longer a conspiracy but a KNOWN FACT!

  3. Anthony Cardenas : Ben Rink Hofma should perhaps start by researching his Dutch ancestry, starting with Prins Bernhard's involvement in arms deals, suppression (Indonesia), corruption (Lockheed), and NWO; he founded the Bilderberg Group. Time to wake up, I'm afraid, Ben Rink, and it won't be pleasant…

  4. Melanie Crisp

    Because the people who OWN the news are a part of it. For eg…Bill Gates owns a huge piece of Monsanto. Obama is being paid well to pass laws allowing it, while his first job as president was planting an organic garden for his own family. The media is not about telling people what's happening, just check out who really owns your local media, follow it all the way to the big guys.

  5. Em Ali

    Supposedly many of these elites responsible for this as food fanatics. Have their own gardens, won't drink anything but certain types of water and have expensive filtration systems or water supply, eat only free range grass fed local meats etc.

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