USDA seeks to poison consumers by contaminating almonds with neurological poison


by J.D. Hayes – Natural News

Don’t look now, but the federal Leviathan thinks all raw almonds – including those grown organically – are so dangerous for you, they should be cooked, even if it means using a known carcinogen.

According to the Alliance for Natural Health, the state of California’s Almond Board, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, proposed an industry-wide “mandatory sterilization” rule in 2007 requiring all almonds, even those grown organically, to be pasteurized, in response to a string of salmonella outbreaks in 2001 and 2004 (as compared to, say, a rash of deaths caused by prescription drugs each year). 33 people became ill, but there were no deaths.

The Almond Board says five methods of “pasteurization” are allowed. They include: oil roasting, dry roasting, blanching, steam processing and, incredibly, the use of propylene oxide (PPO), which is, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, a “probable human carcinogen.”

A sixth method involved irradiating the almonds, which was actually used for many years, the ANH said, but now the Almond Board says almond pasteurization no longer includes irradiation.

The ANH says the first three methods certainly cook the nuts, meaning they are no longer raw; of the last two methods, steam “causes a marked reduction in nutrient content and partially cooks the nuts.” Then, of course, there is the PPO method, which uses an extremely volatile liquid that is also used in the making of polyurethane plastics. Yum.

A host of medical problems associated with PPO

In fact, PPO was once utilized as a racing fuel, but was actually banned by the National Hot Rod and American Motorcycle Racing associations for being too dangerous. It is so dangerous it’s actually used in fuel-air bombs.

According to a material data safety sheet on PPO, there is this warning:

Causes gastrointestinal irritation with nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. May cause central nervous system depression, characterized by excitement, followed by headache, dizziness, drowsiness, and nausea. Advanced stages may cause collapse, unconsciousness, coma and possible death due to respiratory failure. Aspiration of material into the lungs may cause chemical pneumonitis, which may be fatal…May cause reproductive and fetal effects. Laboratory experiments have resulted in mutagenic effects. May cause heritable genetic damage.

The Environmental Protection Agency is fully aware of the dangers of PPO as well. The agency says even short-term exposure to the chemical has caused irritation to the eyes and respiratory system, as well as to the skin. In addition, the agency notes the chemical is a mild central nervous system depressant and that it causes inflammatory nasal cavity, trachea and lung lesions.

In studies on animals, PPO is known to cause debilitating neurological effects that have led to tumors, causing the EPA to classify it as a class B2 carcinogen. The states of California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Massachusetts have listed it on their state right-to-know registries as a known carcinogen.

All in all then, for raw almonds, the choice is either to cook them or potentially make them toxic, the ANH said, noting there is a definite financial aspect to this issue.

“Steam treatments are running up to $2.5 million,” the group said, “whereas PPO starts at $500,000. Which (method) do you think most farmers choose? Over 68 percent of almonds are treated with PPO.”

Going to court

ANH goes on to say that organic almonds not treated with PPO may be pasteurized with steam. But the heat may oxidize the omega-3 fatty acids in almonds, which will potentially turn them rotten and create free radicals which are suspected of playing a role in the development of a host of other degenerative medical problems, including the development of cancer.

What’s more, the ANH points out, “there is no labeling requirement to show that almonds have been steamed or treated with PPO, so consumers are misled into thinking they are eating truly raw almonds when in fact they are not.

“Labeling is an absolute necessity for consumers to make an informed choice,” the group said.

ANH-USA has filed an Amicus Curiae brief to the US Court of Appeals, which is deciding a lawsuit between almond ranchers and the USDA. Plaintiffs seek to reverse the “almond rule.”

