Use these five natural substances to detox your body of toxic GMO foods

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by Jonathan Benson – Natural News

If you eat out at restaurants, purchase non-organic or processed foods from the grocery store, or even take vitamin supplements that have not been consciously crafted with quality ingredients, chances are you are routinely ingesting genetically modified organisms (GMOs) without even knowing it. And unless you take the time to regularly detoxify these unnatural poisons, they may be building up inside your body and triggering alterations in your natural gene expression, which could eventually lead to chronic illness and even death.

This is why it is vitally important to regularly cleanse and detoxify your body of transgenic materials that may be damaging the natural flora balance in your gut, as well as poisoning your blood, causing gastrointestinal upset, and triggering neurological damage, among other conditions. Here are five natural supplements you can use to help detoxify your body of harmful GMOs, and ultimately restore a healthy balance to your mind and body.

1) Psyllium husk

Known for its incredible colon-cleansing effects, psyllium husk is a favorite when it comes to cleansing protocols that involve flushing the intestines and restoring healthy digestive function. Since GMOs have been shown to directly alter the bacterial balance within the gut, psyllium husk is a powerful remedy to help rid the gut of these transgenic invaders, which will in turn allow beneficial bacteria to regain their rightful place as regulators of the digestive system.

Individuals with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), constipation, diarrhea, ulcerative colitis, indigestion, and other persistent digestive disorders typically experience dramatic relief by supplementing with psyllium husk. When ingested along with copious amounts of water, psyllium husk expands into a gelatin-like mass that basically scrubs the intestines clean of toxic buildup. This same colonic action can also help rid the digestive system of accumulated transgenic materials as well.

2) Organic sulfur/MSM

When it comes to ensuring that the liver is operating at its full detoxification capacity, there is perhaps no nutrient more powerful than organic sulfur, which is also known as methylsulfonylmethane (MSM). A critical component in detoxification, energy production, cell oxygenation, and immune capacity, organic sulfur has gained “near miracle” status among many health professionals who now recognize how a lack of this vital nutrient can encourage toxic buildup within the body. (

Organic sulfur used to be present throughout the food supply before the days of GMOs, petrochemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, and other “modern” agricultural interventions — but today, it is severely lacking throughout the food supply. Supplementing with organic, lignan-based sulfur crystals will help repair your malfunctioning cells, restore healthy oxygen transport, and ultimately facilitate a systemic detoxification process that will encourage the elimination of GMO remnants from your system.

3) Probiotics

Since GMOs tend to alter bacterial balance within the gut, supplementing with probiotics and probiotic-rich foods — these include things like raw sauerkraut, kefir, kombucha tea, authentic miso soup, fermented vegetables, yogurt, and blue-green micro-algae — is absolutely vital for protecting your body against the harmful effects of GMO exposure. In conjunction with the other cleansing protocols mentioned here, supplementing with high-quality probiotics will help ensure that your digestive tract remains free of toxins. (

4) Cascara sagrada/sacred bark

One of the most powerful known colon-cleansing herbs, cascara sagrada, which also goes by the names of sacred bark, California buckthorn, and rhamnus purshiana, has long been used by ancient cultures to cleanse the bowel and eliminate toxins. Cascara sagrada is rich in a compound known as anthraquinone that instigates the contraction of intestinal walls, which in turn promotes healthy bowel activity. (

Cascara sagrada also contains compounds that promote the strengthening of the muscles in the intestinal lining, which are necessary for healthy and regular elimination of waste and toxins. This, combined with its laxative effect, makes cascara sagrada one of the most effective colon cleansing herbs known to man, and one that will help keep your system protected against GMO damage.

5) Wild burdock root

A powerful blood-cleansing agent, wild burdock root is relatively easy to obtain, and simple to take. An aggressive diuretic, wild burdock root is strong enough to rid the body of even hard-to-reach toxins, including GMOs residues and associated pesticide and herbicide chemicals. Burdock root also helps cleanse parasites, heavy metals, bacteria, and other toxins from the blood, and is often used to treat chronic bacterial and viral infections such as Lyme disease. (

Especially when used in conjunction with other powerful cleansing herbs such as dandelion root, red clover blossom, aloe vera, cayenne, and garlic clove, burdock root is powerful enough to cleanse not only your blood supply, but also your liver, your skin, and your digestive tract of many harmful toxins, including GMOs.

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  1. I am shocked at how many uneducated individuals commented on this post. Wow news flash people gmos are bad no ifs and buts! Get educated and quit believing all the lies the gov, fda and news tell you. Have a mind and opinion of your own. I love this page and how it highlights and speaks the truth about the matter!

  2. Janice I have my doubts but one can hope these help.
    i.e. probiotics help the effects but may not be good at clearing the cause… may not get rid of the GMO pesticide in our food chain forever.

  3. So legitimate question. Anyone yet know what’s worse, gmo or organic food grown in California’s nuclear soil? If you don’t know what I am talking about read up on California and the things that are happening due to the nuclear waste from the tsunami in Japan. Everything is contaminated. That’s just as terrifying. I’m in Illinois and out of season almost all organic stuff is from Cali. It really feels like pick your poison.

