USDA seeks to poison consumers by contaminating almonds with neurological poison

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by J.D. Hayes – Natural News

Don’t look now, but the federal Leviathan thinks all raw almonds – including those grown organically – are so dangerous for you, they should be cooked, even if it means using a known carcinogen.

According to the Alliance for Natural Health, the state of California’s Almond Board, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, proposed an industry-wide “mandatory sterilization” rule in 2007 requiring all almonds, even those grown organically, to be pasteurized, in response to a string of salmonella outbreaks in 2001 and 2004 (as compared to, say, a rash of deaths caused by prescription drugs each year). 33 people became ill, but there were no deaths.

The Almond Board says five methods of “pasteurization” are allowed. They include: oil roasting, dry roasting, blanching, steam processing and, incredibly, the use of propylene oxide (PPO), which is, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, a “probable human carcinogen.”

A sixth method involved irradiating the almonds, which was actually used for many years, the ANH said, but now the Almond Board says almond pasteurization no longer includes irradiation.

The ANH says the first three methods certainly cook the nuts, meaning they are no longer raw; of the last two methods, steam “causes a marked reduction in nutrient content and partially cooks the nuts.” Then, of course, there is the PPO method, which uses an extremely volatile liquid that is also used in the making of polyurethane plastics. Yum.

A host of medical problems associated with PPO

In fact, PPO was once utilized as a racing fuel, but was actually banned by the National Hot Rod and American Motorcycle Racing associations for being too dangerous. It is so dangerous it’s actually used in fuel-air bombs.

According to a material data safety sheet on PPO, there is this warning:

Causes gastrointestinal irritation with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. May cause central nervous system depression, characterized by excitement, followed by headache, dizziness, drowsiness, and nausea. Advanced stages may cause collapse, unconsciousness, coma and possible death due to respiratory failure. Aspiration of material into the lungs may cause chemical pneumonitis, which may be fatal…May cause reproductive and fetal effects. Laboratory experiments have resulted in mutagenic effects. May cause heritable genetic damage.

The Environmental Protection Agency is fully aware of the dangers of PPO as well. The agency says even short-term exposure to the chemical has caused irritation to the eyes and respiratory system, as well as to the skin. In addition, the agency notes the chemical is a mild central nervous system depressant and that it causes inflammatory nasal cavity, trachea and lung lesions.

In studies on animals, PPO is known to cause debilitating neurological effects that have led to tumors, causing the EPA to classify it as a class B2 carcinogen. The states of California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Massachusetts have listed it on their state right-to-know registries as a known carcinogen.

All in all then, for raw almonds, the choice is either to cook them or potentially make them toxic, the ANH said, noting there is a definite financial aspect to this issue.

“Steam treatments are running up to $2.5 million,” the group said, “whereas PPO starts at $500,000. Which (method) do you think most farmers choose? Over 68 percent of almonds are treated with PPO.”

Going to court

ANH goes on to say that organic almonds not treated with PPO may be pasteurized with steam. But the heat may oxidize the omega-3 fatty acids in almonds, which will potentially turn them rotten and create free radicals which are suspected of playing a role in the development of a host of other degenerative medical problems, including the development of cancer.

What’s more, the ANH points out, “there is no labeling requirement to show that almonds have been steamed or treated with PPO, so consumers are misled into thinking they are eating truly raw almonds when in fact they are not.

“Labeling is an absolute necessity for consumers to make an informed choice,” the group said.

ANH-USA has filed an Amicus Curiae brief to the US Court of Appeals, which is deciding a lawsuit between almond ranchers and the USDA. Plaintiffs seek to reverse the “almond rule.”

24 Comments on USDA seeks to poison consumers by contaminating almonds with neurological poison

  1. If you want really good natural almonds, then you have to spend much more money and get the ones that are imported, mostly from Spain. I do that because I like myself that much! LOL!

  2. Debbie Prebor

    What is wrong with our food system? I thought I was paying extra for organic. I have been lyed to & cheated. I want my money back.

  3. Anna Marie

    This is sickening. This should not be allowed… Words cannot describe just how bad a job our FDA is doing.

  4. Well, I'm looking at my bag of California Grown Shelled Almonds and it says "Ingredients – Almonds, this package processed in a gluten free & peanut free facility, an all natural product & contains no preservatives"…nothing about *how* they are treated, so who knows???!!!

  5. Brenda Wood

    I don't even know what we can eat anymore…! I am also confused as to why people have to pay soooo much extra for organic and then expect people to buy it. Only "rich" people can afford to do that. I don't think the natural health system is any different than the government! You want to create change and have the upperhand over the corrupt government, then make it affordble for ALL and that is then where the change will begin!!! I went and bought an oganic pkg of quinoa and the packaging was fancy and probably more costly than the actual quinoa and was crazy expensive! As far as I am concerned Government vs. Natural Health are equally corrupt! Better quality and safe so we will make you pay top dollar if you want to be healthy approach is not coming from a place of respect for people!! There needs to be a shift but NOT just with the the government!!!!

  6. Brenda Wood

    And jail the people that are selling oganic for an arm and a leg!!! No difference! Humanity is about the dollar in both industries! It's discusting on both ends!

  7. These SOBs at the FDA will do ANYTHING to uphold the $200 billion dollar cancer industry. Almonds, in their natural form, are a great cancer fighting tool when used in concert with other nuts and cruciferous vegetables, oils and vegetation. The FDA will do whatever they can to ruin your chance of EVER being treated by a successful means if you contract cancer. This is only one. They have proposed the same for walnuts, pecans and several other nuts. Thousands cured and 33 got ill; therefore, let's poison those who dare to use natural healthful food. This is a typical Obama-nation tactic If the FDA doesn't stop "protecting" us, they'll kill us all.

  8. Steve Nelson

    That is the stupidest headline I've seen in quite some time.
    They WANT to poison consumers. please… wait…. is the check-out lane at WalMart?

  9. Maire Branham

    JerryDeb Sanders Check with your local whole food seller – or Whole Foods Grocery. Wherever you find almonds, always check labels to see if they say they were "pasteurized" or anything like that.

  10. Melody Hannan

    Brenda Wood do you really understand what's happening here, do you understand what you're saying?, being mean is telling someone to look in the mirror- the way you did, being mean is calling someone else mean which is what you did. My posts are with passion not ignorance. I have tons of information to back up how I feel and what I said bu I notice in your case you'll stoop to a different level to make your point known. In other words there is no real discussion coming from your posts.

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