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  1. why the hell can’t they leave shit like the creator made it…they think they are smarter than God…but then they also learned that since we all eat, then what a better way to control the populations so these self professed gods can have the planet….geesh

  2. Watch the movie “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” FREE online, or on Netflix. FB does not allow me to post the link on my own page, that should tell you something. Who the hell do these organizations think they are? Seriously! Doing the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they are supposed to be doing. Chemical company says, “hey, let’s pour our chemicals into the biggest market we can think of – FOOD, and edge out the REAL food, and buy the FDA and USDA and EPA.” Growing our own food isn’t going to be enough, because not enough people will do it. Not enough people can afford organic food. Watch the movie. The Zeitgeist people encourage us to copy it and distribute it voraciously. Give it as stocking stuffers. Put the link under your electronic signature. Officially join the Zeitgeist Movement. FU(K capitalism.

  3. Are you sure consumers aren’t already at risk? I wish USDA would stop. They’re wrong more often than right on how to be a regulatory agency. The good pyramid WRONG. GMO’s WRONG.

    Poisoning Almonds. WRONG!!!

  4. I want our Congress, EPA, FDA & USDA to all pee in a cup – they’re all insane snakes with forked tongues! Pretending to fight for health care reform on one side and giving the green light to poison us and make us sick on the other side – unbelievable! I think they’re all on drugs and incapable of rational thought!

  5. Pray over your food imbue it with love check out Dr. Emoto’s study the power of water, certain words heal with a higher vibration, certain words destroy, of create rot contamination, whether they are contaminated in the beginning or not

  6. We are bombarded constantly, with negative thought patterns in an attempt to try and make us fear, in an attempt to devide and conquer, fear is the opposite of Love, when you allow yourselves to fear, you can Only Create what you fear,, more of the same

  7. We have been slaves in our society for a couple thousand years, that’s what waking up is All about Realizing it that, religion, has dummied us down to realizing our power, whenever you are taught you are a sinner, you are easy to control, guilt, shame, are Not. Based on Love they are based on control, schools all teach, more lies, 1. That capitalism works, No it doesn’t, 2. That we are seperate, instead of united, connected to all, nature and everything else on this planet

  8. Pissed off. I drink almond milk alot and this just breaks my heart. The FDA is actually “fooling decent Americans” it is time to get involved. Inundate the FDA! The status quo will kill our grandchildren!

  9. I have read a lot about this in the past and there are exemptions. The first and dumbest part of the law is that imported Almonds are exempt. So screw the American farmer. So you can buy raw from Italy. Second, also, if you buy raw direct from a farm then they are exempt. Chemical treatment goes against every organic rule.
    So back to the default. If you buy any in a store consider them the worst you can buy. They are a carcinogen.

  10. They just couldn’t leave these alone. Monsanto already “owns” soy, and people are finally waking up to what “milk” is made of. Organic, Non-GMO almond milk all the way.

  11. Yeah I thought people were crazy when they said Obama signed a law,making it illegal to grow your own food, Carol Leary, I don’t see how they can enforce it

  12. We have made a stand, when 90% of government is Cabal , making a stand doesn’t change. Even our Supreme Courts votes on the side of corperations, and then give those Corperations the same rights as we the people

  13. I honestly stopped eating almonds after finding out that most almonds trees are in giant orchards that have NO OTHER types of plants around them for miles and miles. In order to pollinate the almonds, millions of bees are trucked in from all over the country – and many millions of them die. To waste all that fuel and all of the bees to pollinate a crop for a few weeks each year is insane. Why they can’t grow another crop, even flowers, in a close enough area to keep a population of bees going near the almond trees is just madness. No thanks, I’ll skip the almonds – bees are too important.

    • Me too I’m Canadian, I don’t know if things are any better here, didnt the elected leader of Canada just sell us all out by aproving Geo engineering our salmon eggs and selling them for mass poisoning to the unsuspecting American people AND by proceeding, poisoning our salmon as well? There is International law after WWII yes? The LAw is called ”CRIMES AGAINST HuMANITY”!!! YES?!!

  14. We obsess and demand so much with particular food items being so amazing I think we destroy them because so much marketing forces mass production, consumption and then a good item becomes dangerous and bad for our health. We kind of create our own mess.

