Marijuana and Low Dopamine Levels

Dopamine is the stuff that allows us to feel pleasure. You don’t want any fewer, not even one molecule fewer, dopamine molecules doing their happy thing in your brain. The inability to feel pleasure is a major bummer. It’s a symptom of depression, and lo and behold depression has been linked to people who have lower-than-normal dopamine levels. Contemplate the distinct possibility that weed could spirit you away to dopamine-shortage land, at least temporarily.

In conclusion, we see that the last thing in the world that anyone wants is an across-the-board decrease in dopamine levels. Almost everything we do—consciously or subconsciously—we do to increase our dopamine levels. There’s no doubt that weed mucks with the brain’s reward system. But there’s a silver lining to all this: A recent study says that marijuana probably doesn’t cause dopamine levels to decrease permanently. (They’re pretty sure, though, that other drugs can lower dopamine levels permanently.) So if you quit smoking marijuana, your dopamine levels will eventually bounce back to normal. That is a wonderful thing.

Source: Tips On Quitting Weed