What is the best source for organic, NON-GMO seeds?

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Monsanto now owns a staggering 90% of the conventional seed market in the US, including organics and heirlooms! They have been agressively purchasing seed companies over the past several years including organic and heirloom companies. It’s not easy to avoid them, which is why we’ve done some legwork and research for you to help you find the best place to purchase your NON-GMO seeds.

If you’re trying to grow wholesome organic food, which has no ties to GMOs or corporations such as Monsanto, then you’re in luck. We’ve found the best source for you!

Here’s the best choice for organic, heirloom, NON-GMO, Monsanto-Free seeds.

1. Seedsnow.com


Seedsnow.com are full supporters of the Safe Seed Pledge. It’s something they take very seriously. First and foremost, they do not buy or grow any seed from large corporations that make Genetically Engineered seeds. They don’t touch that stuff and never will. Seedsnow.com only work with growers who share the same stance against Genetically Modified foods as they do.

Not a single one of the seeds offered on their website are from Monsanto, Seminis, or any other company affiliated with Genetically Engineered seeds. Not a single dollar goes to those companies whatsoever – and never will. They are against GMOs 100% and we refuse to support any company that does.

Growing organic from the source: So long as you start with NON-GMO seeds and refrain from using chemicals/pesticides/etc during the growing process then the produce you grow will be “organic”. In order for something to be “Organic” the USDA says you “cannot use chemical fertilizers, synthetic substances, irradiation, sewage sludge, Genetically engineered seeds or Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)!”

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  1. SandyandColby Wheeler

    Hey guys,

    My friend knows a small organic farmer in Utah that sells non-gmo heirloom seeds on cleanseeds.org

    I bought some from him last month and started my first garden and so far every seed I planted has sprouted!! They were harvested last season so they have a high germination rate.

    So even if you are a newbie like me you can be part of the movement and support local organic farmers or grow your own food!!! :)

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