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  1. It’s so bad I’ve told psychiatrists (yes, plural) I’d be willing to do electroshock. My current therapist just let me go after two years. Apparently, I’m OK. (In my area it’s 3 months to get in to see a therapist and 9-12 months to see a psychiatrist.)

    Time to try something different after 30 years of taking pills everyday telling me I’m not OK. Sometime this year I’ll be going to Peru to try ayahausca. I’ve got the hookup from my acupuncturist. Also, Qigong…like Tai Chi.

  2. Like sitting in a cold mud puddle and you’d like nothing more then to stand up and change, but you can’t and it feels like you just won’t

  3. Phyllis,
    I know exactly how you feel. I was there when my husband died. It was grief. I had only the dogs would go for days on end talking to them. But the Lord helped me through it. He was there all the time.
    I am still alone with my dogs and chickens and geese. 10 years later, but I don’t feel alone, and I am happy. Jesus watches over me on a daily basis, and I feel his presence in everything I do. I feel truly blessed. It won’t happen overnight, but with trusting him it will happen.

  4. I am so alone, I don’t leave the house or see another human being sometimes for weeks, losing weight, down to 97 lbs., can’t eat, sleep. I have no one too turn to or talk to.

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