Top 10 Worst Sources of Aspartame

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Aspartame, the not-so-natural chemically engineered sugar substitute linked to a host of negative health effects from headaches to cancer, is found in a lot of products that you might not suspect.

Check out the top 10 offenders:

1. Diet Soda- Aspartame is found is almost all diet soda’s. Avoid these.

2. Flavored Water - Many of the “No-calorie” flavored waters contain aspartame.

3. Drink Powders - Crystal light, among others are loaded with it.

4. Cooking sauces - many low calorie cooking sauces contain aspartame.

5. Children’s medicine – aspartame is used to artificially sweeten kids medicine such as cough medicine and fever reducer.

6. Breakfast Cereals – some common breakfast cereals contain aspartame.

7. Yogurts -
sugar free yogurt often contains aspartame.

8. Chewing gum - very common, always check the packaging

9. Tabletop sweeteners - spenda, etc.

10. Most all “sugar-free” products use aspartame as artificial sweetener.

Many of the common foods and drinks millions of people choose each day are loaded with aspartame. Check our article on the symptoms of aspartame poisoning.