  15. As usual, protect us from the things we don’t need to be protected from and NOT protect us from things we SHOULD be protected from!! (Pharmaceuticals come to mind.)

  16. Everybody should just plant wheatgrass in their yards, and when they outlaw gardens, we will still have a sustainable source of food, only it will look like grass

  17. I used to like Almonds till they started irradiating them. Dead vitamins, now. What R they trying to do? which drug company owns stock in this new method they want to try out?

  18. who cares what they think they are taking everything good from us everything I hate greedy industry, commodity hoarders, people haters we need to grow our own and do our own thang

  19. This is what to expect when your country is paralysed by fear of litigation. No more risk of salmonella lawsuits and a fractional increase in tax dollars for the $100bn cancer industry = double-win.

  20. No small wonder we can’t get GMO labeling….just more proof which most of us already knew, that the FDA is not there for consumer’s protection but for the companies who produce consumer foods.

  21. Why does our food have to be overseen by the govt??? There should be a health group put together for this!! The govt is only looking at ways to further screw us and to make money!!! GMO, chemicals, etc…our so called food….and all regulated by the govt! god knows what’s next!!

  22. Which government official is on the payroll for the company making the crap they want to treat almonds with? It’s okay, you can just tell me now, I really don’t want to wait 10 years, after all the confirmed cases of poisoning from people that didn’t understand what they were ingesting happens and the attorneys have to dig around.

  23. Who can possibly keep track of all the atrocities this government is bestowing on us all. If they can’t poison us they’re gonna drive us nuts or out of the country. Fuck this place as soon as my daughter is grown I’m fuckin out of here. Norway


  25. WTF?? The USDA is trying to kill us. I am so sick and tired of the food industry poisoning us with EVERY god damn thing we eat. This infuriates me. They want us sick and riddled with cancer so they can all make big bucks off treatment!!!!!

  26. Why on earth would they decide this is a good idea? This is moving backward not forward! With all the knowledge out there…is there not enough cancer in this world for them to make money off of? They need to cause more cancer to make more money? Disgusting!

  27. Are you f**king kidding me??? No more almond milk for me then. Here’s me sprouting off to everyone how healthy it was. FFS I’m so over trying to eat nutritional good food cos it seems IT DOESN’T EXIST!!!

  28. A fantastic way to completely destroy any sales of raw almonds. Most of the people buying raw almonds are health conscious and will never buy PPO almonds. This isn’t like saying we are adding PPO to Doritos…most Dorito consumer would not care. Almond ranchers beter fight really hard against this or they can say bye bye to the raw almond market.

  29. This is nothing new!!! The past 5 years or MORE Raw almonds have not been allowed in the US…. If you want Raw almonds you must purchase from outside the US… like Italy, etc… Totally RIDICULOUS!!!!

  30. The FDA implemented this pasteurization requirement years ago at the urging of the largest California almond growers in an effort to minimize the small farmers. Its a load of horse crap and should be retracted.

  31. so who is gonna make money off THIS???? I hope Jesus comes and gets us b4 we are unable to eat anything……mass murder and why???? i guess we don’t make “them” a big enough profit, being alive….or our being so sick is making big biz big money…..karma is a bitch……..this will all come back to these “bought off…paid off..” corrupt gov’t officials…….i don’t see us rising up and cleaning this evil out, so at 67, I will just wait for my end and no more worries….

  32. wth I almost feel like gving up the more I read the more disgusted I get. Here I think I am eating healthy almonds and they are just garbage because of how they are processed. Oh well with all the bees dying like they are we won’t have to worry about being able to eat almonds for much longer or anything else for that matter.

  33. Ask questions – where are the almonds from? Have they been treated and if yes, how…….Take control yourself – stop letting someone else (eg. government agencies – unscrupulous merchants) feed you poisons@…..take control@

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