  4. Modifying nature is humanity’s defining trait. It is what makes us different from the rest. We have always made nature bend to our requirements. This is the next step and people are afraid because they do not understand the science. You all do know that our life expectancy is about 4 times our natural expectancy, and primarily because of advances in nutrition and western medicine right?

    • I still havent seen any evidence that GMOs are harmful to human health. There may be other valid arguments against them, and there may well be instances of specific GMO species being toxic, but to claim that all GMO species are toxic purely because they are genetically modified is ridiculous in the extreme.

    • Pesticide means pest killer. Cide? Suicide, homicide, fratricide, genocide. Genetically engineering food to produce it’s own pesticide means that with every mouthful of GMO crap the person ingests poison. The epicyte GMO corn causes permanent sterility in both men and women. Toxic, big word? Death has 5 letters, too, but only one syllable.

    • water is toxic in the right amounts. People need to study this stuff more closely and not just parrot knee-jerk nonsense like “dont mess with mother nature”. Humans have been “messing with mother nature” for thousands of years….. what do you reckon artificial selection is? The whole concept that “natural is right” is a logical fallacy anyway…….

      Unless you can show that a GMO contains dangerous levels of a known toxin, you’re just going to be fringe-dwellers that everyone will ignore.

    • Simon Scott – the people who claim not to have seen ‘ any evidence that GMOs are harmful to human health” while posting on Facebook? with tons of links to research and the sad and revolting pictures of what happens to lab rats fed a diet of frankenfood-like products are usually trolling or just paid Monsanto shills. If GMO was safe to eat, Monsanto would be proud to label it’s products, which are inferior in nutritional density compared to organic real food, instead of subverting federal regulatory agencies and the Supreme court…

    • IF they ARE NOT TOXIC and harn to the body WHY is it that EVERY other country has BANNED all GMO’s and WHY are companies spending millions to keep the food from being labled…Clearly they are not good..

  5. what if i told you GMO foods aren’t actually toxic… their DNA is just different… it’s like discriminating blondes because you’re a brunette. jesus, read up some LEGIT information in the internet. non-gmo food is often much more dangerous due to pesticides. this undergroundhealth is such a bullshit site, and so many people believe it’s true

    • wow i can’t believe that you think that you know what you are talking about!! one of the most dangerous things about GMOs is that the pesticides are strung into the DNA of the plant. its like discriminating against blondes who are mutants and have poisoned genes. idiot

    • pesticides? burke, you’re outta your mind…you just manipulate dna code, you don’t need any pesticides, just change the genes responsible for plant getting dry and dying of heat etc, not chemicals… jeez, stop getting your information from The Sun or your grandmas, legit informations are out there, if you can’t sort them just shut up please

    • i love how this site bitches about gmo and then tries to imply adhd is caused by wrong diet… yeah, that’s why people with adhd aren’t affected by amphetamine (well they do, completely different to normal people). yeah, because food.
      and then they advise to do some aromateraphy, which i’m sure is far more toxic if you’re using oils than any gmo plant that’ll ever be made.

    • Do you work for Monsanto troll? Do you know anything about the effects of GM products on the environment, animals and humans? Are you willing to be educated or are your comments just to try and deter people away from the truth and finding a cure for their health issues through pure natural foods? What is your agenda here?

    • i was just referring to the article and asking a question. the article claims you can detoxify your body of transgenic materials. have you seen some evidence that this is true? and if it was, why worry about stuff your body can get rid of?

  6. I’m currently buying a product and wanted to get some expert opinion on how healthy it is. If anybody is willing to help, please add me or send me a message. Thanks for your help!

    • depends on if it’s informative or truthful or not. That’s what weights it, it’s information. Although I feel like your comment is probably a snarky one instead of a serious one right? You really gonna try to flame me? LOL bring it…

    • don’t think the digital weight nor the informational weight is worth more than a penny. but if you really believe you can “cleanse and detoxify your body of transgenic materials” then so be it 🙂

    • looks like you’re the all knowing “myth buster” although I have many food related problems and been a chef for most of my life, 20+ years, and I know food intimately, I should just take your word for it that it’s all hype? LOL And you’re hired by who to make these assy comments which are unfounded and false or are you really just that ignorant?

  7. Awesome info. There are risks and side-affects to these substances too. As long as people do the research and consider their own body-types and dietary needs when progressing with any kind of detoxification process in their lives.

  8. GM food is going to be a small concern when they start using this on us – “Genetically modified (GM) viruses and genetically engineered virus-vector vaccines possess significant unpredictability and a number of inherent harmful potential hazards… Horizontal transfer of genes… is well established. New hybrid virus progenies resulting from genetic recombination between genetically engineered vaccine viruses and their naturally occurring relatives may possess totally unpredictable characteristics with regard to host preferences and disease-causing potentials.

    …There is inadequate knowledge to define either the probability of unintended events or the consequences of genetic modifications.”

    Vaccines Contain GMOs
    By: Tabitha Barnes Genetically modified (GM) vaccines are already being produced – some are even on the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recommended vaccine schedule – even t…

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