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Yoga is a beautiful way to find emotional healing, to connect with our true self – that place within each of us that is content, wise, and peaceful. That place that connects us with our source – the Divine.

When we’re coping with emotional pain, a purely mental or intellectual approach usually isn’t enough. Although our mind may try to think its way out of pain, it can quickly become confused or trapped in repetitive thought-patterns that actually intensify our emotional turmoil. When we invite our body and spirit to be part of the healing process, however, transformation can unfold.

In this video, the instructors show how using yoga can help to calm the emotions and bring yourself back to a calm and peaceful state of mind through emotional healing.

How Yoga Supports Emotional Healing

Every experience in the mind is accompanied by shifts in the body’s chemistry. When you say, “I feel anxious” (or angry, depressed, disappointed, etc.), you’re acknowledging that your body is generating disturbing sensations. Feelings are so named because we feel them in our body. These sensations result from changes in hormone levels and in the pattern of nerve firings within your nervous system. These physiological shifts can persist long after the emotionally upsetting experience that first triggered them. Over time, you mind-body system reflects your emotional history.

Through yoga, you can release the emotional toxicity stored in the body. Just as changing thought patterns can influence the body, changing the position of the body can influence the mind and facilitate emotional release. As you stretch your muscles and expand your range of motion, you shift the bodily patterns that trap emotional pain. Yoga poses, breathing practices, and meditation release the constriction and free the flow of the vital lifeforce energy known as prana.

Although you can feel the healing effects of yoga after just one session, a regular practice is required if you want to experience the full emotional healing benefits yoga offers. Perform yoga poses on a regular basis, and your mind and emotions will transform.


Healing Emotional Pain With Yoga

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